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Mar 29th, 2012
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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,
  3. We have Occupied WBAI.
  5. Who are we? Concerned listeners no longer content with passivity. We occupy in honor of the grand tradition of the Pacifica network as an active source for free speech and new voices. This station is the main media outlet to take the time to listen to and amplify our voices, rather than to exploit them to further the cycle of corporate greed. However, we feel it’s time to offer our favorite station some "tough love". As the tide turns across this country and around the world, so must the tide turn at WBAI. We demand:
  7. That 12 new seats be added to the Board of Directors, each filled by a person under the age of 35, to add youth energy and strategy for the growth of the network.
  9. That a staff committed to this goal be maintained and cultivated.
  11. That WBAI sustain and expand its dedication to social progress by continuing to provide an outlet for the voices of the 99%.
  13. If you, the listeners and supporters of this station, stand with us, call the station and make your voice heard. The Board of Directors will be meeting at 388 Atlantic Avenue at 7pm. The revolution needs the youth; we're here, and we ain't goin' nowhere.
  17. • Show up to the Board of Directors meeting at 7:00PM, 388 Atlantic Avenue, let them know you don't want to see the station move backward.
  19. • Call in LIVE at 6:30 at (212)209-2900, take part in OWS Radio's on-air discussion about the reality of free speech. Tell them you want to see the station continue to grow, and that young voices are crucial. Let them know that Tony Bates' work as program director has started the difficult work for building a broader audience.
  21. • Call Executive Director Arlene Englehardt at (510)849-2590 x.208
  23. Tony Bates just raised one million dollars in WBAI's most recent fund drive, that hadn't happened at WBAI since 2005. Before Tony, WBAI struggled to raise less than 600,000 in a month-long marathon.
  24. Tony has sought out new and youthful programming. The OWS radio program is being carried on 18 other radio stations, exposing WBAI to a whole new audience along the Eastern Seaboard and as far west as chicago.
  25. It appears that some at WBAI don't want to make room for newer youthful voices on the air, which seems necessary if WBAI is to move forward.
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