jagex committing fraud

Dec 14th, 2012
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  1. If you bought 1.0 you MAY be able to get your money back,
  3. If Jagex does not agree to refund the money, then under UK law it is possible that Jagex can be sued for Fraud/False Advertisement.
  5. [B][SIZE=4]Why?[/SIZE][/B]
  7. 1) The posters that were put out and are currently advertised on steam are listed as real in game media. When in fact they have been proven to have been faked. This is false advertisement, and anyone who purchased the game based off of these images are entitled to ask for a refund or to file lawsuit against Jagex on the basis of false advertisement.
  9. 2) The system req's as listed on steam stated that you required DirectX9 in order to run it at minimum settings, but mentioned no where about your systems ability to run opengl 1.5/2.0 etc. AoS does not require any Direct X. This is also false advertisement, and any who were tricked into buying the game by these stats is also entitled to a refund, or have the right to file lawsuit.
  11. 3) It MIGHT also be possible that Jagex can be held accountable by the CPS (crow prosecution service) for perverting the course of justice, by their actions to attempt to hide the fact they are effectively committing fraud.
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  15. So good luck guys, if Jagex removes this thread it will be reposted by another account.
  17. I hope you are indeed able to claim your money back without the law having to get involved.
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