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  1. 1: Learn how people are inferior to you
  2. 2: Develop a love for your architectural ancestr
  3. 3: Develop a taste in fine jewelry/wine/cheese
  4. 4: Embrace yourself. Speak with elegance and chivalry as per your culture.
  5. 5: Learn the art of deception/smooth talk
  6. 6: Learn to not give TWO SHITS about others opinions
  7. 7: Express your heritage in conversational topics
  8. 8: When all else fails, remember that there's still a monarchy that was once roman territory and you can attempt to gain nobility there
  9. 9.And remember, crime can be classy too. For example: The mafia, Grand theft, Mercenary work,
  10. 10: Only fight when attacked/your honor comes into question.
  11. 11: Don't be afraid to not fight back just to sue the attacker into the poverty they deserve
  12. 12: Dress for success, fights in a good suit/trench coat look better.
  13. 13: Shoes and accesories mean a lot in our culture; it proves you can enjoy the auxillary things.
  14. 14: Keep yourself well-groomed, nice hair is one of the most attractive features.
  15. 15: Love your unique traits; what may be technically a disorder can make you look glorious
  16. 16: If an authority figure is wrong they do not need that authority.
  17. 17: Rome is better than everything. Period.
  18. 18: It is always appropriate to smile/giggle at the letter L.
  19. 19: A true man has a good handshake.
  20. 20: Sleep is imperative to a healthy mental state.
  21. 21: Insanity in the individual is rare, but in groups and epochs it is mandatory.
  22. 22: Admire piano and pipeorgan music for their glory.
  23. 23:What most would call insanity is but an over acuteness of the senses.
  24. 24: Breaking Benjamin even sounds good in its acoustic form.
  25. 25: Edgar Allen Poe. Enough hasbeen said.
  26. 26: Be efficient.
  27. 27: An armed citizen is a safe citizen.
  28. 28: Intelligence can be the best weapon.
  29. 29: A clever man with his hands can easily best a fool with his knife.
  30. 30: The hands distract while the feet move.
  31. 31:Treat those below you well and they will serve you well.
  32. 32: If someone assaults your tastes, remind them of all of their faults.
  33. 32a: Unless they're doing it over an agreed flaw.
  34. 32b: Esp. they assault it citing something poorly.
  35. 33: Ridley Scott is reigning king of sci-fi.
  36. 34: James Cameron has no talent.
  37. 35: If it exists, there is a fan base of it.
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