Double Fine Game Club: Gemini Rue (dev chat)

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  1. (04:55:06 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Here we go :)
  2. (04:55:27 AM) Tonjevic: what's the link for the stream, if there is one?
  3. (04:55:30 AM) yama:
  4. (04:55:31 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: No sign of Joshua Nuernberger yet though :(
  5. (04:55:36 AM) yama: Join in there.
  6. (04:55:37 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: :D thanks yama
  7. (04:55:43 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: We're live now by the way
  8. (04:55:54 AM) yama: Already 3 viewers! :D
  9. (04:55:56 AM) lietu: also my pos ipad twich application can't find your stream
  10. (04:56:02 AM) Tonjevic: whee
  11. (04:56:15 AM) Tonjevic: Cheeseness, where are you up to so far?
  12. (04:56:25 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: We finished the game last week
  13. (04:56:32 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: So I'm doing an easter egg hunt today ^_^
  14. (04:56:42 AM) Tonjevic: cool
  15. (04:56:42 AM) lietu: ok, now it finally found it
  16. (04:56:48 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I'll let the intro play fully though
  17. (04:56:55 AM) Tonjevic: slightly relieved, because I've already played through it twice haha
  18. (04:57:03 AM) yama: Hehe. =)
  19. (04:57:08 AM) Tonjevic: w and w/o commentary
  20. (04:57:10 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Yeah, no need to worry about spoilers
  21. (04:57:19 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I haven't had a chance to watch it with commentary yet :(
  22. (04:57:39 AM) lietu: wonder if the little crackling in the sound is my computer or the stream .. just switched to mageia linux on the secondary desktop I'm currently watching on, until the ipad wakes up and connects
  23. (04:57:49 AM) Tonjevic: no crackling for me
  24. (04:57:56 AM) lietu: meh
  25. (04:58:27 AM) Tonjevic: I really should check up on DFAdventure
  26. (04:58:43 AM) Tonjevic: I contributed, but haven't really followed it at all
  27. (04:58:46 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Would somebody mind throwing a link to the stream in the forums just in case?
  28. (04:58:57 AM) lietu: sure
  29. (04:58:58 AM) yama: Tonjevic, have you been following the documentary?
  30. (04:59:01 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Tonjevic: The documentary stuff has been pretty awesome so far
  31. (04:59:09 AM) Cheeseness-laptop:
  32. (04:59:13 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: They have a new summary page there^
  33. (04:59:17 AM) Tonjevic: cool
  34. (04:59:29 AM) Tonjevic: haven't seen anything so I guess there's probably a backlog
  35. (04:59:42 AM) Johannes:
  36. (04:59:45 AM) yama: Without typos. ;)
  37. (04:59:50 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Yeah
  38. (04:59:51 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Sorry
  39. (05:00:01 AM) ***yama *pat pat* Cheeseness-laptop
  40. (05:00:05 AM) yama is now known as yama-eight
  41. (05:00:06 AM) Johannes: was actually disappointed that doublefune wasn't in use
  42. (05:00:13 AM) Johannes: I was curious what it might be
  43. (05:00:20 AM) lietu: stupid ipad application
  44. (05:00:23 AM) Tonjevic: a kickstart will do it some good"
  45. (05:00:27 AM) Tonjevic: sounds about right
  46. (05:00:37 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I want to set up something like OGWeekly for the game club
  47. (05:00:43 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: like th ogweekly site
  48. (05:00:57 AM) Johannes: that'd be sweet
  49. (05:01:31 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: lol, I'll need to click through dialogue to speed things up, but I feel bad doing it >_<
  50. (05:01:49 AM) yama-eight: Ahh. I didn't catch that in the beginning of the game when the guy says, "It's a mining day", when talking about the rain.
  51. (05:01:57 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Aww
  52. (05:02:05 AM) yama-eight: I meant the first time.
  53. (05:02:15 AM) yama-eight: Just now got the connection.
  54. (05:02:19 AM) Kabukibear [] entered the room.
  55. (05:02:28 AM) lietu: welcome
  56. (05:02:32 AM) yama-eight: Good day, Kabukibear.
  57. (05:02:35 AM) Kabukibear: howdy
  58. (05:02:39 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Hi :)
  59. (05:02:42 AM) Kabukibear: what's goin on
  60. (05:02:57 AM) lietu: the stream
  61. (05:03:00 AM) yama-eight: Just streamin'.
  62. (05:03:16 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: We're waiting for Gemini Rue creator Joshua Nuernberger to join us here in IRC ^_^
  63. (05:03:18 AM) yama-eight: Waiting for the Gemini Rue Guy.
  64. (05:03:24 AM) Syd [] entered the room.
  65. (05:03:24 AM) Tonjevic: I wonder where he got the name Boryokudan
  66. (05:03:30 AM) lietu: hi syd
  67. (05:03:34 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Hey Syd
  68. (05:03:35 AM) Syd: Hey
  69. (05:03:46 AM) yama-eight: Apparently the game was originally called "Boryokudan Rue".
  70. (05:03:52 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Those exit hotspots >_<
  71. (05:03:54 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: They are so small
  72. (05:04:07 AM) Tonjevic: oh, it means "violence group" in japanese apparently
  73. (05:04:12 AM) yama-eight: "boryoku" is Japanese for violence and "dan" means gang.
  74. (05:04:15 AM) Tonjevic: it's what the police and media call the yakuza
  75. (05:04:17 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Whoops, wrong name
  76. (05:04:21 AM) Kabukibear: link to stream?
  77. (05:04:28 AM) Syd: Boryokudan is another name for the Yakuza, I believe.
  78. (05:04:31 AM) Tonjevic:
  79. (05:04:46 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I'm streaming an easter egg hunt
  80. (05:04:50 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: (we finished the game last week)
  81. (05:05:46 AM) Syd: Chat client is being all sluggish because my computer is still starting up. There's a storm rolling in and I lost power for a moment.
  82. (05:05:48 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: How does that relate to martial art "dan" ranks?
  83. (05:05:53 AM) yama-eight: This talk reminds me that I need to read this:
  84. (05:06:08 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Yeah, I didn't get around to reading it either :(
  85. (05:06:58 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Is the stream correctly named?
  86. (05:07:06 AM) yama-eight: "Part Three"
  87. (05:07:07 AM) Johannes: "Double Fine Game Club: Gemini Rue (Part Three)"
  88. (05:07:10 AM) lietu: depends on how you expect it to be named
  89. (05:07:22 AM) yama-eight: I'm assuming it should be "Part Four"?
  90. (05:07:39 AM) Mimness: It should say "Easter egg hunt"
  91. (05:07:45 AM) yama-eight: Oh. ^^:
  92. (05:07:47 AM) TheJBurger [] entered the room.
  93. (05:07:47 AM) Syd: Yeah, since he finished the game last time.
  94. (05:07:54 AM) lietu: hi TheJBurger
  95. (05:07:56 AM) yama-eight: Heyas, TheJBurger. =)
  96. (05:08:01 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Hey :D
  97. (05:08:08 AM) TheJBurger: Hey hey all. Thanks for coming. Glad I can be here.
  98. (05:08:09 AM) mode (+v TheJBurger) by lietu
  99. (05:08:22 AM) Mimness: He's doing a really speedy run through to find Cowboy Bebop characters!
  100. (05:08:25 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Glad to have you here! Thanks for coming
  101. (05:08:27 AM) grahn_ [] entered the room.
  102. (05:08:34 AM) Tonjevic: oh no!
  103. (05:08:36 AM) Tonjevic: you died!
  104. (05:08:39 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I died
  105. (05:08:40 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Ha
  106. (05:09:10 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Alrighty, so TheJBurger is here to answer our questions about Gemini Rue
  107. (05:09:12 AM) mib_r49frb [] entered the room.
  108. (05:09:19 AM) mib_r49frb left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  109. (05:09:34 AM) lietu has changed the topic to: Double Fine Adventure Chat!  | Stream @ .. Game club on Saturday August 4th: Gemini Rue dev chat! | Check when the game club is on in your timezone:
  110. (05:09:49 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: Would you like to start by telling us how you came up with the idea and how it grew into the game we know?
  111. (05:09:51 AM) Mimness: Hi TheJBurger - thanks for your time!
  112. (05:10:01 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: (to get the ball rolling)
  113. (05:10:06 AM) TheJBurger: Sure.
  114. (05:10:29 AM) TheJBurger: The idea kind of started as thinking of 'player experience'
  115. (05:10:43 AM) TheJBurger: or rather a series of environments or situations in my head that i thought it would be cool to experience as a player
  116. (05:11:11 AM) TheJBurger: one of these, which is the intro for azriel's story, is a mysterious guy waiting under a rainy awning for a contact who's gone missing
  117. (05:11:29 AM) TheJBurger: as a storyteller, you get to explore these mysteries that such situations present
  118. (05:11:50 AM) TheJBurger: such as, who is this man, who is he waiting for, why did his contact disappear, and what is his purpose in this place
  119. (05:12:10 AM) TheJBurger: so the story came about from a series of 'experiences' like that
  120. (05:12:33 AM) TheJBurger: and for a long time i had also wanted to do a dual storyline with a twist. so it just became a matter of putting all those experiences together in a way that fit into this dual storyline mode.
  121. (05:12:42 AM) TheJBurger: [end question]
  122. (05:12:48 AM) TheJBurger: [/answer]
  123. (05:12:53 AM) Mimness: Awesome.
  124. (05:12:53 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: The dual story line was there from the begining?
  125. (05:13:08 AM) Fingerthing [] entered the room.
  126. (05:13:10 AM) TheJBurger: pretty much
  127. (05:13:15 AM) lietu: hi Fingerthing
  128. (05:13:30 AM) Fingerthing: hinHeyo.
  129. (05:13:34 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: It started as a student project, right?
  130. (05:13:45 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: (either that or I misread something :D )
  131. (05:13:59 AM) TheJBurger: yep, it did. i started it just working on it for fun
  132. (05:14:18 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: How did you get involved with Wadjeteye?
  133. (05:14:19 AM) Fingerthing: Can I have a link to the stream?
  134. (05:14:23 AM) Mimness: Is the Winchester influenced by Shaun of the Dead? :D
  135. (05:14:27 AM) yama-eight:
  136. (05:14:33 AM) Fingerthing: Cheers
  137. (05:14:39 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: (anybody else can ask anything they like - I'm just trying to keep some interesting questions going :) )
  138. (05:14:44 AM) TheJBurger: sorry, no. winchester is not from shaun of the dead. although that is a good movie
  139. (05:14:49 AM) lietu: TheJBurger: were you at some point planning on making more puzzles similar to the machine puzzles, and then just ran out of time, or had to cut some? they felt a bit out of place, with just two "proper puzzles"
  140. (05:14:59 AM) TheJBurger: mmmm
  141. (05:15:06 AM) TheJBurger: which machine puzzles were those?
  142. (05:15:09 AM) TheJBurger: the maintenance one
  143. (05:15:10 AM) TheJBurger: and...?
  144. (05:15:11 AM) azrael [] entered the room.
  145. (05:15:20 AM) lietu: they were both related to the same machine
  146. (05:15:24 AM) TheJBurger: ah ok.
  147. (05:15:28 AM) Fingerthing: I bought Gemini Rue a while ago.
  148. (05:15:37 AM) Fingerthing: Turned off the voices as soon as I could :D
  149. (05:15:49 AM) Tonjevic: I thought the voice acting was one of the strongest points
  150. (05:16:00 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I really appreciated the voice acting
  151. (05:16:01 AM) TheJBurger: no, i wasnt planning on making more machine puzzles actually. those were kind of unique as they were more 'proper' logic puzzles
  152. (05:16:15 AM) TheJBurger: which i usually dont like because if you get stuck on those, you can really get stuck on those for a while
  153. (05:16:22 AM) lietu: Cheeseness-laptop: agreed, I like the voices
  154. (05:16:42 AM) Syd: I thought the voice acting was fine, personally.
  155. (05:16:44 AM) TheJBurger: so, as best as i could, i put them in a part during the game were they were non-linear, as in you could do them when you wanted to. [/endanswer]
  156. (05:16:49 AM) yama-eight: I think the voices are surprisingly good.
  157. (05:17:24 AM) scotty42 [] entered the room.
  158. (05:17:33 AM) lietu: hi scotty42
  159. (05:17:51 AM) Tonjevic: how'd you come to pick the point+click adventure genre? Did you consider any other styles of game, or was it always the natural choice?
  160. (05:18:23 AM) TheJBurger: for me its the natural choice, because it was the genre that inspired me to create games
  161. (05:18:35 AM) TheJBurger: its also probably easier to make adventure games than alot of other genres
  162. (05:18:38 AM) TheJBurger: and also to tell stories with them
  163. (05:18:44 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: Can you name any games that were inspirational to you?
  164. (05:18:47 AM) nickname12 [] entered the room.
  165. (05:18:52 AM) TheJBurger: any genre in particular, cheese?
  166. (05:18:53 AM) Tonjevic: yeah, it does seem like a pretty good way of conveying narrative
  167. (05:18:54 AM) scotty42: hi all :)
  168. (05:19:01 AM) Mimness: TheJBurger The atmosphere is fantastic, where did you get your inspiration? There are Blade Runner vibes in there...
  169. (05:19:26 AM) Fingerthing: Yeah, my favourite part of the game is the mood. Wonderfully Blade Runner-y
  170. (05:19:28 AM) TheJBurger: the atmosphere was inspired from blade runner, cowboy bebop, and portal, mostly.
  171. (05:19:30 AM) dr_bibble [] entered the room.
  172. (05:19:34 AM) Syd: Seemed like Bladerunner meets Cowboy Bebop to me. A nice mix of futuristic noir.
  173. (05:19:36 AM) lietu: hehe, try not to bury him in a pile of questions ;)
  174. (05:19:47 AM) Tonjevic: that's what he's here for!
  175. (05:19:53 AM) TheJBurger: yep
  176. (05:20:01 AM) lietu: well sure, but if you all ask at the same time .. ;)
  177. (05:20:03 AM) Johannes: with a hint of portal just there
  178. (05:20:23 AM) Syd: Yeah, with the test chambers and what-not
  179. (05:20:27 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: When did you start the project?
  180. (05:20:39 AM) TheJBurger: officially started in january 2008.
  181. (05:20:47 AM) dr_bibble left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  182. (05:20:49 AM) frogmella [] entered the room.
  183. (05:20:53 AM) Fingerthing: Un-offically?
  184. (05:20:55 AM) TheJBurger: it took about 3 years total to complete
  185. (05:21:11 AM) TheJBurger: un-officially, i started thinking of the idea in the latter half of 2007. but didnt start working on it until 2008
  186. (05:21:11 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: At what stage did Wadjeteye become involved?
  187. (05:21:47 AM) TheJBurger: they became involved in 2010 after we showed the game at a couple of game conventions
  188. (05:21:50 AM) TheJBurger: namely GDC, and E3
  189. (05:22:08 AM) Tonjevic: how many revisions did the story go through? Mainly I'm wondering what it took to get the dialogue to the level that it's at. It manages to be less stilted even than a lot of professional games.
  190. (05:22:10 AM) Mimness: Was the game complete at that point?
  191. (05:22:19 AM) TheJBurger: the game was mostly complete at that point, minus the voice acting
  192. (05:22:33 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Yeah, cool :)
  193. (05:22:42 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: That kick :D
  194. (05:22:52 AM) TheJBurger: the story didnt go through any real overhauls, but many little details got revised
  195. (05:23:10 AM) TheJBurger: reasons why characters were in certain places at certain times, motivations, etc
  196. (05:23:30 AM) TheJBurger: a lot of the dialog got cut too i think, in a good way
  197. (05:23:39 AM) Erwin_Br [] entered the room.
  198. (05:23:48 AM) TheJBurger: the end monologue was shortened from what it used to be, if i remember correctly
  199. (05:23:57 AM) Tonjevic: so, like, it was all mostly written and designed out in one block before development began?
  200. (05:23:59 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: That's probably positive
  201. (05:24:27 AM) TheJBurger: yeah, my approach was basically to plan the whole thing out and bulldoze through it
  202. (05:24:40 AM) TheJBurger: and then that leaves a little mess, so you have to go back and revise it
  203. (05:24:54 AM) figaro [] entered the room.
  204. (05:25:23 AM) TheJBurger: any other qs?
  205. (05:25:25 AM) yama-eight: TheJBurger, what was the inspiration to use Japanese names in a world where there's no sign of Japan ever having existed?
  206. (05:25:56 AM) yama-eight: Or did I miss some cluese along the way? ^^:
  207. (05:26:01 AM) yama-eight: *clues
  208. (05:26:15 AM) TheJBurger: theres not a lot of significance to them being japanese i think, as to the fact that they're just different from english names
  209. (05:26:34 AM) TheJBurger: the intention was to defamiliarize traditional names, like 'mafia'
  210. (05:26:53 AM) mib_1zhuun [] entered the room.
  211. (05:26:55 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Bladerunner had some Chinese(?) stuff in it in the same way, right?
  212. (05:27:04 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: (it's been a long time since I've seen it)
  213. (05:27:09 AM) Tonjevic: that was japanese too I think
  214. (05:27:09 AM) yama-eight: I see. Then what's your thought of the voice actors' pronunciation of said names, such as bory-okudan as opposed to bo-ryoku-dan?
  215. (05:27:11 AM) mib_1zhuun left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  216. (05:27:18 AM) Tonjevic: in the 80's when everyone thought the japs were going to take over the world
  217. (05:27:23 AM) TheJBurger: kind of. in blade runner it was to show more of the homogenous culture mix than to i think explicitly show the other-worldliness of something
  218. (05:27:45 AM) lietu: TheJBurger: so have you had any experience in doing adventure games before gemini rue, short projects or something, or was making gemini rue all a new experience?
  219. (05:27:56 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: Who are the notes that Delta-Six discovers from?
  220. (05:28:07 AM) TheJBurger: i released two games before gemini rue
  221. (05:28:13 AM) TheJBurger: one is called 'chatroom'
  222. (05:28:29 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Oh shoot, I think I missed Spike >_<
  223. (05:28:30 AM) TheJBurger: and its kind of like a battlestar galactica / terminator setup / voint kampf test in a fake irc chatroom
  224. (05:28:50 AM) TheJBurger: the other is called 'la croix pan'
  225. (05:29:04 AM) TheJBurger: kind of like an 8-bit, point-n-click call of duty, set in world war 2
  226. (05:29:29 AM) TheJBurger: the notes that delta-six discovers were initially supposed to be from himself
  227. (05:29:46 AM) TheJBurger: like in memento, where leonard talks to himself after he loses his memory
  228. (05:30:06 AM) Mimness: Ah, cool
  229. (05:30:07 AM) azrael: TheJBurger, why did you pick AGS to develop the game? Did you ever consider to write your own engine?
  230. (05:30:14 AM) TheJBurger: but then they kind of became notes from one of the staff who tries to help him (like the guy at the beginning)
  231. (05:30:37 AM) Mimness: The facility sort of reminds me of 'The Island'
  232. (05:30:45 AM) lietu: except there's no lottery
  233. (05:30:53 AM) Syd: Were there any major challenges you experienced while making Gemini Rue, or did it all go fairly smoothly?
  234. (05:30:57 AM) lietu: or clones
  235. (05:31:06 AM) TheJBurger: i picked ags because i had the most experience with it, and outside of that, i dont really know how to program :p
  236. (05:31:39 AM) Tonjevic: How was the game produced? Was it a spare-time sort of affair? I always wonder how indie devs who have jobs manage to fit it all in.
  237. (05:31:47 AM) yama-eight: It's a great tool for telling a story, that's for sure. =)
  238. (05:32:16 AM) TheJBurger: it was smooth for the most part, except for the fact that it took so long to finish because i was also only working on it in my spare time.
  239. (05:32:27 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Would you ever consider a cross platform release?
  240. (05:32:40 AM) TheJBurger: yes! we're actually looking into that right now. :)
  241. (05:32:41 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: (since AGS apparently supports MacOS and Linux)
  242. (05:32:49 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Oh, that would be awesome :D
  243. (05:32:55 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: (I have to run it under WIne :(
  244. (05:33:03 AM) linc left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  245. (05:33:03 AM) lietu: AGS "supports" macos and linux, but they're old versions and need work
  246. (05:33:12 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Yeah, that's true
  247. (05:33:21 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Though those versions are newer than Gemini Rue?
  248. (05:33:31 AM) Fingerthing: Cheesenss, you have Linux?
  249. (05:33:36 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Yep ^_^
  250. (05:33:37 AM) TheJBurger: of AGS? i think so
  251. (05:33:44 AM) lietu: would be pretty cool if someone would port AGS to iOS and Android
  252. (05:33:53 AM) Fingerthing: Would you say it's worth all the technical hassle?
  253. (05:33:57 AM) frogmella: TheJBurger: Any words of advice for solo indie developers who want to make a graphic adventure game?
  254. (05:33:59 AM) Fingerthing: Cause, with Windows 8 coming up...
  255. (05:34:21 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Linux? Yeah, definitely (though there's not really much hassle)
  256. (05:34:26 AM) lietu: Fingerthing: depending on what you want from your machine, and the hardware you plan on running it on, it might be very little hassle
  257. (05:34:27 AM) Syd: I'm a Windows user, and I can't say Windows 8 is that appealing to me. :P
  258. (05:34:30 AM) Tonjevic: are there any other high-quality adventure games you would recommend? Old LucasArts stuff is cool, and I enjoyed Yahtzee's games, but beyond that I've never really looked into the genre.
  259. (05:34:34 AM) TheJBurger: advice-- the best thing you can do is to finish something.
  260. (05:34:57 AM) TheJBurger: the biggest problem to starting devs (i think) is overambition
  261. (05:34:58 AM) yama-eight: I'm impressed by your dedication to making the game. :)
  262. (05:35:07 AM) linc [] entered the room.
  263. (05:35:18 AM) TheJBurger: so to finish something you have to know your limits, what you can do
  264. (05:35:35 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: It's an impressive piece :)
  265. (05:35:36 AM) TheJBurger: so completing something small can really help you know yourself as a designer and developer
  266. (05:35:42 AM) Mimness: "Know thyself" good advice ;)
  267. (05:36:04 AM) frogmella: thanks, my big problem is the art...
  268. (05:36:04 AM) Fingerthing: I can never finish anything that lasts for more then a month...
  269. (05:36:04 AM) TheJBurger: Yahtzee's games are really good. Trilby's Notes is a favorite
  270. (05:36:25 AM) Tonjevic: I take pride in knowing who he was before Zero Punctuation haha
  271. (05:36:26 AM) azrael left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  272. (05:36:34 AM) lietu: TheJBurger: have you looked for any other pre-existing adventure game engines, and if so, have you found any other good ones?
  273. (05:36:56 AM) TheJBurger: i have, but never really tried them out long enough or found them to be better than ags
  274. (05:37:03 AM) Fingerthing: I've used Quest on occasion. But that's text adventures.
  275. (05:37:56 AM) Tonjevic: so, what's next for TheJBurger? is anything cool in the works?
  276. (05:37:59 AM) TheJBurger: some other good freeware adventure games: Duty & Beyond (AGS), Apprentice 1 & 2, Da New Guys
  277. (05:38:04 AM) lietu: btw, can someone remind me, was DF planning on open sourcing any of the toolset they will create for making DFA?
  278. (05:38:08 AM) Fingerthing: What do you think makes AGS better than other engines?
  279. (05:38:19 AM) Fingerthing: lietu yes.
  280. (05:38:19 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: lietu: Yeah, they are
  281. (05:38:35 AM) TheJBurger: @finger, i cant really say.. because i havent tried out the other engines enough to compare them.
  282. (05:39:21 AM) TheJBurger: @tonjevic, i have a couple of game ideas right now, but probably not in the same vein as gemini rue
  283. (05:39:26 AM) Erwin_Br left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  284. (05:39:58 AM) Tonjevic: gotta diversify
  285. (05:40:00 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: There are a number of things that you can click on but can't do anything with (the pipes in the bit in the stream we just did). Did any of those have significance at some time, or are they just there for flavour?
  286. (05:40:29 AM) TheJBurger: sorry, which pipes are those?
  287. (05:40:38 AM) TheJBurger: (im not looking at the stream right now)
  288. (05:40:44 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: (the pipes in the Hibiscus Highrise rooftop door room)
  289. (05:40:57 AM) Fingerthing: When you're escaping from baddies.
  290. (05:40:59 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Where you have to get Matthius to push on the door
  291. (05:41:17 AM) TheJBurger: mostly flavor.
  292. (05:41:18 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: There are some pipes on teh wall that Az describes as "A thing... a very interesting thing"
  293. (05:41:22 AM) Syd: Those pipes were a red herring for me. It took me a bit to figure out what I was supposed to do there, heh.
  294. (05:41:28 AM) TheJBurger: haha... yeah.
  295. (05:41:29 AM) Fingerthing: Same here.
  296. (05:41:33 AM) Tonjevic: heh, yar
  297. (05:41:38 AM) Fingerthing: I tried using them in so many ways.
  298. (05:41:41 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: There's an air conditioner or two that don't seem to do much
  299. (05:41:43 AM) Fingerthing: Died so many time D:
  300. (05:41:54 AM) Fingerthing: *times
  301. (05:42:03 AM) Syd: I felt silly when I found out how simple the solution was
  302. (05:42:13 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: So they're red herrings for the most part?
  303. (05:42:16 AM) Fingerthing: It was oddly... logical.
  304. (05:42:33 AM) Fingerthing: The solution.
  305. (05:42:41 AM) Syd: Yeah, I guess adventure games have trained me to look for outlandish solutions when sometimes the logical way is the way to go
  306. (05:42:41 AM) TheJBurger: Yeah, they are, i think. :p
  307. (05:43:23 AM) Tonjevic: TheJBurger: would you consider going into games dev for a living? Did the success of Gemini Rue justify the dev time if you'd been working on it fulltime?
  308. (05:43:40 AM) Tonjevic: or, uh, maybe you are already
  309. (05:43:41 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: Who's the "voice inside your head" in the facility?
  310. (05:43:59 AM) TheJBurger: @tonjevic, yes its definitely a possibility
  311. (05:44:16 AM) TheJBurger: @cheese, thats your next-door cellmate.
  312. (05:44:25 AM) Mimness: TheJBurger The solutions to things in this game seem less convoluted than in other adventure games - was that intentional?
  313. (05:44:34 AM) MrOtton: when will the interview start?
  314. (05:44:54 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: MrOtton: It's more a Q&A than an interview, and we're doing it right now :D
  315. (05:44:59 AM) MrOtton: oh
  316. (05:45:05 AM) MrOtton: :[
  317. (05:45:07 AM) MrOtton: sry
  318. (05:45:10 AM) Tonjevic: lol
  319. (05:45:11 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: It's OK ^_^
  320. (05:45:37 AM) TheJBurger: i guess they are less convoluted. i didnt really design the puzzles with the intention of 'i really want these puzzles to not be convoluted' but i guess it somehow happened
  321. (05:45:52 AM) TheJBurger: also i think not being able to combine inventory items helps with that
  322. (05:46:06 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Perhaps it's emergent out of the more serious/sensible story than many other adventure games?
  323. (05:46:11 AM) Fingerthing: It helps ground the world a lot, if that makes sense.
  324. (05:46:13 AM) TheJBurger: yes, that too.
  325. (05:46:27 AM) Mimness: You can focus more on the story than having to use chicken with box on head or whatever
  326. (05:46:30 AM) Syd: Yeah, that avoids the old Monkey Island "use everything with everything until something happens" thing with inventory items.
  327. (05:46:38 AM) TheJBurger: yep
  328. (05:46:46 AM) TheJBurger: the ID card in the mush. classic.
  329. (05:46:48 AM) TheJBurger: ;p
  330. (05:47:05 AM) TheJBurger: theres also extra ammo in there
  331. (05:47:07 AM) TheJBurger: if anybody didnt know
  332. (05:47:11 AM) Tonjevic: what do you think of the direction of the games industry today?
  333. (05:47:13 AM) Fingerthing: There is? :0
  334. (05:47:18 AM) Tonjevic: I kinda feel like a lot of games lack compelling stories
  335. (05:47:55 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Oooh, look who we found in the stream :D
  336. (05:48:04 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: This is Jet from Cowboy Bebop
  337. (05:48:17 AM) Mimness: Oh yeeeeeeeeeah!
  338. (05:48:24 AM) lietu: Tonjevic: also some "games" are more about the story than the actual gaming .. I watched some let's play of max paine 3 to see if it was worth-while, and it was about 50/50 of cutscene and playing .. you play for 5 minutes, watch a 5 minute cutscene, and repeat
  339. (05:48:25 AM) Tonjevic: lol
  340. (05:48:27 AM) Tonjevic: what a poser
  341. (05:48:28 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: In what ways did Cowboy Bebop influence Gemini Rue?
  342. (05:48:45 AM) lietu: *payne
  343. (05:48:51 AM) TheJBurger: i think the industry actually getting better, at least a little bit. seeing dishonored and that other code hacking game was a nice surprise at e3
  344. (05:48:54 AM) Tonjevic: lietu: yeah, MGS4 was riducled for practically being a movie
  345. (05:49:13 AM) Fingerthing: Oh goodness Dishonoured.
  346. (05:49:15 AM) Tonjevic: I feel that even the story heavy games kinda suck
  347. (05:49:20 AM) TheJBurger: i actually found mgs4 surprisingly.. good... despite the fact of its long cutscenes
  348. (05:49:23 AM) Tonjevic: story-wise, I mean
  349. (05:49:28 AM) Fingerthing: Haven't been as excited for a game since, well, Deus Ex: HR!
  350. (05:49:34 AM) Tonjevic: Mass Effect was an exercise in tedium for me
  351. (05:49:39 AM) Syd: I think there needs to be less focus on cutscenes and more focus on storytelling through the environment and background events.
  352. (05:49:48 AM) TheJBurger: mass effect didnt work for me so well for some reason
  353. (05:50:09 AM) TheJBurger: it felt kind of generalized and detached. if that makes any sense
  354. (05:50:17 AM) Tonjevic: totally
  355. (05:50:31 AM) TheJBurger: kick the mush
  356. (05:50:34 AM) Tonjevic: The most fun I had was reading through the hard sci-fi documentation in the menus
  357. (05:50:34 AM) TheJBurger: 3 times and you get more ammo
  358. (05:50:39 AM) lietu: watched a friend play some mgs on ps2 a long time ago, and I couldn't believe how far they went with the "no you're not the boss of everything, we are", and then the supergroup "la-le-lu-le-lo" etc.
  359. (05:51:14 AM) lietu: most of the gameplay was ok, but the insanely long cutscene thing at/near the end was ridiculous
  360. (05:51:26 AM) Fingerthing: I bought the MGS HD collection recently. I haven't had all that much trouble with cutscenes so far.
  361. (05:51:36 AM) Tonjevic: I must confess I've never actually played an MGS game :<
  362. (05:51:42 AM) Mimness: TheJBurger do the character names have any special significance?
  363. (05:51:43 AM) Tonjevic: oh man
  364. (05:51:47 AM) Fingerthing: MGS3 is ace.
  365. (05:51:49 AM) Tonjevic: TheJBurger, is that guy meant to be Australian?
  366. (05:51:51 AM) TheJBurger: at least in mgs4, i actually liked the cutscenes
  367. (05:51:59 AM) Tonjevic: as an Australian I am totally offended
  368. (05:52:08 AM) TheJBurger: oh. that was up to the voice actor
  369. (05:52:23 AM) Tonjevic: haha
  370. (05:52:24 AM) Mimness: We're Australian too.
  371. (05:52:40 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: ^_^
  372. (05:52:54 AM) Mimness: I love the hard-boiled humour - "He probably burned puppy orphanages"
  373. (05:53:03 AM) Tonjevic: I sometimes get the impression that Americans learn to do foreign accents by listening to other Americans do foreign accents
  374. (05:53:07 AM) TheJBurger: yeah. one of the few attempts at humour i tried to sneak in
  375. (05:53:39 AM) Tonjevic: did you do all the art?
  376. (05:53:49 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: (it's very good by the way :) )
  377. (05:54:04 AM) lietu: I think the lack of excess humor and puzzles that just don't make sense, gives the game a nice mood and feel to it
  378. (05:54:09 AM) TheJBurger: except the character portraits. those were done by ian schlaepfer (also known for his apprentice series, done in AGS as well)
  379. (05:54:16 AM) scotty42 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  380. (05:54:20 AM) TheJBurger: there are old versions of the portraits that i did, but those arent in the game anymore
  381. (05:54:48 AM) Mimness: No offence to the other artist, but the portraits are soft of the least-cool art for me.
  382. (05:54:57 AM) Mimness: *sort of
  383. (05:54:59 AM) lietu: though I personally hated the call to the .. smuggler, pilot, something .. I had to go through almost every choice in the dialog tree (call, fail, call again, fail ...) before I found what ever he wanted to hear
  384. (05:55:04 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: The Director doesn't quite seem congruent with his in-game art and voice
  385. (05:55:15 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: *sigh*
  386. (05:55:23 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Can't wait for a native version :b
  387. (05:55:33 AM) Tonjevic: :S
  388. (05:55:37 AM) lietu: hmm .. the sound went crazy for me
  389. (05:55:44 AM) Tonjevic: yep
  390. (05:55:45 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Do you guys want me to restart the stream or just wait until it comes right?
  391. (05:55:48 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: (it'll sort itself out)
  392. (05:55:48 AM) yama-eight: Crazy sound here, too.
  393. (05:55:51 AM) Fingerthing: Th-h-he s-s-tre-eam is s-t-t-tuttering.
  394. (05:55:57 AM) Mimness: (Yeah Cheese's sound has gone sad)
  395. (05:55:59 AM) lietu: Cheeseness-laptop: whichever you prefer
  396. (05:56:11 AM) Tonjevic: TheJBurger: Why "Azriel Odin"?
  397. (05:56:24 AM) Tonjevic: Angel of Death and the ruler of the norse pantheon stuck together
  398. (05:56:30 AM) Tonjevic: or is it just because it sounds cool?
  399. (05:56:37 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Yeah, I'll kill the stream and fix it manually
  400. (05:56:46 AM) lietu: ok
  401. (05:56:57 AM) TheJBurger: it was to give him a more unconventional name than "Jack ... John .. etc"
  402. (05:57:05 AM) TheJBurger: also, the etymology behind it too
  403. (05:57:17 AM) Mimness: Charlie?
  404. (05:57:19 AM) Mimness: Heheh
  405. (05:57:21 AM) TheJBurger: hahah
  406. (05:57:25 AM) TheJBurger: good catch
  407. (05:57:35 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Do we have sound now?
  408. (05:57:54 AM) yama-eight: We have no stream.
  409. (05:57:59 AM) Fingerthing: No, but we have BEES!
  410. (05:58:01 AM) Tonjevic: I see two lof bees
  411. (05:58:08 AM) yama-eight: Two Lof Bees. :D
  412. (05:58:32 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Restarting pulse must've killed ffmpeg :/
  413. (05:59:24 AM) ***yama-eight pokes ffmpeg's corpse.
  414. (05:59:34 AM) Mimness: He's not dead
  415. (05:59:39 AM) Tonjevic: And what about music - how was that sourced?
  416. (05:59:51 AM) lietu: he's dead, Jim
  417. (05:59:59 AM) Tonjevic: though I guess there's not much of it
  418. (06:00:13 AM) lietu: ah, back, with working sound
  419. (06:00:15 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: We're streaming again now, right?
  420. (06:00:21 AM) lietu: indeed
  421. (06:00:24 AM) Tonjevic: ^
  422. (06:00:34 AM) TheJBurger: for the music i worked with nathan allen pinard during development
  423. (06:00:45 AM) TheJBurger: he did all the music and sfx
  424. (06:00:58 AM) Tonjevic: was that near the end, with the voice work?
  425. (06:01:04 AM) TheJBurger: no, he came on alot earlier
  426. (06:01:10 AM) Mimness: Cheeseness says the foley is really good ^_^
  427. (06:01:22 AM) Tonjevic: so when was the decision made to take it commercial?
  428. (06:02:09 AM) TheJBurger: in early 2010. about 2 years into development
  429. (06:02:34 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: (Mimness and I live together, so she's my proxy when I can't get away from the game)
  430. (06:02:39 AM) TheJBurger: that was after the game was entered into the IGF student showcase and also got some attention in the press
  431. (06:02:40 AM) lietu: LSL-5
  432. (06:02:49 AM) lietu: .. why didn't you pick LSL-4 instead? ;)
  433. (06:02:50 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Now these box titles are names of Sierra games, rihgt?
  434. (06:02:52 AM) lietu: "the lost disks"
  435. (06:03:00 AM) lietu: no, MI-2 is not sierra
  436. (06:03:11 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Oh, I didn't make the connection there >_<
  437. (06:03:12 AM) nickname12 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  438. (06:03:29 AM) Tonjevic: lol, me neither
  439. (06:03:31 AM) Tonjevic: neat though
  440. (06:04:15 AM) Mimness: TheJBurger If you were making the game today, is there anything you'd do differently?
  441. (06:04:15 AM) Tonjevic: uh oh, six o'clock
  442. (06:04:21 AM) Tonjevic: time to go
  443. (06:04:28 AM) Tonjevic: Thanks for the answers TheJBurger!
  444. (06:04:36 AM) TheJBurger: no problem
  445. (06:04:37 AM) lietu: where did you come up with "carbon ray stabilizer"? .. star trek, stargate sg-1? ;)
  446. (06:04:38 AM) Tonjevic: I loved Gemini Rue, keep it up etc.!
  447. (06:04:43 AM) yama-eight: Buh-byes, Tonjevic. Thanks for coming.
  448. (06:04:51 AM) Fingerthing: Bai.
  449. (06:04:52 AM) TheJBurger: ooh i love this song
  450. (06:04:52 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Bye Tonjevic ^_^
  451. (06:04:55 AM) yama-eight: Check the chat log on the DFA forums later. :D
  452. (06:05:07 AM) Tonjevic: roger that
  453. (06:05:13 AM) Johannes left the room.
  454. (06:05:47 AM) TheJBurger: @Mimness, one thing that I wish I couldve changed was make the first scene less restrictive
  455. (06:05:58 AM) TheJBurger: theres a lot of Azriel saying "i cant do that." or "i dont need to do that now"
  456. (06:06:06 AM) TheJBurger: which kind of discourages the player
  457. (06:06:30 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Are the fake names relevant at all?
  458. (06:06:33 AM) Mimness: Yeah ok.
  459. (06:06:35 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: significant^
  460. (06:06:48 AM) mickeyo [] entered the room.
  461. (06:07:08 AM) TheJBurger: some of the fake names are characters from my previous projects that have never been finished
  462. (06:07:21 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Nice ^_^
  463. (06:07:26 AM) yama-eight: I've seen that more in other games; Having found a solution ahead of time and trying to apply it to a problem but it's not working because I need to talk to a character about it or something similar.
  464. (06:08:10 AM) lietu: yeah, it can be super annoying when you "could" do something and know what to do, but the game stops you because it would break the storyline or something
  465. (06:08:31 AM) lietu: then you end up wandering figuring out what illogical thing you need to trigger to allow you to continue
  466. (06:08:58 AM) Mimness: Mmm
  467. (06:09:12 AM) yama-eight: I'm more so that I think my solution is the wrong one and reject it when the game rejects it and then I don't try it again. :\
  468. (06:09:41 AM) lietu: yeah, that might happen to many people
  469. (06:10:24 AM) Mimness: TheJBurger Any particular influences behind your art style?  (Which is fantastic, by the way)
  470. (06:10:27 AM) lietu: TheJBurger: was the "old school" look aimed for since the beginning, or did you consider making it more high resolution?
  471. (06:10:27 AM) yama-eight: I'd be all for less restrictions in games. =)
  472. (06:11:13 AM) lietu: yama-eight: often those are also technical restrictions, your computers not being able to handle huge amounts of dynamic things
  473. (06:11:34 AM) lietu: especially in modern rpg and action games
  474. (06:11:45 AM) TheJBurger: i aimed for old school from the beginning. high-res would've taken a lot longer to produce
  475. (06:12:04 AM) TheJBurger: cowboy bebop was a big influence on the art style (apart from the lo-resolution)
  476. (06:12:21 AM) lietu: .. maybe in 10 years you can go lucasarts and create a "special edition" ;)
  477. (06:12:29 AM) TheJBurger: haha
  478. (06:12:31 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: It already has commentary
  479. (06:12:39 AM) kathode [] entered the room.
  480. (06:12:45 AM) lietu: Cheeseness-laptop: special edition also had new graphics
  481. (06:12:51 AM) lietu: *editions
  482. (06:13:13 AM) lietu: oh and music I think
  483. (06:13:15 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Yeah, but everybody played them on the old mode anyway ^_^
  484. (06:13:16 AM) lietu: and voice
  485. (06:13:21 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Oh yeah, the music was awesome
  486. (06:13:39 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: What's your favourite game?
  487. (06:13:40 AM) lietu: not me .. I've played them on the old mode so many times that I played the special editions on the new graphics
  488. (06:14:02 AM) TheJBurger: my favorite game is 'The Secret of Monkey Island'
  489. (06:14:08 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: :D
  490. (06:14:14 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Why's that?
  491. (06:14:25 AM) Fingerthing: I'm stuck at around this point in the game.
  492. (06:14:26 AM) lietu: mi1? .. why not mi2? ;)
  493. (06:14:28 AM) Syd: <3 Monkey Island. :)
  494. (06:14:30 AM) Mimness: Do you prefer the special edition?
  495. (06:14:35 AM) Fingerthing: I must watch intently.
  496. (06:14:39 AM) TheJBurger: i havent played the special edition
  497. (06:15:01 AM) Syd: The special edition of SoMI had really rushed art. Just look at all the artifacting in the backgrounds when you're in the jungle maze.
  498. (06:15:10 AM) Syd: I thought the new art for MI2 was fine, though.
  499. (06:15:42 AM) TheJBurger: mi1 has more of a sense of discovery and mystery for me than mi2. which i really enjoyed in mi1.
  500. (06:15:56 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: Remind me to send you an email when we're done :)
  501. (06:16:44 AM) TheJBurger: okey doke
  502. (06:18:14 AM) yama-eight: Oh! What kind of person would call himself "the director"? :)
  503. (06:18:44 AM) lietu: someone who directs things? ;)
  504. (06:18:46 AM) TheJBurger: someone who is in charge
  505. (06:18:55 AM) Fingerthing: I think you forgot something, Cheese.
  506. (06:19:02 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Ha
  507. (06:19:10 AM) Fingerthing: It looked like there was something on the ground.
  508. (06:19:13 AM) lietu: bet many hollywood directors refer to themselves with "I am the director"
  509. (06:19:14 AM) Syd: Well, I gotta go. I'll see you all later. Also, thanks for dropping by and answering questions, TheJBurger. :)
  510. (06:19:22 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Thanks for coming Syd
  511. (06:19:24 AM) lietu: cya Syd
  512. (06:19:28 AM) Syd left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  513. (06:19:28 AM) Fingerthing: Bai.
  514. (06:19:32 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I'll give you details of the next game club when we make the thread
  515. (06:19:50 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: My hobby: Talking to people after they've left
  516. (06:19:57 AM) Mimness: lol
  517. (06:20:37 AM) Fingerthing: Imagine how frustrated you would be if I hadn't spotted that with my keen eyesight.
  518. (06:20:44 AM) Mimness: Ok, well we've done favourite game... Favourite film?
  519. (06:20:57 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Fingerthing: I've already finished the game. I would have known to come back for it ^_^
  520. (06:21:06 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: But thanks :D
  521. (06:21:07 AM) TheJBurger: 'Spirited Away' by Miyazaki
  522. (06:21:22 AM) yama-eight: w00t! Spirited Away is amazing. :D
  523. (06:21:31 AM) Mimness: Ooh.  Want to do a Spirited Away inspired game next?
  524. (06:21:35 AM) Mimness: :D
  525. (06:21:36 AM) yama-eight: (That's what got me into watching anime.)
  526. (06:21:42 AM) Fingerthing: That would be amazing.
  527. (06:21:47 AM) Fingerthing: ZOOM.
  528. (06:21:50 AM) Fingerthing: ENHANCE.
  529. (06:22:07 AM) TheJBurger: the scene where sayuri is staring out the window of the ship as you pass the big planet -- that was inspired by the sixth station scene
  530. (06:22:37 AM) lietu: TheJBurger: are you by any chance a DFA backer? ;)
  531. (06:22:43 AM) TheJBurger: yes i am
  532. (06:22:54 AM) yama-eight: lietu, he already made a post on the forums. :)
  533. (06:23:13 AM) lietu: ah, probably missed it, or failed to read it in detail, or just forgot ;)
  534. (06:23:27 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: That wasn't in the backer only forums though
  535. (06:23:57 AM) yama-eight: Oh, that was after Greg moved the topic, eh? :\
  536. (06:24:05 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: On the game's main plotpoint, do you believe that people are defined by their experiences and have no choice beyond that?
  537. (06:25:28 AM) TheJBurger: sayuri says something at the end about this
  538. (06:25:55 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Your personal opinion aligns with Sayrui's end speech?
  539. (06:26:01 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Two more Cowboy Bebop characters. Ein and Ed :)
  540. (06:26:21 AM) lietu: found any other kickstarters to be super interesting? .. and have you thought of making your own kickstarter for a new game or something? ;) .. I was thinking, maybe next time you've got an almost finished game, and need voice acting etc. final work to be done, kickstarter could help you finish the project
  541. (06:26:49 AM) TheJBurger: yeah
  542. (06:27:09 AM) TheJBurger: @cheese, i wont say. :)
  543. (06:27:22 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: No worries ^_^
  544. (06:28:06 AM) Mimness: Ah, don't want to be seen aligning your personal philosophies with a psychotic dictator eh? ^_~
  545. (06:28:23 AM) TheJBurger: :)
  546. (06:28:41 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Alrighty, this fellow's arm creeps me out when he hugs himself.
  547. (06:28:50 AM) TheJBurger: haha
  548. (06:29:12 AM) Fingerthing: Well, I gotta go.
  549. (06:29:12 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: RIght here
  550. (06:29:21 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Thanks for coming Fingerthing :)
  551. (06:29:26 AM) Fingerthing: Thanks for all the Q's and A's, Jburger.
  552. (06:29:30 AM) TheJBurger: my pleasure
  553. (06:29:34 AM) yama-eight: See you, Fingerthing. :)
  554. (06:29:45 AM) Fingerthing left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  555. (06:30:10 AM) Mimness: TheJBurger Did you have any say in picking voice actors?
  556. (06:30:26 AM) lietu: we should really transform the planet from a sphere to a disc .. would fix these timezone issues
  557. (06:30:38 AM) TheJBurger: yes. dave had a pool of actors for the most part, so we would pick from that
  558. (06:30:46 AM) TheJBurger: Dave (of Wadjet Eye Games)
  559. (06:30:46 AM) Mimness: Yeah lietu, we should do that next week, haha
  560. (06:31:01 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I probably should have invited him in too :/
  561. (06:31:11 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Hmm... Faye is meant to be here...
  562. (06:31:18 AM) TheJBurger: she is..
  563. (06:31:28 AM) yama-eight: How come the juice junkies passed out in the alley have not woken up after having been injected with the antidote before the guy in the apartment? ;)
  564. (06:31:31 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I didn't see her
  565. (06:31:40 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Maybe I have to do something else first?
  566. (06:31:54 AM) TheJBurger: did you enter the room anytime before that after having gotten the carbon ray stabilizer?
  567. (06:32:18 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I'm in there now. I've just woken up Erickson
  568. (06:32:24 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Am I too late? :(
  569. (06:32:36 AM) TheJBurger: no, she should be there. dont know why its not happening though
  570. (06:32:48 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: :/
  571. (06:32:59 AM) TheJBurger: @yama. they could have a higher juice dosage.
  572. (06:33:13 AM) yama-eight: Okay, sounds fair. :)
  573. (06:33:32 AM) TheJBurger: if faye's not there she might not be appearing. sorry.
  574. (06:33:42 AM) Mimness: Unless she's in one of those boxes...
  575. (06:33:44 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Looks like it :(
  576. (06:34:27 AM) TheJBurger: did u get the ship thing yet?
  577. (06:34:31 AM) TheJBurger: on the console password
  578. (06:34:49 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Not yet
  579. (06:34:53 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Just doing that now
  580. (06:35:54 AM) figaro left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  581. (06:36:13 AM) lietu: I wonder why people so often pick some very 90s ringtone for mobile phones in games
  582. (06:36:29 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Ah, here she is
  583. (06:36:36 AM) Kabukibear left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  584. (06:36:44 AM) yama-eight: Whee~
  585. (06:37:03 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Is she a little more disproportionate than in the show?
  586. (06:37:04 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: >_<
  587. (06:37:39 AM) TheJBurger: dont think so..
  588. (06:37:40 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: And since I missed Spike, we're going to start again
  589. (06:37:42 AM) TheJBurger: ;p
  590. (06:39:55 AM) yama-eight: Ah. TheJBurger, do you have any thoughts about adventure games made in several episodes?
  591. (06:40:26 AM) TheJBurger: @cheese, you can go back to the beginning now to find spike
  592. (06:40:39 AM) lietu: .. to continue that, how did you like tales of monkey island?
  593. (06:40:41 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Oh, I restarted
  594. (06:40:41 AM) yama-eight: (Was just thinking about The Journey Down, but there are more games that come as episodes.)
  595. (06:41:03 AM) TheJBurger: @cheese, if you walk back to the first screen now
  596. (06:41:06 AM) lietu: yama-eight: like everything by telltale
  597. (06:41:06 AM) TheJBurger: spike will be there
  598. (06:41:09 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Oh, right
  599. (06:41:11 AM) TheJBurger: you dont need to go up to the apartment
  600. (06:41:15 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I thought I had to get into the apartment
  601. (06:41:16 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: No worries
  602. (06:41:18 AM) TheJBurger: nope :)
  603. (06:41:35 AM) Mimness: Trust the advice of the guy who made the game, yo.  lol
  604. (06:41:49 AM) TheJBurger: @yama, i havent had a chance to play episodic adventures much
  605. (06:42:08 AM) TheJBurger: ive played the journey down pt 1, which was good.
  606. (06:42:12 AM) TheJBurger: i havent played tales of monkey island yet
  607. (06:42:27 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Here we go: Spike :)
  608. (06:42:45 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: So that's all of the Cowboy Bebop characters that I know if
  609. (06:42:52 AM) yama-eight: I liked TJD, too, even if I worry about how/when/if there will be more episodes like many others.
  610. (06:42:59 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Is there anything else exciting in the game that anybody would like me to do?
  611. (06:43:00 AM) Mimness: On an aside, the next time people I don't know appear on my doorstep I'm going to ask them, "Are you here... for the meds" in that guy's creepy voice.
  612. (06:43:01 AM) lietu: Cheeseness-laptop: any more easter egg hunting you'll be doing?
  613. (06:43:55 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: I don't really know of any other easter eggs
  614. (06:44:04 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: TheJBurger: Anything else you think I should hunt for? :)
  615. (06:44:07 AM) lietu: TheJBurger: are you satisfied with the overall difficulty of the game, or did it turn out a bit too easy, or difficult, than originally planned?
  616. (06:44:14 AM) yama-eight: Thanks for the answer, TheJBurger. :)
  617. (06:44:21 AM) yama-eight: Why does it rain on mining days, again?
  618. (06:44:22 AM) lietu: erm, s/too/more
  619. (06:44:26 AM) MrOtton left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  620. (06:44:49 AM) MrOtton [] entered the room.
  621. (06:44:58 AM) TheJBurger: it rains on mining days because it clears the atmosphere from the harmful gasses that the mining plants emit
  622. (06:45:22 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Is the phone booth just there to remind players about their communicator?
  623. (06:45:52 AM) TheJBurger: no i didnt really think about that.
  624. (06:45:57 AM) TheJBurger: it was just there for decoration
  625. (06:46:17 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Fair enough
  626. (06:46:25 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: Well, I think I'll end up the stream now
  627. (06:46:28 AM) TheJBurger: @lieu, i think maybe a little easier than i wanted. but i dont think that hurt the game that much
  628. (06:46:31 AM) Cheeseness-laptop: finish up
  629. (06:46:42 AM) Mimness: So, to be fair, does TheJBurger have any questions for us?
  630. (06:46:48 AM) TheJBurger: haha
  631. (06:46:51 AM) yama-eight: I think the story is progressing at a good pace. *nod nod*
  632. (06:47:10 AM) TheJBurger: What do you like most about the game, and what do you not like?
  633. (06:47:28 AM) mickeyo left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  634. (06:48:00 AM) lietu: yeah, I thought the game was a bit easier than I expected, but overall, it was a nice change to some of the adventure games that take a ridiculous amount of trying everything with everything to get forward
  635. (06:48:01 AM) Cheeseness: Finally!
  636. (06:48:05 AM) Cheeseness: I hate using webchat
  637. (06:48:07 AM) Mimness: I love the style.  Big fan of the hard-boiled sci-fi thing going on there.  And the art frequently blew me away.
  638. (06:48:39 AM) yama-eight: I liked the atmosphere. I think the characters, visuals, audio, and music all fit well together.
  639. (06:49:20 AM) Mimness: I especially like the bits where parts of the screen are black, like on the staircase and in hallways and so on.  It makes it feel sort of claustrophobic ^_^
  640. (06:49:32 AM) mib_wdimwy [] entered the room.
  641. (06:49:38 AM) TheJBurger: interesting
  642. (06:49:48 AM) yama-eight: The plot twists were interesting, too. Nothing I would really have expected.
  643. (06:50:01 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, screen composition is executed really nicely. That's not something I've seen much in other games
  644. (06:50:07 AM) lietu: it's hard for me to even specify what I like the most .. I like almost all things in it .. the sudden appearance of the out-of-place air duct machine puzzles was somewhat annoying, and I hated having to call the smuggler/pilot/whatever like 20 times before I could get him to agree with me, wasted tons of time to have to redial again and again and again
  645. (06:50:32 AM) Mimness: Yeah - screen composition.  Cheeseness puts it more eloquently than I did, ha ha
  646. (06:51:24 AM) lietu: oh, and having to walk to the end of the corridor with the bad guys to figure out you could turn off the lights from there, and there was no easy visual clue for me to find that .. spent a lot of time on that
  647. (06:51:26 AM) Cheeseness: I actually found it pretty hard to see the final pipe in the artwork - I didn't notice it was hanging down from the centre of the room and thought it was on the far wall :/
  648. (06:51:59 AM) lietu: Cheeseness-laptop: which pipe? the one you get the pistol out of?
  649. (06:52:14 AM) lietu: my autocomplete seems to prefer -laptop
  650. (06:52:24 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah
  651. (06:52:30 AM) yama-eight: The ability to double-click exits to not need to walk across the whole screen wasn't in the game, was it? Was there a reason for that?
  652. (06:52:32 AM) Cheeseness: That's fine, I'm paying enough attention ^_^
  653. (06:52:52 AM) Mimness: Doesn't matter.  You ask Superman, you ask Clark Kent - same diff.
  654. (06:52:59 AM) TheJBurger: @yama. we did something similar in that you can press ESC to skip-to a destination
  655. (06:52:59 AM) lietu: I think there was some visual cues on it, like smoke puffs, maybe the grate moved, or something, when you saw the pistol drop in there
  656. (06:53:19 AM) TheJBurger: there was a rattle
  657. (06:53:21 AM) TheJBurger: *rattle*
  658. (06:53:22 AM) yama-eight: Oh right! I totally glossed over that hint. >.<
  659. (06:53:51 AM) Cheeseness: I saw the rattle text, but still didn't quite catch on to where it was located for a long time
  660. (06:53:58 AM) TheJBurger: ah ok
  661. (06:54:00 AM) lietu: TheJBurger: yeah, I realized that when there was a notice that said it was going to be disabled, but I had never realized there was such a thing, nor did I ever use it after that .. just so unnatural to go tap esc to "fast travel"
  662. (06:54:16 AM) TheJBurger: yeah
  663. (06:54:19 AM) TheJBurger: thats fair
  664. (06:54:33 AM) mib_ixr4gq [] entered the room.
  665. (06:55:03 AM) lietu: but I didn't really get annoyed by the wlaking either other than in the stairwells of the apartment buildings
  666. (06:55:13 AM) mib_m6unoj [] entered the room.
  667. (06:55:20 AM) Mimness: Weirdest/worst bit for me was the Director's appearance not seeming to really fit with his voice...
  668. (06:55:59 AM) Cheeseness: I kinda like walking around - it gives me time to think about what I'm doing and where I'm going
  669. (06:56:28 AM) yama-eight: It mostly bugs me when I know where I want to go and it's several rooms away. :)
  670. (06:57:15 AM) yama-eight: Although, my main complaint is "the director" not being capitalised. ;)
  671. (06:57:37 AM) yama-eight: Either let him say, "I am the director of this facility." or "I am The Director.". ;)
  672. (06:57:42 AM) TheJBurger: yep
  673. (06:58:09 AM) yama-eight: ...which really isn't a big complaint. Hehe. =)
  674. (06:58:19 AM) yama-eight: Good job on the game. Really.
  675. (06:58:42 AM) TheJBurger: thank you
  676. (06:58:48 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, it was fantastic :)
  677. (06:58:50 AM) ***yama-eight follows @TheJBurger on Twitter!
  678. (06:58:53 AM) Cheeseness: is fantastic
  679. (06:58:56 AM) Mimness: Hear hear
  680. (06:59:10 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: Would you consider the same setting or a similar setting for a future game?
  681. (06:59:37 AM) Cheeseness: Or do you feel like that sci-fi noir thing is Gemini Rue's personality and doesn't really belong elsewhere
  682. (06:59:43 AM) Cheeseness: (so far as your work goes)
  683. (06:59:45 AM) mib_m6unoj left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  684. (06:59:56 AM) TheJBurger: a bit of both
  685. (07:00:14 AM) TheJBurger: i did have an idea for a kind of prequel. that would tell the story in between delta-six's escape and the beginning of azriel's story.
  686. (07:00:24 AM) Cheeseness: Azriel's defection?
  687. (07:00:29 AM) TheJBurger: yeah
  688. (07:00:43 AM) Cheeseness: Potentially compelling :D
  689. (07:01:01 AM) lietu: it's getting pretty late over here and I'm super tired .. thanks for the chat TheJBurger, and the stream Cheeseness, but I gotta go
  690. (07:01:13 AM) Cheeseness: No worries lietu
  691. (07:01:25 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks for keeping an eye on the other chats, etc. :)
  692. (07:01:27 AM) yama-eight: Thanks for your excellent moderation of the masses tonight, lietu.
  693. (07:01:48 AM) lietu: I didn't do much really ;)
  694. (07:01:54 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: Is that prequel likely, or just an idea you have kicking around?
  695. (07:02:02 AM) lietu: none of the forums, the steam chat, or the stream chat had anything going on ;)
  696. (07:02:14 AM) Cheeseness: It's still nice to have someone check just in case ^_^
  697. (07:02:40 AM) yama-eight: How likely are people to play a prequel, though?
  698. (07:03:08 AM) lietu: anyways, bye
  699. (07:03:12 AM) TheJBurger: see you
  700. (07:03:22 AM) yama-eight: Laters, lietu.
  701. (07:03:44 AM) Cheeseness: yama-eight: I'd totally fork out for another Gemini Rue game
  702. (07:03:47 AM) TheJBurger: the prequel is more of an idea. it could work in a format other than a game though if it were to happen
  703. (07:03:59 AM) Cheeseness: Comic? Short film?
  704. (07:04:23 AM) TheJBurger: comic. short story. etc
  705. (07:04:40 AM) yama-eight: That would certainly be more interesting.
  706. (07:04:41 AM) Mati256 [] entered the room.
  707. (07:04:45 AM) Mimness: Mmm comic.
  708. (07:04:45 AM) yama-eight: If you ask me, that is. =)
  709. (07:04:46 AM) kathode left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  710. (07:04:55 AM) Cheeseness: I'm just a sucker for interactivity ^_^
  711. (07:05:31 AM) Mati256: I'm late for the QA with TheJBurger?
  712. (07:05:34 AM) Mimness: I sort of like multimedia storytelling too though.
  713. (07:05:50 AM) Cheeseness: Mati256: He's still here :D
  714. (07:06:02 AM) yama-eight: Mati256, we've been going for about two hours now, but also what Cheeseness said.
  715. (07:06:15 AM) Cheeseness: We'll pop a chat log up on the forums for people who missed out :)
  716. (07:06:21 AM) Mati256: I just saw it on twitter :(
  717. (07:06:36 AM) Mati256: Thank you Cheeseness
  718. (07:06:41 AM) Cheeseness: It's OK, if you have questions, ask away :)
  719. (07:07:05 AM) Mati256: Which forum would that be? I'm new here
  720. (07:07:15 AM) Cheeseness:
  721. (07:07:26 AM) Mati256: Thank you once again!
  722. (07:07:47 AM) Mati256: I'm actually waiting for my Gemini Rue special edition to arrive :D
  723. (07:08:42 AM) yama-eight: ZOMG! I had no idea it was getting a retail release! :)
  724. (07:08:46 AM) yama-eight: *:O
  725. (07:09:05 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: What kind of responses have you had to the special edition? (lots of yama type exclamations of joy? :D )
  726. (07:10:03 AM) TheJBurger: mmm im not too sure many people know about
  727. (07:10:15 AM) yama-eight: Fff! It's out already, too. >.<
  728. (07:10:21 AM) Cheeseness: Hmm, maybe we should all tell our friends :D
  729. (07:11:51 AM) Mati256: It's pretty cool, it includes a poster.
  730. (07:12:35 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: Did you work on the game's sound at all? The foley is fantastic
  731. (07:13:08 AM) TheJBurger: nope. nathan did all the sound and dave did the voice acting
  732. (07:13:37 AM) Cheeseness: Fair enough. The sound design seems to mesh really well with your art and general atmosphere
  733. (07:15:24 AM) Mati256: Was it a difficult decision to use gunfights in an adventure game or was something decided from the star?
  734. (07:15:42 AM) mib_6n1m2t [] entered the room.
  735. (07:15:43 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: What's your opinion of complexity in point and click games? It feels like games have trended towards more simpler interfaces with fewer verbs and less inventory interaction over time (perhaps with Botanicula being an example of an extremely streamlined interface).
  736. (07:15:50 AM) TheJBurger: decided from the start. the first scene made in the game was delta-six's blu test chamber tutorial.
  737. (07:16:06 AM) mib_6n1m2t left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  738. (07:16:25 AM) TheJBurger: @cheese, im a fan of both. as long as it suits the atmosphere and feel of the game
  739. (07:16:25 AM) mib_ixr4gq left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  740. (07:17:33 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: Was having action/gunfight sequences in the game something you initially planned, or was is an idea that sprung up as the story/setting started to come together?
  741. (07:18:23 AM) TheJBurger: as i wrote the story and was coming up with ways to turn the situations into gameplay, the actions scenes started to emerge. so when i started making the game, it was planned
  742. (07:19:11 AM) Cheeseness: How long did it take you to settle on an implementation? Was it difficult to balance the mechanics?
  743. (07:20:31 AM) TheJBurger: the implementation is more or less the same from the design doc. the design was changed a bit during production to allow players to sneak shots in between enemy fires though
  744. (07:22:35 AM) Mati256: Is there some scene you had to cut or the game is as you first designed it?
  745. (07:23:57 AM) TheJBurger: the back sections of center 7 were originally going to be more elaborate. you would have to actually go down into the reactor core and overload it. but by that time in the production, i was pretty burnt out and streamlined that section
  746. (07:25:45 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: Were there any major hurdles you had to overcome during development? Any pleasant surprises along the way?
  747. (07:25:47 AM) yama-eight: I think it turned out well still, even if it felt a little odd to have so much control over the reactor from a terminal like that.
  748. (07:26:16 AM) TheJBurger: switching between azriel & delta-six during the mid-sections was never planned
  749. (07:26:25 AM) TheJBurger: that was a suggestion from a tester during production
  750. (07:27:05 AM) TheJBurger: the only major hurdle was trying to make sure there werent too many plot holes with the whole twist and all
  751. (07:27:34 AM) Mati256: I heard there are two easter eggs related to Cowboy Bebop, but I found only the one with Ed and Ein. Which is the second one? I'm a big fan of Cowboy Bebop too.
  752. (07:27:48 AM) Cheeseness: There are four easter eggs :)
  753. (07:28:02 AM) Cheeseness: I just streamed an easter egg hunt (there's a link in that forum thread) if you're interested
  754. (07:28:22 AM) Mati256: Thanks Cheese
  755. (07:28:46 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: The switching is an interesting mechanic. It was really nice to be able to switch back and forth to control pacing when doing the stream, but i found that I played through all of Delta-Six's part before moving onto Az when I first played.
  756. (07:28:58 AM) TheJBurger: interesting
  757. (07:29:05 AM) Cheeseness: I think that flexibility would be invaluable for anybody who felt stuck though.
  758. (07:30:16 AM) yama-eight: I'd say the ability to switch like that reinforces the illusion of parallell stories. ;0
  759. (07:31:08 AM) TheJBurger: yeah
  760. (07:31:21 AM) Cheeseness: Oh, definitely
  761. (07:31:42 AM) Cheeseness: And it pushes the implication that Delta-Six is Az's missing brother
  762. (07:31:57 AM) SteelRaven7 left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
  763. (07:33:46 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: Had you considered having more divergence in the multiple endings?
  764. (07:34:30 AM) Cheeseness: I found that the endings didn't really match with my intentions (I wanted to check the computer but was looking to see if Sayuri was OK - when I go to the computer first, I feel like I'm ignoring that she might need help)
  765. (07:35:30 AM) TheJBurger: yeah
  766. (07:35:43 AM) TheJBurger: originally there was only that one ending where you interact with sayuri
  767. (07:35:57 AM) TheJBurger: the computer one was added later
  768. (07:36:19 AM) TheJBurger: and i feel like less people know about that one
  769. (07:36:49 AM) TheJBurger: so i did want it to be a little more special
  770. (07:37:11 AM) Cheeseness: I suspect that like medicating the street people on Gemini, checking to see if Sayuri is OK is going to naturally be the first course of action for most people
  771. (07:37:30 AM) TheJBurger: maybe
  772. (07:39:00 AM) Cheeseness: Did you intentionally steer clear of an explicitly romantic relationship with Sayuri/Epsilon-Five? I feel like most games would have gone down that road. The way it is, I feel that she is less token and superficial maybe.
  773. (07:41:09 AM) TheJBurger: possibly. my focus was more on the relationship of azriel/delta-six i think.
  774. (07:42:36 AM) Mati256: Did you expected to have such positive reviews for a classic point and click game?
  775. (07:42:42 AM) Cheeseness: I did wish I could talk to her more when escaping the facility for the first time though - she seems so panicked and when I wanted to reassure her, I only ended up being able to as "What do I do now?" which only made her seem more panicked >_<
  776. (07:43:56 AM) TheJBurger: there was the fear, would people "get" the game? it being both nostalgic and relying so much on the story.
  777. (07:44:26 AM) TheJBurger: so the reception that it's gotten has been pretty reassuring
  778. (07:45:21 AM) Mati256: I think it opened the way for new commercial AGS games like Ressonance
  779. (07:47:00 AM) yama-eight: I need to finish playing Resonance...
  780. (07:47:10 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: What is your opinion of the decline of point and click adventure games? Did the market really die and has only recently started to reemerge now, or was it always there and vendors just weren't pushing out titles?
  781. (07:49:20 AM) TheJBurger: i think people who liked adventure games were always there
  782. (07:49:42 AM) TheJBurger: but the venue for them took a decline over the years
  783. (07:50:28 AM) mib_wdimwy left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  784. (07:50:31 AM) TheJBurger: and people who grew up playing adventure games now have the tools to make their own
  785. (07:50:40 AM) TheJBurger: which opens up a new kind of breed of adventures
  786. (07:50:47 AM) TheJBurger: [/rambling]
  787. (07:51:04 AM) Cheeseness: Rambling is good :D
  788. (07:52:07 AM) Cheeseness: Telltalle's successes and Double Fine's Kickstarter campaign seem to have turned a few heads
  789. (07:52:21 AM) Cheeseness: (outside of the existing point-and-click fan base)
  790. (07:53:46 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: Do you have any genres/styles of games that you enjoy outside of the point-and-click realm?
  791. (07:54:02 AM) Cheeseness: (by the way, anybody else is welcome to ask questions - I'm just trying to keep things rolling ^_^ )
  792. (07:54:17 AM) yama-eight: I get the impression that the number of adventure game fans hasn't increased proportionally to that of many other game genres.
  793. (07:55:08 AM) Cheeseness: yama-eight: Could that be due to a lack of new titles during the period that these people found and became fans of other genres?
  794. (07:55:18 AM) Cheeseness: (a comparative lack)
  795. (07:55:23 AM) yama-eight: That's entirely possible.
  796. (07:55:26 AM) sprog [] entered the room.
  797. (07:55:54 AM) sprog left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  798. (07:56:08 AM) TheJBurger: @cheese, anything with a good atmosphere or feel to it. i really like the half-life series, and portal. more recently, limbo was pretty good.
  799. (07:56:19 AM) yama-eight: I guess all of us who were around to play games in the 90s should feel lucky. ;0
  800. (07:56:39 AM) Cheeseness: I've noticed mentions of all three of those games/franchises mentioned on your blog :D
  801. (07:56:43 AM) yama-eight: So Limbo was good, eh?
  802. (07:57:11 AM) yama-eight: I've had that game installed for half a year now but haven't played it even once. *feels bad*
  803. (07:57:53 AM) Cheeseness: (for anybody who's intersted)
  804. (07:57:54 AM) TheJBurger: I enjoyed it. it was more immersive than Braid in creating an implied narrative, for me
  805. (07:59:09 AM) Sayuri [] entered the room.
  806. (07:59:36 AM) Cheeseness: I got pretty drawn into Braid's story, but like Yama, I haven't played Limbo yet
  807. (08:02:44 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: Your blog post about Portal 2 focused on the subversiveness of story. How did you feel about the game as a whole?
  808. (08:04:46 AM) TheJBurger: i enjoyed it but found it a little predictable
  809. (08:05:08 AM) TheJBurger: when i played it i wish they would have taken more risks or done something different
  810. (08:05:52 AM) TheJBurger: eric and chet (the writers) talked about how originally portal 2 didnt even have portals or glados, and had a totally new mechanic called the "F-Stop", which was totally different than Portal
  811. (08:05:57 AM) TheJBurger: so even something like that would've been interesting for me
  812. (08:06:05 AM) Cheeseness: I felt it was Half-Life 2 levels of goodness, but perhaps not as worthy a successor to the Portal franchise as I was hoping for
  813. (08:06:27 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah, the F-Stop stuff sounds fascinating from what snippets info are floating around
  814. (08:07:17 AM) Cheeseness: Sadly, with the hype surrounding Portal 2, there are many players who have familiar with the sequel and have never played the original :(
  815. (08:08:49 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: What did your art workflow for Gemini Rue look like? What kind of tools and techniques did you make use of?
  816. (08:10:02 AM) TheJBurger: for each scene in the game i would do a rough line art sketch in photoshop and use that to do a prototype in the game engine, to get everything playable
  817. (08:10:46 AM) TheJBurger: after that, i would go in and revise every background, adding hues, values, lighting, and so on. each background probably went through probably at 3-7 revisions
  818. (08:11:16 AM) Cheeseness: It would be fascinating to play through the game with those likework roughs.
  819. (08:11:47 AM) Cheeseness: Is there any sequences in or aspects of the game that you're particularly proud of?
  820. (08:11:53 AM) Cheeseness: Is there any >_<
  821. (08:11:55 AM) Cheeseness: Are^
  822. (08:12:03 AM) yama-eight: :)
  823. (08:12:12 AM) ***yama-eight *pat pat* Cheeseness
  824. (08:12:15 AM) yama-eight is now known as yama
  825. (08:12:40 AM) TheJBurger: i really like the weather tower scene. just as a self-contained thing. the inspiration for that was the cathedral fight in cowboy bebop.
  826. (08:13:47 AM) MrOtton: good night
  827. (08:13:49 AM) yama: After having experienced this game, I really do need to watch Cowboy Bebop, don't I? :)
  828. (08:13:55 AM) yama: Nights, MrOtton.
  829. (08:13:55 AM) Cheeseness: Night MrOtton. Thanks for dropping by :)
  830. (08:14:00 AM) MrOtton: :)
  831. (08:14:21 AM) Cheeseness: I've seen maybe half of Cowboy Bebop. It's been on my to-watch list for years >_<
  832. (08:14:22 AM) Mati256: Have you thought of creating another Adventure Game?
  833. (08:14:35 AM) TheJBurger: yes. i have *thought* of it. :)
  834. (08:14:37 AM) MrOtton: no problem, actually I haven't said anything constructive :(
  835. (08:14:40 AM) Cheeseness: (although I do listen to Tank! as often as possible)
  836. (08:14:42 AM) MrOtton: see ya :)
  837. (08:14:45 AM) MrOtton left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 14.0.1/20120713134347]).
  838. (08:15:31 AM) Mati256: Tank! is actually my incoming call ringtone. :D
  839. (08:16:28 AM) yama: I've only heard two songs from Cowboy Bebop; EINSTEIN GROOVIN' and DIAMONDS.
  840. (08:16:41 AM) yama: Because they are sung by Ilaria Graziano. ^^
  841. (08:16:55 AM) Mati256: Is there any AGS game, or other AG, you are waiting for?
  842. (08:17:09 AM) Cheeseness: Mati256: Earlier TheJBurger said this: "i have a couple of game ideas right now, but probably not in the same vein as gemini rue"
  843. (08:18:06 AM) yama: I think the question was about games from other creators.
  844. (08:18:37 AM) Cheeseness: yama: That's in response to a slightly earlier question from Mati256 :)
  845. (08:18:45 AM) Cheeseness: (I had to scroll back a bit)
  846. (08:18:53 AM) yama: Ahh. Okay.
  847. (08:19:31 AM) TheJBurger: @mati, not at the moment, but i havent really been able to keep up with the ags scene recently
  848. (08:20:47 AM) yama: All right. I need to get some sleep. Thanks for coming here, TheJBurger. It was nice talking to you. Feel free to drop by at any time if you'd like. =)
  849. (08:21:03 AM) yama: Good job on the streaming, Cheeseness. I'll see you around. :)
  850. (08:21:04 AM) TheJBurger: my pleasure.
  851. (08:21:07 AM) Cheeseness: Have a good evening, yama :D
  852. (08:21:12 AM) Cheeseness: Catch you later
  853. (08:21:14 AM) yama: Good night, everyone. =_=
  854. (08:21:25 AM) Mati256: Good night!
  855. (08:23:13 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: You seem to be pretty story oriented. How do you feel about story presentation in multiplayer games (Left 4 Dead, Diablo, MMOs)?
  856. (08:23:55 AM) Cheeseness: It's hard enough to give a single player a coherent story experience, but many at once is a fascinating hurdle, and it seems to be one that's exclusively within the domain of games.
  857. (08:25:58 AM) TheJBurger: left 4 dead's stories are almost more about enveloping you within this world, where the world is the story. with singleplayer games, a lot of it is about pacing and reveal, so with multiplayer games, you lose that pacing and also the replayability factor.
  858. (08:26:34 AM) TheJBurger: but i do enjoy the way those multiplayer stories are told. its just a different type of storytelling
  859. (08:27:17 AM) Cheeseness: Diablo, for example, has a stronger linear narrative than L4D's rich context approach
  860. (08:27:39 AM) TheJBurger: ok. i havent played it
  861. (08:28:38 AM) Cheeseness: I have/had a project that aimed to tell a story in a multi-player game through an episodic format, which gave players a chance to explore and become familiar with each segment of the story before it progressed (hopefully creating a more synchronised community experience than what you'd get out of something where players move at their own page. I'm hoping to revisit/finish it someday ^_^
  862. (08:29:39 AM) Cheeseness: Diablo gets through it by having procedural environments, enemies and pickups, so that there's some gameplay variation for replayability, but not so much story variation
  863. (08:30:54 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: Earlier lietu asked if you were satisfied with the difficulty of Gemini Rue and whether or not it matched your initial expectations or intentions (I didn't spot a response, so sorry if you've already answered it)
  864. (08:31:21 AM) TheJBurger: i think people in general found it a little easier than i expected, but i dont think it hurt the game too much.
  865. (08:31:39 AM) Mati256: TheJBurger: Have you seen Indie Game: The Movie? Did you relate to something in it?
  866. (08:32:31 AM) TheJBurger: i have seen it
  867. (08:33:37 AM) TheJBurger: it did bring back memories of development, although nowhere near as intense
  868. (08:33:59 AM) TheJBurger: showing your game to the public after a long period of development is definitely nerve racking
  869. (08:35:51 AM) Cheeseness: TheJBurger: What would you say the most rewarding thing to come out of Gemini Rue has been for you?
  870. (08:38:22 AM) TheJBurger: the positive response, not just from fans, but also from other respected sites, liked ign, pcgamer, and wired. that was above my expectations
  871. (08:39:17 AM) Mati256: Why and hod did you choose Wadjet Eye Games for releasing the game?
  872. (08:39:29 AM) Mati256: how*
  873. (08:41:08 AM) TheJBurger: i chose wadjet eye because they were kind of the forefront of commercial ags games
  874. (08:41:34 AM) TheJBurger: i knew dave from the ags community and i also met him in person when showing the game at GDC
  875. (08:41:41 AM) TheJBurger: from there we started talking and eventually teamed up
  876. (08:42:09 AM) Mati256: Have you been contacted by any commercial developer after releasing Gemini Rue?
  877. (08:43:23 AM) TheJBurger: mmm not like ea or anything
  878. (08:44:50 AM) Mati256: Would you work with a big one or you are all for the Indie?
  879. (08:45:34 AM) TheJBurger: id be open to it.
  880. (08:46:41 AM) Mati256: Do you have any interest in World War II or was just a random setting for La Croix Pan?
  881. (08:47:22 AM) TheJBurger: I had probably been playing too much Call of Duty at the time.
  882. (08:47:33 AM) TheJBurger: :p
  883. (08:48:02 AM) Mati256: We all have :D
  884. (08:48:13 AM) Cheeseness: I haven't played it at all :D
  885. (08:48:45 AM) Cheeseness: (CoD/Battlefield don't interest me - bring back Codename: Eagle, I say!)
  886. (08:49:24 AM) Mati256: I always thought the shooting mechanics in LCP where some kind of first step for the ones in Gemini Rue. Was something like this?
  887. (08:50:06 AM) TheJBurger: kind of. i did consider doing the shooting in first person in gemini rue.
  888. (08:50:24 AM) TheJBurger: but i scrapped that pretty fast as i didnt think it fit with the feel of the game
  889. (08:50:51 AM) Cheeseness: Wow, that would have been interesting :D
  890. (08:52:05 AM) Cheeseness: I think the current implementation is pretty good. It's not too skill based and not too simple
  891. (08:53:04 AM) Mati256: As a commercial developer which is your stand on DRM?
  892. (08:55:36 AM) Cheeseness: So, we're going to wrap up within the next five minutes. If anybody's got any final questions, throw them in now so that Joshua has time to answer :)
  893. (08:55:48 AM) TheJBurger: we tried to just make it as convenient as possible for players to play the game. so we didnt add any drm
  894. (08:56:32 AM) Mati256: Thank you for this chance!
  895. (08:56:41 AM) Mati256: Good night everybody.
  896. (08:58:49 AM) Cheeseness: Alrighty, well thanks so much for dropping by and giving us some of your time, TheJBurger
  897. (08:59:02 AM) Cheeseness: It was great to hear your thoughts and perspectives on Gemini Rue and other stuff :)
  898. (08:59:36 AM) TheJBurger: no problem. thanks everyone.
  899. (09:00:11 AM) Cheeseness: We'll call this closed then :D
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