Rainbow Tears (Rarity) part 3

Sep 21st, 2013
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  1. You practically drag yourself out of the A/V club room. You hear someone run up and shout you weren't supposed to be in there but you couldn't hear him over the sound of your fist breaking his jaw. The stranger falls to the ground, unconscious. Reaching up, you rip the necklace she gave you from your neck as you trudge down the hall to your next destination. The bell rings and the halls flood with students. They brush and push past you, seemingly unaware of the event that was about to unfold. Tear stained, red eyes scan the could desperate find to that disgusting purple curly hair or that pom-piss ass's $1000 sunglasses.
  3. You spot her chatting with...him, with a smile on that pearly white face of hers, masking the filth just beneath the surface. The grip on the necklace tightens as you walk silently over to her. You mutter her name in a low tone. Ambition nearly vanishes when she turns to face you, concern lacing your face and voice as she see's your for lack of a better word distressed appearance. For a moment, your will falters at her beauty. Your heart pleads with your mind to hear her out. Maybe it was a misunderstanding , that there are other forces at work here. She couldn't have done this willingly your heart shouts at your mind. But logic will not be blinded by emotion this day. The sounds of her voice shouting in lust ringing louder in you ear, as does the visions of her arching her back for another play in front of your eyes. As if you were in the room when it happened.
  5. Your resolve hardens and you snap out of the trance she unknowingly put you under. With face tightened and teeth showing you raise your fist and slam the necklace into her chest. Rarity yelps in pain and falls to the ground. Hoity Toity steps to you demanding an explanation this worm doesn't deserve your words. You strike him, no punish him with a barrage of fists. Braking his sunglasses and messing up that perfect hair of his. In his daze he can't fight back. You grab the back of his head and slam it into a nearby locker. How he hasn't bled by this point is anyone's guess. But you've swelled up his face a considerable amount. You force him into another locker that happened to be opened and force it shut. And with a solid kick you jam the locking mechanism, effectively locking him inside.
  7. The crowd around you is stunned. As is Rarity as she finally makes it to her feet. No one's ever seen you like this before. Neither will they again. She screams at you, demanding answers for what you've done. But this isn't a conversation to be had in public. You grab her arm and try you force her to follow you but and plants her heels firmly in the ground halting her movement. So you fling her over your shoulder and yell that if anyone follows they'll get what Hoity got.
  9. You carry her back the the A/V club room and lock the door behind you. After rough dropping her to the ground you plug the USB back into the camcorder. She's in a rage now but she keeps her voice very level and calmly asks whats gotten into you.
  10. Your finger hovers over the play button and you ask her one time if she has ever cheated on you. She denies, that's just gonna make this all the more painful. You move out of the way of the TV and press play. Its starts out from the beginning and she asks what it is you're showing her. You don't answer but fast forward the tape to when she and Hoity are alone. The realization of whats about to be shown covers her face and she begins to edge closer to you with an outstretched arm but you demand she stays where she is. She complies silently.
  12. The R rated portion of the tape starts and she can only stand there eyes wide at her own shamelessness. Your eyes are locked on her as her eyes dart back and forth between you and the screen. As the her moans fill the room she covers her ears and begs you to turn it off. Instead you raise the volume. Rarity starts shaking her head back and forth wildly screaming to turn it off. Again you raise the volume higher. In desperation she hurl a chair. It goes sailing past your head tho you remain unfazed as it collides with the TV, knocking it and by extension the camcorder to the ground, shatter both in a hail of sparks.
  14. You mutter a simple one word question. She falls to her knees in sobs and incoherent gibberish. You walk over to her form and reach into your vest. Pulling out the photos from earlier you drop them one by one onto the ground in front of her. Listing off each happy memory you both shared until they're all in a small pile in front of her. She apologizes but you won't accept. It's far too late for that.
  16. You try to leave but she grabs your pants leg. She begs for another chance. You whisper to her to let go. She says it'll never happen again. You raise your voice to a normal level and tell her again to let go. She says she'll do anything. You scream out all of your frustrations as you scream LET GO!!!. You pull back and slap her across the face as hard as you could. Rarity sails back and hits a nearby desk. You hear her silent sobs as she hold her cheek. You leave her in her crumbled mess of photos, broken, alone , and unwanted.
  18. The end for this ark
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