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  1. a sick trip west
  2. I had only made this trip because I was sick. I was right in the grips now knowing what previous users were talking about. Only one person answered and that meant a heavy tax. Fuck it, he said it was raw I had a job and money to spend. On the trip down it seemed like I went to every pit stop within the 120 mile spread between the source. Whether it was to shit or puke or both, the restrooms offered short relief but no cure. When I finally arrived in town the city was so bright, and not like the nice sunny days spent at the park. It was blinding and I felt half there anyway so I found the street and the address I was given earlier and banged on the door for probably 20 minutes. the fuck either nodded or left. Calling didnt work so I figured former. I used an old card to get myself in. And he was spawrled out on the floor drooling mumbling something about good shit. All I could say is "well great why didnt you answer the door you fuck." He had nothing to add so I asked where it was, and about a set. the son of a bitch said he did it all and we would need to take a drive south. All I could think about was killing someone and having to take a shit. He did have a balloon left though but through searching couldnt find the stick. I heated it in a spoon while he half ass searched with his ass crack showing the entire time. No luck, I snorted and it did tide me over, so we hit the road. Arriving at a wendys we met the smelliest mexican that stunk the truck long after his absence, whatever. We hit up walgreens for the sticks, and made it back to his house. After tax I felt cheated but I was so ready I didnt care any more. I knew where to meet stinky this time. He cooked up first and since I was new to IV I wanted him to test. He did the whole balloon and went to lay down. I remained in the kitchen cooking mine. As I drew it up I called out to him "how is it?" no reply. "Great" I answered myself. I was only doing half had the other half saved for a pit stop later. I walked it to the rest room to sit on the toilet and gave it to myself. I answered myself again this time in my head "Great." I stumbled to the bed and layed somewhere near him for a little while with a great nod. When I felt enough composure to get up and take my trip home I slowly got out of bed and walked to the fridge having a sip of poweraide I saw earlier. My face felt chapped and my body dry but reguardless I was in top shape and ready for the outside. I went back to maybe kick him to say bye thanks for the score. He wasn't right, I could tell that right away. His eyes were wide open which wasn't typical for a nod from which I knew. I said hey Watty giving his leg a hard kick. It didnt take much investigation, he was dead. I reached in his pockets and took the balloons, as I was the only one there who would be needing them now. I looked around for anything else that might be of value to me but it was a junkies den. toilet, fridge, mattress on the floor. I grabbed 3 sticks for later, and said sorry to Watty and was out the door. I thought a little about my own destiny on the way home but not too much about Wat. He wasn't a friend he was a connection and a selfish one. Looking back I know we all were.
  3. Two days later I got a call about his death asking if I knew where to find stinky. As to not give up any information of my knowledge of that day I told them I sure don't and to let me know if they know where to score some, as I would be needing more soon. I don't know if anyone other than his mother and brother attended his funeral I would be suprised if there had been.
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  9. SM - bad deal
  10. A drug deal went bad in south austin tonight, two mexicans thought we were cops somwhere around buda, and sliced my friends neck real bad. He made it inside the HEB. I blocked an attempt at my chest with the knife on the side of my arm. I walked 26 miles back to san marcos and went to the nearest house in town I knew. It was an old friend Mandy I knew since highschool. I banged and banged, no one was home, I remembered meeting her neighbor at a camp fire party at the river a month earlier so I decided to take the steps upstairs and give her a try. Her boyfriend opened the door and said oh shit, and I saw Rainy sitting on the floor. They welcomed me in with open arms, gave me a beer and a towel for my arm. I explained the story in a manic fashion and they kept insisting I call the cops. I refused to in fear of god knows what. She and her boyfriend were angelic in their care. She called Mandy and mandy arrived with a gang of people and we went downstairs for the festivities. I was trashed out of my mind on xanax and liqour and they kept insisting I call the cops. It didnt seem like they were buying my story, but the blood and the grass in the hair of the kid who walked 26miles may of been too much to deny. I was ready to pass out and Rainy insisted I go to sleep upstairs on her couch. In the morning without making a peep I slipped out and walked to my job to meet up with a girl friend of mine to drive me to my car that was at my friends house from the night before. Arriving I remembered I had a flat which is how the whole situation began. And shit I was going to have to fix it..
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