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  1. This account is hacked! Renew the pswd right this moment!
  2. You might not know anything about me and you are definitely wanting to know for what reason you're reading this message, right?
  3. I'm ahacker who exploitedyour email boxand systemnot so long ago.
  4. You should not try to communicate with me or try to find me, in fact it's not possible, because I directed you this message from YOUR account that I've hacked.
  5. I've started malware to the adult vids (porn) website and suppose you spent time on this website to have fun (think you understand what I mean).
  6. During you were paying attention to movies, your browser began operating as a RDP (Remote Control) with a keylogger that granted me the ability to access your monitor and network camera.
  7. Then, my applicationgotall info.
  8. You have put passwords on the sites you visited, and I caught them.
  9. Surely, you are able modify each of them, or already modified them.
  10. But it doesn't matter, my malware updates information every 5 minutes.
  11. What actually I have done?
  12. I generated a backup of the device. Of each file and each contact.
  13. I have managed to create dual-screen record. The 1st section demonstrates the film you were watching (you have an interesting taste, ahah...), the 2nd part displays the movie from your camera.
  14. What exactly do you have to do?
  15. So, in my opinion, 1000 USD will be a fair amount of money for our very little secret. You will make your deposit by bitcoins (if you do not recognize this, go searching “how to buy bitcoin” in any search engine).
  16. My bitcoin wallet address:
  17. 14dM8NWRhdzKixe3hcvY6HfQGcjt736Gkc
  18. (It is cAsE sensitive, so copy and paste it).
  19. Warning:
  20. You have only 2 days to perform the payment. (I built in an unique pixel in this letter, and from now I know that you have read through this email).
  21. To trackthe reading of a messageand the actionsinside it, I usea Facebook pixel. Thanks to them. (The stuff thatis usedfor the authorities may also helpus.)
  23. In case I do not get bitcoins, I shall certainly give your recording to all your contacts, along with relatives, colleagues, etcetera?
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