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  1. [Intro: PewDiePie]
  2. T-Series! (Yeah!)
  3. It's your big day! (Woo!)
  4. Incredible job!
  5. I know we had our differences
  6. But today, I just wanna tell you
  8. [Chorus: Roomie & PewDiePie]
  9. A congratulations, it's a celebration
  10. Party all day, I know you've been waitin' (Here we go!)
  11. A congratulations (Woo!), it's a celebration
  12. I just wanna tell you that I think that you're amazing
  14. [Verse 1: PewDiePie]
  15. A congratulations to your corporation
  16. Guess to beat one Swedish boy, you need a billion Asians
  17. Yeah, you did it, very nice, and all it took
  18. Was a massive corporate entity with every song in Bollywood
  19. Now you're at number one (One), hope you did nothing wrong
  20. Like starting your business by selling pirated songs
  21. Oops! Didn't think we'd see? It's right there on Wikipedia
  22. Get used to your past being held against you by the media (Uh oh)
  23. I'm sure right now there's nothing that you're doing that's illegal, yeah
  24. I'm certain that you haven't had collusions with the mafia
  25. For legal reasons, that's a joke
  26. For legal reasons, that's a joke
  27. For serious, Indian mafia, please don't kill me, that's a joke
  28. India, I'm sorry about the memes, you're the best
  29. I love my Indian Bros, from Bombay to Bangladesh
  30. I'll take on all the world for you, I'm a heavy hitter
  31. 'Bout to cause a genocide so you can call me Hi—
  33. [Chorus: Roomie & PewDiePie]
  34. A congratulations, it's a celebration (Oh!)
  35. Party all day, I know you've been waitin' (Oh yeah!)
  36. A congratulations (Woo!), it's a celebration (Yeah!)
  37. I just wanna tell you that I think that you're amazing
  39. [Post-Chorus: Roomie & PewDiePie]
  40. Congratulations (Uh)
  41. Congratulations (It's your big day! Woo!)
  42. Congratulations
  43. Congratulations (Such a big day)
  45. [Verse 2: PewDiePie, Boyinaband & Both]
  46. I got a letter in the post, hmm, what is this? (Hmm)
  47. T-Series saying "Cease and desist"
  48. Had a problem with me telling them to hold their defecation
  49. But let me educate you, silly, that's not defamation (Woo)
  50. T-Series can eat a dick (Still not defamation)
  51. Suck my fucking Swedish meatballs (Still not defamation, yum)
  52. Did you know that Indians have poo-poo in their brains?
  53. That's a blatant racist lie
  54. Yeah, but still not defamation! (Woo)
  55. India got YouTube figured out, that's sick, son
  56. How 'bout next you figure how to fix the caste system? (Oof)
  57. Maybe all those ads will solve your crippling poverty
  58. But looking at T-Series' past, I'm guessing not probably
  59. But never mind the poor people, we just here to party
  60. Just here to pop some bottles with the 9-Year-Old Army
  61. Non-alcoholic 'cause I had a real problem
  62. But we still out here living like we 'bout to kamikaze
  64. [Bridge: PewDiePie]
  65. So this is it, thanks for sticking with my channel
  66. Ever since I was a nobody, screaming at barrels
  67. Yeah, this is it, it's been an adventure
  68. It's the end of the reign of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
  69. Through all the change and controversy, you've been by my side
  70. There's no army in the world I would rather give me watch time
  71. It's been a wild ride, so while I can still be heard
  72. Here's one last brofist from the number one in the world
  74. [Chorus: Roomie & PewDiePie]
  75. A congratulations, it's a celebration (Oh)
  76. Party all day (Skrra), I know you've been waitin' (Yeet, party all day, yeah)
  77. A congratulations (Woo!), it's a celebration (Oh)
  78. I just wanna tell you that I think that you're amazing
  80. [Post-Chorus: Roomie & PewDiePie]
  81. Congratulations (Oh, ooh hoo)
  82. Congratulations (Skrattar du, it's your big day!)
  83. Congratulations (I'm fucking lit!)
  84. Congratulations (Such a big day!)
  85. Oh yeah, yeah
  87. [Outro: PewDiePie]
  88. Congratulations, T-Series! You did it!
  89. Yatta desu ne
  90. Hope that #MeToo stuff doesn't severely affect your bottom line
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