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  1. <b><size=35>Welcome to The Silver Goats SCP: SL server!</size></b>
  2. You are welcome to join!
  3. Discord link: <link=""></link>
  5. <b><size=35><color=yellow>Server Rules</color></size><b>
  6. 1. Insulting others is not acceptable, unless meant in a jokey way, and allowed by the person you are insulting!
  7. 2. Discrimination is not allowed, and is a bannable offense! E.G. Nazism, Racism, Sexism and more.
  8. 3. Advertising anything, including but not limited to; Discord servers, game servers, companies, YouTube channels and so on is not allowed!
  9. 4. Asking repeatedly for any special ranks/roles is not allowed.
  10. 5. Encouraging cheating and illegal acts, is strictly prohibited.
  11. 6.  Using hacked clients, is not allowed! (Hacking)
  12. 7. This server is English-only, if you have large conversations in other languages, you will be asked to stop.
  13. 8. Keep political debates or arguments civil.
  14. 9. The Staff has the right to mute/restrict a member temporarily, for something that is not directly discussed in these rules, if it violates any “common sense” and good etiquette rules one should follow. It will then be discussed about the punishment needed for such cases on the future, and applied accordingly.
  15. 10. Teaming is allowed, but if teaming does prolong the round; it shall be stopped.
  16. 11. Team killing is not allowed!
  17. 12. Killing Disarmed D-Class/Scientists as CI/MTF is not allowed!
  18. 13. Suiciding as SCPs is not allowed! (Unless your name is Pepo)
  19. 14. "Ear raping" over radio, spectator or the intercom is not allowed. "Ear raping" anywhere else is allowed. (e.g talking without radio on.)
  20. 15. Standing AFK for a prolonged amount of time is not allowed.
  22. Thank you for reading the rules!
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