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Feb 19th, 2015
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  1. Good news! I'm providing 60k OMNI to an options pool for those of you who are currently working unpaid. David may provide some too. Details forthcoming (Craig and David and I are discussing the best structure), but the gist of it is that we want anybody working on OMNI without compensation to have the possibility to get filthy rich. I realize that this is still woefully inadequate, but it's at least better than nothing!
  3. Some of you may not know how options work. Essentially, people who stick with us will have the option (but not obligation) to purchase OMNI at a low price (like $2/OMNI) at various points in the future, even if OMNI has risen to $1000/OMNI.
  5. Action item: Many of you already worked for free, even before we ran out of BTC. For instance, dexx is one of our most prolific devs, and I don't think we ever convinced him to get on the payroll. If you are in that camp, please make sure to pay close attention to this conversation and pester us to MAKE SURE you are on the list of people eligible for these options.
  7. For, you know, actually paying the bills in the meantime, I've been collecting job postings in the crypto-coin space:
  9. =========================================================
  11. Coinality gave me this link for people looking for freelance work:
  16. =========================================================
  18. Elizabeth Ploshay passed on this opportunity based in Philadelphia:
  20. Short term contract developer wanted by 01/09/2015
  22. The Mom Valet is looking for an contract developer to work full time February-May to:
  23. Port a carpool matching software, which is fully functioning, from ASP to a new software language chosen by the developer (current 5,000 users expected to scale 10x)
  24. Build a mobile app for this matching service
  25. Build a usable prototype app for a private car and driver service.
  27. Candidate
  28. Must be willing to work in Philadelphia (preference for those living in Philadelphia)
  29. Ideally a full stack engineer or a team (front end and back end)
  30. Must be a self starter, though mentoring will be available from DreamIt Ventures, an accelerator program in Philadelphia
  32. The Mom Valet is a startup about to launch in 2015 to disrupt the world of kids carpool through a double service: a carpool matching software for families to arrange transportation for their kids, and a private car and driver service when no family member or carpool is available to transport their kids. Please contact Kimberly Moore (
  34. =========================================================
  36. Maidsafe gave me this:
  38. For remote devs the job is oulined here (old now, but still valid)
  41. There is another for front end devs, but that is based in Scotland so not so much use. The interview is a few weeks long as we expect candidate to write a boost compatible piece of code and explain it, something like NTP server or similar and usually from a formal specification. The guys are pretty tough at interview, but we find it si really necessary as the codebase is a pretty much bleeding edge (c++11/14) and needs to be very well written, otherwise the code review and such becomes really hard. So it is worth it.
  44. ==========================================================
  46. Zafed gave me this:
  48. BitShares Seeking Developers
  50. BitShares are looking for skilled developer that would like to work closely with our top development team developing new blockchain based technologies.
  52. If You are skilled in C++ or JavaScript and have an interest in blockchain technologies or BitShares in general we would love to hear from You.
  54. Full-Time, Part-Time, Remote, are all acceptable.
  56. If You are interested, please contact
  58. (They confirmed this is not just work-for-equity, and remote work is ok)
  60. ===break===
  62. Update: Craig is currently working on a spreadsheet for divvying this up. Options will be allocated based on uncompensated work, so please make sure Craig is aware of any uncompensated work you have done (or are doing). We've settled on a strike price of $2.
  64. Thanks!
  66. ===break===
  68. Update:
  70. Craig was going to figure out the options situation, but he's too busy so I'm taking a shot at it.
  72. Important note: Strike price may be affected by my taxes. If the government charges me capital gains tax to give you these options, I'll pass that cost on in the strike price. I have an appointment scheduled in March to discuss this with my accountant. I'll let you guys know what she says.
  74. At the end of March, I'll ask you to fill out this form to allocate the first 15k options. You can look it over for further details about how this works:
  78. If you don't read the form, you at least need to know that options are being divvied up based on hours of work for which you were not paid starting from when we ran out of BTC. People who choose longer vesting periods will get more options than those who choose shorter vesting periods. Eligibility is limited to those who were employed by the foundation when we ran out of BTC, plus dexx.
  80. These options are separate from your "dev MSC", which you will still receive according to the vesting schedule we've been using. I guess those are called "dev OMNI" now.
  82. Note that actually filling out the form linked above now doesn't do anything. We'll do it for real at the end of March. I may make further edits to the form between now and then based on your feedback. Please take a look and let me know what you think.
  84. Thanks,
  86. -J.R.
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