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  2. Morgan.
  3. The data structures adopted to represent game entities (num of players, players, board, squares (normal and obstacle), tokens per players) are appropriate (10%)
  4. Move sideways functionality (7%)
  5. The game does not allow a player to move sideways a token of another player (3%)
  6. The game allows tokens that are on top of a stack to move. (5%)
  7. The game does not allow movement of a token that is not placed on top of the stack. (5%)
  8. The game prevents moving a token placed in an obstacle square (5%)
  9. An obstacle square becomes a normal square  when there are no other tokens placed behind (on the left of) that column on any row of the board (5%)
  10. Game flow play ability: players turns are managed in the correct order; the board is re-drawn at each turn correctly (10%)
  12. Iva
  13. Game entities: num of players, players, board, squares (normal and obstacle), tokens per players, are initialized correctly (10%)
  14. The winner of the game is detected correctly. (5%)
  15. Move forward functionality. The game allows moving forward any token that is placed on the row that is equal to the number indicated by the dice roll. (5%)
  16. If a token lands on a square where there is already one or a stack of tokens, this token is placed on top of the stack. (10%)
  17. Dice rolling functionality (5%)
  18. The code is well commented and appropriately divided into modules (5%)
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