Cordelia/Sully C-S

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  1. C-Support
  2. Cordelia: …
  3. Cordelia: Just a little bit to the left and…
  4. (throwing sfx)
  5. Cordelia: *smiling*
  6. Cordelia: Wait…
  7. Cordelia: *frowns* Damn. So close to a bullseye.
  8. Cordelia: *sigh*
  9. Sully: Still at it, huh?
  10. Cordelia: *wounded, sweat* Wh-why Sully! I didn’t see you there!
  11. Sully: Har! I’m about as subtle as a stampede, so you must have been really into it.
  12. Sully: But you always are, ain’t you?
  13. Cordelia: Naturally. The more you train, the stronger you get.
  14. Sully: Or the more tired you get.
  15. Sully: Come on, Cord. Turn it in for the night. Everyone’s asleep but the moon.
  16. Cordelia: I’ll be back in a few minutes. I just need to…
  17. Cordelia: *throws, miss SFX*
  18. Sully: Swear to all seven hells. It’s like I never see you not training.
  19. Cordelia: That's ludicrous. I could say the opposite for you.
  20. Sully: *wounded* Like hell you could. I train my ass off, you just don't see it.
  21. Cordelia: (Hah, and yet...)
  22. Sully: What’s that, hmm?
  23. Cordelia: I didn’t say anything.
  24. Sully: Pssh, you thought it. I can tell.
  25. Sully: Think that’s the first smart-arse thing you’ve ever thought in your life.
  26. Cordelia: *angry* You are simply unbelievable, Sully.
  27. Cordelia: The only time I ever see you is when you’re stumbling back from some alehouse.
  28. Cordelia: Oftentimes, a woman on your arm.
  29. Cordelia: Can you blame me for wanting to stay away from your tent?
  30. Sully: Oh ho ho, Little Miss Perfect’s getting an attitude with me now?
  31. Cordelia: Little Mis- I swear to the Gods, I’d love nothing more than to-
  32. Cordelia: ...ahem. That is to say,
  33. Cordelia: Perhaps you’d like to prove me wrong?
  34. Sully: Har!
  35. Sully: Like I’ve a damn thing to prove to you and the stick up your arse.
  36. Sully: But I think I can make this fun.
  37. Sully: Like this- when you’ve got time, I wanna spar.
  38. Sully: You pick the when, the where, and the how.
  39. Sully: You win, I’ll train with you, even at this unholy hour.
  40. Sully: But when I kick your arse, you’re going to the pub with me.
  41. Sully: Maybe you’ll see why I’m the best ladykiller in the Shepherds.
  42. Cordelia: Really? That’s your wager? I swear...
  43. Sully: What, you’ve never had fun in your life?
  44. Cordelia: What? Yes! Yes, I have! I’ve had various types of fun!
  45. Sully: Good. Then it'll be no problem, aye?
  46. Sully: Bring it on, and I'll be sure to give you a good time.
  47. *Sully leaves*
  48. Cordelia: Not if I give it to you first!!!
  49. Cordelia: Sigh… that blasted woman.
  51. B-Support
  52. Sully: See? What did I tell you?
  53. Cordelia: *wounded, sweat*
  54. Sully: I'll wait until you catch your breath for you to declare me the victor.
  55. Sully: Well, if your pride allows for it.
  56. Cordelia: …
  57. Cordelia: *neutral* Congratulations, Sully. It appears that I've misjudged you.
  58. Cordelia: You clearly know what you're doing with a spear.
  59. Sully: Hah! I've heard that my whole life. At least you admit it.
  60. Cordelia: …
  61. Cordelia: I should go. Feel free to pick me up at a later time.
  62. Cordelia: *wounded* For your… tavern… thing.
  63. *Cordelia leaves*
  64. Sully: What the hell was that?
  65. Sully: Not right, that's what it was.
  66. *scene change*
  67. Cordelia: *wounded, sweat*
  68. Cordelia: I'm so sorry…
  69. Cordelia: I truly am trying, but…
  70. Cordelia: *sob* Why did you pick me?
  71. Sully: Cordelia.
  72. Cordelia: Oh! S-Sully!
  73. Cordelia: Congratulations again on… victory, and…
  74. Sully: …
  75. Cordelia: …
  76. Cordelia: It's not what you think.
  77. Sully: Oh yeah? Try me. And make some space on the cot, will ya?
  78. Sully: If you wanted to hide, you shouldn't have picked your OWN tent.
  79. Sully: There. Much better. Now, what's wrong?
  80. Cordelia: It's silly. I hate to have bothered you with it at all.
  81. Sully: It probably ain't. I don't know much but I know you've been through a lot.
  82. Sully: Makes sense that it's a lot to carry.
  83. Cordelia: ...when they gave their lives for me, my fellow knights…
  84. Cordelia: I was told it was because they wanted to conserve my talent.
  85. Cordelia: They… gave their lives because of it. My promise. My skill. My abilities.
  86. Cordelia: I’m meant to be their
  87. Cordelia: And if I can't even win a simple sparring match when all I do is train…
  88. Cordelia: *sob* I know it's silly, I know.
  89. Sully: Hey. Don't put yourself down like that, okay?
  90. Sully: Doesn't matter how nonsense it sounds, you're still feeling it, and you got a reason to.
  91. Sully: I'm real sorry that it happened at all. It ain't much to offer, but...
  92. Sully: You're too hard on yourself, you know?
  93. Cordelia: Do you think so?
  94. Sully: Damn straight.
  95. Sully: Just because you're the last to survive doesn't mean you gotta be perfect.
  96. Sully: They saved you because you were young and hardworking, and you still are.
  97. Sully: *wounded* Certainly see why you were training so much, though…
  98. Sully: Sorry I didn't get the full weight of the legacy you were carrying.
  99. Cordelia: *sniff* It's quite alright, Sully. I try to keep it to myself.
  100. Sully: Well, either way, I'm keeping my nose out of your training business.
  101. Sully: *grin* Though you still owe me one of your nights. Maybe after we finish marching.
  102. Cordelia: Ah, yes… fair is fair, after all.
  103. Cordelia: I'll be sure to do my best.
  104. Sully: Pssh. Don't worry. Just be there, and the rest'll sort itself out.
  106. A-Support
  107. Cordelia: *smile* I'd say that went over well.
  108. Sully: *wounded* Don't remind me.
  109. Cordelia: Oh? Sulking by the fire now?
  110. Cordelia: Is it now your turn to suffer defeat in your area of expertise?
  111. Sully: Hey, having a good time ain't anything like a spar.
  112. Sully: Think treating it like a thing you can win is the wrong way to go about it anyways.
  113. Cordelia: *sweat* Y-yes. I can see that.
  114. Sully: …
  115. Sully: I just don't know how you do it.
  116. Cordelia: If it helps, neither do I! It just… happens, I suppose.
  117. Sully: Without even trying! All the ladies were fawning over you.
  118. Sully: The hero. The dashing warrior. Like one of those crap romance novels you keep reading.
  119. Cordelia: *wounded* They most certainly are NOT crap, I'll have you know!
  120. Sully: Whatever. Point is, you're a natural. I'm in awe. All hail Cordelia, her stateliness.
  121. Cordelia: *blushing* Are you… jealous?
  122. Sully: *blushing* Hell no! I'm just… perplexed, is it.
  123. Cordelia: I apologize, then, that I don't have answers. In truth, I'm confused myself.
  124. Sully: Cord, you gotta have more faith in yourself. You didn't have to change a thing.
  125. Sully: Me, I emphasize all I can. Get those ladies to see I'm an interesting character.
  126. Cordelia: You do? I didn't see any of it tonight.
  127. Sully: *wounded* Jeez, you don't pull any punches.
  128. Sully: Well, I mostly wanted to see how you did.
  129. Sully: Thought you were gonna light on fire when the first woman approached you.
  130. Cordelia: *blushing* Not for lack of want…
  131. Cordelia: Can't say I didn't enjoy it, though.
  132. Sully: When you're enjoying yourself, it ain't about winning, it's about sitting back and just being.
  133. Sully: I figured you could use that. More than any of us.
  134. Cordelia: *blushing* Well, you have my thanks. Perhaps I'll go with you again.
  135. Sully: Wait, you will?
  136. Cordelia: *grin* Or are you scared I'll take attention off you once more?
  137. Sully: Hah! Not a chance. Give me the right place, I'll run circles around you.
  138. Cordelia: Oh, I thought it WASN'T a competition!
  140. S-Support
  141. Sully: *wounded* …
  142. Sully: Look at you, Sully. You're hopeless.
  143. Sully: Even if she didn't have a thing for HIM, doesn't mean she has one for YOU.
  144. *throwing sfx, miss*
  145. Sully: Gah… ain't you supposed to be the lady killer? Get a hold of yourself.
  146. *throwing sfx, hit*
  147. Cordelia: *angry* What in blazes?! Do you wish to kill me?  
  148. Sully: Aah!
  149. Cordelia: I didn't know you could even reach that octave.
  150. Sully: Well you learn new things every day. Uhm… sorry I almost hit you.
  151. Cordelia: I'll survive a near miss.
  152. Cordelia: But look at you. You've been a mess of nerves all day.
  153. Sully: Damn. Is it that noticeable if even YOU picked up on it?
  154. Cordelia: Very funny. I'm going to have to ask you to abstain from practicing.
  155. Cordelia: At least while you're capable of taking out a soldier's eye with a javelin.
  156. Sully: Y-yeah. For the best.
  157. Cordelia: Sully, what's wrong? You haven't been yourself lately.
  158. Cordelia: You've been so serious lately, both in camp and in public.
  159. Cordelia: You never let up training, and in bars you just… seem to sit back and watch me.
  160. Sully: I mean, you've been different too.
  161. Sully: *blushing* D-don't worry or anything, it's a good different, it's just…
  162. Sully: …
  163. Sully: This is stupid.
  164. Cordelia: Tsk tsk. It's like you've told me countless times before.
  165. Cordelia: If it's how you're feeling, it doesn't have to make sense for it to be valid.
  166. Sully: *smile* Heh, thanks…
  167. Sully: *neutral* I dunno. Still feels stupid, though…
  168. Sully: ...okay, so… I've been having, like… romance problems lately.
  169. Cordelia: *blush* …
  170. Cordelia: *smiles* Regarding me?
  171. Sully: ...gods damn my eyes. Nothing gets by you, does it?
  172. Cordelia: You're not exactly subtle, remember?
  173. Sully: See, but that's it, though! That… thing you do!
  174. Sully: Like, you remember what I say. What I enjoy. How I practice. How I fight.
  175. Sully: It's like you've got a special place in your heart just for me, and…
  176. Sully: When I noticed you picking up chicks at all these bars…
  177. Sully: I started noticing those traits in the rest of the time we hang out together.
  178. Sully: Your elegance. Your dedication. Your authenticity. Your beauty.
  179. Sully: And that was it, Cord, I was done for.
  180. Sully: You're ten times the lady killer I ever was, Cord. Cause… cause you got me too.
  181. Cordelia: …
  182. Cordelia: I don't know what you mean.
  183. Cordelia: Those words could bring any woman to their knees.
  184. Cordelia: It certainly did with me. Though perhaps I just wanted to hear them.
  185. Sully: Wait, for real?
  186. Cordelia: Heehee, absolutely! No one's ever made me feel more comfortable with myself.
  187. Cordelia: I spend so much time trying to live up to the expectations of others.
  188. Cordelia: I never imagined that I was… good just the way I was.
  189. Cordelia: You made me feel beautiful, feel charming, feel dedicated… and feel valid.
  190. Cordelia: And now I see that those feelings were intentional. So…
  191. Sully: ...
  192. Cordelia: …
  193. Cordelia: Thank you.
  194. Sully: I should be thanking you for that kiss.
  195. Cordelia: Oh, that? Well, I simply couldn't wait any longer. You ARE quite dashing, after all.
  196. Sully: And you act like you don't have any game… I couldn't be a luckier woman.
  197. Sully: We've got a long time for kisses and all, but…
  198. Sully: *blush* I don't see a reason that we couldn't start now.
  199. Cordelia: Teehee! Nor can I, my dear.
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