"Ashes of Eden" P 3 FINAL

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  1. Hazakiel and his Legion arrived in the ruined city gates. The city was in devastation. Corpses of cultists were scattered everywhere but a large number of corpses were massed in the middle, before the destroyed statue of the Archdemon Azazel.
  3. A surviving wounded cultist crawled across the dust, towards Hazakiel. The mortal's hands were raised to his direction as if he was imploring for assistance to a demigod before him. Hazakiel felt rage, raised his Warhammer and smashed the cultist's face. He pointed at the direction of the ruined statue, ordering half of his Legionnaires to begin the search from there.
  5. Mindlessly, the Demons did what they were instructed. Barathiel watched from the distance as their prey crowded in one place. Soon, the ordinance was detonated by Lokuel, obliterating them all.
  7. Hazakiel and the remaining Legionnaires were thrown backward. Only the Hellraiser remained standing. In annoyance, Hazakiel immediately ordered.
  9. "Parthae, destroy this city and leave no one alive!"
  11. The Hellraiser complied but before it could launch one of its missiles, Lokuel, Matharias, Koluel, and Kradiel appeared in front of them, firing at the startled Demon Legionnaires. Tadiel engaged the recovering Baron with a punch. Parthae aimed its automatic rocket launcher at the direction of Tadiel but Barathiel fired a flurry of plasma at the direction of the flesh vehicle.
  13. Cursing, Parthae sped to the left, aimed its rocket at its assailant and opened fire. Barathiel spread his wings and flew to a nearby roof. The house behind him detonated in a bright explosion.
  15. He jumped down and rolled across the ground. Momentarily, he engaged a Demon Legionnaire, terminating his target before retaliating at Parthae again. The flesh vehicle turned at the moving Power and fired. All shots went wide.
  17. "Fucking dammit, stop moving so I can hit you!" Parthae yelled, his voice growled.
  19. Barathiel showered him with plasma fire. Its flesh was already blistering from the plasma's heat, revealing sinews, tissues, and bones. Parthae moved backward, took aim, and fired. The Hellraiser's shots missed again.
  21. "Dammit!" Parthae yelled as Barathiel moved closer. "Oh, you're approaching me?"
  23. "Well, I can't beat you up without getting closer."
  25. "Then come on!" Parthae challenged.
  27. "Sure." Barathiel swung his left arm downwards, the blade extending into view. He thrusts the blade at the neck of the Hellraiser, twisted it, then slashed upwards, splitting the demon's face in half. To be sure, he placed two shots at the chest of the Hellraiser.
  29. Barathiel moved away in case the corpse explode. It did detonate in a bright plume of a crimson explosion, showering hot blood and flesh everywhere. He aided his other brothers in the battle against the remaining Demon Legionnaires.
  31. Hazakiel swung his Warhammer at the direction of Tadiel. The Dominion lowered his body, evading the attack. His right armblade went through the chest of the Baron. Tadiel kicked the Baron away from him. He slid his Blast Rifle behind, activating his other armblade and beckoned for Hazakiel to come. The Baron and the Dominion circled, measuring one another. Both entities engaged abruptly, armblades meeting the staff of the Warhammer.
  33. The two disengaged then attacked again. Still, they failed to hit each other. Hazakiel launched a flaming ball at Tadiel's direction. The Dominion swatted it away with his hand. He retaliated by launching a streak of lightning. Hazakiel's chest got hit but he got closer at Tadiel, tackled him away, then smashed his head.
  35. Tadiel's vision became red. His visor display link was interrupted by static. A crack ran across his visor. Tadiel's nose bled as Hazakiel struck again, making his vision worse. A spider web crack appeared in his visor. One more strike and he's done for good.
  37. He lowered his body and seized both Hazakiel's legs. He lifted the Baron from the ground and smashed him onto the ground, back first. The impact knocked the wind out of Hazakiel. He rolled to the left before Tadiel's blade impale his entire face.
  39. He swung the hammer horizontally, towards Tadiel but missed when the Dominion rolled away. When Tadiel regained his stance, he blasted Hazakiel with a telekinetic push. The Baron bounced across the ground, abruptly stood up, and engaged the Dominion in melee again.
  41. Plasma blast, rave music, sword clashes, and hellfire rounds surrounded them, mixing in one cacophony of noise. These do not stop the two combatants from killing each other. Hazakiel raised his hammer and struck at the Dominion. Tadiel raised his armblades in a crossed position, blocking the staff of the hammer. He sent his left knee to the chest of the demon, causing his adversary to stagger backward. Tadiel launched a kick, finally pinning Hazakiel to the ground.
  43. The Baron struck his Warhammer and hit Tadiel in the abdomen. The Dominion vomited a lungful of blood, flooding the interior of his helmet. The crimson liquid was automatically drained by the helmet. Recovering from the attack, he didn't notice the hammer flying upwards, hitting his chin and forcibly removing his helmet. He took a step backward and waited; Hazakiel was going to launch another attack again.
  45. "Give me your best shot!" Tadiel taunted.
  47. Hazakiel inclined his head and swung from Tadiel's right. The Dominion caught the staff of the hammer and immediately tucked it under his arm. He deactivated his left armblade to allow his hand mobility. He sent a palm strike at the center of the weapon, breaking it in half. Hazakiel was surprised; Tadiel gripped the broken half of the hammer still tucked under his arm, then swung forcibly.
  49. Hazakiel's helmet flew to the ground when the hammer made contact. It revealed a pale face framed by long silver hair. His white eyes glared at Tadiel. The Dominion wasted no time as he raised his armblade and swung downwards, decapitating Hazakiel in a swift motion.
  51. His head rolled across the ground; headless body falling to its knees with dark crimson blood spraying in the air. The battle was as good as won. Yelling a cry, he engaged a Demon Legionnaire in melee combat.
  53. -------
  55. Rising to the designated High Ground was easy. No foes attempted to stop them this time. The ruined city burned below them and most of Hell and Heaven's forces were fighting elsewhere across the globe.
  57. "A victory to our Lord," Matharias said as he carried Farthas' body towards them. The sun slowly sets in the horizon, bathing the cold dark city with warm bright light.
  59. "Yes," Tadiel replied, his head was covered by his detached helmet.
  61. The dropship that carried them earlier slowly descends to pick them up. Its back ramp opened, the embarked inside, carrying first Farthas' body, then the rest of Hydranius Fireteam with Tadiel being the last.
  63. He took up a seat beside Barathiel, handed him the jar that contains a fragment of the Ashes of Eden and said, "Hand this to the Archangel Raguel. I'll require medical assistance."
  65. "Yes, sir."
  67. [END]
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