KH3 Randomizer Feedback and Thoughts

Dec 30th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Played 9/13 seeds of the KH3 Open Beta Randomizer and beaten at least 4 of them with all 3 Proofs found thankfully. I do feel like it needs more work, but I'm happy that the general basis of the Garden of Assemblage Randomizer Mod is done now. Currently there are softlocks that can happen that will hopefully be fixed soon, which are some of the following:
  2. - After finishing some worlds (examples being Olympus and Monstropolis), the game will just stay on a black screen when trying to re-enter Olympus and Monstropolis for the Revisit. This can also sometimes happen in some scenarios like leaving before the last boss of a world like The Caribbean right after leaving the same world.
  3. - Finishing Toy Box and Kingdom of Corona after entering Keyblade Graveyard for the 1st time softlocks the game as it tries to load the 1st cutscene in Keyblade Graveyard, but fails to load as Story Progression for Keyblade Graveyard is not at 0.
  4. - You can softlock at the underwater section in The Caribbean: Sandbar Isle with 11 chests in 2 Lucky Emblems if you don't have one of the following: High Jump, Doubleflight, Aero, or a Formchange with High Jump/Doubleflight prepped.
  7. In terms of feedback and changes that would be interesting to see, I will list here:
  8. - It was weird to see that the difficulty descriptions, due to them being just fine normally. If anything, I honestly feel like it's a good idea to either change the descriptions back to normal or at the very least reword/change Critical Mode's description so that it doesn't sound kinda elitist. For how KH3 Rando is right now, Critical Mode just seems off-putting to me due to not being guaranteed to find Guard, Dodge Roll, Aerial Recovery, Second Chance, Withstand Combo, Flowmotion abilities, etc. Starting on Beginner is honestly a very good way to learn the Randomizer and strats, then bump up the difficulty in the future whenever people feel ready. Wording the other difficulties as "babies" while wording Critical Mode as "true gamers" might make people think if they don't play on Critical Mode, then they're playing on the "baby" difficulties.
  9. - Since all Battlegates except for 1 are not available until after you beat the game, I feel like it's a good idea to implement EXP Multiplier if possible due to the Level checks going up to LV50. Although you can access Battlegate 0 in Keyblade Graveyard, unfortunately there's a bug with it where going into Battlegate 0 will just take you back into Garden of Assemblage. The scaling can also be unfortunately weird in The Final World while chasing Lich as well, as the EXP from Shadows and Neoshadows can range from 4 and 12 EXP to around 59 and 175 EXP with the normal amount of EXP they give being 112 and 333 EXP. So once you defeated Lich in The Final World, probably the best option to level from there is Re:Mind Scala ad Caelum.
  10. - Like with MCP in KH2FM Randomizer, it would be cool to see Raging Vulture's HP get cut by 50%. Although it's not bad at all on Beginner obviously due to being scaled, I can see this being tough on Critical Mode with not a lot of HP + being able to die and get sniped a lot easier.
  11. - For the Guardians of Light VS Replicas and the Mickey segment afterwards, it would be interesting to see those get shortened and/or potentially skip the Mickey segment since you don't get anything from them normally. It's also impossible to actually die in the Mickey segment as well. It's around 3 minutes long of just holding up, attacking the Replicas when they show up next to you, and just Reaction Command + mash the attack button. Guardians of Light VS Replicas is around 4 minutes long with the Reaction Command scenes taking up around 1 minute and 22 seconds of that. The fight itself is basically a auto-scroller in a way with just attacking, Aerial Dodge/Barrier + Counter Blast when needed, and mashing the Triangle button during the scenes.
  12. - For right now, I feel like abilities from weapons, armor, and accessories along with mini-games (Flans, Verum Rex revisit, Frozen Slider with the Orichalcum+, and both Flash Tracers if they are randomized) should not be randomized at all and added into the pool. Not sure if this is because of the game itself or the Mod, but you can only have 3 of the same ability before extras of the same ability get eaten/auto-removed. The biggest culprit of this for example is MP Haste, which you normally get 1 from Levels and 4 from accessories. This should give stuff a better chance to be found, like Flowmotion abilities and all 3 Proofs. It's also currently possible to get duplicates of the same item as well, like magic, Dodge Roll, etc.
  13. - A good change I would like to see is starting with Secret Episode's Story Progression being set to "Story Done". This way if someone does fight Yozora and loses on the 1st attempt, you wouldn't be forced to skip the lose cutscene, save the game, load the game from Title Screen, leave Limit Cut, then go back to Yozora to fight him for more attempts. However an issue I can see with this right now is if you do choose the "Give up" option, it sends you back to Title Screen without an option to save.
  14. - Like with Secret Episode, it would be good to set Limit Cut's Story Progression to "Story Done" once Data Xehanort and Data Xion's portals unlock so that way you don't go into the last cutscene of Limit Cut -> save menu -> Yozora -> save menu -> Title Screen -> Merlin's House just to get back into Limit Cut's Garden of Assemblage once both of them are defeated for the 1st time. That way when you defeat both of them, you just spawn right back into Limit Cut's Garden of Assemblage immediately as if you fought them again and leave Limit Cut from there along with actually seeing what you got from the last Data Org member you killed.
  15. - If this is possible, I would like to see Battlegates unlock in worlds once they are completed since all Battlegates are normally unlocked once you finish the game. For example, Battlegates 1 and 2 are unlocked in Olympus upon finishing that world. The Battlegates are where you normally get all Secret Reports along with a 2nd copy of the Cufflink accessories and Crystal Regalia from Dark Inferno.
  16. - For Sora Collection in The Final World, it would probably be better to shorten the amount of Soras you need to collect for all Rewards especially for when you don't have a lot or not any Growth Abilities like Air Slide and Glide. 111 Soras is fine at least and could maybe be reduced to 100 Soras, but it would be interesting to reduce 222 Soras and 333 Soras probably to 150 Soras and 200 Soras so that it doesn't take a long time to get the last reward.
  17. - I actually do not know since I haven't been able to go through Arendelle and finish it due to never finding Pole Spin, but I think it would be better to shorten or just remove the Frost Serpent chase -> Frozen Slider before the forced fight with 3 Frost Serpents. It doesn't give you anything normally, drags out for too long, and can be annoying on higher difficulties and not a lot of HP like with Dragon Xemnas in KH2FM Randomizer.
  18. - In San Fransokyo when you're in the City during the Day for the 1st time, there is currently no save point at all until once it turns Night after defeating Catastrochorus. It would be nice to leave San Fransokyo during the day before the forced fight and Catastrochorus in the event that you either once to leave for now or find the last Proof.
  20. This is all of the feedback and changes I can think of as of right now. My thoughts are KH3 Rando in general is that I'm very looking forward to how it grows since it's very fun to be creative with some stuff like keeping formchanges in mind for their movement and some strats that you're not able to do normally like using Ariel against Rock Titan or Aeroga for super fast Monstropolis forced fights. I do hope that new seeds are released soon and that stuff gets fixed/improved since this is very fun even though some seeds are unbeatable right now. I'm at least glad that there's at least a bug where you can go to Scala ad Caelum even without having all 3 Proofs by finishing Keyblade Graveyard, re-entering Keyblade Graveyard, then Select Area from Save Point to Scala for Final Fights so that I can at least beat the game even though it's unbeatable by intended means. I also want to try Critical Mode for KH3 Randomizer once it's guaranteed to find Guard, Aerial Recovery, Dodge Roll, Flowmotion abilties, Second Chance, and Withstand Combo, which is basically "No Starting Attributes Randomized". Just been doing Beginner Mode as a way to learn the game in general and so that I don't get frustrated too much.
  22. Anyways, that's my thoughts on KH3 Randomizer and how it is currently. I want to help out with KH3 Rando as well and should be interesting to work with Cheat Engine to find/look into addresses. I do plan on upgrading my RAM soon since KH3 takes up around 2 GB of Memory while I have a 8 GB RAM, which is why pauses/stuttering happens for me while playing KH3 Rando sometimes. Gonna continue to play the last 4 KH3 Open Beta Rando seeds (10, 11, 12, and 13) over 3-4 streams and see what to work on from there!
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