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  1. Lionheart  at 4:22 PM
  2. A letter arrives for Utaku Jamukha in the early evening. Across its luxurious parchment a story spun of a lion magistrate by the name of Matsu Tanjiro and his colleague Kitsu Ukon about a distasteful display of violence towards the heimin. In our recent food shortage, A demand of food cried out across the district of the city until the growing riot was swiftly put to rest by a deployment of enforcers. A desperate cry for help answered with a mouth full of broken teeth. A humble courtier of the unicorn spoke out against such methods... The reply a public denouncement accusing weakness and lack of commitment towards rokugan to make such hard decisions. The unicorn will not tolerate such insult. The letter ending with the chop of Ide Toghrul. Matsu Tanjiro and Kitsu Ukon are found sparing together within the castle dojo. Both dressed in bold yellow gis swinging bokken about at each other. Each impact sending a wave of sound that reverberates off the thin paper walls.
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  4. Utaku Jamukha  at 4:33 PM
  5. Jamukha appeared at the entrance of the dojo, wearing a sharp purple hakama with both his family and clan mons He had come here to humiliate them to the utmost degree. No mercy for those who would dare to try and shame his clan. The practice inside the dojo would come to an abrupt halt, as Jamukha would kick in the doors and yell at the top of his lungs "Cowards! I have come for you!"
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  7. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 4:38 PM
  8. Today was not going to be chill. It was summer after all. And also Jamukha was going hard right outta the gate. Smaller than his... blood cousin, he stepped out to the side and revealed himself for the audience. He matched the Utaku barring his family's Mon, instead of the Utaku an orange Shinjo blazed in it's place. He gazed firmly at the two Lion, not saying anything stupid and trying to look tough next to the mountain of a man next to him.
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  10. Lionheart  at 4:47 PM
  11. "Who dar-" growls Kitsu Ukon, a lanky samurai with a sickly demeanor about him, and steps away from his spar to march towards the two unicorn. Tanjiro stops his cousin in place with his bokken extended out towards Ukon. "Coward?! What is the meaning of this?" Matsu firmly commands with eyes on fire. The man appearing as a rugged veteran with a large scar across his face of a shadowland beast's claw. "Speak quickly unicorn-san before I send you packing out of rokugan." barks Ukon. Tanjiro forces a cool head and exhales loudly. Waiting for the unicorn to explain himself.
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  13. Kuzen  at 4:53 PM
  14. Noise and shouting from a dojo was not unexpected. Raised voices and spirits followed by the striking of blows just came as naturally to such a place like ravens came to a battlefield. But there was a sort of energy in the air that Kuzen paused at as he approached the dojo, one hand tucked into his kimono while the other steadies his daisho so that he keeps a narrow profile.
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  16. Utaku Jamukha  at 4:55 PM
  17. Jamukha answers back with rage. "You dare not even know!? You fail to show compassion towards the heimin and then insult us, and now this?" He takes a deep breath. "I have come here to show the castle how the Lion are a bunch of cowards, but it appears there was no need. Since it's plain for everyone to see your foolishness."
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  19. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 4:55 PM
  20. Yashiro, walking the opposite way of kuzen stops on the opposite side of the entryway as he too listens to see what is going on. He didn't hear screams or smell blood, so that was a good sign.
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  22. Kuzen  at 5:00 PM
  23. He bows in reply to Yashiro, arches one eyebrow and looks over towards the Lion and Unicorn who are clearly at odds with each other. Slowly his hand slides out of his kimono to rest flat against his obi. "Tsuruchi-sama, how is your day going so far?"
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  25. Horiuchi Temujin  at 5:01 PM
  26. Temujin follows, a bit late perhaps, through the entrance to the dojo, wearing a sturdy and worn looking robe. He walks to stand beside his brother, menacingly, as he frowns at the Lions.
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  28. Lionheart  at 5:04 PM
  29. Tanjiro sighs deeply and taps the back of his bokken against his shoulder. "Lack of compassion giving way to duty. The heimin know there place on the celestial order and will be fed when able. Someday you naive unicorn will understand what sacrifice means." Tanjiro speaks with a burning focus. Ukon holds back for only a moment and marches straight up to be face to face with Jamukha. "Pick your next words carefully gaijin else your honor will be tested with steel." Ukon speaks angrily. "Ukon-san please control yourself remember courtesy!" Tanjiro commands to his cousin.
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  31. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 5:05 PM
  32. "So far it has been fairly uneventful." He eyes the ongoing conflict. "And you?"
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  34. Kuzen  at 5:05 PM
  35. "Very uneventful. Such things never last very long. Only a question of how it's going to break down and what you're going to see when it does. Either you were ready, or you weren't." He shrugs
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  37. Horiuchi Temujin  at 5:05 PM
  38. "Call my brother a gaijin again, and I'll do to you what you did to the heimin."
  39. "Call it a lesson in courtesy."
  40. (39 Intimidation)
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  42. Utaku Jamukha  at 5:09 PM
  43. "Yes, of course. The Lion would most assuredly know about duty. We learned of that when half of them became willing pawns."
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  45. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 5:11 PM
  46. Kurosawa carefully counts in his mind. One Lion. Two Lions. One Unicorn. Two Unicorn. Three Unicorn. Hmm.
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  48. Suzume Kenki  at 5:16 PM
  49. He had doubtlessly come to the dojo for his form. He had not expected, perhaps, a din of sorts. He had bowed to those spectating. "Tsuruchi-sama, Kuzen-san. How does the day find you?"
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  51. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 5:19 PM
  52. "We are about to see if our fortunes change" He gestures to the unicorn and lion.
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  54. Kuzen  at 5:20 PM
  55. "One man's fortune may be another man's misfortune. Just ideally the other person is the example is an enemy that you have no reason to want to show mercy to." He shrugs, "When your fortune is the misfortune of an ally, you're just rewarding your hand for striking your foot."
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  57. Suzume Kenki  at 5:21 PM
  58. "Evil beginnings have evil ends, the Tao teaches us. One hopes pride doesn't impact the mission here."
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  60. Lionheart  at 5:22 PM
  61. (25 to resist) Ukon glances upward towards the massive giant and seems disheartened. His anger enflamed by the threatening presence seeing a true enemy instead of the member of the resistance. "Shut up deserter. History will remember heroism of my clan. The legend of Toturi unifying us against the dark. All you'll be remembered for is abandoning your home once again and hiding like pathetic weaklings. The twenty or so of present does not redeem the ten thousands of you living in prosperity." Ukon spits in Jamuha's face. "Go home unicorn-san. Rokugan doesn't want you." The bushi steps back and readies his bokken defensively knowing what comes next. "Oh damnit Ukon...." speaks Tanjiro in a sorrowful tone. The matsu rushing to his cousin's side.
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  63. Utaku Jamukha  at 5:22 PM
  64. Jamukha takes one step forward
  65. "Make me."
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  67. Suzume Kenki  at 5:24 PM
  68. "Or...everything can just be on fire too." The Sparrow ruefully. "This is fine, it seems."
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  70. Horiuchi Temujin  at 5:24 PM
  71. Temujin flicks a thumb out behind him, gesturing outside the dojo. "We'll draw steel outside. Prepare yourself, little Lion."
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  73. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 5:26 PM
  74. Kurosawa is about to witness murder a good old fashioned honorable Duel™ it seems. This was likely not the lesson Toghrul had intended on, but to step in and try to stop this would be even more dishonorable.
  75. ________________________________________
  76. Horiuchi Temujin  at 5:27 PM
  77. Temujin turns to Jamukha. "You took the first insult, so you may have first choice of dancing partner, brother."
  78. Temujin looks down at Tanjiro. "I'll take the leftovers."
  79. ________________________________________
  80. Suzume Kenki  at 5:28 PM
  81. "Or you could not," He pitched his voice loud enough to be heard. "I couldn't help to overhear, Lion-samas, Unicorn-samas, but do you have your Lords permission for an honor duel?" Said politely enough.
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  83. Utaku Jamukha  at 5:28 PM
  84. "I want to kill them both, but i'll settle with beating up the mouthy one."
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  86. Suzume Kenki  at 5:29 PM
  87. He thought to himself it was lunacy.
  88. ________________________________________
  89. Kuzen  at 5:29 PM
  90. Kuzen glances over at Yashiro, "So, feel like getting this mess officially on yourself? There's not much chance of walking away unbloodied after the words and deeds exchanged. But to kill one another over something like this only hinders our cause."
  91. ________________________________________
  92. Suzume Kenki  at 5:29 PM
  93. But still, the form still needs to be followed.
  95. Lionheart  at 5:30 PM
  96. "No we do not." Tanjiro says with stained look. Hoping this is an out before conversation completely breaks down and swings go flying. Ukon simply ignores and maintains stance.
  97. ________________________________________
  98. Horiuchi Temujin  at 5:30 PM
  99. Temujin responds to the voice of the Suzume. "No challenge has been issued. Besides, for gaijin like us, a simple fight will do just fine."
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  101. Utaku Jamukha  at 5:31 PM
  102. "That's right." "Or you could run away and show everyone that has gathered, the lion are all roar and no bite."
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  104. Horiuchi Temujin  at 5:31 PM
  105. "Perhaps they are of a minor Clan, The Cat?"
  106. ________________________________________
  107. Suzume Kenki  at 5:31 PM
  108. "...Going outside and drawing steel seems like a challenge to me, Unicorn-samas."
  109. ________________________________________
  110. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 5:32 PM
  111. Kurosawa makes a mental note to ask Chiaki about if the Cat Clan was actually a thing.
  112. ________________________________________
  113. Suzume Kenki  at 5:32 PM
  114. "Now if you wanted to practice with the Lion-samas with the practice weapons here..."
  115. ________________________________________
  116. Kuzen  at 5:34 PM
  117. Kuzen sighs and adjusts his hat with one hand. "How troublesome..." He fixes it in place, "At this rate the Magistrates are going to have to be called in to sort out a mess that is escalating for no reason. Are we in so great a state that we can waste time and strength fighting each other?"
  118. ________________________________________
  119. Suzume Kenki  at 5:34 PM
  120. Implied: if you want to beat the shit out of each other for 'practice', go nuts; but you shouldn't damage your Lords property.
  121. ________________________________________
  122. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 5:36 PM
  123. "I say let them fight. We'll be better off with them all dead anyway, the troublemakers"
  124. Yashiro gives a cheeky sink.
  125. Wink even
  126. ________________________________________
  127. Kuzen  at 5:37 PM
  128. He shakes his head, "Brawling samurai are bad for morale and that leads to blood feuds. Do you really want the Lion and the Unicorn going to war inside Kyuden Ashigabachi? Without respect and courtesy between samurai, things are going to break down entirely here."
  129. ________________________________________
  130. Jirozame Shinkai  at 5:39 PM
  131. From a nearby section of wall, an arrow streaked down to 'thunk' loudly into the wood of the door frame of the dojo, quivering in place for a few moments. "Enough!" comes a voice that some present are likely familiar with. Standing dressed in the uniform of his newly acquired office, Jirozame Shinkai can be seen, his yumi ready and and arrow nocked. He walks down the stairs of the section of wall to position himself between the Lion and the Unicorn, despite being out-heighted and out-weighted. He'll look between the both of the groups, eyes narrowed. "Before the Tsuruchi arrive and I deliver my report about how you were about to engage in a brawl in the streets, I would ask if you wished to be viewed with such dishonor and brashness." His gaze focuses on the Lion for the moment, frowning. "Sons of Akodo, spitting in the face of the children of his sister after delivering insult...what would the One-Eye think of this? Is this honor, Lion-samas?" And now, to the Unicorn. "And you, Unicorn-samas. You shame yourself with this action. There are methods by which you can air grievances, and trying to engage in open battle with a trusted ally is not one of them."
  132. ________________________________________
  133. Suzume Kenki  at 5:41 PM
  134. "The ways of Great Clans aside, Kuzen-san; this one sees it folly for able bodied bushi to make themselves less this from within the walls when we have enemies without."
  135. ________________________________________
  136. Utaku Jamukha  at 5:41 PM
  137. Jamukha, lost in his rage, shoots back a reply to Shinkai "Go swim with fishes, Shark. This is a political matter between us, don't you dare interfere."
  138. Jamukha draws his polearm from his back "Draw your steel, Lion!"
  139. ________________________________________
  140. Jirozame Shinkai  at 5:44 PM
  141. The Shark, unwilling to back down, turns and looks at Jamukha, staring him down. "Then pursue the matter officially. If you want to fight him and prove that you're the better man under the eyes of Heaven, do so in a way that preserves your honor. Do you think that trying to give him a beating in the street is going to change anything? Do you think his opinion of you might suddenly shift?"
  142. ________________________________________
  143. GM Hello  at 5:44 PM
  144. (As a note this isn't a street.)
  145. ________________________________________
  146. Jirozame Shinkai  at 5:44 PM
  147. ((It's outside a dojo, it might as well be a street.))
  148. ((In that people convey themselves along it.))
  149. ________________________________________
  150. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 5:45 PM
  151. (gotta bow out unfortunately, sorry)
  152. ________________________________________
  153. Suzume Kenki  at 5:46 PM
  154. ((I thought the room was a dojo.))
  155. ________________________________________
  156. Horiuchi Temujin  at 5:46 PM
  157. ((We are inside a dojo))
  158. ________________________________________
  159. Jirozame Shinkai  at 5:46 PM
  160. ((From what it looked like, the door was kicked open and the Lion came out))
  161. ________________________________________
  162. Utaku Jamukha  at 5:46 PM
  163. (Nah, i'm the one who entered)
  164. ________________________________________
  165. Jirozame Shinkai  at 5:47 PM
  166. ((Insert 'dojo' for street then.))
  167. ((The point still stands.))
  168. ________________________________________
  169. Horiuchi Temujin  at 5:51 PM
  170. Temujin gestures to the bokken that the Lion carry. "Then how about a sparring match? No steel, just hard wood. Until knockout, or capitulation. And apology."
  171. ________________________________________
  172. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 5:52 PM
  173. Ever helpful, Kurosawa offers a bokken to the Utaku.
  174. ________________________________________
  175. Utaku Jamukha  at 5:54 PM
  176. Jamukha calms down at the words of his brother. "Fine, but i'll pick the weapon of my choice." Refusing the bokken by Kuro. "Bring me a practice naginata."
  177. ________________________________________
  178. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 5:56 PM
  179. Relieved, the Unicorn switches out the bokken for a practice naginata and offers it to Jamukha instead.
  180. ________________________________________
  181. Taiko 🥁| Tsi Kenji  at 5:58 PM
  182. ((...Whats a 'practice' naginata?))
  183. ________________________________________
  184. Horiuchi Temujin  at 5:58 PM
  185. (A pole that curves near the end.)
  186. ________________________________________
  187. Kuzen  at 5:58 PM
  188. (They do exist)
  189. ________________________________________
  190. Jirozame Shinkai  at 5:58 PM
  191. ((Yeah.))
  192. ________________________________________
  193. Kuzen  at 5:59 PM
  194. He eyes the two weapons and shrugs, "Lion's going to lose... but either way, hopefully everyone remembers that to argue the results of a match like this would be an insult to both warriors."
  195. ________________________________________
  196. Lionheart  at 6:01 PM
  197. "If we must." Tanjiro gives a nod in agreement. Ukon remains planted in position for awhile before he relaxes. "Hai. I can agree to the terms." Ukon backs off towards the end of the dojo. Tanjiro gives a perplexed expression of annoyance and follows him. Can't believe how his day is turning out. Tanjiro turns towards this strange gaggle of an audience and bows. "Minna-sama. If I could please request any of you to step in and officiant this as any sensei would. To step in and interrupt before permanent injury if possible."
  198. ________________________________________
  199. Suzume Kenki  at 6:11 PM
  200. "If both Lion-samas and Unicorn-samas are fine with this one, he will officiate." He'd bow back to Tanjiro. "Suzume Kenki, of the Sparrow."
  201. After all, little Sparrow, the whole beating the crud out of each other was your idea, he thought.
  202. ________________________________________
  203. Horiuchi Temujin  at 6:29 PM
  204. Temujin turns to Tanjiro. "Are teeth considered permanent injury?"
  205. ________________________________________
  206. Jirozame Shinkai  at 6:32 PM
  207. "One would assume so, Horiuchi-san." The Shark shakes his head and goes off, having done what he could to disrupt this before it could go any further. It will need reported, at least.
  208. ________________________________________
  209. Kuzen  at 6:34 PM
  210. "You are going to need to stand on the battlefield together someday, I'd take that into consideration. Besides, the greater the gap of skill between the warriors, the less damage you need to inflict to win."
  211. ________________________________________
  212. Lionheart  at 7:47 PM
  213. "Arigato Suzume-sama." Tanjiro says to Keni and bows once more before falling back to the lion's side of the dojo floor. "Remember the tenet compassion. To permanently damage an instrument of the resistance would demand recompense." Tanjiro replies to temujin.
  214. ________________________________________
  215. Horiuchi Temujin  at 7:52 PM
  216. "Are the heimin not the instruments of the resistance, as well?" Muses Temujin, walking over to the rack of weapons. He spends a moment picking out a particularly heavy, dark coloured bokken. More like a lump of wood than a sword. "You'll be compensated in full for your actions."
  217. ________________________________________
  218. Suzume Kenki  at 7:57 PM
  219. "The terms are fighting with practice weapons until a combatant yields or is too damaged to continue. The losers owe the winners an apology. Are these the terms?"
  220. ________________________________________
  221. Horiuchi Temujin  at 7:59 PM
  222. "That'll do." Temujin takes an open stance, bokken hanging loosely from his swordarm as he centers himself and controls his breathing, hissing through grit teeth.
  223. (Center)
  224. ________________________________________
  225. Lionheart  at 7:59 PM
  226. @Utaku Jamukha
  227. ________________________________________
  228. Utaku Jamukha  at 7:59 PM
  229. The time has come. Jamukha takes a stance and raises the naginata above his head, he goes into the stance of earth and waits out the first blow.(Full defense)
  230. "Sure"
  231. ________________________________________
  232. Lionheart  at 8:05 PM
  233. "Hai!" Both lion say simultaneously. Okon widens his stance and anchors himself. An intense focus drawn from within. (Okon center stance.) Tanjiro dashes forward swiftly and swings through Temujin with fierce might of the matsu. A full body swing of his bokken into Temujin's upper torso that ends with a loud thump. (15 damage)
  234. @Horiuchi Temujin
  235. ________________________________________
  236. Utaku Jamukha  at 8:09 PM
  237. He keeps back his rage and keeps his stance. (Full defense)
  238. ________________________________________
  239. Horiuchi Temujin  at 8:14 PM
  240. Temujin simply peers down at Tanjiro as he slashes at his chest, absorbing the blow with an entirely malicious grin plastered across his face. "Far too weak, little Lion." Suddenly, a bokken crashes into Tanjiro's side with the full force of an angry Unicorn. The blade creaks with the pressure, but stays unbroken, unlike it's target. (43 damage to Tanjiro. 33 damage after voiding.)
  242. Lionheart  at 8:16 PM
  243. With a furious roar of a lion Okon charges towards Jamukha and strikes hard. The loud crash of the blow echoing beside Temujin's own. (29 damage given to Jamukha)
  244. ________________________________________
  245. Utaku Jamukha  at 8:20 PM
  246. Jamukha manages to ward off a large part of the blow(voided) and retaliates with an attack of his own, a piercing blow headed towards the stomach.(21 damage)
  247. ________________________________________
  248. Lionheart  at 8:21 PM
  249. (void down damage) Tanjiro's resolve strengthens as he overcomes the pain. "Watch your tone barbarian." he remarks before missing the swing.
  250. ________________________________________
  251. Horiuchi Temujin  at 8:28 PM
  252. Temujin swings again at Tanjiro, slashing him up his thigh with the heavy wood. "Say that again!" He yells at Tanjiro. (14 damage, 4 damage after void. 37 Total to Tanjiro.)
  253. ________________________________________
  254. Lionheart  at 8:30 PM
  255. Tanjiro sways weakly and makes another attempt of an attack. The swing falling wide and missing. Okon hops back from the blow and then straight back into Jamukha with an overhead swing onto his shoulder. (18 damage)
  256. @Horiuchi Temujin
  257. ________________________________________
  258. Kuzen  at 8:32 PM
  259. He shakes his head as he watches the fight, "That one's about to fall..." Kuzen jerks his chin in Tanjiro's direction.
  260. ________________________________________
  261. Utaku Jamukha  at 8:33 PM
  262. Jamukha does a spinning slash, putting all his strength into a devastating that lands straight onto Okon's chest. (20 damage)
  263. ________________________________________
  264. Horiuchi Temujin  at 8:36 PM
  265. A fire seems to light in Temujin's eyes as he senses the weakness of his opponent, abandoning his defense completely. He steps fully into the swing of his attack and slams the bokken into Tanjiro's jaw, breaking it with a sickening crunch and sending him flying across the tatami of the dojo.
  266. ________________________________________
  267. Lionheart  at 8:38 PM
  268. Okon calms himself and brings up his defenses. (switch to attack. Miss attack.)
  269. ________________________________________
  270. Utaku Jamukha  at 8:41 PM
  271. Jamukha counter attacks after he dodges by striking at Okon's stomach once again but from below. (10 damage)
  272. ________________________________________
  273. Lionheart  at 8:41 PM
  274. Tamjin flies back huffing a splash of red blood from his broken jaw midfall. Striking the floor long streak of blood and teeth spray beside him. For the Lion magistrate who wanted none of this violence before, he turns back towards Temujin with blood fueled rage unseen from him before. He forces himself back up to fight but struggles. Barely able to bring himself off from a kneeling position. His Jaw hanging slightly ajar he barely stands straight ready to continue fighting.
  275. ________________________________________
  276. Suzume Kenki  at 8:42 PM
  277. He'd step in between the Horiuchi and the Matsu, bokken drawn, guarding him. "It is done. Matsu-sama is finished with this bout. Horiuchi-sama is the winner of this bout."
  278. ________________________________________
  279. Kuzen  at 8:43 PM
  280. Kuzen shakes his head and adjusts his hat before he follows Kenki's lead to step in between Temujin and Tanjiro. "If you wanted an apology, you shouldn't have made it so hard for him to give it."
  281. ________________________________________
  282. Lionheart  at 8:44 PM
  283. Trying his best to cling to strength, Okon switches back to full aggression but fails to make contact with Jamukha. (FA and miss) (11 damage until perma injury.)
  284. Tanjiro's rage is undiminished. His focus hard on Temujin like a wild animal. Still... he falls to a knee and accepts defeat.
  285. ________________________________________
  286. Horiuchi Temujin  at 8:46 PM
  287. "If he wanted it to be easy, he wouldn't have said what he did."
  288. ________________________________________
  289. Utaku Jamukha  at 8:48 PM
  290. Jamukha laughs at Okon's feeble strikes and sends one his own, straight onto Okon's sword arm.(10 damage)
  291. ________________________________________
  292. Kuzen  at 8:48 PM
  293. He sighs, "Missing the point completely. Should probably stop that other fight, the Matsu's been flailing far too long. I said that the Lion were going to lose, no need to let this mess go on any longer."
  294. ________________________________________
  295. Lionheart  at 8:48 PM
  296. "I yield..." Okon collapses to one knee from his wounds. Breathing heavy he lowers his head in shame. Unable to look at anyone.
  297. ________________________________________
  298. Utaku Jamukha  at 8:50 PM
  299. Jamukha looks down on Okon, then he spits on him. "All is even now. Don't ever call us gaijin or i will come for you with steel, and i won't hold back."
  300. ________________________________________
  301. Horiuchi Temujin  at 8:50 PM
  302. Temujin looks over to Jamukha and Okon. "Easy now brother. We have already won. No need to take this any further."
  303. ________________________________________
  304. Lionheart  at 8:52 PM
  305. Tanjiro remains silent. Focus unweaving while blood drips from his broken mouth, accelerated with a rugged deep breath. Okon whimpers . "We apologize..." and keeps his head lowered in shame.
  306. ________________________________________
  307. Suzume Kenki  at 8:52 PM
  308. He'd step in between the Utaku and the Lion. "This bout and the match has concluded."
  309. ________________________________________
  310. Utaku Jamukha  at 8:52 PM
  311. "Wild animals deserve no sympathy brother, i'm going. Catch you for a drink later." He then throws the practice naginata on the floor and turns to leave.
  313. Horiuchi Temujin  at 8:54 PM
  314. Temujin looks to Okon. "Pick yourself up if you can walk, and take him." He gestures to Tanjiro. "...with you. Get him patched up."
  315. ________________________________________
  316. Suzume Kenki  at 8:55 PM
  317. There was an almost a twitch of displeasure as he watched the proceedings.
  318. ________________________________________
  319. Kuzen  at 8:55 PM
  320. "Be foolish to call anyone present a Gaijin. The Unicorn who came back were recognized by an honorable Emperor as the descendants and followers of Shinjo-Kami, and Rokugani. I would hope that such statements still have meaning in the world we occupy."
  321. ________________________________________
  322. Horiuchi Temujin  at 8:56 PM
  323. Temujin calmly walks to the fallen practice naginata and brings it back to it's rack. Depositing both his bokken and the naginata properly in their places.
  324. ________________________________________
  325. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 8:59 PM
  326. Kurosawa's totally been chilling while teeth and jaws got all broken and shit, just observing stoically. But now that the battle was over, he would offer assistance to the Lion to the best doctor he knew in Kyuden Ashinagabachi if they accepted his help..! JIN.
  327. ________________________________________
  328. Suzume Kenki  at 9:04 PM
  329. "Hai. If you do not want to fetch the healer, I will, Shinjo-sama...or help you take them to them."
  330. ________________________________________
  331. Kuzen  at 9:04 PM
  332. "I'll help you out with this, got nothing better to do, and better that people not see too much of what happened. This matter doesn't need to extend beyond the people already involved."
  333. ________________________________________
  334. Utaku Jamukha  at 9:06 PM
  335. After all this, Jamukha would pop by Toghrul's office to say that the deed was done. @Lionheart
  336. ________________________________________
  337. Lionheart  at 9:07 PM
  338. Toghrul would nod in thanks and express that the unicorn are thankful for his service. Glory increase for Temujin and Jamukha.
  339. Tanjiro stares forward lifelessly. Unaware of his surroundings and lost in thought. With Kurosawa's and Kenki's help he is escorted to the nearest healer. When dropped off there is a kindness in his eye as he looks towards both of you. His attempt to say thankful becomes a pained bloodcurdling growl.
  340. ________________________________________
  341. Kuzen  at 9:19 PM
  342. He looks over at Kenki and Kurosawa, "How did things get to this point? Fighting words were being thrown out right from the beginning."
  343. ________________________________________
  344. Suzume Kenki  at 9:20 PM
  345. "This one is unsure."
  346. ________________________________________
  347. Kuzen  at 9:22 PM
  348. He shakes his head. "This didn't just start, there had to be a build-up. A build up that people who could have stopped this missed."
  349. ________________________________________
  350. Asahina Kairi  at 9:26 PM
  351. Kairi happened to be that doctor. She was surprised to say the least by what was brought to her. "This looks........" She didn't finish that sentence, instead she moved quickly to first stuff the Lion's wound full of bandages.
  352. ________________________________________
  353. Lionheart  at 9:28 PM
  354. The bandages stuffed into Tanjiro's mouth quickly soak dark red. The pain doesn't bother him while Kairi continues her work. He simply stares off lost in thought. Dazed
  355. ________________________________________
  356. Suzume Kenki  at 9:31 PM
  357. "It was...a dispute that was settled with a sparring bet, Asahina-sama. Things got too far before I could step in."
  358. ________________________________________
  359. Kuzen  at 9:32 PM
  360. "Multiple strikes with a bokken, he'll be bruised and sore and that jaw is definitely broken. He'll need some time to heal up even with treatment."
  361. ________________________________________
  362. Asahina Kairi  at 9:34 PM
  363. She sets out all of her tools then snaps quickly right in front of the Lion's face to get his attention. "You are going to have quite a scar, but you are going to be fine. Do not worry." She spoke loudly to make sure he heard her. "There is always some sort of dispute, or scuffle, or disagreement Suzume-san, Kuzen-san. I wish you all would just be friends long enough to give me time to breathe. Anyone else smashed to pieces out there?"
  364. ________________________________________
  365. Lionheart  at 9:34 PM
  366. Okon would of vanished soon as Tanjiro was brought into the shugenja's care.
  367. ________________________________________
  368. Kuzen  at 9:35 PM
  369. "Just these two. They're the only real injuries I'd say." Kuzen frowns as he notices the other Lion has left. "All right, perhaps just this one."
  370. ________________________________________
  371. Asahina Kairi  at 9:40 PM
  372. She sighs and gets to work, not caring for the less delicate matter of her job. "This will hurt but it will be over quick. Unfortunately I have experience fixing this very injury, ok Lion......san.....sama...." First the bandages come out so she can actually see what she is up against, then a mixture of herbs to prevent infection. Finally a general reconstruction of the area as best as she can. "Just point your swords towards the real enemy, outside the walls please."
  373. ________________________________________
  374. Lionheart  at 9:41 PM
  375. Tanjiro nods his head slowly. The magistrate's eyes dim with fatigue.
  376. ________________________________________
  377. Kuzen  at 9:43 PM
  378. "If you'll excuse me... I need to go check on something. Might have left something behind." Kuzen bows, turns and heads on out to go find the trail of the missing Okon.
  379. ________________________________________
  380. Suzume Kenki  at 10:07 PM
  381. "Well to be fair, I was officiating; not actually fighting, Asahina-sama."
  382. ________________________________________
  383. Asahina Kairi  at 10:19 PM
  384. "It was a general request Suzume-san. But at least one of you doesn't end up here every other day." She turned and gave him a smile before turning back to the Lion and making sure his jaw was straight.
  385. ________________________________________
  386. Suzume Kenki  at 10:27 PM
  387. "One would of thought you would of been sick of me after the Kenjustu tournament, Asahina-sama." Returning the smile.
  388. ________________________________________
  389. Asahina Kairi  at 10:32 PM
  390. "How could I, you show up here not because of arguments but because of tournaments. There's a difference you know." Her hands work on the Lion as she speaks.
  391. ________________________________________
  392. Suzume Kenki  at 10:37 PM
  393. He'd shrug. "Truthfully, there is enough problems without this place. Also, the Sparrow were never the most aggressive of clans before the troubles."
  394. ________________________________________
  395. Asahina Kairi  at 10:47 PM
  396. She turned to smash up a few more herbs and mix them with a weird colored liquid. "And I'm glad to see you carrying on that tradition still." The herbs and the liquid turned into a paste and she smeared it gently on the Lion's jaw. "This will numb you so you don't feel pain for a bit. You'll have to catch your....well....your drool as I'm afraid you'll be doing a lot of that."
  397. ________________________________________
  398. Suzume Kenki  at 10:55 PM
  399. "Will he be able to speak again?" A slight frown at that maybe a thought.
  400. ________________________________________
  401. Asahina Kairi  at 11:01 PM
  402. "Hai, he will. With some difficulty at first but if he keeps at it he will be almost as good as new in no time. And in no time I mean two months. Your concern for him is admirable Suzume-san, it is refreshing."
  403. ________________________________________
  404. Suzume Kenki  at 11:02 PM
  405. "Well, it would be a shame to lose such a thing over a bokken spar that should of not happened."
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