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>It's a going to the doctor episode

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  1.     You give three short, swift taps on the plain wooden door in front of you before entering almost immediately. No need to wait for a reply, this practiced, professional swiftness is all part of your persona.
  3.     You have taken extra special care in re-constructing your spare basement bedroom to look like a real pediatrician’s office. The plain white, unremarkable vinyl tile flooring glistens uninvitingly in the cold, fluorescent light from the ceiling; even just standing outside of the room looking in gives an uncomfortable, tense feeling. You had made sure to make it a little colder in here than most people would be comfortable with too, something that all doctor’s offices seem to be guilty of.
  4.     As you close the door behind you and take a quick glance around, you feel goosebumps creep up your arms under your thin blue scrubs that you’ve paired with one of your wife’s spare white lab coats.
  6.     Now that you and your ‘patient’ are here together and in character, you actually feel like you could pass for a legitimate medical professional, despite your complete lack of official training. You’ve even got a stethoscope draped across your neck and everything!
  8.     “Hello there miss Opal, how are we doing today?” The little mixed-breed Kobold sitting nervously on the side of the exam bed jumps at your sudden entrance. From the way she nervously fiddles with the tags on the thick green leather collar that is buckled snugly around her neck, it seems as though she’s already more in character than you are.
  9.     “G-good, Pa- eh… Mr. Doctor!” It’s hard to stifle a smile at her little slip-up and frantic correction; all physical and mental preparedness aside, you know it must be difficult for her to call you something other than ‘Papa’.
  11.     “Good is good!” You give her a small, reassuring smile before focusing on the squat, round rolling chair under the desk in the far corner of the room. It has no back so it hides perfectly under the sink and counter on the right-hand wall of your ‘exam room’; you have to slide it out with your foot before sitting down and walk-rolling over to the slightly quivering puppy girl. Your wife, playing the part of a nurse, had left your daughter alone in here over fifteen minutes ago to allow a waiting time one might naturally expect at a busy pediatrician’s office.
  13.     Opal’s dark reddish-brown paws are tightly clasped together in her lap as she sits there in her plain everyday clothes, and her long, fluffy, crescent-shaped tail is draped across her lap for that little bit of extra warmth.
  14.     “I’m sorry miss, but I’m going to have you undress so I can examine you properly. I promise it won’t take more than a few minutes before you can get warm again, but this is just procedure.”
  16.     Your choice to keep Opal mostly in the dark about what is actually going to happen during your scene seems to have proven to be a good one, the young puppy-girl has been curiously making eye contact with you and looking around the whole room several times over for some small sign of what is to come since you first appeared.
  18.     As your patient slips her fluffy canine paws under her pale green tee shirt, you reach into one of the drawers on the front of the exam bed and pull out a neatly folded off-white plastic smock decorated with tiny brown bones and little yellow tennis balls.  
  19.     “You can put this on when you’re ready,” you set it down beside her. “…Yes, your underwear come off too please.” The little Kobold’s cheeks turn a faint pink and her light amber eyes widen; she hesitantly hooks her stubby dog claws under the waistband of her pure white panties, tremulously slides them off, and lets them fall to the floor next to her on top of her pile of clothes. You feel sorry for her due to the cold, but you know that she’ll be warming up very soon.
  21.     It’s hard not to stare at her perfect pink pussy or her stiff, erect nipples as your daughter sits naked and shivering, watching you with a mixture of apprehension and excitement in front of you, but you force yourself to maintain eye contact.
  22.     You have to keep up your air of professionalism, no matter what.
  23.     Seeing her quiver and quake as she struggles to get her plastic exam gown unfolded is throwing your instincts into higher alert than you had expected though; her almost pitiful vulnerability right now makes you want to scoop her up and warm her directly with your body heat.
  24.     The scene must go on though, it will all be worth it in the end.
  26.     “…Here miss, hop down off the bed and I’ll help you with it.” Opal breathes out a tiny sigh of relief as you end her struggling and gently take the gown from her. She slides her bare, round butt off the gray, faux-leather exam bed and stands in front of you, tail drooping down between her legs and curling around her right ankle.
  27.     “Arms up.” Your patient readily obeys and you easily slide the patterned plastic gown over her paws and head.
  29.     Once her gown is on, it hangs off of her petite frame a little loosely. Although its sleeves are very short, they droop on her pale shoulders and the gown’s hem extends to a bit below her knees. It may be a little big now, but you are quite certain she’ll be using it more than just this once; that’s why you got her a more personalized plastic one instead of something more fragile like the paper ones actual doctors use.
  31.     Opal clambers back onto the exam bed and spends a few moments adjusting herself, unintentionally flashing her pale round butt at you and opening her legs enabling you see right up her gown as she tries to get comfortable.
  33.     “Now then! All ready?” Finally situated, your puppy daughter nods nervously and flexes her round paw-fingers in her lap.
  34.     “Good! Since this is the first time I’m seeing you, I’m going to ask you some questions, okay?” You smile innocently and Opal giggles. She is no doubt remembering waking up snuggled warmly between you and her mother on your king sized bed, just as she does almost every other day.
  36.     Without warning, the door opens and Opal’s mother, your beloved wife, walks in.
  38.     Her presence fully distracts you, bringing a fuzzy lightness to your head as you take a look at her outfit. She hadn’t let you see it before; the way her almost skintight, pale pink nurse uniform hugs her supple curves and large breasts, stopping just barely below her large, bubbly posterior takes your breath away. Her auburn, shoulder length hair is done up in a neat, tight bun and hidden beneath a pale pink nurse’s cap, and the shoulder-length, off-white latex paw-gloves that completely cover her arm fur round off her ensemble to perfection. Her tail swishes lazily behind her and her short, droopy dog ears stand at attention as she pulls a chair over and sits right next to you. She is a little less than a head shorter than you are, but like usual during these scenes she is overflowing with enthusiasm. You two had been through a lot together before Opal was born or even conceived; your wife’s presence is always brings you a wonderful feeling of comfort. The emotional bond you and your wife share is deeper than you can express, or even comprehend at times.
  40.     “Good afternoon nurse Ophelia, I was just about to start asking Opal here a few questions.” Ophelia nods in agreement, smiling and nodding serenely first at her daughter and then at you. The almost squinty look in her eyes as she tries her best to act serious pokes at your funny bone, you are undoubtedly the serious one in your relationship. She is the enthusiastic, more outgoing one.
  42.     She sits quietly next to you, back straight, ears up, and legs crossed with her paws folded neatly in her lap. Being serious must really be tough; she can’t help but rub her shoulder up against yours in a gesture of lustful affection, obviously trying to be sneaky, surreptitious and cute, but completely failing in the sneaky and surreptitious departments. You choose to conceal your smile by looking away for a moment and blinking yourself back to solemnity before focusing on Opal again.
  44.     “Right then. Are you ready now, miss Opal?”
  45.     “Yes, Mr. Doctor.”
  46.     “Okay, how old are you this year?”
  47.     “Eight.”
  48.     “Eight, so that would mean you’re maybe in third grade?” She nods, still smiling and trying not to laugh at your airs and feigned ignorance.
  49.     “Right again!” You grin and give the air a little sideways victory punch, “I always get that one right.” Opal and Ophelia both giggle. “…Now, do your mommy and daddy give you a bedtime?” Your choice to use different parental titles from what you three usually call yourselves achieves the desired effect; your puppy daughter tenses up for a moment when she hears you refer to you and her mother so unfamiliarly.
  50.     “It’s ten on school days.”
  51.     “…On school days?” You probe for more information.
  52.     “Yes, on the other days they let me stay up sometimes so we can have extra family time!”
  53.     For a moment there, the three of you are just father, mother, and daughter exchanging knowing grins at Opal’s mention of ‘extra family time’.
  55.     “…And this bedtime,” you continue, “…are you good about going to bed on time or do you stay up?”
  56.     “I go to sleep on time a lot.”
  57.     “Good! And what about food, do you eat three meals a day, every day?”
  58.     “Yes!”
  59.     “Minimal junk food?” She nods.
  60.     “I get one treat a day.”
  61.     “That’s very good! It seems you’re a very healthy girl just by talking to you, but we still need to do the full exam. Just procedure, nothing big, you know?” The little Kobold nods again.
  62.     “Right then!”
  64.     You get up off your chair and spin around to lean your butt on the exam bed next to Opal.
  65.     “I’m going to listen to your heart first, miss.” She nods and you take your stethoscope off your neck and put the earpieces up to your ears. “Oh! Nurse, please get the thermometer ready.” You hear your ‘nurse’ happily get up and busy herself with something out of sight.
  66.     With an air of practiced professionalism, you take the head of your stethoscope in your left hand and place it on the left side of your canine daughter’s ribcage. She winces a little as the cold metal touches her through the thin plastic of her gown, but otherwise stays mostly still.
  68.     The instant it touches her you hear her little heart thundering inside your ears. It’s a frantic sound, one that tugs at your heart and gives you a rather unpleasant feeling. Whether it’s anxiety or anticipation or the cold or a combination of all three, you can’t tell. All you want to do is make sure your daughter is relaxed and comfortable now.
  69.     “Deep breath for me please, miss.” Opal’s petite chest expands out as she breathes in obediently. “Good, now let it out slooow and steady.” As her chest falls again, you hear her heart rate decrease almost immediately. Even with one good, deep, meditative breath, Opal seems to have calmed down a lot.
  71.     “That’s a good girl…” you whisper soothingly to your patient, casually wrapping your right arm around her back and gently clapping your hand directly over her right breast, just to pull her closer to you of course. Her heart rate spikes as you nonchalantly squeeze at her flat, budding chest with your palm. “Breathe in again for me?” She does, and you move the stethoscope to the middle of her chest, equidistant from her delicate pink nipples. You can feel her heart rate quicken against your hand and hear it in your ears, feeling it reverberate within you so completely and intimately makes an overwhelming feeling swell in your own ribcage.
  72.     Maybe Opal wasn’t the only one who needed to calm down.
  73.     You touch the stethoscope to your patient’s chest a few more times, gently instructing her to breathe for you with each one, until you run out of places and switch to her back.
  75.     “The thermometer is ready, doctor.” Ophelia appears in front of you holding a shiny metal tray.
  76.     “Thank you nurse!” you lock eyes with your Kobold wife and exchange a knowing grin, “Miss Opal, now that I’m done listening to your heart I’m going to need you to lie on your back and put your legs up in these stirrups.” You gesture to the end of the exam bed where the adjustable stirrups are. The puppy girl glances at the restrictive-looking stirrups cautiously, but Ophelia sets her tray down next to the foot of the exam bed and puts a reassuring gloved paw on her daughter’s shoulder.
  77.     “Here dear, let Nurse Mama help you get situated.” She smiles warmly down at the fidgeting little Kobold, whose nerves seem to alleviate slightly. You thought you and your wife had agreed to not use your parental titles today, but oh well. Whatever makes Opal most comfortable. You trust your wife’s instincts far more than your own, the instincts of a Kobold are truly incredible.
  79.     Once Opal’s little legs are in the stirrups, you slide the sides of them together to hug her knees. Her loose plastic gown has fallen up across her stomach, completely baring her puffy, beautiful vulva to you with her legs spread apart by the stirrups.
  80.     God, that’s a hard sight to ignore.
  82.     It takes a bit of adjustment to get the stirrups fully in place, but your daughter waits patiently as her mother stands up by her head and holds her paw reassuringly. The thick plastic sides of each stirrup click together, fully covering Opal’s legs from just above her knees to just below them, immobilizing then up and away from her crotch and her keeping her knees bent at a 90-degree angle.
  83.     “Now, I’m sure you’ve realized you can’t move your legs at all miss, but it’s just for your safety. Nothing to be afraid of, right?”
  84.     “Right!” the Kobold pup grins at you now; now that you’ve finally restrained her she looks a lot more comfortable, like she’s finally been able to predict where the scene is going since things have taken a familiar turn. Or maybe the nervousness was just because she was cold, or it may have been a part of her patient persona and she just broke character for a moment now, you don’t know.
  85.     Regardless, she’s very adorable.
  87.     “Now, let’s get on with your exam!” You smile back at her and direct your attention to the blue latex gloves Ophelia had laid out for you on the tray. Your patient and nurse watch keenly as you pull the tight-fitting gloves on with a snap and a grin, and then slide your round doctor’s chair over to take a seat directly in front of Opal’s exposed crotch. Once you’re ready, you look at the thermometer.
  89.     Sure it’s shaped like a large teardrop butt plug, but it’s still a thermometer.
  90.     Your wife has already lubed it for you too, the three-inch clear glass plug shines like a gleaming tower in the cold white light from above.
  92.     “I’m going to take your temperature now, miss Opal.” You pick up the thermometer and place your other hand firmly on the exposed inner thigh of your daughter-patient. “You’re going to feel a little cold and a little tightness down here, but there shouldn’t be any discomfort, okay?” You flash her a warm smile and gently rub your gloved thumb up and down on her twitching little pucker.
  93.     “O-okay!” Opal stutters, but you know it’s just out of excitement. Her tail thumps and her stomach shudders as you move your thumb aside press the tip of the thermometer-plug against her anus. You don’t start pushing yet though; you just wait and watch, savoring every little twitch she makes as the thermometer barely teases your puppy daughter’s most private hole.
  95.     “Deep breath now, miss Opal. Here it comes.” As she breathes in, you give her thigh a reassuring squeeze and begin to slide the plug inside her. She readily accepts it, breathing out at the perfect time to relax her insides and suck the widest part of the thermometer in. Opal isn’t at all unaccustomed to having things put inside her back there, but her skill and eagerness still always excite you. In no time at all, the white plastic base of the thermometer rests cleanly against her fully plugged pucker. Three big zeroes and two little zeroes start flashing on the digital dial at the base of the instrument. It looks like it still needs some time to get a reading, but that’s just fine.
  97.     Moving on, you take the otoscope from the tray and hand it to nurse Ophelia.
  98.     “Nurse, can you secure her wrists and then check her ears, eyes and mouth for me? I want to get on with the examination down here.”
  99.     “Of course, doctor!” The two of you share another smug grin, and your wife takes the instrument from you before busying herself with the arm supports above Opal’s head at the top of the exam bed. Opal looks from you to her mother curiously as you both take care of your different duties, but otherwise she just lays there peacefully on her back with her legs in the air and the plug in her anus.
  101.     Back to the tray again, you pick up the pre-lubed speculum from it and return your attention to your daughter. Before you proceed any further with it though, you have to take a moment to admire Opal’s pussy again, maybe even touch it a little. Since you first showed her the thermometer, she has been getting wetter and wetter down there. Her hairless, pillowy lower lips glisten with arousal now; you gently trace your gloved index finger down her slit, gently parting her puffy folds and barely flashing the beautiful pinkness inside. Opal lets out a tiny whine of desperation as you tease her and you gulp, rushing to find words that fit your character, fighting to pull yourself back to your senses.
  103.     “I’m going to check your insides now, miss. Now that you’re getting older I need to make sure everything is developing right with the insides of your vagina.” Opal blushes heavily at that last word, craning her neck down to look at you. Her arms are now held high up above her head, having been secured by Ophelia in the stiff, adjustable plastic cuffs at the top of the exam bed. She gives up trying to watch after a second or so though, choosing instead to lay her head back, glance between her mother and the ceiling, and relax her arms and paws against the bed instead of straining against the closed wrist supports.
  105.     “That’s a good girl, you just relax, miss Opal. I’ll talk you through everything I’m doing so you won’t be afraid, alright?” She nods in contented agreement showing no sigs of fear anyway, eyes fixed on the thin strip of wallpaper running along the wall just below the ceiling. It’s decorated with bones and tennis balls, just like her plastic gown.
  106.     “Okay. You’re going to feel the speculum now. It’ll be cold too, but not for long.” The closed lips of the shiny, slippery metal instrument begin to part your daughter-patient’s slick folds as you slowly push it in. She whines and thumps her tail, and then whines again as the thermometer wiggles slightly in her anus as her tail wagging jostles it. “…Alright, there. Now it’s all the way. I’m going to start opening it up now, this might feel a little tight for a bit, okay?” Opal bites her lower lip to conceal an anticipatory smile as you start to winch the speculum open inside of her.
  108.     You gulp again as the dark, pinkish-red of her insides slowly comes into view. The lips of the speculum have forced the walls of her tight hole apart as it opened sideways, not painfully or even very uncomfortably as you made sure to go extra slow. You place your tightly gloved right hand firmly over your puppy daughter’s pubic area with your blue thumb over her exposed little clit, hovering infinitesimally close to it.
  109.     “Everything looks just beautiful down here miss Opal, you must treat yourself very well, hmmm?” Your patient’s belly shudders as she giggles at you, but her giggles quickly turn to little, keening moans as her movements make your thumb brush against her clit several times.
  110.     No, that ‘accidental’ rubbing wasn’t accidental at all.
  112.     “We’re almost halfway there now, just need to take a peek at your urethra…” you gently poke at the tiny hole a little below Opal’s clit with your index finger, and it winks at you as she suddenly tenses up. You rub it firmly and Opal jerks around on the bed a bit, but no liquid comes out of that tiny hole, as expected of course. ”…Perfect! I’m sorry if that came as a bit of a shock miss Opal, but we’re all done with that part now. Now I’m just going to rotate the speculum so I can see the parts it’s covering up, and then I’m going to pull it out. Okay?”
  113.     “Okay…” Even though that last bit was somewhat rude of you, Opal’s distracted-sounding reply and heavy, desperate breathing tell you that she’s probably too preoccupied with other things to care right now. Probably because your right thumb keeps brushing against, or flicking, or tracing heavy circles around her clit, but that’s just a guess. Either way, both of your hands are slick and covered with lube and arousal, it couldn’t have hurt her.
  115.     It doesn’t take much effort to rotate the speculum; both the lube Ophelia had coated it with and the juices the restrained little Kobold is producing make it almost too easy.
  116.     “Yes, you’re all good here. Good job, miss Opal! You’ve been a very good girl!” Her fluffy tail thumps instinctively again as you praise her and slide the speculum out. Ophelia happily pats her daughter’s head and wags her own tail as you set the speculum aside. Returning, you tenderly press your index, middle and ring fingers up against your restrained daughter’s pussy lips and rub up and down, oh so carefully.
  117.     To restore feeling to them, or whatever.
  118.     Really, you just wanted to feel her soft, heavenly puffiness beneath your fingers for a bit.
  120.     Once you’re a little more satisfied and Opal is panting and whining more than ever, you turn to your wife.
  121.     God she looks fantastic in that nurse outfit.
  122.     “Have you finished with your checking, nurse Ophelia?”
  123.     “Yes doctor, all I have left to do is measure her mouth. If you’re ready…” She smiles at you knowingly.
  124.     “I do believe I am!” You smile back. “…Miss Opal, This is going to be the last part of your exam. You’ve done very well so far, but the nurse and I need to run one last test.”
  125.     “…haa… o-okay…” Opal is still panting heavily, and you’re not sure she’s even listening to what you’re saying.
  126.     Oh well.
  128.     “Nurse Ophelia, if you’ll proceed with your preparations?” The older Kobold nods and takes a large inflatable rubber panel gag from a drawer in the exam bed.
  129.     “Opal dear, Nurse Mama is going to measure your mouth now. Open, please!” Opal does nothing, but doesn’t resist at all as her mother gently parts her lips with a single gloved paw-finger. Ophelia carefully slides the large rubber bulb inside her daughter’s mouth and pushes the thick leather panel against her face before locking the magnetic clasp behind Opal’s head and pulling on the loose strap to tighten it several times. Once it’s secure, she removes her gloved paw from the panel and gives the pump several squeezes. She stops only after the Kobold puppy grunts and jerks her head around to resist, and then she squeezes it one more time for good measure with a lewd grin and a rosy blush on her face.
  131.     In this moment you can’t help but think how weird this ‘mouth measuring’ is and how it would never be something done in any legitimate medical profession and how it’s really just a thinly veiled excuse to gag your daughter and test out one of your latest toy purchases, but Opal gets it, and Ophelia gets it, and you get it.
  132.     And that’s all that matters.
  134.     The outside of the panel gag barely cuts in to your Kobold daughter’s cheeks, forming a perfect seal all over her face; it’s padded enough to not cause any discomfort, but there is no doubt that it is very tight. The bulb inside her mouth is filling it completely, stuffing her cheeks full of thick rubber, extending back towards her uvula, and wedging her little tongue down firmly against her jaw.
  135.     It’s a good thing you trained Opal’s gag reflex away so long ago, if she weren’t trained so well it would be very hard for her to tolerate a gag like this for more than a few seconds. As it is now she has no problems with it whatsoever; from the way you hear her lustily suckling at it, you can tell she even quite enjoys such a large, intense gag.
  136.     Ophelia expertly presses the release that connects the pump to Opal’s gag, and the pump pops free without letting any of the air inside the bulb out. Your wife-nurse drops the pump back in the drawer and takes out a dildo, one that matches the black rubber of Opal’s gag and attaches to where the pump once was at the base.
  138.     “I’m ready now, doctor!” Ophelia wags her tail, grinning happily and gesturing insistently to the dildo to make sure you see.
  139.     “I see that, love. Now make yourself comfortable and we’ll get started!”
  140.     “MMM-HMMM!”
  141.     Opal must have been at least somewhat aware this whole time; her emphatic, muffled agreement to ‘get started’ makes you and her mother burst out laughing.
  143.     After you catch up to yourselves, Ophelia smiles down at Opal and pats her head again while you position yourself in front of Opal’s still-spread legs. You wait patiently as your Kobold wife clambers up onto the exam bed, swings her right leg over her restrained daughter’s head, and positions her crotch right above the slightly bobbing dildo. Opal is torn between trying to watch the two of you and holding still for her mother, but she’s managing just fine.
  144.     It is only now that you notice that your nurse isn’t wearing any panties.
  145.     Well that’s neat.
  146.     It seems she had managed to keep her long tail low enough before to where it didn’t push her incredibly short nurse’s outfit up, but now she is far too distracted and aroused to keep it in check. Ophelia giggles and blushes shyly as she catches you checking out her shiny crotch and barely poochy lower belly.
  148.     “Now then, miss Opal. The nurse and I are going to do your very last test, we’re going to see how well you can absorb Spirit Energy. Just to make sure there are no problems, as always. Right nurse?”
  149.     “Hehee, right doctor!” Ophelia giggles, blows a kiss at you and tickles one of Opal’s nipples with her latex-gloved paw. Wordlessly, you make a kissy face back at your wife, stand up, drop your scrub bottoms and take out your hard, pulsating erection.
  151.     You trace the tip of yourself up and down your helpless patient’s little slit, painting her glistening, puffy pussy with your pre-cum while Ophelia wastes no time in lowering her own dripping crotch onto Opal’s dildo pump gag. As you penetrate her, Opal moans desperately into her gag, savoring that beautifully warm, electric feeling of pleasure quickly spreading from her pussy. You lock eyes with your beloved wife, and start thrusting in time with her. You gently push yourself further inside your daughter, your wife slides all the way down and lovingly smothers Opal with her plush, squishy rear. Opal’s tremulous whimper of relief, arousal and lust as her mother sits on her face comes to you as more of a feeling than a sound; you know how much both your girls love to smell each other back there.
  153.     You pull out of your patient’s hot, heavenly, indescribably perfect little flower, and Ophelia raises herself to let her pup catch her breath. Your gloved hands instinctively wrap around Opal’s petite, immature hips and your wife’s latex-covered paws gravitate to her daughter’s tiny, budding breasts and erect pink nipples. She pulls Opal’s patterned plastic gown out of the way and massages her chest as she starts to ride her face again; you feel you might explode and blow your load just by watching and listening to them.
  155.     You can just barely feel the irregular shape of the thermometer-plug buried deep in Opal’s anus as you slide your cock against it; you can only imagine how it’s making her feel with so much movement going on. You can tell she’s enjoying it too, even though her tail is now soaked with her juices and pinned between you and the exam bed, it’s doing its best to wag as fast as it can. Opal is a constant mess of beautifully muffled whines and desperate grunts and adorable sighs, the combination of you and her mother’s passionate, loving treatments is delightfully overstimulating to her.
  157.     Ophelia is completely lost in the scene. Her eyes locked on yours and her pretty red tongue hangs out of her mouth as she pants and gyrates her hips on Opal’s face dildo for all she’s worth. You continue your own steady, powerful thrusting as your wife cums; she shudders and convulses, burying the dildo inside herself and burying Opal with her ass for almost too long. Only a vague awareness still connects you to reality as your wife-nurse hastily slides forward off of your little daughter’s gagged face to let her breathe again. She bends over and kisses Opal on the tummy, languidly gets off the exam bed, and then affectionately kisses Opal again on her arousal-streaked forehead. The muzzled patient blinks happily up at her mother, earning herself another tender headpat.
  159.     Pleasure has mounted to its peak within you now. You can’t hold it in any longer; you bury yourself all the way to the hilt inside of Opal and let your blissful, amazing orgasm overtake you. Jet after hot, thick, creamy jet of seed boils forth from you, filling the helpless little Kobold and making her belly start to bulge a little. You grin tiredly in smug satisfaction as your orgasm forces Opal’s. She screams a lovely, wonderfully erotic scream through her fully inflated pump gag as her walls contract around you. Some of your seed squirts out around your base, but most of it is completely trapped by your member still plugging up your daughter’s convulsing pussy.
  161.     Still hilted inside Opal, you lean over and absently rub her little tummy bulge while you watch her mother kiss her on the forehead, diligently detach her shiny, soaked dildo, kiss her on the forehead again, and connect the pump again to let the air out of Opal’s massively inflated gag. Ophelia’s nurse cap is askew and her dark brown hair bun is quite messy now, but she looks incredibly happy and peaceful as she gently slides her gloved paw under Opal’s head and presses the magnetic clasp to fully unbuckle the gag. Once the big rubber bulb is finally out of her mouth, Opal swallows gratefully and lets out a deep, satisfied sigh. The silvery strand of saliva that still connects the gag to your ecstatically contented daughter’s bottom lip is broken as your blissfully smiling wife pulls it away and dumps it in the sink with a jingling clatter.
  163.     Together, you and Ophelia strip off your latex gloves, set them aside and then pry open Opal’s stirrups and wrist supports, fully freeing her from her examination predicament.
  164.     “I think it’s time for a shower ladies, what do you think?” The three of you all look at each other, taking in the aftermath of your scene. The whole front of your thin blue scrubs are soaked, Ophelia’s tail and the lower third of her nurse’s outfit is soaked, and Opal is a dripping mess of arousal and sweat from head to tail. Her translucent plastic gown has gone fully clear except for the darkened decorations, and it is hiked up all the way to her chest from when her mother was toying with her cute little breasts. None of this mess bothers any of you at all though, the three of you are just sitting there grinning big, silly grins at each other.
  166.     Tenderly, you pick your spent, afterglow-hypnotized Kobold daughter up in a princess carry. Ophelia slides her sweaty paw across your back and pulls herself in close, lovingly wiping away some of the sweat and soaked, sticky hair away from her limp and tired daughter’s forehead with the other. Two loud, sudden beeps catch you all off guard; it looks like the thermometer has finally finished taking Opal’s temperature.
  168.     The three of you are consumed with laughter at the comical timing of the beeps, but you’re already too comfy all snuggled up together to care to take the plug out. Opal doesn’t seem to mind leaving it in for the time being, so you all exit the room and leave your first medical scene behind you, bound for your traditional post-scene shower.
  170.     What a nice family you have.
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