Sulfürus Dark

Apr 16th, 2016
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  1. Name: Sulfuric Steam.
  2. Race: Unicorn.
  3. Gender: Male.
  4. Class: Hermit.
  5. Appearance: Brown coat, light yellow eyes with obvious age. dark orange and gray mane, clad in Victorian style with some brass for added protection, Hermit sack on a stick for Cutie Mark signifying an eye for adventure.
  6. Weapon: Bayoneted Kinetic Bolt Rifle; an ancient rifle that fires two ft. long bronze needles via a steam explosion, a masterpiece of an ancient copper smith whom pioneered the use of a small magical battery to super-heat steam efficiently; named 'Sparklemancer'
  7. Combat talent: Precision ; a few years head start can teach a lot, +2 all ranged-weapon-based combat rolls.
  8. Raconteur: when sober, he tells very enthralling and exciting stories.
  10. Pack; the normal fixings. ;
  11. Large tinkerer's kit (1)
  12. Rifle cleaning kit (1)
  13. Magical battery (1)
  14. Cash (100)
  15. Sugar cubes (30)
  16. journal (1)
  17. Kinetic Bolts (30)
  18. Small trinket (1)
  19. pictures of parents and sisters (4)
  20. fingerbox (1)
  22. Background:
  23. Born shortly after the ascension, this stallion is nearly two hundred and eighty eight. Most of his living life was spent adventuring the clouds a steamship as a gunman, fighting and finding treasures. Obsessed with immortality- which had made most of his life trying to find a serum that will make him live forever; he's been very close, and has prolonged his life. he is showing obvious signs of aging but has another five or six years before he needs to go through the cycle of anti-aging. He's seen more of the world than anyone could know, he's ultimately forgotten by all. he is a stallion of a few words.
  25. skills:
  27. Innocent: passive; appear unimportant, uninteresting and generally like a forgettable bystander. Unless you are caught doing something illegal, you will at most be escorted outside, but more likely you'll just be ignored by guards and the like.
  29. Backstab: weapon. recharge 1; Strikes the enemy from behind. No counterattack damage except on critfail if used from Stealth. Crits on a 9+. Kills helpless targets.
  31. Scapegoat: recharge 1; When caught, a weapon isn’t the wisest choice. With clever wording you can make an enemy focus their attention and/or attack on a chosen target of your choice next turn.
  33. Stealth: Fade from sight. Enemies cannot attack you until you reveal yourself. An attack used in stealth Autocrits.
  34. Rupture: recharge 1, weapon; Cut a target and leave them bleeding. For the next two turns they take 1 more hit of damage from all weapon attacks.
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