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  1. Rainbow Blitz soared through the air, pushing himself to his limits and beyond, his wings beating rapidly, beads of sweat flying off his body as soon as they were formed. He was in the zone, this is what he lived to do, to feel the thunderous wind beating through his mane, to be free with absolutely no limits whatsoever.
  3. Blitz had planned on this just being a simple training session to keep himself up to scratch for his inevitable try-outs with the Wonderbolts but as he progressed through his routine he started performing his more difficult moves, phasing into a world of his own as he poured all of his concentration into his flying. Having picked his current training zone, the fields near the Everfree Forest, with isolation in mind Blitz didn't notice the little colt that had stopped travelling whom was watching Blitz with great interest.
  5. Scootaroll had the perfect position to watch his hero perform, sat in the shade under a tree he stretched his wings as he watched Blitz do his tricks, gasping in wonder at some of the more complicated ones, eyes bulging at how fast the older pegasus was flying. Finding himself starting to becoming lost in the majesty of Blitzs flying Scootaroll quickly fell into a daydream, imagining himself to be as good a flyer as he was, spending his days with him, sharing jokes, laughing at tall tales. It didn't take long for the daydream to take a more sultry tone, thoughts going to doing anything for Rainbow, Scootaroll was still an inexperienced colt but Butterscotch had gave him the 'Birds and the Bees' talk so he knew what clopping was, he also knew that it was something supposed to be done in private but it was never explained to him why.
  7. Deciding to be adventurous and break the rules Scootaroll reached a hoof downwards towards his groin, fondling his golfball sized testicles, moaning quietly as blood started flowing south, filling out his sheath, his wings popping out into a full wingboner with a quiet pomf. Watching the older pegasus performing was just a catalyst for his actions, he was watching his fantasy first hoof and he could also be caught by said fantasy very easily, Scootaroll took all this in mind and went against all the warnings anyway, thinking to himself that Blitz was too caught up in his training to notice the young colt.
  9. Blitz was continuing to do laps around the field at breakneck speeds, passing only a few dozen meters away from where the colt was pleasuring himself, focused too much on his routine he was unable to see the colt nor what he was doing.
  11. Making himself more comfortable Scootaroll rolled onto his back, exposing his swelling cock to the wind, relishing in its light touch. Fully erect at a modest nine inches he grasped himself and slowly began pumping, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he played through fantasies of him and Blitz. Getting lost in his pleasure Scootaroll began to moan softly, unaware that the older pegasus was finishing his routine.
  13. Blitz finished his final trick and began to slow his flight speed down, allowing him discovering the presence of Scootaroll and subsequently flying down to the colt.
  15. "Hey, Scoota-whoa, whoa, whoa!"
  17. Blitz flapped his wings hard to slow down as a reaction to the sudden shock of seeing the colt clopping in the open.
  19. Scootaroll noticed he was discovered, snapping out of his daze he saw the older pegasus staring at him, his face flushing crimson he decided it best to try and talk his way out of the situation, pressing himself against the ground he hides his genitals in the hope it wouldn't be too obvious, his wingboner however isn't going anywhere and he's mentally cursing himself for being born a pegasus.
  21. Blitz shifted uncomfortably on the spot, staring down at the younger colt
  23. "Scoots, were... Were you doing what I think you were doing?" Blitz asks, looking at the colt's erect wings.
  25. Shimmying backwards across the grass, keeping his body pressed low, Scootarolls face is blushing furiously. Trying to play it coy he musters the best innocent face he could possibly make. "Doing? Doing what Rainbow? I was just watching you practice."
  27. Rainbow Blitz frowned at the colt.
  29. "You were clopping, pipsqueak, I saw that. And your wings still give you away." He walks closer, looking down at the young pegasus. "So, don't try talking yourself out of this. Why were you clopping out here?"
  31. Scootarolls face drained of colour from being called out on it, he was scared and he didn't have an escape plan ready for this situation.
  33. "I... I don't know! I'm sorry. I was just watching you and then.. I.." Scootaroll whimpered as the stallion came closer to him, petrified that he'd done something terribly bad.
  35. Rainbow saw the fear on the young colts face, cocking an eyebrow he stops approaching.. "You were... Oh, wow." Rainbow chuckled at the situation. "You got horny from watching me, pipsqueak?" Grinning, he patted Scootaroll. "That's a compliment if I've ever seen one."
  37. Scootaroll calmed down at the words, the fear slowly draining out of his face as he realised the older stallion wasn't angry with him.
  39. "You mean, you're not mad at me?"
  41. Blitz shook his head at the colts question. "Nah. It's kinda flattering that you think like that of me, quite honestly."
  43. Scootaroll crinkled his eyebrows at Blitz, slightly confused. "Really? I'd thought you'd be mad.. I was told it wasn't normal for colts to do this sort of thing." Scoots face drops slightly upon utter those words. "I just suppose I'm your biggest fan in more ways than one."
  45. Blitz grinned at the smaller pegasus. “Number one fan, heh.” He shrugged. "And what's normal is irrelevant. I'm too cool to be normal!" Blitz grins wide.
  47. Scootaroll stood up, smiling at the stallion. Walking over to him he nuzzled into his neck. "When I grow up I wanna be just like you Rainbow Blitz!"
  49. Surprised at the sudden display of affection Rainbows face went into a warm, caring smile, he shifted in order to expose more of his neck a little for the smaller pegasus to nuzzle into.
  51. "Not sure if you'll ever be exactly like me, pipsqueak." He started rubbing Scootarolls mane. "For one, you don't have a rainbow mane. But don't let that discourage you - You can be just as good as me." He nudged the colts chest with a hoof. "Better, if you train hard."
  53. "As good as you? Really?!" Scootaroll beamed with the words, sitting on his hind legs, saluting with his forehoof. "I'd be honoured if you'd teach me Rainbow Blitz!"
  55. Rainbow nodded at the request. "That can be arranged I guess..." His eyes wandering very briefly downwards, looking at the Colt's nethers, taking in the semi-erect state.
  57. Rainbow cleared his throat and looked away from the colt, a faint blush coming to his cheeks.
  59. “Well, before we start you might want to take care of... that.. “He waved his hoof towards the colts groin for added emphasis. “.. before we start. Getting the blues isn't fun, if you catch my drift.”
  61. Scootaroll realised what the older pegasus was talking about and blushed a furious shade of crimson, standing out against his orange coat. Flapping his wings he hovered a foot off the ground and made his way towards the tree.
  63. “Sorry, I'll go do that now.”
  65. Blitz watched the orange pegasus for a few moments as he slowly flew away.
  67. "Um, Scoots. You wanna have some.. help? With that?"
  69. Scootaroll froze in mid-air, his wingboner surging back, forcing him to drop to the ground. Looking back at Blitz he thought for a moment, wondering if the stallion was joking or if this was some kind of practical joke.
  71. "Are you being serious?"
  73. Blitz was blushing as well but nodded all the same. "I could... Pose, maybe. That might help you along?"
  75. Scootaroll realised he had nothing to lose, Blitz had already caught him clopping so he might as well go through with it and finish.
  77. "Erm, sure. That is if you don't mind.."
  79. Scootaroll sat on the ground, reaching a hoof downwards to fondle himself.
  81. Rainbow watched the colt start to fondle himself, unconsciously licking his lips a little.
  83. "Alright then, let's pose a bit for the fan."
  85. Rainbow struck a pose, his wings spread partially because he did, in fact, have a wingboner and couldn't get them down. Not easily, at least.
  87. Feeling no shame Scootaroll leaned back and started stroking his thickening erection, exploiting the permission he had been given, taking in every detail in front of him, the individual colours of Blitz's mane, the powerful muscles under his coat, his silky wings. His eyes also glanced underneath to the stallions genitals, eyeing up what was there with great interest.
  89. Blitz took another pose, this time giving the colt a slightly better view of his nether regions - and at the same time turning his head just enough to watch Scootaroll clopping. Blitz didn't want to admit it, but he really enjoyed the attention he was getting... Wrong as some might claim it to be.
  90. He really enjoyed it, and the slow growth of his shaft underlined that.
  92. Scootaroll started clopping faster, becoming more turned on when he saw the older stallion was getting hard. Suddenly a thought ran through his head and he stopped clopping. "Hey Blitz, could I... touch it?"
  94. The stallion's eyes widened a little at the question. His blush deepened, and his wings stiffened somewhat. "You... Uh. I guess..?" He murred as he shifted, presenting himself. "But be careful, pipsqueak. It's sorta... sensitive."
  96. Moving over to the stallion Scootaroll slowly started playing with the pegasi's wings, trailing his hooves over from the base all the way out over his wingspan. After some time playing with Blitzs wings he stopped and rubbed downwards over his flank, brushing over the cutie mark, as he moved towards his balls.
  98. "Oooh..." Rainbow soon started moaning as the colt begins working on his wings and cutiemark, cock fully erect at a good nineteen inches, with more than fitting balls. "You've got a good touch there..."
  100. Scootarolls eyes bulge as he watches the stallions cock fill outwards to it's full size, it's absolutely massive compared to the colts and he's mesmerised just looking at it. Tentatively reaching out a hoof he started rubbing Blitz's balls, wondering if he was doing the right thing. Blitz moaned loudly at the colts touch, shifting again to give the colt easier access.
  102. Taking the moan as encouragement Scootaroll shimmied under the stallion, his smaller body being able to almost sit down completely underneath him. Reaching out with his other hoof he began stroking Blitz's shaft while working his balls with the other.
  104. "Mrhh... You're doing good there, Scoots..." He moaned, shaft throbbing some, balls churning a bit. "But... Ooh, wasn't the intent for you to get off..?"
  106. Scootaroll stopped at these words.
  108. "Oh, I suppose you're right."
  110. Moving back out from underneath Blitz he lay on his back and started stroking his shaft, fully erect at a mere 9 inches , his average balls bobbing softly with each stroke.
  112. "Mrm..." Blitz decided to watch the colt for a bit, examining his nether regions. "Damn... Got me horny now, kid." He murred loudly, spreading his legs for stability as he moved a hoof to his cock, stroking it carefully and slowly, not taking his eyes off the colts show.
  114. Watching the older stallion clopping in front of him caused a surge through Scootaroll, unable to hold himself back any longer he came, his young cum shooting out over himself and onto his chest. His chest heaved with each breath as his eyes rolled into the back of his head.
  116. Blitz watched the colt's orgasm, slowing his own stroking down a bit more. "Thar he blows," the stallion chuckled.
  118. Scootaroll just lay there as he came down off his afterglow, scooping some of his cum up with a hoof he brought it to his mouth and licked at it, finding the taste to be agreeable he scooped more off his chest and brought it to his mouth again, slowly cleaning himself up.
  120. The older stallion watched the colt clean himself up, becoming more turned on in turn by the display. "Taste any good? If so, mind... letting me try some?" Still stroking his cock, Blitz looks at the spooge, murring lustfully.
  122. By now all that was left on his chest is gone, all that remained were the remnants around his cockhead that were now slowly oozing out. The colt glanced dreamily at Blitz, eyes half-lidded, mouth lolling open.
  124. "Eh... Sure..."
  126. Blitz nods, trotting up to Scootaroll and, hesitating a little, sniffed the colts cock , taking some of his musk in. Scootaroll shuddered at the feeling of Blitzs breath on his cock, twitching slightly on the ground as he waited to see what the stallion would do.
  128. After a few more moments of smelling the shaft, Blitz decided to lick the little bit of cum that was oozing out, finding it to his liking he sat down to take the colts meat into his mouth, additionally stroking it with a hoof to get at the rest.
  130. "Gah!" The sudden sensation caused Scootarolls cock to surge back to life, this feeling being completely new for him, a virgin in every sense of the word. "Oh by Solaris... that's good."
  132. "Mrh." Blitz just suckled the last cum out, sitting up afterwards and licking his lips. "Not bad..."
  134. Scootaroll pouted and looked at the older stallion, taking on a whiny tone. "Why'd you stop?!"
  136. The older stallion grinned at the colt. “You're empty," he simply states. "Right now, at least."
  138. Continuing to pout Scoots crosses his forelegs across his chest. "And I was having fun too, why'd we have to stop."
  140. Rainbow chuckled at the colt being childish. "Technically, we're only taking a break. Hrm." He tilted his head. "Well, for the next bit I'm gonna let you do anything you like. To me, I mean."
  142. Scootaroll sat up. "Anything for you Rainbow!" Moving over to the pegasus he stretched out his hooves, hovering a few inches away from flesh, wanting to make Rainbow feel amazing. “What do you want me to do?”
  144. The stallion glanced back at the colt with a cheeky look on his face. “Surprise me.”
  146. Scootarolls brain was working overdrive at the moment, running off nothing more than gut instinct he leaned forward and allowed his tongue to flick across the head of Blitz's cock. "How about this?"
  148. The older pegasus reacted in turn, moaning at the touch of the colts tongue. "Ooh... That feels nice.”
  150. Appreciating the words of encouragement Scootaroll began to take longer licks, moving from the base of his cock all the way to the head. After some minutes had passed he moved to take the head of the cock in his mouth, a few inches sliding in.
  152. "Doing good there." Blitz moans, thrusting his hips lightly in pleasure, forelegs shaking a little as he tries to keep standing.
  154. Scootarolls erection returned to him from pleasuring the pegasus, bringing a new thought through his head.
  156. "Hey Blitz? Butterscotch gave me the whole 'Birds and the Bees' talk, but he never said what two colts do..." Looking up to the older stallion with curiosity on his face Scoots was interested. "What do colts do together?"
  158. Blitz looked a bit confused at the question, coupled with the lack of pleasure it was slightly dazing. "Ngh... Wha-, what colts do together? Ah, well. Stuff like we're doing, I guess? Helping each other to an orgasm or two..." He tilted his head. "Now, if they wanna have proper sex... I guess there's only one hole back there for that, so they gotta use that."
  160. Scootarolls ears perked up at the thought, moving around behind Blitz he flapped his wings to keep level with the stallions rump. "So what do I have to do?"
  162. "Um... You want to do that..?" Blitz looks behind him, at the colt.
  164. The colt returned the look, staring into the stallions eyes.
  166. "I'm your biggest fan Blitz, I'd do anything for you."
  168. "Well, uhm. Alright." Blitz lay down to give the colt easier access to his rear. "Just, ah, try to aim for the hole. And be careful, right? I've... never had it back there."
  170. Murring at the position he was in and the power he was giving to the colt Blitz rested his head on his forelegs, waiting as the colt moved into position. Aiming his cock at the entrance Scootaroll gently pressed forward, seeking entry into the older pegasus, encountering some resistance he pressed harder until it gave way, sliding a few inches inside
  172. Rainbow grunted, clenching his teeth as his tight - and indeed virginal - hole was being penetrated by the colt. Luckily, the shaft was relatively small, and thus went in easily enough. "Oooh.. Damn, that feels better than I'd thought.."
  174. Scootarolls cock was electrified, the pleasure he was experiencing was absolutely amazing, wondering to himself why everypony thought this was wrong he slid further into Blitzs ass, revelling in the tightness, until he bottomed out completely and was resting against his flank.
  176. "Ngh... Now thrust carefully, pipsqueak. In and out, in... and out." Solaris above... this was rather awesome, indeed. The stallion closed his eyes, wings as stiff as his cock.
  178. Scootaroll needed no words, sliding out until only a few inches remained then slowly sliding back in, repeating the process over and over gaining speed with each inward thrust. Blitz responded in turn, starting to move a little with the thrusts, sliding a hoof under himself to stroke his shaft and, in the process, leaning somewhat to the side. He moaned loudly, his eyes still closed.
  180. Scootaroll was in a world of pleasure, collapsing forwards onto the stallion he began thrusting harder and faster, nibbling on the base of Blitzs wings with each thrust. The tightness was driving him wild.
  182. Blitz stiffened hard as Scootaroll started nibbling on his wings, his mouth wide open, panting hard at the sensation, approaching his orgasm even more quickly.
  184. The tight, warm, silky insides of Blitz quickly became too much for Scootaroll to bare, with a final, hard, thrust he slammed his length in, cumming forcefully, continuing to nibble on the stallions wings as he came.
  186. "Gh..aaah...!" Rainbow groaned loudly, feeling the colt shooting inside him, filling his rear up. That was the last drop in the proverbial barrel, pushed over the edge he cums hard, thrusting his hips involuntarily, spooge shooting out of his cock and onto the grass in great amounts. Blitz grunted, his orgasm ending after a short while, though having lasted longer than when he clopped by himself.. "Gods damnit, that was.." He murred, looking at Scootaroll. "Damn. Good~."
  188. Scootaroll smiled as he pulled out with a soft plop. "Thanks... That was my first time."
  190. "Ah..." Blitz murred, carefully sitting up. "My first time taking it back there. Feels a bit weird now.."
  192. Moving next to Blitz the young colt slid up next to him, throwing his forelegs over the stallions neck, hugging him tightly. "Thanks a lot Blitz, that meant a lot to me."
  194. Returning the hug Rainbow relished the closeness. "'S fine, Pipsqueak. You helped me out there, too."
  196. The colt released the hug, staring up at his idol. “So what happens now?”
  198. Rainbow sighed at the question,
  200. "Well, we could cuddle a bit. But I think we might wanna keep this... sorta secret, if not because we're both colts, but because you're not an adult yet." His face soured. "The laws are like that."
  202. "So, do you mean we can do this again?" Scootaroll raised an eyebrow and perked his ears up
  204. Rainbow stared at the colt, surprised by the question. "Well, if you wanna. But it's gotta be someplace we can't be caught easily."
  206. The colt bounced on the spot, gleeful at the response. “Anything for you Blitz!”
  208. “Thanks, Scoots, and I still gotta teach you flying. That takes precedence." He nudged the colt to make his point
  210. "Understood?"
  212. Scootaroll smirked at the offer. "Well what're we waiting for then? Let's get started!" He flapped his wings and flew into the field, shouting back at Blitz. "Come on then! Let's go!"
  214. Grinning at the colts enthusiasm he spread his wings and took off after him.
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