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Nov 10th, 2015
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  1. [center][img][/img]
  3. [size=6]Sample Primer[/size][/center]
  4. [float=left][BOX="LARGE"][SIZE=5]Table of Contents
  5. [/SIZE]
  6. [LEFT][list]
  7. [*][alink=Overview]Overview of the Deck[/alink]
  8. [*][alink=Deck]Decklist[/alink]
  9. [*][alink=Cards]Card Choices[/alink]
  10. [*][alink=Guide]Guide to Playing the Deck[/alink]
  11. [*][alink=Matchups]Matchups[/alink]
  12. [*][alink=Sideboarding]Sideboarding and Alternate Card Choices[/alink]
  13. [/list][/LEFT][/BOX][/float]
  15. [anchor=Overview][size=5]Overview of the Deck[/size][/anchor]
  16. Heres where you'd want to take the time to explain your decks goals. How does it win the game? Is it reactive or proactive? Why choose this deck over another?
  18. [anchor=Deck][size=5]Decklist[/size][/anchor]
  19. [deck]
  20. Creatures- 24
  21. 4 Creature
  22. 4 Creature
  23. 4 Creature
  24. 4 Creature
  25. 4 Creature
  26. 4 Creature
  28. Spells- 16
  29. 4 Spells
  30. 4 Spells
  31. 4 Spells
  32. 4 Spells
  34. Lands- 20
  35. 4 Lands
  36. 4 Lands
  37. 4 Lands
  38. 8 Lands[/deck]
  40. [anchor=Cards][size=5]Card Choices[/size][/anchor]
  41. [card]Creature[/card] :rate5: - Creatures are pretty good. They can block and attack. I'd rate this 5 out of 5
  42. [card]Spells[/card] :rate3.5: - Spells are pretty good, but not as good as Creatures. But they still have there use.
  43. [card]Lands[/card] :rate0: - I'll level with you. Lands are terrible. But we have nothing else that fills the same role. So we have to use it.
  45. [anchor=Guide][size=5]Guide to Playing the Deck[/size][/anchor]
  46. If you had some kind of combo, or the deck itself was just very hard to play correctly, this is where you'd go indepth with how to play said combo, or synergy. This is different from the over view because it should be very detailed about how to win, or what card combinations can take over a game, and how to play that combo and protect it.
  48. [anchor=Matchups][size=5]Matchups[/size][/anchor]
  49. Heres where you want to talk about how your deck interacts with the meta game. Does it prey on the little interaction of modern? Maybe punishes greedy mana decks with cards like [card]Blood Moon[/card]? Explain its match ups and if it is good or not and why.
  51. [anchor=Sideboarding][size=5]Sideboarding and Alternate Card Choices[/size][/anchor]
  52. This is the section for you to go into recommended sideboards, and other cards to think about when building this deck. Explain what matches these cards are good for, and whither its a better main deck choice or sideboard choice.
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