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  1. [02:42] Achyra asks, "Who do you belong to?"
  2. [02:46] In her search for a specific somebody, it seemed the tiny bumpkin was being accosted by yet another peculiar entity. And as usual, the voice came from behind, adding quite a bit of tension to the whole situation.
  4. Her heart rate accelerated. A few cold sweats formed immediately at her pits and hairline. Maybe she did a big bad here.
  6. "I ... Uh ..."
  8. With the same speed of a busted clock, she'd turn her head, with her body following with slight lag. Lavinia would end up facing the source of the voice. Her gaze would consistently avoid the other's.
  10. "I work fer Madame Sushila, mm ..."
  12. Head down once a first assessment of the individual was made. As usual, it was hard to tell if it were a human, demon or something in between. That and she didn't get a great look at the face.
  13. (Lavinia Walters)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. [02:46] Achyra says, "Ah."
  17. [02:46] Achyra says, "Speak of the devils... Someone arrived."
  18. [02:52] The seven eyes gazed upon Lavinia with complete curiosity and awareness for this one wasn't a person to be found in the past, one might say - A newcomer or even an intruding liar.
  20. The hands of the Demon lie rested on her hips "Madame Sushila, you say?" The crimson hues trails upon yet another arrival, one from her own kin who might even have slightly more information regarding Sushila. "Ah, you there." She called.
  22. Her right hand was removed from her hip with an index finger decorated with a polished sharp nail points out towards Lavinia. "Do you know who this is? Or do you recognize her master, Sushila?" Frenerid was now being dragged into this, how annoying of Achyra.
  24. "I haven't seen her or heard the name before." A little addition to make the situation clearer, Achyra was dumbfounded by the whole Lavinia-Sushila thing, the lack of introducing herself to many others needs to be fixed.
  25. (Achyra)
  26. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. [03:05] When Frenerid walked into the Tower he wasn't expecting to see people at its door within its interior speaking. When the spider demon said something that was directed at him, his walking pace got much slower. He stood in front of her while she spoke to him. His eyes were only focused on the two that weren't like the others.
  30. While their conversation went on and it got to the point where he was asked a questioned, he'd turn his head and side-eye the girl in question. His pupils revert back to the ones any serpent would've had before he returned them onto Achyra.
  32. "Sushila I do know. Her? I've only seen her around a few times. Why? Does she need her or does she want something?" Despite asking all this when the girl in question was right behind him, Frenerid asked like she wasn't there at all.
  33. (Frenerid)
  34. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  36. [03:10] A familiar face. One that had been around Daemia quite often. Not that this familiarity would bring any sort of solace. It did the contrary. Likely another one of these demons, though Lavinia had since discovered that they were a bit more diverse in character than she was initially sold.
  38. The farmhand merely stood there, like a cornered animal desperately trying to feign off a leering predator. One hand grasped her opposing elbow, digits scratching the dirty fabric of her top. Her legs were pressed together, leaving the girl with an particularly straight and awkward posture. Her non-verbal just reeked of vulnerability.
  40. Lavinia was the subject of discussion and yet never addressed beyond the initial query. As such, she kept silent. Her gaze stayed down, though she'd sporadically raise it to actually see what the two entities were doing.
  41. (Lavinia Walters)
  42. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  44. [03:16] Achyra would've consumed the child if she wasn't a part of the Tower, however Frenerid saved her life this day. "Ah, so she does belong to one of us... That's all I needed to know, thank you." All of which, the seven eyes returned their attention over Lavinia.
  46. "By the way, young child." A pause was given prior to her returning to the child's attention, moving a little closer. "Were you looking for anything around the tower? You seemed lost running around in twirls." To be exact, seeing people running around in circle was a common thing for this Demon.
  48. By the by, her index finger along with her thumb was placed against her chin as she ponders, perhaps getting to know more about the youngster would be a good idea to find out of her origins.
  49. (Achyra)
  50. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. [03:21] "Yeah."
  54. Now that that was over Frenerid continued to go through the tower. It appeared he was going to head towards the rooms north of the tower.
  56. There was a small glance given back to the two that were behind him but if they didn't need anything else from him then why would he stay? There was no reason for him to unless he was go ask one of them to do him a favor. He could've handled it, though.
  57. (Frenerid)
  58. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  60. [03:29] Home safe? Probably not, but some tension was alleviated. That was good enough to prompt some back muscles to relax, and in turn, her whole posture seemed a little less tense. A little. Lavinia was still a nervous little ball of anxiety.
  62. The demon was still on her case. And curiously enough, addressed the bumpkin as a young child. By the size and voice of the entity, Lavinia would have figured this to be odd. Wasn't this one also a child? This curiosity was enough for her to raise her line of sight to finally capture the Achyra's gaze.
  64. Her heart skipped a beat. The child-like entity wasn't particularly hideous or anything. She was actually quite tame compared to the uniquely revolting show-offs of her species. Her gaze made it clear she was surprised, however.
  66. "Uhm ... I uh ..."
  68. She gulped, eyes shifting about as she scrambled her brain. A lowly mortal like her was easy to read, and the time she took to respond could make it seem like she was formulating a lie. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn't. Clues indicated more a natural nervous reaction. But one could never be too sure without truth potions or unique abilities.
  70. "Mm ... I was lookin' fer Madame Daemia or maybe Madame Sushila. Got me some fresh 'n' quality rope plant, m'hm."
  72. There was a consistent stutter in her wording.
  73. (Lavinia Walters)
  74. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  76. [03:41] Senevál says, "--What is this one doing here."
  77. [03:41] Amidst the situation taking place, the Demon wasn't even stressing herself to try and figure it out, or even solve Lavinia's trouble. "Madame Daemia… Another name I haven't learned myself." However, this Demon had an idea.
  79. "Have you ever tried searching in Moonfall?" The Demon suggested, though she wasn't even going to be exactly recommending it, however luck may turn that otherwise.
  81. All in all, the young child looking Demoness stood in front of Lavinia, awaiting for her answer. "We can take the shortcut." She explained before pointing out to the masked man by the west side.
  83. The one and only person that have the ability to transfer one person to another, for some reason.
  84. (Achyra)
  85. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. [03:41] Achyra asks, "Is she not allowed to be around?"
  88. [03:42] "Depends on who she is."
  90. A pause is made, before he glances over to Lavinia. He inspects her closely, but.. remembering her from the previous interaction, he speaks out.
  92. "Are you someone's servant?"
  93. (Senevál)
  94. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  96. [03:49] A brief, subtle nod answered the demoness' question. The experience there wasn't particularly pleasant. Though, it was a rather exceptional experience too. There was no protest regardless. If she were to go again to Moonfall, she would.
  98. Though, before Lavinia could acknowledge the one of a kind masked man and his rifting powers, there'd be a familiar voice stepping into the exchange. A familiarity that, once again, didn't exactly bring the biggest of comforts.
  100. Green fish eyes would orient themselves to the male demon, blinking as she definitely recognized him. The hand that had been hanging along her core would rise to slowly and briefly wave at him.
  102. "I work fer Madame Sushila, yes. M'hm. I usually find her 'round these parts, thought maybe she'd be here. I'm sorry if I intruded, won't happen again. Mmm-mm."
  103. (Lavinia Walters)
  104. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  106. [03:51] "I see."
  108. To that end, he didn't have any interest to hold them up any further. Considering that this has been a rather tiring day, he would rather retreat to rest for the time being.
  110. "Go on with your business."
  112. And already off he goes.
  113. (Senevál)
  114. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  116. [03:52] A mere nod was given towards Seneval. "Now then, let's go." Quite the simple sentence was added, in fact? It was a command.
  118. "Before another of my own folks keep on coming and asking questions alike." She adds.
  119. (Achyra)
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