Jul 2nd, 2017
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  2. Army customization section
  3. all units include blueprints, your nation's manufacturing facilities will be able to create more , with the normal resource and labor constraints this section is discounted for earth military, earth military gains a stipend equal to their CP for use in this section.
  8. 100 conventionally armed troopers 40 purchases free for Earth military -50
  9. these are nothing more or less then your country's soldiers armed with the standard military issue and trained to the typical degree that your nation trains its soldiers, this of course varies greatly depending on which nation you chose, however. As you purchase vehicles and equipment here you will find that these soldiers have received the necessary training to crew and maintain them.
  11. Barracks, garage, aerodrome and drydock, free for earth military:only accessible post-jump-100
  12. well you're going to need somewhere to house these people and maintain these machines This massive warehouse attachment is big enough and versatile enough to provide room for all the soldiers, and vehicles you purchase here, scaling proportionately with the amount and items you purchase, unfortunately it cannot be used , to store anything not directly related to the maintenance of them , nor anything not mundane. i.e. potatoes to feed them and steel ingots are fine super potatoes with actual eyes and Orichalcum ingots are not.
  15. 24 Twin Rocket CarX30 -50
  16. these are nothing more than a modified heavy truck carrying 24 twin rocket launchers. It's not enough to do any kind of significant damage to a Kaiju that isn't actually flammable, but it will sting them enough to draw their attention and start the moving towards it, which is highly useful if you have evacuated an area and need to buy time for the rest of the city
  20. artificial lightning generator upgrade -100
  21. your country's electric power infrastructure has been upgraded to include artificial lightning generators evenly distributed throughout as well as the vast power supply and distribution needed to support them, these artificial lightning generators can deliver bolts of lightning powerful enough to tase even giant monsters, or fry anything living smaller than an elephant.
  24. atomic heat Ray gun X 10-200
  28. Maser Cannon X10-300
  29. A-Cycle Light Ray GunX10-600
  30. emitting a powerful form of exotic light. These mobile artillery platforms have the ability to disrupt alien control over giant monsters, unfortunately , they are very expensive and may need some recalibration for the new mind control technology. Also, they do not actually harm giant monsters so you're going to be left with a Kaiju in your cities, just one that isn't being manipulated into attacking it.
  32. Shenyang J-6 Fighter Jets X50 -600
  33. the standard for military jet aircraft for a certain side of the Cold War, these fighter jets
  36. Mu Submarine -600
  37. a highly advanced submarine built by an ancient people who dwell under the floor of the ocean, the Mu Submarine is capable of diving deeper than any other submarine in the world and armed with very powerful heat Ray that can destroy entire fleets of battleships in just a few passes
  38. Gotengo-800
  39. this is the most powerful vessel ever created by humanity armed with drills and Rotary saws capable of cutting through concrete and steel, armed with the zero Cannon a freeze Ray that can freeze anything to a temperature of-273° Celsius, a mere .15° above absolute zero, five rocket ports on each side, a quartet of electronic particle cannons powerful enough to match the breath attack of a giant monster altogether. moves at around 92miles an hour through water and,underground or through the air at mach 2. It is the last word in warships
  42. Oxygen destroyer -1000
  43. this is it, the lost notes and the last sample of the greatest implement of murder mankind has ever created this immensely powerful chemical weapon can melt flesh from bone on nearly anything respiratory systems of anything that breathes air or water . It can easily destroy all but the most regenerative of Kaiju. There just the problem of its gaseous nature, causing it to potentially move in the wrong direction and there may be political consequences for having one of the greatest and most feared superweapons known to mankind.
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