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puchiedarcy Jun 29th, 2015 197 Never
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  1. Top Metal Gear Codec Calls
  3. Make these binoculars your friend.
  4. I forgot to tell you.
  5. This is Steve...
  6. Cardboard box? Are you moving house or something?
  7. Hi, this is Diane... ...Bye.
  8. Enemy uniform? What, like a girl's high school uniform?
  9. Body armor? A real man wouldn't use any!
  10. This is Steve... Diane? Not you again! You better stay away from Diane!!
  11. Get in the truck on the right!
  12. This is an order!! Turn off the power on your PlayStation(R)2 at once!!
  13. ... I... want to tell you... Er, nevermind... Be careful...
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