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  1. ESEA Support
  2. Dec 4 (1 day ago)
  4. to me
  5. What I'm trying to tell you, nicely, is that no "evidence" is required to remove you from our community at our discretion. You are not a victim, we simply no longer desired your business and as such you were removed from the community.
  8. X@gmail.com>
  9. Dec 4 (1 day ago)
  11. to ESEA
  12. And what I was trying to accomplish is to get you to admit that what you're doing is discrimination and only a really shitty business behaves in this way and pretends like the user has actually broken an official rule. Yes, that does make me a victim. You uphold no standards of fairness, and you attempt to run away with my money after I have paid for a service. And it's not for you to decide how I feel about being discriminated against and stolen from.
  14.  But of course all this is nothing but consistent with your track record as a company. Your service would be the last on the list I would use if there were other acceptable anti-cheat clients to play my favorite game with.
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