Normal Norman - Dinner with Purple

Jun 2nd, 2013
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  1. >Be Norman
  2. >Another day at Equestria High
  3. >Another day to contemplate suicide
  4. >Calc is boring as fuck, as usual
  5. >Purple soaks it all in, excited
  6. >Teacher asks a question, I'm not really paying attention
  7. >Purple is the only one raising her hand
  8. >She stands up
  9. >Begins singing and dancing
  10. >Yanks me from my seat to try to get me to sing
  11. >"Is this what kids find 'funny' these days? Principal's Office, both of you"
  12. >Oh joy
  13. >Purple literally on the verge of tears over this
  14. >"Why is everyone so mean here, Norman!"
  15. >Feel like telling her to get over it
  16. >Puppy dog eyes
  17. >Cave and just tell her everything will be just fine
  18. >She perks up, in particular over the last phrase
  19. >Today's gonna be a long day
  20. >Every day is a long day
  21. >Contemplate suicide
  22. >Maybe I shouldn't walk over the bridge on my way home anymore
  23. >Purple begins singing in the Principal's Office
  24. >Suspended the both of us
  26. >I don't know why do I feel so depressed
  27. >I'm used to being rejected and ridiculed by this school's population
  28. >however today, I even contemplated suicide
  29. >maybe my heart was finally pierced by the constant attack of everyone except for a few friends that I've gotten thanks to Purple
  30. >This is the first time Purple has been suspended alongside me for one of her antics
  31. >normally the guilty verdict would fall on me as I'm the one who's considered a bad influence by teachers and students alike; however singing and dancing during class and in front of the principal was too much
  32. >as she was given the suspension sentence I could see how her heart broke; because, despite being a weird girl, she is still a book-worm. Maybe she has never been punished at school
  33. >anyways, the girl which made all of my days into a living hell, the girl who's actions had resulted in detention for me so many times, for me just to keep a stiff upperlip had finally found her well-deserved retribution as if the stars had aligned for justice this day.
  34. >she marched out of the school crying silently but with unstoppable tears
  35. >you know, after the previous description, anyone would be laughing at her, overjoyed because vengeance had consumated on its own.
  36. >but this girl is no enemy of mine; despite all the things she unwillingly caused to befall on me, she is my best friend
  37. >and seeing her down for the first time since she found out I was called a racist really made my inner strength crumble
  38. >I was defeated, not by the school itself, but by the tragedy my dear Purple was suffering
  39. >I hated myself for all the times I wished for her to take responsibilty for the times i suffered because of her actions
  40. >However, I will not surrender to the will of this foolish school and I will help my friend cope with it; today's not the day to surrender
  42. >Purple, wanna hangout? -I ask the depresed girl while wearing a smile in order to hide my own sadness
  43. >why am I so worried about her? if she was the Aryan Beauty I would understand it. But she is just Purple, my best friend, but still just that. has hanging out with girls so much, finally turned me into a softie?
  44. >Okay, where are we going? -she asked while looking down-
  45. >let's go downtown, afterall now that we are suspended we have lots of time to go window shopping
  46. >I said as I remembered that I hadn't gone downtown with a friend ever since I came to this place. But now that i think about it, I guess that wasn't a good choice of words
  47. >none the less she agreed as she hadn't gone there either
  48. >I had a bit of money on myself so once we got there I invited her to grab a bite with me; she took a vegan menu. But at least I got her to try some fries; she liked them
  49. >after eating, I looked everywhere for an arcade. These are getting kind of hard to find lately
  50. >after a while we finally found an arcade.
  51. >once we got in, I was surprised by the change In Purple's facial expression
  52. >the lights, the sounds the thrill of the challenge. Purple came to love games, I can't believe she had never tried'em before
  53. >we played all kinds of games, racing, rythm, shooters and fighting
  54. >when we began she was adverse to the idea of using violence with no justification; however once she understood that the images across the screen weren't actually alive, she had no qualms on handing my ass to me. Damned beginers' luck
  55. >sadly, all that gaming was unfavorable to my wallet, so our ride came to an end as did savings
  56. >at the very least she had cheered up, which made me realize that I didn't need to bring her to this place to make her happy. Afterall, At my home lied my beloved Xbox
  57. >hey Purple, do you remember my Xbox? -I asked-
  58. >the thing Spike peed on? -she replied with curiosity
  59. >Yes, that one -I said with an annoyed face
  60. >what of it? -she asked
  61. >we can play video games with that
  63. >Then, what are we waiting for? -she yelled excitedly while pulling my arm- Let's go to your place!!!
  64. >I think I've created a monster; her OCD-like makes her pay attention to every comand input for any game and she's able to quickly choose the best course of action to kick my ass. At least she's a monster I like
  65. >then a phone rings. -hey sonny!- It was dad -I saw you playing hooky with your purple friend, Is she your favorite? Don't let your mom find out you were skipping school with her; she's the one she likes the least. Anyways congrats ong getting a girlfriend- my dad ,as always, was quick to jump to conclusions and tease me about them
  66. >Look dad, we weren't playing hooky, we were suspended
  67. >again? what were you doing?
  68. >well, she tried to make me dace during calc and tried again in front of the principal
  69. >hahahaha! you need to teach her who wears the pants in the house else she will always be dragging you on whatever she wants to do
  70. >yeah, will do -I say- wait, she's not my girlfriend
  71. >whatever, anyways you need to hold your ground or else you'll be dragged into everyone else's pace, don't be a doormat, be a champ
  72. >many of my problems at school would have easily been solved if I'd just stood up for myself; however, it was not in my nature to do so, maybe it's just lazyness. In any case, my dad's were wise words
  73. >okay, see you dad -I hang the phone
  74. >then a loud yell was calling my attention -Norman hurry up so we can keep playing!!!- I totally get what my dad was trying to tell me but anyways, let's just listen to her this once.
  75. >we kept playing for the rest of the day. It felt good to see her smile once again decorating her face. but being curbstomped so many times in the games made my gamer pride hurt.
  76. >when the sun started to fall down my mother came home with dad
  77. >My dad looked a little restless
  78. >somehow something wnet very wrong in spite of mom's calm and reasuring face
  80. >Norman, are you alone? -mom asked in a tone reminiscent of those old family sitcoms.
  81. >no, uhm I'm playing Xbox with purple -I answer quite nervous
  82. >would you mind calling your friend down here so we can dine together? -she asked with that sweet voice of hers, but I knew she had some kind of plot weaving itself inside of her mind
  83. >I called purple and then we sat in the dining room. Purple showed a bright smile though her eyes were a bit reddish because of being so many hours in front of a screen for the first time in her life. She was especially happy because she hadn't had the chance to meet my parents in a normal situation; afterall, she met my father at that time when I fell into a ditch while looking for Spike, and she met my mother while she was looking at porn in my computer
  84. >my parents are doubtful if I should even look at her; especially mom
  85. >Purple is oblivious to all of this of course
  86. >We sat on the table with dad in front of me, Purple by my side, and mom would sit in front of purple. It looked as if I was in front the parents of my girlfriend and about to ask for her hand in marriage
  87. >the food came and it was exactly the food we ate in the afternoon. This definitely can't be good
  88. >Hey, this is the same food we had today at lunch! -spoke purple with a big smile- this is delicious
  89. >mom had this huge GOTCHA! grin on her face
  90. >damn it purple you weren't supposed to say that
  91. >So, -mom said- why were you two lovebirds downtown when you should have been at school?
  92. >well, we... -I couldn't speak as mom interrupted me
  93. >listen here girl, I don't want you near my son, all I see from you is a bad influence for my son, the first time you were being a pervert inside of my own home, then he fell into a ditch because he was looking for YOUR dogand now he was suspended because of you. Norman I don't aprove your relationship with this girl
  94. >after being reminded of what happened at school, Purple became sad again
  96. >Mom, I must tell you the truth about my life in here -I began speaking- I'm hated by almost everyone in the school; Purple is the only one who has stood by my side since the very begining, It's thanks to her that I have all the friends you met that day at the farm. Also, she is NOT my girlfriend.
  97. >do you think I was born yesterday? you don't spend so much time and money on a girl who's not your girlfriend, I followed you during the whole afternoon and I saw everything. I saw how you walked side by side and how you put that stupid smile whenever you saw her smile, you are totally in love with this girl who has brought you nothing more than misfortune
  98. >mom was partly right, Purple had brought me lots of troubles, though she never intended to do so; but for the same reason she was very wrong, even if the sun was extinguished I wouldn't be this girl's boyfriend, At least I still have an ounce of dignity.
  99. >Mrs. Norman's mom -Purple finally spoke- I must say that what Norman said is indeed true, he doesn't hold that kind of feelings for me, in fact, he's in love with Ra...
  100. >DON'T SAY IT -I yelled while cracking my knuckles- wait you know?
  101. >Of course Norman, ev... I mean I have noticed the tender way in which you look at her.
  103. >Suddenly, a spark of light originated from my parents' eyes
  104. >Who's the one he likes? -My parents asked at unison- Please don't be the pink one, Is it the shy/farmer girl? -It seems they can't agree on a favorite but they surely have an unfavorite.
  105. >Wait -I said- what happened to all that crap of not approving our relationship and all that?
  106. >why -dad says- we were just putting you love on trial, your mother's a good actress isn't she? I recorded everything so you could look at the face you are making now whenever you want -damn you dad-
  107. >my mother returned her attention to Purple -Uhm miss Purple, is that your name?
  108. >my name is Twilight Sparkle -she answered-
  109. >I'll just call you purple I guess -replied mom- hey purple, will you tell me who norman likes, if I give you his porn encyclopedia?
  110. >I wouldn't betray my best friend's trust, not even for all the knowledge of this world -Purple Smiled again
  111. >Mom do you realize that you tried to tempt an underage girl using porn? -I asked a bit flabbergasted
  112. >yes, and? -she gleefully answered
  113. >and that's why I love you -dad added
  114. >After that my parents got to know purple while we enjoyed a great dinner
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