Sachin Warman

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  1. Sachin was a great group member to start off with, he was motivated, cheerful and showed a genuine higher level of understanding around mechatronics than the rest of us.
  2. I am writing this in a pastebin as I need the extended space to get my point across without seemingly attacking Sachin.
  4. I want to make it very clear; I am not disappointed in Sachin's overall contribution to the team, I think the roles he took on were the hardest, and I think they were the most time consuming. However I am disappointed overall in Sachin and I am going to explain why.
  7. Since extremely early on, Sachin made it known to the whole group he had completed the following semesters mechatronic subject, and that he understood it all to a great degree. As such he WANTED the mechatronic component of our robot, and we were more than happy to put our faith into him, as we had no reason to doubt him.
  8.     As the trimester progressed when everyone else was working on the robot, Sachin would dissapear upstairs to work on the components, he would not tell us what he was doing, or the progress he was making. It was later revealed he actually had done very little. Now this may be due to him struggling, however the issue is is that this information was never passed onto the team, we had no idea that nothing was being accomplished.
  9.     In around week 8, Sachin spent both group meetings upstairs in the mechatronics lab (one of which he rocked up to 1.5 hours late) working on completing our breadboard. The breadboard in week 10 was still unfinished, and as such was assembled by Zane and Barty on the night before the competition.
  10. A voltage regulator was purchased on the day before the competition, and Sachin had all day to hook it up, and he didn't, instead he took a lazy approach and plugged the Servo's straight into the Arduino, thus leaving Zane and Barty to construct it that night at 1am.
  12. As well as this, little things like not completing his Assessment 4 on time and as such skipping days where the whole group was working, or sleeping in as he was up late doing assignment that were overdue; heavily impacted the team.
  14. To reiterate my point, Sachin's overall contributions were not extremely low, the issue was that he took upon himself a great deal of workload, didn't complete those workloads, and didn't ask for help or communicate with the group that he was struggling.
  15.     As such our robot needed another ~24 hours and it would have completed the competition, but as we relied on Sachin and put our faith in him, we were let down and ended the competition with 0 balls collected.
  17. I think Sachin's overall knowledge of the mechatronics were lower than he made seem obvious; as we bought extra motor drivers, as they were the ones the Youtube video he was following were using. We would have all appreciated actually having a correct grasp on Sachin's level so that others could step up and figure out how to use our encoders, or the first motor driver that we all paid for.
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