How to install PRO CFW on any PSP

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  1. How to hack any PSP model
  3. I'm going to show you how to install 6.xx PRO-B6, a CFW that will run on all PSPs that support the firmware version 6.20 to 6.39. PRO is able to run all current
  5. games without any patching, and can run most PSX games. Currently, there's a 6.20, 6.35, and 6.39 version of PRO CFW, all of them are temporary, meaning that if you
  7. shut the PSP down all of the way you will have to reload the CFW. However 6.20 PRO has a permanent patch option that will allow the CFW to start as soon as you boot
  9. up the PSP. The other two versions you will have to start the CFW manually by running "Fast Recovery" from the official firmware, which will take about 15-20 to
  11. load the CFW. The 6.20 version will work on all PSP models except for the newest PSP-3000's that came with 6.30 or later. If you have one of those PSP-3000's then
  13. you will need to use 6.35 or 6.39 as you cannot downgrade below 6.30.
  15. Installation
  17. CFW files are at
  18. Official update downloades and installation guide
  20. First, find out what OFW or CFW you are running
  22. On any OFW below 6.20 - download the 6.20 update and 6.20 PRO-B6
  24. On any OFW 6.30 to 6.39 - If you're on 6.35, just install 6.35 PRO and you'll be set. If you're not on 6.35 you can download the 6.39 update and install 6.39 PRO.
  26. Also, you can downgrade to 6.20 if your PSP supports it.
  28. On any M33 CFW and you wish to upgrade - download the 6.20 update and 6.20 PRO-B6. If your saves get corrupted, use MagicSave to try to fix them, back up your saves
  30. before upgrading.
  32. On 5.50 CFW and you wish to upgrade - download the 6.20 update and 6.20 PRO-B6. If your saves get corrupted, use MagicSave to try to fix them, back up your saves
  34. before upgrading. If it tells you that you can't update because you're on 9.90 firmware, then disable or modify your version.txt to be 5.50 instead of 9.90.
  36. On 5.03 CFW and you wish to upgrade - return to OFW, and download the 6.20 update and 6.20 PRO-B6, or download the signed 5.03 Kxploit and continue using 5.03 CFW
  38. without having to start ChickHEN up every time.
  40. On 6.20 TN and you wish to switch to PRO - return to OFW, and just download and install 6.20 PRO-B6
  42. ON any older version of PRO - download the PRO for your firmware and run the updater. If you're using 6.31 or 6.36 PRO HEN, you should update to 6.35 or 6.39 PRO
  44. because 6.31 and 6.36 aren't supported anymore.
  46. Place the OFW update into a folder called UPDATE and put that folder in the /PSP/GAME directory on your PSP memory stick. Run the update using the System Update on
  48. the PSP and run the update via Storage Media.
  50. When you have updated to the OFW that you want to be on, take the 6XXPRO_B6.rar file and extract it. Take the PROUPDATE and FastRecovery folders and place them on
  52. the /PSP/GAME directory on the memorystick. If you're using the 6.20 version, you can also put the 620PRO_Permanent there too. Afterwards, run the PROUPDATE on your
  54. PSP. Press X when prompted and the installer will install the PRO CFW software on your PSP. If you're using a PSP-3000 or Go, don't worry about it writing to
  56. flash0, as it is doing so in a way that won't cause a brick. The PSP will restart aftwards and you will be running PRO CFW. If you're running 6.20 you can also
  58. install the Permanent Bootloader Patch, which will let you keep the CFW on your PSP even after shutting it down. If you're not using the permanent patch, you can
  60. start the CFW again by running the Fast Recovery, which will only a few seconds to restart the CFW. Alternatively, use sleep mode and the CFW will not disappear
  62. when you start the PSP again.
  64. Place your ISO files in the ISO folder in the root of the memory stick. If that folder doesn't exist, create it. Plugins are placed in /seplugins and are enabled by
  66. adding "ms0:/seplugins/plugin.prx 1" to vsh.txt, game.txt, and or pops.txt, which one to enable it in depends on the plugin that you are using, refer to its readme
  67. file.
  69. If you want to downgrade to 6.20, you can do so if your PSP module isn't 7g or 9g, if it is, then you can only downgrade to 6.35. Use PSPIdent 0.74.2, the module
  71. will be under Motherboard type. It will also tell you the possible CFW your PSP can run.
  72. If you're PSP isn't 7g and 9g, you can use the guide at to downgrade.
  74. For homebrew and plugins, visit or Keep in mind, some older homebrews and plugins may not function on 6.xx CFWs.
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