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  1. Greetings world.
  2. We are anon DK.
  4. We come to you with a story of a loyal anonymous supporter in Romania.  We must raise awareness a for his tragic case and urge you to share this message with all you can. And support him any way you are able.
  6. Dragos Christian Gherisam is a romanian national.  He is one of the top developers for hybrid energy in Romania.  Dragos has the best formula for a solar and wind energy farm. And transport on optical fiber.  His plans can be seen in the links below.  A while back the Romanian government and EU issued a legislation to grant private individuals the opportunity to participate in the production of green energy. Dragos went with his plans to build a green energy farm to the government. They took his formula and all documents. And told him he would have to pay an unobtainable amount to them to continue with the project. Private parties became involved Smelling money,  And they tried to force him into building the wind and solar farm.  Of course it was no longer his formula or plans he would be forced to build.  But his formula which had been rewritten and cheapened to line the pockets of the corrupt.
  8. Romania does not accept international standards or standards that it is legally bound to uphold as a member of the european union.  The EU is in favor of infrastructure improvements and green energy programs as long as they can use the energy for a small price.  Romania is run by the remnants of the soviet mafia who suck the citizens dry.  The mafia bosses rule all  And it is all for profit.  They Kidnap and sell women and children, Their own citizens,  in sex trafficking  And much more.  It is illegal to protest. The mafia owns everything and controls every ones life.  The situation there is appalling.  clearly The European Union does not care for the well being of people. Only the money it receives from the government.  Romania continues to send buckets of illegally obtained funding to EU.  EU continues to accept the blood money.
  10. But back to our friend Dragos.  He persisted in the court system. In an attempt to take on the corruption single handed.  For the sake of justice. And justice alone.  Those involved went on the media and lied about the project and Dragos refusal to participate in black mail and bribery. Twisting the story. Attacking Dragos. Ruining his work and destroying his reputation.
  12. Because he refused to help them.  After they had stolen his work.  These corrupt gangsters Discredited and lied about him to the public.  Then the real attack began.  Dragos is left on his own to battle the corrupt.  
  14. Three years ago he was sent a tax by the government. Which he paid in full.   However.  After he had given every thing he could earn to pay the first tax.  They sent him another bill.  After receiving payment. This time including a number of inaccuracies regarding the list of expenses. which can be seen here as well as in the links below.  Dragos complained to the government about the extra tax and the amount and inconsistencies in the amounts. Showing them proof of his previous payment.  But he was a target.
  16. He tried to defy the system. And keep money from the mafias greedy hands.  Over the past three years and in the continuing daily struggle dragos has faced. 5 prosecutors have since been replaced.  And All documents submitted by Dragos have disappeared.  Typical for any fighter of justice and truth.  Dragos dared to speak up and not allow the corrupt thugs to trample over him.  His friends who supported him have been arrested.  Protesting is illegal in romania. Every time dragos tries to protest he s arrested. And all those with him.  His family members have been arrested and jailed for association.  None of his family or friends are around for support or caring.  He has lost everything he owned.  He can not afford medicine for his dog. The only thing he has left.  Not only this.  Which is enough to break any human.  This long time active supporter of anonymous. Upon his complaint. instantly his house was foreclosed.  The government immediately Put it up for auction. Because of his courage.
  18. Both the legislation on owners associations and the law. note that enforcement and the estate. is an extreme solution. which should be considered as a last resort. there are other ways to pay claims. such as staggering debt. establishing a payment schedule according to real possibilities. And more.  The fact that the respondent credit went straight to foreclosure raises serious questions at the least. about the  legality of this activity. and therefore the claim pursued.  Dragos refused to help the government with the green energy improvements as they are not done legally and to standard.  Dragos refused to pay illegal taxation black mail that has no end in sight.  Dragos has gone through all levels of courts to expose and rectify this corruption.  Now he turns to you.
  20. As Dragos said.  “In a country full of corruption, one idiot wants to make it clean.
  21. In a country without any justice, one idiot searches for justice.”
  23. Will he continue to search alone? Or will you help him?
  25. In Romania Justice is not blind. The blindfold of lady justice represents objectivity in that justice is or should be meted out objectively- without fear or favour. regardless of money, Wealth, Fame, Power, or identity. blind justice and impartiality.  
  26. But this is a dream in Romania.
  27. Help us bring awareness to this corruption allowed to run rampant in the European Union. Help us. help Dragos fight for justice. Help his story reach world wide. The only way to stop this level of corruption is through international court.  
  29. Will you let your fellow human being. Your brother. Fight for justice alone.  And live in persecution because of his dream for a better world. A better life.  What it could be.  
  30. Is that not why we are all here.  Because of the dream.
  31. The idea.
  32. That the world can be a better place.  That we can make a difference.  Our lives are worth something. We are valuable.  And only when we pull together. Spread the information. Reach out.  Only when we make contact with our fellow humans. Can we make the idea.  The dream. Of freedom. Justice. And truth. A reality.
  34. Do not let fear of what may happen stop you from being brave. From having courage like dragos. To stand up for what is right.  Though it cost us everything. Our very lives. We must stand up in the face of evil and tyranny. And demand justice.
  36. Join us.
  37. We are united by one.
  38. Divided by none.
  39. Operation Expose Romanian Corruption Engaged.
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