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Make Milk Mares Great Again!

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May 26th, 2017
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  1. >Be walking along minding my own business
  2. >Suddenly a limo pulls up next to me
  3. >The window rolls down revealing Donald Trump
  4. >He's pointing a gold Desert Eagle at my head
  5. >"Get in pussy, we're making America Great again!"
  6. >Two men step out and pull me inside
  7. >They sit me across from Trump
  8. >He smiles and sets the gun down
  9. >"Sorry, we couldn't take any chances, and you wouldn't want to miss out on this. I tell you, it’s gonna be huge!"
  10. >He grins widely, but doesn't elaborate
  11. >after a few moments of silent driving I finally work up to courage to speak
  12. >"So what exactly are we doing?"
  13. >"We're making this America great again. well mostly me, but you get to help. The details aren't important"
  14. >The car takes a sharp turn into a garage
  15. >The president steps out with his guards pushing me along not far behind
  16. >"This won't take long, they said it would be ready by the time I get here"
  17. >"What’s it?"
  18. >Trump smiles at me
  19. >"It's what’s going to make America great again. It's going to deal with all the bad guys, fix the economy, and create jobs for everyone!"
  20. >I get the feeling he's not going to give me any specifics
  21. >We step into an elevator
  22. >Trump punches in a code and the elevator drops
  23. >Despite the ludicrous speed of our descent the ride lasts a while
  24. >We stop just as suddenly as we started and I'm knocked to my hands
  25. >"See, you're already in the spirit of things. I knew you were the right choice. stand up though, you aren't ready yet"
  26. >What the fuck is he talking about
  27. >The floor we stopped on is full of labs
  28. >He leads me to a large room with multiple windows and a large chair with restraints
  29. >A doctor is prepping a medical gas mask connected to a small tank
  30. >I see a whole lot of suits here to watch whatever they are about to do to me
  31. >Trumps men move me into the chair
  32. >Thankfully they don't use the restraints
  33. >As the doctor finishes up his prep work Trump begins a speech
  35. >"Today we begin a new era of prosperity for America. no longer will our people be faced with unemployment. we will no longer have crime, and above all, we will no longer have Mexicans. From this day forward, it's going to be America first, and America will be ponies"
  36. >With that the doctor slips the mask over my face
  37. >A bright pink gas begins to flow
  38. >My body begins to change rapidly
  39. >I sprout a blue mane and tail, along with a coat of yellow fur
  40. >A pair of supple crotch tits begins to develop under my shirt
  41. >My hands meld into hooves
  42. >A second latter my shoes fall off as my feet go the way of my hands
  43. >"take her clothes off"
  44. >Her?
  45. >They tear my outfit off revealing the body of a mare
  46. >Not just any mare, I've become Milky Way
  47. >Donald Trump smiles and grabs me by the pussy
  48. >"This is the future of America, we are ready to convert the entire population today!"
  49. >The crowd applauds
  50. >Suddenly Green Hill Zone theme begins to play
  51. >Sanic plows through the onlookers
  52. >"Those fucking memes! Guards!"
  53. >"Yes this is guard"
  54. >"Need a guard? why not zoidberg?"
  55. >The meme guards begin to move towards Trump
  56. >He grabs me and squeezes my titties, unleashing two streams of milk at the stale memes
  57. >He offers the doctor a "You're fired" before running down the hallway
  58. >"Why are memes here"
  59. >"Because they know they won’t survive the transition" He explains
  60. >"Once everyone is a pony they will have happy lives and won’t need to fill the void with internet references"
  61. >He blasts a dolan duck as we round a corner
  62. >"We just need to get to the big red button in the control room and we can make America great again"
  63. >We're almost there when I hear something that freezes my blood
  64. >"What Are you doing in my swamp?"
  65. >Smash Mouth begins to play as the ogerlord drops from the ceiling
  66. >Trump brings my titties to bear on the green abomination, but he's too slow
  67. >Shrek knocks him into a gas silo
  68. >"Trump? Trump?" I shake him but he doesn't move
  69. >Shrek moves towards us slowly, with an onion ready to shove up my asshole
  70. >I have an idea, it's risky but it's all I have
  71. >I unzip trumps pants and pull out his dick
  72. >"Tits and dicks out for Harambe!"
  73. >It's not much but it's enough
  74. >Harambe is summoned
  75. >Shrek backs away, knowing that Harambe it too powerful for him
  76. >Harambe leaps forward and begins to rustle Shrek jimmies
  77. >As Shrek is getting rekt Trump finally comes to
  78. >"Milky, you'll have to do it. Finish what I started and make America great again."
  79. >"W-we'll do it together like you said"
  80. >He shakes his head and points to a symbol on the silo
  81. >My I begin to weep when I see what it is
  82. >An Apple
  83. >Orange fur has already covered Trumps body
  84. >"You have to go on, Make America great again. ssssssSugar cube!"
  85. >With that the last of his personality fades, leaving a boring background pony in his place
  86. >I feel Harambe's hand on my shoulder
  87. >It's time to go, I can't let trumps sacrifice be in vain
  88. >We head up to the control room
  89. >I lay my hoof on the large red button
  90. >"Harambe, what about you? how will you survive without the internet?"
  91. >He smiles
  92. >"Keep your tits out for me, my child, and I will always be with you"
  93. >A tear rolls down my cheek as I nod
  94. >I take a deep breath and press the button
  95. >The gas is released, and Harambe explodes into mom’s spaghetti
  96. >then mom’s spaghetti becomes stale and fades from existence
  97. >I turn and take the elevator up to the surface
  98. >The world has already begun to change
  99. >The ponies of America go about their lives
  100. >Each one preforming the job best suited to them
  101. >Each one completely unaware of what just happened
  102. >I alone will remember the sacrifice
  103. >The great vision of an Oompa Loompa
  104. >To make America Great again
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