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  1. I'm using Windows 7 x64.
  2. * Download Visual Studio Express 2012 (it's free, you only need to register it after using it 30 days) from
  3. * After installation it may say VS2012 is not compatible with this version of Windows. Install the update: KB2781514 from
  4. * Install PowerShell 3.0 from
  5. * Download from and extract it.
  6. * Download Arsenal-Image-Mounter from (there's a link to 'Download ZIP' at the right), and unpack it:
  8. Start Visual Studio Express 2012 and open the Visual Studio Solutions file in the UserMode directory called ArsenalImageMounter.sln. At the right you should see a 'Solution Explorer' in which 8 projects can be seen. Now, right-click on the ArsenalImageMounter project, and click 'Add-Reference'. The Reference Manager will pop-up. Click 'Browse' in the left side of the screen. Point it to '' (note: if Windows is set to hide the extension for known files, you'll only see ''), which should be in the Tools subdirectory of the directory where you extracted Click OK.
  9. Now you can go to the Build Menu in the main screen of Visual Studio, and click 'Build Project'. That's it. If successful, the binaries are placed in the UserMode\ArsenalImageMounterControl\bin\Release\ folder.
  11. Install the driver with the ArsenalImageMounter-DriverSetup.exe utility (in the DriverSetup folder). Finally, copy the libewf.dll, msvcr100.dll and zlib.dll from the MountTool subdirectory in the root to the UserMode\ArsenalImageMounterService\bin\Release directory.
  13. Now, everything should work from the command line.
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