Falling Sand [3.0]

May 4th, 2019
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  1. Name: Falling Sand
  2. Race: Unicorn
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Cutiemark: Top half of an hourglass with sand spilling out [From her extensive time magic, Falling Sand has photographic memory (as she likes to call it), and she can track fast moving objects easily (such as cards being shuffled).]
  5. Trained Talent: Echo [Conjure Minion instead summons an echo of an ally from the past, repeating their last action last turn with the same target that action originally targeted. When an Echo is summoned, it must roll again to perform the copied action, and then fades after this attempt whether it succeeds or fails.]
  6. Class: Seraph [Cleric/Summoner]
  7. Skills: Unicorn Horn, Unicorn Telekinesis, Winkmaster, Hourglass, Conjure Minion, Consecrate, Mend, Purify
  8. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  9. Inventory: Glass Earings (Prism Catalyst), Saddlebags, Journal & Pen
  10. Appearance: Falling Sand is 19 years old. She has a sandy coat, white mane, and light green eyes.
  11. Backstory:
  12. Sealed Scroll and Gleaming Star were a unicorn couple that were modestly well off, not quite grandiose or rich, but they lived a happy life without worries or stress. Eventually they had a daughter, Falling Sand, who made that life even brighter, but the change in their life wasn't as straightforward as expected. Falling Sand had a talent in time magic, a special type that was her parents saw as a path they could use to reach the elite class. Her magic to start was simple rewinding, but beyond useful for repairing things or even healing ponies. Realizing the potential she could reach, her parents put all their effort into cultivating her.
  14. When Falling Sand got older, her parents hired one of the best tutors they could afford to home-school her as they didn't want any other kids to ruin her potential. They heightened their lifestyle a bit, dipping into their savings to up their appearance as they kept their watch on Falling, not letting her go out much or without them accompanying her. Her mother, Gleaming Star, also hired an etiquette instructor for Falling to help prepare her for their expected future, though the lessons didn't stick well. To help keep her occupied, her father, Sealed Scrolled, converted a room in their house to a hugely stocked library, with enough books to last a lifetime. Falling wasn't aware of the true nature of these gifts, she just saw them as loving additions, which they were. Her parents may have have a slight self-interest bias fueling these efforts, but they still truly loved their daughter and wanted the best for her.
  16. Falling would spend practically the whole day in her library, reading her books and practicing her magic. Her control over time grew to solid control over rewinding, able to push an object or pony back for a few hours, or even up to a day. The true advancement, however, was in her perception. As her magic came into itself, it had a passive effect of Falling that let her see forward or back in time. It wasn't entirely control however, which lead to some confusion on her part as she would reference events that haven't happened yet with ponies, or mistake a first time meeting somepony or vice versa. She did have minor control for select cases however. With all her studies she was able to look back to when she read her books, a technique she passed off as having a photographic memory to sound more impressive. As time passed, this trait began to make her restless. In her dreams and memories, she started to have difficulty in telling what she actually did, what she read about, what she saw in her time visions, and a mixture of those possibilities. As she practiced her magic, this uncertainty upset her. She had control of time, but couldn't know exactly what her past was with 100% accuracy. She wanted to go out and do things, live a life that she'd know for certain wasn't in any book, at least not a book on the shelf. She began to keep a journal, writing her every moment so she'd know what she did as she aspired to go out and make her own story.
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