Mar 22nd, 2017
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  1. ok, so the original account that I met gentlemen on was Waltz, that account is now named thatveryfunnyguy123, at one point that account got "hacked" and he lost all his items wednesday 15th of Feb, he told me he got hacked then an hour later his profile changed to look like one of the big traders Troll Pumpkin, he said the hacker did that but the profile changed after Waltz got hold over his account again. he adds me on a new account (named Titan, now named Gentlemen) and we go from there, I gave him some keys to get back into trading, in a very short time he got up to an Australium Rocket Launcher which amazed me because of how quick he traded up to that, so at that put he traded his Aus Launcher for my 60 key unusual, we only borrowed the items for a day, he tried to get me to give him his RL back and have the unusual so he could "prank" a friend of his, I said no of course, later he asks me to give him a +rep on his profile because he was trading his bp for a 300 key item (his bp at the time was barely worth 80 keys) then somehow he managed to ask the guy selling the 300 key item to do paypal, Titan asked me to pretend to be a middleman and basically scam this guy, I said no, then on the 21st of March he pretends to get hacked, deletes me from his friends list, adds me back 10 mins later (I didnt accept) he goes into the TF2 server I was in and basically begs me to unblock him and pestered the people in my friends list to message me and get me to unblock him
  3. Original Account (Formally known as waltz, now known as thatveryfunnyguy123):
  5. this showcases the day before he lost all his items:
  6. you can check one of the nice items' history and see that it went into Gentlemen's inventory.
  8. this is Gentlemen's inventory now(22 Mmarch 2017):
  9. this is Gentlemen's inventory (16th of March 2017):
  10. notice how the inventory suddenly spikes in the graph? if you check some item histories, the common BP's that are shown are:
  12. 360_No_Clue
  13. (22/03/17)
  14. (11/03/17)
  16. another inventory profile I see in quite a few of the items histories is:
  17. that guy's profile is currently suspended. however I am not certain that person is a part of all of this, but he's just a common name seen in Gentlemen's item history
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