DT thing (short, lewd?) to do

Sep 18th, 2017
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  1. >>30964421
  2. >A couple years passes by, as do hoofball seasons
  3. >You grow closer and closer with every matches, and you soon find that the older she gets, and the more she drinks, the cuddlier she becomes
  4. >You wake up in the middle of the night, half sprawled on the sofa with the preteen filly lying on top of your chest, completely out
  5. >No wonder with how much she drank
  6. >But speaking about drink...
  7. >You gotta piss
  8. >Really badly
  9. >Fuck
  10. >There's no way out, and if there's something you learned throughout these years, is that she HATES being awoken before sun is up
  11. >You ponder over your situation for a minute, simply watching the filly's belly slowly rise and fall in rhythm with her breathing
  12. >Her mane is a fucking mess, some strands sticking to her forehead thanks to a mix of sweat and booze and... you have no idea
  13. >Also the ballcap she was wearing until recently didn't really help
  14. >Yeah, she's gonna be pissed about that too
  15. >Eh, whatever
  16. >You do your best and try to somehow push the liquid in some interdimensional pocket you wish you kept somewhere in there
  17. >To no success
  18. >You really gotta take a leak, and there's no negotiations possible
  19. >You take a deep breath and prepare yourself mentally
  20. >You gotta metal gear that shit
  21. >You shift a bit and use your elbows as support to slowly, ever so slowly rise up, then use your other hand to--
  22. >You freeze as you see her stir in her sleep, her little hooves stretching out as she lets out a yawn
  23. >You give her a couple seconds, making sure that she's well asleep, and finally decides to bring your hands to her form
  24. >Okay, you got this, easy... easssyyy....
  25. >Your fingers finally make contact and--
  26. >"What are you doing?"
  27. >She's still half asleep
  28. >And yet she somehow already sounds pissed
  29. >She lifts her head to get a good look at you, or something close enough, sleepiness making it hard for her to open her eyelids further than that
  30. >"Were you going to pet me while I was asleep?"
  31. >What
  32. "W-wha-no! I was just--"
  34. >>30964845
  35. >"Or maybe you wanted to do more,"
  36. >What the fuck?!
  37. >"Oh I see, this was the perfect opportunity to strike, I mean, you had a poor, defenseless filly passed out on top of you, so of course you'd try and take advantage of me~,"
  38. >You have a hard time processing every words
  39. >You'll never understand how she does it, how she can act as if she didn't drink three bottles of hard cider not four or five hours ago
  40. >Maybe it's a horse thing, you don't really know
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