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Official press release #freecb3rob

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Apr 26th, 2013
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  1. To whom it may concern,
  3. We have been informed about the arrest of Sven Olaf Kamphuis, also known as cb3rob.
  4. Our dear friend Sven had his freedom taken away by these 'governments' more than once and enough is enough!
  6. These 'governments' of simple human beings believe Sven has been involved with the latest digital attacks (DDoS) against spamhaus, and such.
  7. This is based on false information.
  9. John Markoff, the rat from all human beings.
  10. Not only was John Markoff the main cause to destroy Kevin Mitnick's reputation with his fake horror stories, now he has done it again against Sven.
  11. Other media are ofcourse involved too and you will also be punished.
  13. We demand u to release Sven or we will indeed start the biggest attack u humans have ever experienced towards The Internet, and yourself.
  14. Anything and all connected will suffer and do you silly governments really think u can stop millions of human beings? U have no chance, AT ALL.
  15. We have seen and tested how weak the current security in The Netherlands is.
  16. Banks, airports, even your precious 'DigiD' was taken out within minutes.
  18. You have been warned.
  20. We are not a group. We are not Anonymous. We are EVERYBODY.
  22. #freecb3rob
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