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  1. 43) Truax told You: May I make a suggestion.
  2. 44) You told Truax: Of course.
  3. 45) Truax told You: If you want the Whisperers, you should probably do some whispering. Kelara gave a sermon this year after all...during the year to give sermons outside the Seat.
  4. 46) Truax told You: Just a recommendation.
  5. 47) You told Truax: It's a good nudge. I'll do it/.
  6. 48) You told Truax: I'll be brief, because I'm trying to respect your space- I'm sorry about what happened.
  7. 49) You told Truax: You don't have to ask to nudge me, ever... I appreciate your help whenever you give it.
  8. 50) Truax told You: I'm not sure you really know why I removed myself from further mentoring, but I do hope you figure it out one day.
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