free iphone from APPLE

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  1. Today i will explain how I received a free iphone from APPLE. No carding involved..
  2. Step 1. Get a random serial number for an iphone, maybe message a seller on eBay and say you were interested in buying and wanted to check serial number
  3. Step 2. Call Apple support and tell them you have a black screen and your phone wont turn on. You've tried multiple chargers and you took your phone into the store and they said to call support and get a box to send it in.
  4. Step 3. They will mail you a box which then you take 5 AA batteries and tape them together using blue tape like i did to simulate the weight of an iphone. (Make sure you tape them together like i did so they cant wiggle around).
  5. Step 4. ( Tricky Part ) You must put your batteries in the box they provide you and use the tape they provide you with in the box and tape the box so it stays shut. Then use a knife and cut that tape so it looks like the box was opened. Then put some of your own tape on the box so it stays closed and you will be able to ship it.
  6. Step 5. Make decent sized holes in the box they provide you with near the opening so it looks like someone tried to get into it.
  7. Step 6. Take it to the post office and tell them to ship it using the pre printed label on the package. Then wait a couple days and check the tracking number and when it says it was delivered email apple and ask them what the status is of your phone. Then they will email you back saying they need a proof of purchase for the iphone which you obviously dont have. So you tell them you won it at a local contest and you can't provide the receipt. Then they will ask you some more questions which are just normal answers you lie to them about. When its all said and done they send you a new iphone.
  8. Thanks for reading hope it works for you and if not try again!
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