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  1. since a DOKTOR just LOOKED at me FUNNY,
  3.     i just wanted to remind all of you that arm and hammer baking soda (aka sodium bi-carbonate) AUTOMATICALLY oxidized
  4.     ammonia, the staple diet for all fungal infections in your body. Maybe you quit eating food and drinking water
  5.     because you are suicidal and cannot fix your brain without getting burning-mouth-syndrome. This will automatically
  6.     fix your mouth BINGO cuz its just 4th degree micro-cancer of a middle layer of the epidermal covering in your mouth
  7.     roof. Maybe you have cancer and some tumors floating around. THEY ALL HAVE FUNGUS IN THEM!!!! Quick, hit em all with
  8.     a hammer and skip the whole apple spiel. Be careful with your tummy!
  10. .............nerdz...
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