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ABC of Creation

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Apr 5th, 2020
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  1. Always design for your own enjoyment and don't expect a response. If you like it it's a success.
  2. Build your skills by attempting new things, but don't overestimate yourself.
  3. Compare yourself to your past self, not to others as they are now.
  4. Do things for fun and don't get hung up on things that aren't fun.
  5. Everyone can improve.
  6. Fame is an accident, don't hunt it.
  7. Great works come from a mix of great effort and understanding.
  8. Hard tasks are not always the best solution.
  9. Imagination is limitless and thrives under constraints.
  10. Just get started today, what are you waiting for?
  11. Knowledge can be sought by asking open-ended questions and figuring out a solution.
  12. Learn to take breaks when faced with burnout.
  13. Make sure to also play other games, watch other movies, listen to other music, to broaden your horizon and get new ideas.
  14. Never neglect your own health.
  15. Overcoming obstacles can shine new light on previous problems faced and warrant reevaluation of the old solution.
  16. Perfection is a myth that requires infinite amounts of time and effort.
  17. Quitting and trying something else carries no shame.
  18. Respect and cherish your co-developers.
  19. Spending time around fans can skew your perception of your own work.
  20. Travel in real life to accumulate experiences to translate into your work.
  21. Unknowns can be quickly solved by asking people who have solved them.
  22. Varying quality is normal. Not every creation is created equal.
  23. When finished, exhaustively test your creation, to maximize satisfaction when experiencing it in full.
  24. XL-size requires exponentially more time effort than M-size creations.
  25. You will always need more time than you think, and that's fine.
  26. Zealousness is a great motivator, but no replacement for experience.
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