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Brandon Boyer & Phil Fish

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  1. Subject: Brandon Boyer & Phil Fish.
  2. Sources: Twitter, Venus Patrol, Polygon, Gamasutra.
  3. Date Compiled: October 11th, 2015.
  4. Credits: Bonegolem for initial tweets. The rest is original research.
  5. While the information in the videos wasn't used, the ShortFatOtaku Indiefensible videos are a great resource for the related subject of the IGF, of which Boyer is a former chair. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkq5lqVabDjzWHB4E30T2W76Yhd_O5R2l
  7.                                                 **************************************
  9. Summary: There is evidence to suggest that a personal relationship was maintained by the chair of the IGF, Brandon Boyer, and a developer that both served as a juror and as a participant in the IGF. In addition, Boyer wrote often about Fez and Polytron's work within Venus Patrol. Phil Fish is credited with assisting in the kickstarter for Venus Patrol.
  11. Tweets:
  12. 09.12.09: (@brandonnn) Looking into getting @phil_fish armed for his inaugural Texas visit, seems we can do indoor: http://bit.ly/1anpd8 / out: http://bit.ly/ykQfV https://archive.is/WQhla
  13. 09.13.09: (@brandonnn) Home from a crazy INDIE/awesome steak dinner night with @infinite_ammo, @phil_fish, @adamatomic, the twitter-less Rebekah and the pug-pair. https://archive.is/Pij54
  14. 10.08.09: (@PHIL_FISH) (thanks brandon) https://archive.is/vNam0
  15. 10.08.09: (@brandonnn) @phil_fish Of course! PS: I just saw that your dad posted an Offworld link! https://archive.is/vTkjR
  16. 10.10.09: (@PHIL_FISH) i have to get out of here. who can i come visit and crash at? https://archive.is/poIvd
  17. 10.10.09: (@brandonnn) @phil_fish I heard there's a wicked game developer-ey type conference happening next week, where your presence would be appreciated. https://archive.is/aNslv
  18. 10.10.09: (@brandonnn) @phil_fish Haha sorry, that was my really weak attempt to lure you down to Austin GDC next week. https://archive.is/NskeV
  19. 11.15.09: (@brandonnn) @phil_fish miss you more! Wish I was on my way to the Polyplex tomorrow! https://archive.is/4n6yb
  20. 11.01.10: (@brandonnn) Join me in congratulating @PHIL_FISH on not kicking the bucket for the past 9,855ish consecutive days. <3 https://archive.is/Kdc9U
  21. 12.31.10: (@brandonnn) 2011: 1.) get my hair cut at least 3 times. 2.) finally figure out why I keep getting these crippling stomachaches. 3.) hug @PHIL_FISH. FIN https://archive.is/WAFuB
  22. 09.10.11: (@brandonnn) @PHIL_FISH let's start an interstellar disco band called DODEC OCTOHEX https://archive.is/7lL8Z
  23. 10.03.11: (@brandonnn) @PHIL_FISH there's one drunken-stumbling distance from IndieCade itself, which we should definitely do around 2am some night pls https://archive.is/lF4Hr
  24. 10.08.11: (@brandonnn) @krispiotrowski @Capy_Nathan @ADAMATOMIC @PHIL_FISH hey @buenothebear & co are here: lets bring them back to the house for parties later?!? https://archive.is/AZugy
  25. 10.19.11: (@ptibz) Listening to @disasterpeace 's Fragment EP from @PHIL_FISH 's FEZ that I got from @brandonnn 's awesome @VenusPatrol on repeat forever. https://archive.is/SMhsn
  26. 01.03.12: (@brandonnn) i watched him make this, bobbing his head on the couch RT @PHIL_FISH: LIVE FROM NEW YORK, it's a new 8tracks mixtape! http://bit.ly/zNrTPB https://archive.is/vZYtQ
  27. 02.25.12: (@rich_lem) @TylerMakesGames @PHIL_FISH and I are totally DJing the Wild Rumpus/ Venus Patrol/ OLL party, in the guise of famous French DJ @DJ_PHIL_LEM! https://archive.is/DElAs
  28. 03.08.12: (@v01pe_) @baiyon @PHIL_FISH and @rich_lem fucking rocked the place! Thanks @brandonnn for making that thing happen! https://archive.is/955fh
  29. 03.10.12: (@babylonian) A gif I made of @PHIL_FISH dancing his ass off at the @VenusPatrol party, hours after Fez won the Grand Prize at #IGF: http://3fram.es/mZB  https://archive.is/4uT5g
  30. 03.11.12: (@brandonnn) @PHIL_FISH we are pow-wow-ing. We have lots o beer & just need an open space to drink it in. https://archive.is/9gPPO
  31. 04.06.12: (@brandonnn) dreamt @PHIL_FISH was going nuts from success, indiscriminately buying $1300 @radiomaru plushes & walking around the mall with his shirt off https://archive.is/a7kkJ
  32. 10.20.12: (@amdreth) Lovely evening in the pub with @brandonnn, @PHIL_FISH, @mikebithell, @LewieP, @v21, @aguycalldaves and @spiltmilkstudio https://archive.is/v8NPk
  33. 12.17.12: (@brandonnn) @doougle like i literally pressed pause so i could freak out all over @renaudbedard & @PHIL_FISH after i got to it  https://archive.is/TfBlj
  34. 03.18.13: (@brandonnn) @Capy_Nathan @PHIL_FISH why didn't you guys tell me it was lunchtiiiiiiiaaaaeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrxxxxxxx http://i.imgur.com/1zEzf.gif https://archive.is/EvRnY
  35. 03.18.13: (@brandonnn) @Capy_Nathan @PHIL_FISH YOU GUYS NEVER INVITE ME FOR LUNCH I HATE YOU GEEEEEIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA http://i.imgur.com/MYFGWWq.gif https://archive.is/r8o3h
  36. 03.18.13: (@brandonnn) @Carachan1 @PHIL_FISH @v21 @jennatar remember that time we were drinking at that place and phil tried to like steal a stone cat from a roof https://archive.is/R6dZ5
  37. 03.18.13: (@caraellison) @PHIL_FISH @brandonnn @v21 @jennatar We were in The Trip To Jerusalem, a historic pub in Nottingham and Phil got antsy https://archive.is/R6dZ5
  38. 03.18.13: (@brandonnn) @PHIL_FISH @jennatar @Carachan1 @v21 you literally tried to scale a wall with your hands & sneakers & wrest a stone cat from a tiled roof https://archive.is/R6dZ5
  39. 04.25.13: (@GreenFlyStudios) I want to visit that meat house @nachimir @SpiltMilkStudio @brandonnn @PHIL_FISH kept going on about at @gamecity - cant remember the name! https://archive.is/V6CL8
  40. 07.05.13: (@brandonnn) i went to @phil_fish's place & i think he put his house in debug mode or somethi #ACNL https://archive.is/arJ3z
  41. 07.05.13: (@brandonnn) @PHIL_FISH I couldn't tell if you were actually there or just idling with your gates open so I just snuck around & met yr neighbors https://archive.is/cmOOe
  43. 09.13.12: Phil Fish is also credited with assisting the kickstarter for Venus Patrol. https://archive.is/NpTo1
  45. The Making of Fez, The Breaking of Phil Fish (Simon Parkin - Gamasutra 12.12.11)
  46. "PF: Brandon Boyer is in love with Fez. He started to send us like, every day, pages of feedback, like of his entire adventure through Fez. At first I thought he was just bullshitting us; it was so hyperbolic. I was all: "Come on, Brandon, you're just saying that because we're friends." He was like: "No, no, if I was just being nice, I would say, like, 'Keep it up!'" https://archive.is/H83pm#selection-141.0-153.231
  48. An indepth response to darius kazemi's "fuck videogames" (Liz Ryerson - Gamasutra 05.09.13)
  49. "the more i've gone to events and met new people, the more i've begun to realize that everyone in this community knows everyone else. and i find that incredibly disturbing. why? because it means we, as participants in this culture lack the ability to be critical of ourselves - because we don't want to hurt our friends' feelings. once you start to greatly prioritize their needs above the needs of people you don't know, you stop becoming critical of yourself and the people around you. and this leads to cliques and increasingly greater and greater conflicts of interest.
  51. one high-profile example that most people know about: Brandon Boyer, chairman of the IGF is friends with Phil Fish, whose game Fez won the overall award in the IGF in 2012, despite having already won an award back in 2008. and yes, i have interacted with Brandon a bit and have seen that he is a swell guy in many ways who cares about a lot of important stuff. and Brandon is no means the only person in this position. i've seen many journalists become close friends with their subjects. but with a lot of power comes a lot of responsibility. being a nice person doesn't mean that he has the ability to take on his friends to do what is needed in that situation. because he hasn't shown that he does." https://archive.is/1plSa
  53. IGF Participation:
  54. Brandon Boyer was named chairman of the IGF in 2010: https://archive.is/Dkv7F
  55. Phil Fish and Renaud Bédard were jurors in the 2011 IGF Awards Ceremony. Phil Fish was a juror for the Excellence in Visual Art Award and Renaud Bédard was a juror for the Technical Excellence Award. https://archive.is/n7jbw
  56. Fez won The Excellence in Visual Art award in 2008 (https://archive.is/SXWEl) and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize in 2012 (https://archive.is/SFdzZ)
  58. Phil Fish's relationship with Brandon Boyer could have favored Fez in regards to the IGF's Seumas McNally Grand Prize in 2012.
  60. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  61. 05.03.09: ONE SHOT: POLYTRON’S FEZ, DECONSTRUCTED (Venus Patrol) https://archive.is/buMlW
  63. 09.09.09: I GET YOUR FEZ: POLYTRON SHOW 2 YEARS OF FEZ-RELATED FAILS (Venus Patrol) https://archive.is/Af2zb
  64. 09.18.12: WHAT WAS MISSING: FEZ’S ‘LOST’ FEATURES & MECHANICS (Venus Patrol) https://archive.is/PoSny
  65. 12.11.12: ONE SHOT: CRAIG FORRESTER’S FIGURING OUT FEZ (Venus Patrol) https://archive.is/XYidS
  67. Additional Information:
  68. 'Indie Game: The Movie' filmmakers resolve dispute by revising end credits (Samit Sarkar - Polygon)
  69. "but Independent Games Festival chairman Brandon Boyer, a friend of the filmmakers" https://archive.is/84u6q
  70. 04.13.12: Fez Credits: Phil Would Like to Thank (Brandon Boyer) https://archive.is/FDGyt#selection-1867.2-1879.0
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