Watson's Tests

Mar 22nd, 2021
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  1. You felt pain.
  3. Felt it all over your body.
  5. It clouded your mind. Your vision was blurry as you tried to look around. You tried to move but your body wouldn’t cooperate.
  7. “Ah, it seems I went overboard again. Let’s fix that,” you heard some feminine sounding voice say. You felt something pierce your skin and then your body felt very warm. It was almost a soothing kind of warmness. Your vision became less hazy, your mind became clearer and some of the pain faded away. With what strength you had, you tilted your head up to try and see the origin of the voice.
  9. You saw a smiling smiling face greet you. She had bright blonde hair and a pronounced chest that dangled over you. Her clothes reminded you of old detective movies you used to watch. Her eyes were a bright azure, but when you looked into them, something felt…
  11. Off.
  13. “Sometimes the Watson concoction can be a bit… unpredictable… at times. This one should work though,” spoke the blonde girl cheerfully as she walked over and replaced the empty syringe onto a nearby tray. That tray was full of many of them, all different colors lined up side by side. But the most prominent one was a bright blue syringe, the liquid having the same color as her eyes. And filled with the same amount of mystery.
  15. The girl walked over to you, that smile still present on her lips as she leaned in and pressed the needle against the base of your neck. You twitched as you felt the metal penetrate through your flesh and the blue fluid being injected.
  17. At first you felt nothing different. Nothing seemed to change as the girl backed away and discarded the used syringe. But the whole time she kept those blue eyes locked on you while her smile slowly turned into a maniacal grin.
  19. “This test should be interesting…”
  21. At that moment your body tensed up and you began to sweat. Your breathing intensified as the world changed colors. The girl seemingly multiplied as copies of her grinning face filled your vision as you felt your head spin. Her loud giggles sounded like multiple echoes that assaulted you from multiple directions. But then you noticed she had another syringe in her hand, this time you couldn’t tell the color due to your rapidly changing vision.
  24. “Now this, this is where the true fun begins!” you heard her exclaim as she injected another syringe. This time you didn’t even feel it as your mind was still racing from the first injection.
  25. What was all of this? Who was this in front of you? Why was she doing this-
  27. Your thoughts were interrupted as a massive wave of pain washed over your body. At first it felt like molten lava was pouring through your veins but would then switch to a piercing frozen sensation, then it altered between the two. Your muscles spasmed but the restraints on you prevented your body from flailing about. You tried to scream, but you could produce no sound, instead it felt like hot air was burning your throat.
  29. “Now, we get to the final part of this experiment...” she said. You fought through the pain and looked at her as she menacingly approached. Her eyes seemed hollow but filled with a crazy glint, that wide grin still present as she stood in front of you. The injection came again, but this time instead of retreating back to her usual spot, she merely tossed the syringe away and turned to you.
  31. “That last concoction should make you feel nice and awake!” she said with enthusiasm as she cracked her knuckles. Your senses seemed to dilate as you felt your skin becoming hypersensitive. She blew out some cold air and it felt like a blizzard touched your skin. Your eyes darted around the room at lightning pace as your body become energized.
  33. The girl then swung her first directly into your gut. The pain was immediate and overwhelming, worse than anything you had ever felt up to that point. She reached out and held your head up before slapping your cheek. The stinging permeated through your face as you felt tears begin to fall.
  35. “We're not even that far in yet and you're already like this… I would’ve thought you would have some tolerance but it seems my calculations were off. Amelia Watson Is rarely ever wrong, ya know?” she said as she sent another punch. This time it landed directly in the center of your face, feeling your nose crack and blood began dripping.
  37. Amelia Watson…? That name seemed so familiar. You tried to ignore the beating and figure out how you got here. But then it came to you. This wasn’t the first time you’ve been in this chair. You’ve been here dozens of times before. Maybe even hundreds. And every time SHE was there.
  39. The hitting and kicking became more and more intense, each strike carrying more force than the last. The pain you felt multiplied as you felt your bones snap and muscles tear with each strike. Your heart was beating so fast it felt like it was gonna explode and your mind became numb. You felt your chest squeeze under some pressure and breathing became erratic. Your vision became hazy again as she stopped the attacks for a brief moment and observed you.
  41. “Already having a heart attack? That’s so pathetic. Looks like we need to use this already,” she said with a sigh as she pulled out some kind of watch. She pressed a button and your vision began to warp. Everything around you seemed to change. You closed your eyes and you felt the pain disappear. It was an almost relaxing experience. But then you opened your eyes again after a brief moment and there she was. Looking next to her, instead of seeing empty syringes, they were all full and ready to be used.
  43. “Understand now? Until I get what I want…” she paused as she approached with that familiar blue syringe. Each step forward she took filled you with an immeasurable amount of dread.
  45. “... we're gonna play this little game. Over, and over, and over again. To be honest, this is actually fun for me. To see that look of pain and desperation on your face… it’s so exciting!” she giddily squealed as she prepared for the injection.
  47. You could only scream as the pain ensued.
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