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  1.  KGS01 RM Active Directory (staff)
  2.  KGS02 RM Active Directory (associate)
  3.  KGS03 Sage Payroll (incorrect perms)
  4.  KGS04 *Unreachable
  5.  KGS05 *Unreachable
  6.  KGS06 *Unreachable
  7.  KGS07 *Unreachable
  8.  KGS08 RM Active Directory (students)
  9. KGS09 RM Active Directory (associate)
  10. KGS10 *Unreachable
  11. KGS11 *Unreachable
  12. KGS12 *Unreachable
  13. KGS13 *Unreachable
  14. KGS14 *Unreachable (used to be SQL server)
  15. KGS15 *Unreachable
  16. KGS16 *Unreachable
  17. KGS17 *Unreachable
  18. KGS18 *Unreachable
  19. KGS19 *Unreachable
  20. KGS20 Intranet Web Server (
  21. KGS21 Firefly Configuration
  22. KGS22 *Unreachable
  23. KGS23 *Unreachable
  24. KGS24 Student share drive
  25. KGS25 *Unreachable
  26. KGS26 *Unreachable
  27. KGS27 *Unreachable
  28. KGS28 *Unreachable
  29. KGS29 *Unreachable
  30. KGS30 Microsoft SQL server
  31. KGS31 *Unknown (possibly a database server)
  32. KGS32 Print spool server
  33. KGS33 Print spool server 2
  34. KGS34 *Unknown (possibly a database server)
  35. KGS35 *Unknown (possibly a database server)
  36. KGS36 *Unknown (possibly a database server)#
  37. KGS37 *Unknown (possibly a database server)
  38. KGS38 Tablet Kiosk
  39. KGS39 *Unreachable
  40. KGS40 Intranet Web Server (
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