Jun 16th, 2012
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  1. [23:47:13] <rzk> mnemoc: I have a discussion with one interested in allwinner a10 kernels guy, hes asking, whats the status of GPL now? did allwinner dump as all and considered everything as leak or its GPL'd now?
  2. [23:47:54] <mnemoc> rzk: Tom has corrected most of the headers of the key files, but not everything yet
  3. [23:48:46] <mnemoc> rzk: but it's clear now that they accept them all as GPL, it's only the lack of spare time Tom has these days
  4. [23:49:55] <mnemoc> rzk: but it's also clear they don't plan to release anything directly
  5. [23:50:17] <rzk> so they will sent critical updates ? I just remember you said that Tsvetan got only built-in.o for sun5i which is not good at all.
  6. [23:50:39] <rzk> oh
  7. [23:50:55] <mnemoc> they sent that DVD to Tsvetan *before* the GPL crisis
  8. [23:51:33] <mnemoc> I wouldn't expect any update from them
  9. [23:51:59] <rzk> ok, thanks for answer.
  10. [23:52:49] <mnemoc> rzk: otoh I serially doubt they have done any internal update either. they seem to be focused in 3.3 and in their next SoC
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