I Just Called I Just Called - NEIKED, Anne Marie, Latto | | f3ed3GOagDi4

May 27th, 2022
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  1. Lời bài hát I Just Called  I Just Called - NEIKED, Anne Marie, Latto  | | f3ed3GOagDi4 Lyrics up by [Intro: Anne-Marie]
  2. I just called
  3. Lala, lala, la, lala, la, la
  5. [Verse 1: Anne-Marie]
  6. Now I'm gettin' really brave, I had a few shots
  7. I would say it to your face, but I just can't no more
  8. 'Cause you moved so far away, just like a few blocks
  9. Picket fence and perfect girl, leavin' a ring on your door
  11. [Pre-Chorus: Anne-Marie]
  12. You'd see me comin', comin', comin' from a mile away
  13. I've got somethin', somethin', somethin' that I'm dyin' to say
  14. Yeah, I'm doin' pretty great, just thought you should know (Yeah)
  15. No thanks to you, though
  18. [Chorus: Anne-Marie & Latto]
  19. I just called (Yeah)
  20. To say (Yeah)
  21. I hate you (Huh)
  22. I just called (Yeah)
  23. To say that I moved on (Yeah)
  24. I just called (Yeah)
  25. To say (Yeah)
  26. This the last you'll be hearin' from me
  27. 'Cause now your mailbox full
  28. I can't call you no more (Big Latto, no-no, no-no, no-no, oh yeah)
  30. [Verse 2: Latto]
  31. Played the Latto and lost it (Latto)
  32. Got options like my closet (I do)
  33. When I'm off it, I don't double back
  34. Might wear it once, then I'm done with that (Yeah)
  35. I'm the full package, thick and tatted
  36. All your baggage better have Delta taggage
  37. How you bag the baddest, treat it like a savage?
  38. I could do you nasty, but I'm movin' past it (Uh)
  39. These pretty thighs, pretty brown eyes
  40. Don't belong to you no more (No more)
  41. I just called to tell you that I'm cool without you
  42. And I'm doin' fine on my own (Yeah)
  43. By the time you get this voicemail, you'll be blocked
  44. So don't bother
  45. One thing about me, I'ma drop 'em quicker than bad service
  46. Next caller
  47. Boy, I'm cool
  50. [Bridge: Anne-Marie]
  51. I'm cool, still got a second or two
  52. Might get *** off like the last one
  53. Just in case it didn't go through, ooh-ooh, ooh
  55. [Chorus: Anne-Marie & Latto]
  56. I just called (Yeah)
  57. To say (Yeah, to say)
  58. I hate you (I really do hate you) (I really hate you)
  59. I just called (Yeah)
  60. To say that I moved on (I really moved on, yeah)
  61. I just called (Yeah, I just called)
  62. To say (Yeah, to say)
  63. This the last you'll be hearin' from me (Oh yeah)
  64. 'Cause now your mailbox full
  65. I can't call you no more (Mm, yeah, no-no, no-no, no-no)
  67. [Outro: Anne-Marie & Latto]
  68. 'Cause your mailbox full, I can't call you
  69. So I couldn't if I wanted to
  70. Yeah, your mailbox full
  71. I can't call you no more (I really do hate you)
  72. Mm-mm, haha
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