Halo Campaign Details

Dec 10th, 2019
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  1. This is some setting-specific stuff for this oneshot. If I like how the system feels, it may be more than a oneshot, wark!
  3. ==The campaign will be taking place in August of 2558, which is around 6 years since the end of the Human-Covenant War (only around 5 since the 'official ceasefire' in March of 2553). The war ended much like it was shown in Halo 3, so little needs to be said there. Post-War, the somewhat shaky alliance between the UNSC and the aliens that broke from the Covenant was solidified, though sentiments against the former enemies still remain among many members of both sides. Humanity has yet to fully recover from the blows dealt against them in the Human-Covenant War, both population-wise and scope-wise. There has been successful, albeit very slow attempts at returning to glassed worlds and terraforming them back to a state resembling their pre-glassed nature. The process of re-terraforming a glassed world has been projected to take upwards of 50 to 60 years.
  5. ==Despite the deeply-held sentiments and grudges, progress is being made- members of the various alien races and humans have decided to co-inhabit worlds, in order to better recover from the aftermath of the nearly three decade-long conflict. Progress towards mending racial divides, both between ex-Covenant and Human and within ex-Covenant members, seems to be progressing a little more quickly here.
  7. ==Following the death of the Prophet of Truth and the revelations of the truth about the Covenant's caste system, religious doctrines, and 'Great Journey', the Covenant that remained loyal quickly began to fall apart and dissolve. Some moved to join the ex-Covenant that had followed the former Arbiter Thel'Vadam during the Great Schism, while others returned to their native planets. Others have splintered off into other, separate factions, operating mechanically similar to the Covenant, but without the religious doctrine, while others still have somehow doubled down in the face of the undeniable truth of the Covenant's doctrine. Regardless, ex-Covenant races are still a somewhat common sight around the galaxy as we know of it- as mercenaries, merchants, workers, pirates, allies, and enemies.
  9. ==The Jirlhanae have been the most troubled following the collapse of the Covenant. The race, which has had a history of technological dark ages and conflict, has had trouble adapting to the somewhat-shaky galactic peace. Some members of the Jirlhanae have managed to co-exist with other alien races- and even humans, in limited examples- but a decent majority have fallen into either piracy, or returning to their homes.
  11. ==In the wake of the discovery of such devices as the Halo Array and the Ark, a concerted effort has been made to try and de-activate the remaining rings. Two additional rings in the Array have been discovered, but only one of the two so far has been successfully de-activated. With the assistance of humanity, who seems to have an innate affinity for Forerunner technology, and the wealth of Forerunner knowledge held by the ex-Covenant societies, progress is steady.
  13. ==In addition, the UNSC has cooperated with the governing bodies of the various ex-Covenant races (save for the Jirlhanae, as their main governing body is not interested in talking) in order to construct several co-operative initiatives, including several Joint Task Force groups dedicated to handling difficult or sensitive missions in both former Covenant territory and current and former UNSC territory.
  15. ==Your JTF operates out of the UNSC Edge of Night, a Sahara-Class Heavy Prowler. It has a standard operating crew of around two dozen, and the actual Task Force operatives themselves, which number around two dozen as well. The ship has both a Pelican and a Type 44 Troop Carrier (Phantom), in addition to a M12 FAV (Warthog) and two Type 32 RAVs (Ghosts). In addition, the ship's armory features both Human and Covenant weaponry and armament.
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