The Dragoness's Son

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  1. >He awoke from his deep sleep with a sudden realisation. Today was his sister's birthday and he had only a few hours to get her something nice! If Jessica ever found out about this, she'd be spitting fire at him! As he hastily got dressed while attempting to rub the sun out of his eyes, he thought about how weird it must have seemed to his friends. Thanks to a curse placed on his mom's family many years ago after her great great grandmother tried to take some precious gemstones from a dark cave, all of the women were dragonesses. Luckily, mom had always wanted a human child and adopted him from the orphanage at a young age so things wouldn't be too unusual..and that his older sister was already a dragoness. Today was her 18th (or was it 118th?) birthday and he felt it was best to get her something that besuited her dragoness nature. Funny. She and mom were the only two beings he knew that lit the birthday candles instead of blowing them out.
  2. >Birthdays and gift giving ceremonies were very important to dragonesses but fortunately, money has no issue thanks to the immense hoard his mother had. Now getting access to the hoard was simple, especially since he memorise the combination on the basement lock. He stopped to look at the photos on his night table. They were both gorgeous creatures, their heavy yet firm forms creating a sense of both warmth and power. He had to get her something nice at the jewellery store before the party tonight. He bumped into mom in the hallways, her enormous body being hard to avoid. She grinned a knowing smile with those pearl-white fangs. "Forgot again, huh?" He merely nodded in response as she giggled. "Jessica's at the mall with her girlfriends so we've got all day to ourselves..." Now it was his turn to smile. His mom and sister were the best family anyone could have. "I love being a dragoness's son" he thought as they went outside.
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