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  1. Write a C++ program that uses structs and an external binary file to store the following data on a company's divisions. The company has four divisions. For each company division, we want to store the quarterly sales for that division.
  2. The program will need to prompt the user for the following information for each of four divisions: the name of the division and the sales for each quarter for that division. After the information for a particular division is entered, the struct is to be written to a binary file. The program must error check for negative sales and allow the user to re-enter the sales for that quarter until he/she enters a non-negative quarterly sales amount.
  3. After the quarterly sales for a division have been entered, they are reported back at the screen along with the total sales earned by that division. These results are also to be sent to an external text file. The program will need to compute the total sales from the quarterly sales.
  4. In addition to a function that describes the program to the user, the program should have two additional functions that are called in the main function: (1) CreateCorporateFile(), a void function that references back the corporate binary file of structs for each division, and (2) DisplayCorporateSales(), a void function that reads each struct from the binary corporate file and sends the quarterly sales for each division along with the total sales for that division to both the screen, as shown above, and to an external text file, as shown below.
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