HM:StH Any% Fishy Story Notes

Dec 10th, 2017
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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. Any% Fishy Story Notes
  3. [Updated 25 Mar 2020]
  5. NOTES
  6. - Joe needs 100AP total, Kurt 160AP. This totals 11 interactions for Joe, 16 for Kurt
  7. - Gift Joe berries, med herbs, or medium fish; gift Kurt berries, med herbs, flowers, or walnuts. Don't use (green) herbs as gifts, as you need to collect them for the end of the run
  8. - When you reach 30AP with Kurt and enter the Carpenter's area, you will trigger AS CS1, so be prepared to skip it
  9. - Kurt receives 9AP from providing him the herbs, so get him to just 151AP with gifting/talking
  10. - If you dig up any minerals during the initial till, you can either sell them immediately to buy the corn (skip part-time work), or save them to make up for crop loss. They are: Blue Rock (90G), Copper Ore (40G), Iron Ore (60G), Limestone (40G), Rare Metal (180G)
  11. - Follow the chart below for strats in event of rainy season crop loss:
  12. - Especially if you lose crops, make sure you use the 4-fish cutscene to get medium fish to sell. They are also easier to tell apart from garbage than small fish.
  14. Date lost # lost G short Sell
  15. 17-19 1 50G 1 Fish M
  16. 17-19 2 410G fish+minerals
  17. 21 1 - -
  18. 21 2 170G 3 Fish M
  20. SPRING
  21. - Goddess Questions: POSITIVE
  22. - Spring 2
  23. > Fill watering can, till the whole first plot. If you get minerals totaling 140G or more, keep them; otherwise, toss.
  24. > If mineral strats, sell at Carpenter's; otherwise, do part-time work, brushing 5 animals (4 horse+cow)
  25. > Buy 8 corn seeds; return home, plant, and water, then sleep.
  26. - Water everyday. Harvests will be Spring 12, 16, 20, 24, and 28. If you lost no crops in rainy season, start watering only 6 of the 8 corn after the 4th harvest and harvest only those 6.
  27. - Go see Joe and Kurt at the Carpenter's area everyday except Tue/Thu. Intro+gift both. Sleep any rainy day.
  28. - Don't pocket gifts; rather pickup+gift both Joe and Kurt.
  29. - Start collecting (green) herbs whenever you see them. Need 10 total.
  30. - Once Joe is at least 92AP, on a Tue or Thu go to the Lake and obtain the old rod. Gift+talk Joe, catch 4 fish (prefer medium), then exit and re-enter the area to trigger the Silver Fish story. Exit and re-enter one more time to trigger the Super Rod cutscene.
  31. - Depending on Spring mild rain, you may not have the fishing rod by the time of your last harvest, but that's okay.
  32. - Once you have completed your last harvest and have the fishing rod, on a Monday or Friday:
  33. > Sell at Ronald's (Villa if selling fish to account for crop loss)
  34. > Buy Super Rod at Louis's
  35. > Head to the Lake. Catch 6 large fish.
  36. > Gather extra herbs if necessary (can check Goddess pond, but it's slow to skip the cutscene)
  37. > At sundown, exit and re-enter the Lake area to trigger CS4
  38. > If you didn't get all 6 large fish, catch the remainder after CS4, then head home and sleep
  39. - On the next Tuesday or Thursday, go to the Carpenter's area to trigger CS5.
  40. - Continue gifting Kurt. After CS7 triggers, give him the 10 herbs at the Carpenter's area on the next non-Tue/Thu.
  41. - At least 3 days after CS7, if Kurt is at 160AP, CS8 will trigger.
  42. - Sleep until the next full moon (14/15/29/30), triggering CS8 on that day. Head to the Lake, wait for nightfall, then catch the Silver Fish.
  43. - Head home, sleep 7 times, then exit the house to complete the ending.
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