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  1. After you logged off IRC, I responded to you while half-awake.
  3. <metadept> sooooo it's that fun time again where we break a bunch of things
  4. <metadept> and i'm curious whether anyone playing on nightly/unstable has noticed broken things that need to be fixed before stable
  5. ...
  6. <Mackinz> Well, metadept, I am glad you asked.
  7. <Mackinz> The framerate for me is pretty crappy in Unstable.
  8. <Mackinz> I haven't tested much at all because of said framerate, but I hypothesize it has something to do with monster AI because the lag seemed to dissipate as I climbed a tower away from enemies.
  9. <Mackinz> Which brings me to another issue: the lack of neutral creatures on a planet. Again, I have only played for like half an hour, but it felt like everything moving on that planet wanted to kill me... because it did.
  10. <Mackinz> The game definitely needs more neutral-until-provoked enemies, and the lack of them is "broken" for me.
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