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  2. [16:31 PM][Channel Description] [Celestia Rudenberk is looking for somebody to help managing Class Trials, in particular, Skills.]
  4. ********[Court] is now in session! [youtuberepeater.com]********
  6. Kibougamine Academy of Hope welcomes all prospect students to send their application to Celestia's Notes / PM box.
  8. Ammo List:
  9. [Monokuma File]
  10. The bodies of Hifumi, Yasuhiro and Sakura have been found in the kitchen and the cafeteria.
  11. All times of death have occurred from 2 AM to 3 AM.
  12. Only one wound exists on each body.
  13. [The Day]
  14. Today is the second day of school.
  15. [The Timeline]
  16. The first to witness the scene was Kiyotaka, followed by Makoto and Sayaka slightly after. The corpse announcement made by Monokuma was then given. At the time of the witness, Sakura's body was slumped against the far back wall, behind a table with no chair around, with Sonia on the table, who was waking up. After further investigation, the corpses of Hifumi and Yasuhiro were also found, in the kitchen. An announcement rang out again, confirming two bodies.
  17. [Sakura's Body]
  18. Her face has been entirely smashed in against the wall of the cafeteria.
  19. The position she was in when found was sitting against it.
  20. [Sakura's Wound]
  21. Her face has been entirely smashed in; with great force. Only a really heavy blunt object could have done such damage to the point that her entire head is smashed up.
  22. [Hifumi's Body]
  23. His body has been found in the cafeteria, half blocking the entrance.
  24. After rolling his body over, the largest knife of the cafeteria was found lodged into his chest rather deeply, to the hilt.
  25. [Yasuhiro's Body]
  26. His body has been found in the cafeteria, right next to Hifumi's body.
  27. He was on his back, with a kitchen knife clearly sticking out of his chest. It was the second largest, lodged about halfway in.
  28. [Sonia's Testimony]
  29. "We met up during the night to make friends and support each other until morning, right when curfew was announced! We chose the cafeteria to remain in a closed area to forbid anybody leaving early. I didn't kill anybody, but I think I passed out at some point... The last thing I remember is Sakura's back, then I woke up on the table next to Sakura's body..."
  30. [Kiyotaka's Testimony]
  31. "I found them like that! I swear! I was about to leave when Makoto and Sayaka entered the cafeteria and witnessed Sakura's body too."
  32. [Kitchen Knives]
  33. All of them have been taken off the rack.
  34. The ones that weren't murder weapons were all found on the counter, near cut vegetables. They've clearly been used to cut veggies.
  35. [Frying Pans]
  36. All of them are still where they should be.
  37. They're the only blunt objects in the cafeteria and the kitchen that can reasonably be wielded, by anybody except Sakura.
  38. [School Rules]
  39. The Cafeteria is closed off shortly after Night Time begins.
  40. A villain is not allowed to kill more than 2 people.
  41. [The Cafeteria Table]
  42. Sonia was unconscious on a table that originally wasn't there.
  43. [The Rooms' State]
  44. While the Kitchen was a little messy, with plates broken on the ground and utensils scattered over slightly, the Cafeteria had absolutely no signs of struggle.
  45. [16:31 PM]Byakuya Togami: Is it too late to join, Celes? ]]
  46. [16:31 PM]Monokuma: All students are encouraged to copy paste the Ammo.
  47. [16:31 PM]Monokuma: No, not too late.
  48. [16:31 PM]Byakuya Togami: Great. Did I miss anything? ]]
  49. [16:31 PM]Junko Enoshima: Yay, Togami. <3 ))
  50. [16:31 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((yo, togami! half-hour 'till showtime! put this as your status [[color=pink]%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764[/color] [color=blue]||[/color] [color=green]%u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E[/color] minus the first bracket and WE'RE ALL GOOD))
  51. [16:32 PM]Byakuya Togami is now Online. [[[color=pink]%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764[/color] [color=blue]||[/color] [color=green]%u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E[/color] ]
  52. [16:32 PM]Monokuma: All we're missing now is Makoto and we have 12.
  53. [16:32 PM]Byakuya Togami: oops
  54. [16:32 PM]Byakuya Togami is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E]
  55. [16:33 PM]Monokuma: Alright, so before we go any further I'm gonna explain a bit how it's gonna go for the normal debates.
  56. [16:33 PM]Monokuma: Do not make a post larger than a line.
  57. [16:33 PM]Monokuma: We're 12 people who do not have a post order - you may post whenever, but it's mostly words, with a few actions you can make from your stand.
  58. [16:34 PM]Monokuma: Things such as pointing, cleaning your ear with your pinky, crossing your arms, scratching your nose...
  59. [16:34 PM]Monokuma: But no more detail than that.
  60. [16:34 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( post order in the first one did seem to be more trouble than it was worth.)
  61. [16:34 PM]Monokuma: Now, during the normal debates, you do not have to make any yellow- and in fact, cannot.
  62. [16:34 PM]Bloodstain Fever is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E]
  63. [16:35 PM]Monokuma: You discuss. That's it, you discuss, you brainstorm, you present Ammo to disprove things as you see fit. You are immortal during that phase, but nothing is confirmed.
  64. [16:35 PM]*Saionji Hiyoko steps into the elevator, settling against a corner and giving a low, sharp exhalation, looking around at everyone else in the room before looking down at the floor, placing a hand to her chest. (Gah, I am way more nervous about this than I thought I'd be!)
  65. [16:35 PM]Monokuma: That will be the case for most of the Trial. Sometimes, the bear will call out a Nonstop Debate about a certain subject that came up and needs close examination.
  66. [16:36 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: Can we use focus stars on Monobear during regular debates?
  67. [16:36 PM]Monokuma: When a Nonstop Debate is called up, you can make a Fact.
  68. [16:36 PM]Monokuma: No, because that is to confirm if an Ammo is the right one to disprove a Fact.
  69. [16:36 PM]Monokuma: You can make part of your sentence in bold and yellow (color tag first so it works) that others can shoot down.
  70. [16:37 PM]Monokuma: These can be either true or false. Your goal's to make it interesting. Sometimes, if it's going nowhere, the Murder Case creator may make a yellow fact for someone to say just to make sure the case doesn't stagnate.
  71. [16:37 PM]Monokuma: A Nonstop Debate stops when a Fact has been disproven, returning to a normal debate.
  72. [16:38 PM]Monokuma: Nonstop Debates will most likely pop up a lot more than the rest.
  73. [16:38 PM]Monokuma: I'll give a 'tutorial' about MTB / Epiphany anagrams when we'll get there, just to reiterate the information on my profile.
  74. [16:38 PM]Monokuma: There are various things you can do with Focus stars, refer to the Nonstop Debate list to see what you can do during them.
  75. [16:38 PM]Kotaro_Fuma connected.
  76. [16:39 PM]Monokuma: For this trial, MTBs are disabled as the system isn't quite up to my liking, and I want to test the rest of the system first.
  77. [16:39 PM]Monokuma: That's the gist of the info. Obviously, if you make a mistake, you'll lose one heart.
  78. [16:40 PM]Monokuma: You can't lose any heart during normal debates, but during the rest, you'll lose 1 heart for 1 mistake, and they do not regenerate unless you have the appropriate skill.
  79. [16:40 PM]Monokuma: If you have any question, tell me right now before I contact the important pieces of the Trial.
  80. [16:41 PM]Monokuma: Oh, by the way.
  81. [16:41 PM]Monokuma: I think some of the information on that list might have errors.
  82. [16:41 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Oh, I'll ask here then.
  83. [16:41 PM]Monokuma: If you see any mention of "Aoi", it's "Sonia" instead.
  84. [16:41 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: super high school level swimmer princess))
  85. [16:41 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Is Sonia facing the wall or is she up against it?
  86. [16:41 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: I'M ARIEL))
  87. [16:41 PM]Bloodstain Fever: [[38)]]
  88. [16:41 PM]Monokuma: You mean the dead body?
  89. [16:41 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Yes.
  90. [16:41 PM]Monokuma: Because that's Sakura.
  91. [16:42 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Ehhh
  92. [16:42 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: So it is.
  93. [16:42 PM]Monokuma: The position, as the ammo says, is sitting against it.
  94. [16:42 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Double derped.
  95. [16:42 PM]Monokuma: Her back's to the wall.
  96. [16:42 PM]*Byakuya Togami arrives in the elevator. Not saying anything as he went to the side of the room nearby Genocider Syo. Saying nothing to anybody in the elevator. He could solve this case with his hands tied behind his back! He awaits for the arrival of everyone in the elevator, not speaking up at anytime.
  97. [16:42 PM]Byakuya Togami: Was waiting for a good time to post that.
  98. [16:43 PM]Monokuma: I'll contact the important parties now, and hopefully Makoto will wake up.
  99. [16:43 PM]Monokuma: Oh, yes, also, one thing about presenting the Ammo.
  100. [16:43 PM]Monokuma: Please present what is in Green, and in Green.
  101. [16:44 PM]Monokuma: And you must also say you present it to what. To what Fact, to what someone has said, etc.
  102. [16:44 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( *Pokes her fingers together* Did the ammo already go out? Because I didn't get a message.. )
  103. [16:44 PM]Monokuma: It's in the description.
  104. [16:44 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( *Insert Sayaka dies first joke* )
  105. [16:44 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: Oh!
  106. [16:44 PM]Monokuma: You should copy paste it in a .txt for easy viewing.
  107. [16:45 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg checks. There is no mention of Aoi.))
  108. [16:45 PM]*Mondo Oowada stepped into the elevator, rubbing his neck with one hand and trying his best to get at least somewhat comfortable. He looked around at the others, nodding to himself as he went over what they'd found out in his head one more time.
  109. [16:46 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg arrives, but shows no particular inclination toward chit-chat. Her expression is as unreadable as usual.
  110. [16:47 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind takes a few nervous steps into the elevator and settles in close to Hiyoko. She had such high hopes for this school, but everything seemed to be crashing down all at once. Such high-ranking classmates... were they all nothing more than hostages to this lively bear? She clasps her hands together and casts her head down, praying that she'll be home in Novoselic; sweet, beautiful Novoselic.
  111. [16:48 PM]*Sayaka_Maizono stepped into the elevator with an uncertain manner; the late arrival of Naegi caused her some level of nervousness. After all, they'd seen it together, and he'd said that he'd protect her.. how could he protect her if he wasn't there all the time? Her head dipped slightly, her color subtly paled.
  113. [16:50 PM]Kotaro_Fuma is now Busy. [// It was just the wind. It's gone now. (SB3) \\]
  114. [16:50 PM]*Super Level Chihiro looks down at the ground as he stands apart from most everyone else, very much nervous on how this sadistic trial would play out. Would they really be able to work together and find out the villain? And could he really do anything to help without getting in everyone else's way? He was horribly unsure of himself....
  115. [16:52 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( Also SOMEONE STOLE MY KNIFE. )
  116. [16:52 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( >:I )
  117. [16:52 PM]Monokuma: (Makoto is still not answering. I really hope he'll come around in the next minutes, otherwise we'll act as if he was there in the Trial but not saying much. 'Cause I can't just change who saw the bodies first now, and that's in case he comes around.)
  118. [16:52 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: leeeeooooooon))
  119. [16:52 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( *Used the second biggest one, in the canon* )
  120. [16:52 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (By the way, if anyone is nervous, I recommend playing some Trial/Discussion music; it really helps get ya pumped up! :D)
  121. [16:53 PM]*Monokuma pokes Chihiro and points him to the Description's link.)
  122. [16:53 PM]Byakuya Togami: [Gah, hopefully I do well enough.
  123. [16:53 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( This is the first time for mechanically everyone and practically almost everyone. )
  124. [16:54 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (Did not notice! Oops!! ^^;)
  125. [16:54 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: (Be right back)
  126. [16:54 PM]Mondo Oowada: (I'm listening to the trial prep music right now. Doing my best to get into the mindset.)
  127. [16:54 PM]Monokuma: (We have almost everyone from DR1, right. Except for Sonia who's in SDR2.)
  128. [16:54 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((and hiyoko))
  129. [16:54 PM]Monokuma: (And Hiyoko too.)
  130. [16:54 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( (This is also the first time we've ever had DR2 characters if I recall) )
  131. [16:54 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( So yet another first~ )
  132. [16:55 PM]Monokuma: (Having Aoi and Junko instead would've made it DR1 perfect.)
  133. [16:55 PM]Bloodstain Fever: [[I'm /mega/ excited aaaa]]
  134. [16:55 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind puts on aoi and junko wigs))
  135. [16:55 PM]*Monokuma's voice rings out from the elevator's speakers. "Are we all in the elevator? The Trial will begin soon!" In about five minutes after that, the elevator moved downward.
  136. [16:56 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind let us despair and eat donuts, friends))
  137. [16:56 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: (I'm a nice mix of nerves and excitement. Hopefully I don't blow it~)
  139. [16:57 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: (Nng, okay, I'm back.)
  140. [16:57 PM]Monokuma: (Also, all parties important to the case have been messaged now.)
  141. [16:58 PM]Sayaka_Maizono is now Busy. [ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ || ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ]
  142. [16:59 PM]Byakuya Togami: I might have to be right back soon. So, at sometime in the trial I'll be quiet. ]]
  143. [16:59 PM]Byakuya Togami: Just giving a heads up. ]]
  144. [16:59 PM]*Monokuma watched from its spot on the throne as the elevator finally hit the floor.
  145. [16:59 PM]Monokuma: Court is now in session!
  146. [17:01 PM]*Monokuma swung its arms upward, showing off the lavender-inspired courtroom. "Grandiose, isn't it? Please take your spots at the Trial stands! Don't mind the deceased's posts - it's not nice to exclude them even when they're dead. Each stand has a name for you, so please move there right away."
  147. [17:01 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko simply takes her spot at the podium in the 3 o'clock position in the actual courtroom this time, keeping with crossing her arms to have her leather-clad fingers rest against her arms.
  148. [17:02 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: (( Do we have 13 living present, IC? ))
  149. [17:02 PM]*Super Level Chihiro steps hesitantly out of the elevator and nervously takes his spot, trying to steady himself.
  150. [17:02 PM]*Ishimaru Kiyotaka hurriedly takes his spot at the podium, standing up straight with his legs pressed up against each other.
  151. [17:02 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind moves briskly to her podium. "Okay. Now where shall we begin?"
  152. [17:02 PM]Monokuma: (12.)
  153. [17:02 PM]*Monokuma then went on to explain as they all moved into position. "Upupu... So we'll begin by a discussion - I'm sure you're all ecstatic to find out who the villain is. Don't begin yet, I have some things to explain."
  154. [17:02 PM]*Bloodstain Fever bounds to her podium! The disappointed slump long since vaporized with the Scion's arrival. Genosigher no longer-- let's get this party started!
  155. [17:03 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind genosigher -- jasp i'm gonna))
  156. [17:03 PM]*Bloodstain Fever ... Oh. Let's get this party started after the bear's done rambling, she guesses. Hrmph.
  157. [17:03 PM]*SHSL Baseball Player moves to his podium at an all right pace, slumping slightly and gripping the wooden railing on each side. What a pain in the ass.
  158. [17:03 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Fukawa's /third/ personality]]
  159. [17:03 PM]*Byakuya Togami takes his spot in between Fujisaki and Celestia. Crossing his arms and grinning a bit.
  160. [17:04 PM]*Mondo Oowada slowly steps out of the elevator and takes his spot, looking around the room and giving a steady nod.
  161. [17:05 PM]*Monokuma turned to the side a little. "This court is now in session for the trial of whoever committed murder! Shall you be right, or wrong? We'll know soon enough! If you manage to find out who did it, then you all win! Except the one who did it, of course. Whoever did it will have to go through a punishment for destroying the order of the school." He wasn't quite done explaining yet.
  162. [17:05 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg crosses her arms, giving a curious look to the four unoccupied stands.
  163. [17:06 PM]*Saionji Hiyoko quickly steps over to her stand, taking her position and giving a soft gulp as she looked around the room, then locked her eyes on Monokuma, not wanting to miss a detail.
  164. [17:06 PM]*Monokuma followed on. "You can begin anytime, now. Gahahaha! Let's start by discussing the murder weapons!" And it dipped its paw into a pot of honey, taking from it.
  165. [17:07 PM]*Monokuma normal discussion engaged.)
  166. [17:07 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: Murder weapons... They were the Kitchen Knives, yes?
  167. [17:07 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: (( Is there any point to colored text for this part? ))
  168. [17:08 PM]Monokuma: (To counter someone's words and prove that they aren't right. Otherwise, nope.)
  170. [17:08 PM]Monokuma: (No Fact is to be made during this at all, for now.)
  171. [17:09 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko unfolded her arms, placing them on the podium for now. "Well, two knives were found in both Hifumi and Yasuhiro's bodies. We can't say that Sakura's body had a knife inside of it, though."
  172. [17:09 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "How the hell's someone take down someone as big as Sakura, anyway?"
  173. [17:09 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Rather, all the knives were accounted for, aren't they?"
  174. [17:09 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: That is true, Kyouko-san! Sakura's Wound had much bluntness!
  175. [17:10 PM]Super Level Chihiro: So, it couldn't have been a knife, then....
  176. [17:10 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Maybe the killer set the Frying Pan back?"
  177. [17:11 PM]Monokuma: (Just gonna clarify that ammo, by the way.)
  178. [17:11 PM]Byakuya Togami: I'll be right back. Can somebody keep track of what's going on and PM me of what has happened so far while I was gone? ]]
  179. [17:11 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "But all the frying pans were in their place..."
  180. [17:11 PM]Monokuma: (What I meant when I wrote it, is that they're the only blunt objects that can be used by everyone. All the others present in the Cafeteria and the Kitchen are too heavy to be lifted by anyone but Sakura.)
  181. [17:11 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "There's hardly any way to tell if one of them was used and cleaned."
  182. [17:11 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind ((yeah togami, i'll send it))
  183. [17:12 PM]Super Level Chihiro: But... if you hit someone with that much force, wouldn't a Frying Pan be damaged in some way?
  184. [17:13 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: Maybe... she was hit against something, instead of something hitting her?
  185. [17:13 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Like dented or bent, perhaps?
  186. [17:13 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "This ain't a cartoon. Metal's not gonna dent that easy."
  187. [17:13 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg shrugs. "I doubt that even her bones were as hard as iron."
  188. [17:13 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Perhaps, Hiyoko-san! Sakura's Body was found against the cafeteria wall!"
  189. [17:14 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Sitting against the wall."
  190. [17:14 PM]Mondo Oowada: Wouldn't getting hit like that leave a stain on whatever she hit, though?
  191. [17:14 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Yes! But then again, according to the state of the rooms, there was only struggle in the Kitchen."
  192. [17:15 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Hmm. Could someone have pulled the body?"
  193. [17:15 PM]Super Level Chihiro: So... she was caught off-guard, then?
  194. [17:15 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "That'd leave a pretty nasty stain on the floor, blondie!"
  196. [17:15 PM]Mondo Oowada: It doesn't seem like Oogami'd be the type to be off-guard very often...
  197. [17:16 PM]Super Level Chihiro: I mean, how else can we explain her death? She is hardly the type to go down without a fight, and there was no sign of a struggle!
  198. [17:16 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Before we go looking for a hypothetical bloodstain, was her face even bleeding?"
  199. [17:16 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: We can assume that Sakura was caught offguard, otherwise...I don't think she would have gone down without a fight.
  200. [17:16 PM]*Monokuma sucked onto the honey a bit. As best as a robotic bear can. "Upupu... If you guys run in circles, you can always switch the topic too, if you'd like."
  201. [17:17 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "If Sakura's body was smashed against the wall...could the wall itself have been the weapon?"
  202. [17:17 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: I suggest a topic change about the bodies of the victims then.
  203. [17:17 PM]Super Level Chihiro: T-To what, then?
  204. [17:18 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "What about the bodies needs further discussion?"
  205. [17:18 PM]Monokuma: (By the way, you can also present school rules and ElectroID directly as Ammo during normal debates. Just saying, in case anything comes up.)
  206. [17:19 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: Assuming she was caught off-guard, the question at hand becomes "Who or what would she lower her guard for?", right?
  207. [17:20 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko turns towards Celestia. "Don't you think it strange that Hifumi was found on his stomach while Yasuhiro on his back? Let alone the fact that Sakura was against the wall with her face smashed in...We should look at all of the facts for this."
  208. [17:21 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "But... I do not understand, who else could have entered the room?"
  209. [17:21 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Do the doors not lock during the Night Time?"
  210. [17:21 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "The cafeteria doors?"
  211. [17:22 PM]*Monokuma grinned, even if that face didn't change. "Gahahaha! That's a good question... Let's go with that, then. [Who could have done anything?]"
  212. [17:22 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Psh! You're all totally forgetting that someone else was in there the whole time!"
  213. [17:22 PM]*Monokuma launches up a Nonstop Debate.)
  214. [17:23 PM]*Monokuma basically, it'll go the same way as normal debates... except with yellow Facts about what you're unsure, sometimes.)
  215. [17:23 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: (Brb)
  216. [17:23 PM]*Monokuma be careful now, presenting Ammo may only be done to Facts, and if you do not make the case progress then you will lose a heart.)
  217. [17:24 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Someone else? You are talking about me, yes?"
  218. [17:24 PM]*Monokuma you can also use a Focus star to present Ammo to me, along with what Fact you're countering, if you want to check instead of losing a heart.)
  219. [17:24 PM]*Monokuma in PMs.)
  220. [17:25 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Ding dong, you are right! I mean come on, nobody else could've done it"
  221. [17:25 PM]Byakuya Togami: Back. ]]
  222. [17:25 PM]*Bloodstain Fever *!]]
  223. [17:26 PM]*Monokuma (This) [youtube.com]
  224. [17:26 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (Question, are we creating facts at our discretion, or have these been assigned?)
  225. [17:27 PM]Monokuma: (You are creating them as you wish.)
  226. [17:27 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Could it be that [color=yellow]there was more than one villain?[color]"
  227. [17:27 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: *"Could it be that there was more than one villain?"
  228. [17:27 PM]Monokuma: (If one gets countered and it does bring something to light, then no heart is lost. The Nonstop Debate will not stop until one has been countered enough to bring a big enough actuality to the debate.)
  229. [17:27 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko points towards Syo. " It's entirely possible that Sonia isn't the murderer. Because of The School Rules ...The Cafeteria is closed off at night and...Each of those bodies were killed between 2 to 3 AM."
  231. [17:29 PM]*Monokuma flip flops a paw in the air. "Well, all I see there is that you're agreeing with Syo that the only one who could have done it... is Sonia herself." So, removes a heart from Kyouko.
  232. [17:29 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: (I return- may we still chatter?)
  233. [17:29 PM]Monokuma: (Obviously.)
  234. [17:30 PM]*Bloodstain Fever "[color=red]Gahahahahah! No way, Kirr! She was [b][color=yellow]there when they closed[/color][b], right 'til they opened![/color]"
  235. [17:30 PM]Monokuma: (Bold within color.)
  236. [17:30 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "E-eh? I did not do it! [color=yelow][b]I was not conscious![/color][/b]"
  237. [17:30 PM]*Bloodstain Fever F r i c k]]
  238. [17:30 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind gosh diddly darnit))
  239. [17:30 PM]*Bloodstain Fever The murderer is bbcode]]
  240. [17:30 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: *"E-eh? I did not do it! I was not conscious!"
  241. [17:30 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "*[color=red]Gahahahahah! No way, Kirr! She was [color=yellow][b]there when they closed[b][/color], right 'til they opened![/color]"
  242. [17:30 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: mother--))
  243. [17:31 PM]*Monokuma gosh darnit.)
  244. [17:31 PM]*Bloodstain Fever hahahah]]
  245. [17:31 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: I don't think it'll let you use a color inside a color.))
  246. [17:31 PM]Monokuma: (It will. the b tag was not closed.)
  247. [17:31 PM]Bloodstain Fever: [[Ah--]]
  248. [17:31 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "*Gahahahahah! No way, Kirr! She was there when they closed, right 'til they opened!"
  249. [17:31 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: What if... someone was hiding there?
  251. [17:32 PM]Super Level Chihiro: But there's no proof of that, is there?
  252. [17:33 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "And when could they have left? They would have to be there until morning."
  253. [17:33 PM]Mondo Oowada: We'd notice someone bein' missing, I think.
  254. [17:33 PM]lbuki Mioda is now Online. [Ibuki is home! ]
  255. [17:34 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "I only remember the three who had died being with me..."
  256. [17:36 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "Someone could have been hiding...The school rules say that the cafeteria closes...but they also say that you can't sleep in any room except the dormitories! Was Sonia really unconscious on the cafeteria table?!"
  257. [17:36 PM]GilderoyLockhart disconnected.
  258. [17:36 PM]Byakuya Togami: "Tch, don't you all get it? The only person who could've murdered the three was one of the students in the cafeteria.
  259. [17:37 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "The rules only prohibit deliberate use of another room."
  260. [17:37 PM]*Monokuma leaned forward. "That's a good point, actually... Just to let others think about it, I'll let you keep your heart, Kiyotaka."
  261. [17:37 PM]Corporal Levi disconnected.
  262. [17:38 PM]Mondo Oowada: "Don't you know how to read, Togami? The school rules say that you can only kill 2 people at a time."
  263. [17:39 PM]*Monokuma nodded. "Also another good point. Only 2 students may be killed by the same villain!" And after this, it decides to stop the nonstop debate. "Let's discuss about that fact, then."
  264. [17:39 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Then... there's more than one villain amongst us, then?!
  265. [17:40 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "This could use some clarification. Monokuma, would anyone breaking a school rule be certain to be punished before the trial?"
  266. [17:40 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Blaah, so many interruptions making it so I can't present evidence.)
  267. [17:40 PM]*Monokuma nodded. "If a rule is broken, then the rule breaker is to be punished immediately!"
  268. [17:40 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "That's what I totally forgot! Would've brought it up earlier, but none of you hunks and hunkettes seem to understand blatant morse code, and after a while, my eyes got pretty tired."
  269. [17:41 PM]*Monokuma dipped its paw into the honey pot again.
  270. [17:41 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "Maybe one of them killed the other two, and someone finished off the killer."
  271. [17:41 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Hiyoko-san said one of the villains could have been in hiding. But, since the doors were locked..."
  272. [17:41 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "...Wouldn't Kiyotaka-san have seen them when he walked in?"
  273. [17:41 PM]Filia and Samson disconnected.
  274. [17:41 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "That only means they would have to hide before the doors locked and leave before anyone else saw them."
  275. [17:42 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: "One could perhaps think the killer posed as one of the bodies inside of the room. Only two bodies were confirmed with [The Timeline] after all."
  276. [17:42 PM]Monokuma: (Nonstop debate's over, Celestia.)
  277. [17:42 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg didn't stop her fingers in time.))
  279. [17:42 PM]*Monokuma rectified that fact. "Actually, I made only one announcement for both the bodies in the kitchen as they were both discovered at the same time. No point in losing time over that."
  280. [17:43 PM]*Monokuma even said 'bodies have been found' in the message, although none of them would've known OOCly.
  281. [17:43 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Besides, Sonia's Testimony confirms there could be no one else in the cafeteria, doesn't it?
  282. [17:44 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: Who says we can trust that, though?
  283. [17:44 PM]Super Level Chihiro: H-Huh?
  284. [17:44 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: Well, the doors were locked, and Sonia didn't have a scratch on her...
  285. [17:44 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Then the two suspicious points are the testimony of the one who claimed to be asleep, and that of the one who claimed to have just discovered the bodies."
  286. [17:45 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "I-I wasn't asleep! I was knocked cold!"
  287. [17:45 PM]Monokuma: Upupupupupupu...
  288. [17:45 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "The kitchen's all fucked up, right? Someone could've hid in there."
  289. [17:45 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "'Knocked cold'? That isn't what you said earlier, is it?"
  290. [17:45 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: The kitchen was only a little messy.
  291. [17:46 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "We sound like a broken record like a broken record like a broken record! Didn't we say that nobody could'a hid in there?"
  292. [17:46 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: Maybe the one who discovered them was only pretending to come into the room just then? The doors automatically unlock at a certain time, right?
  293. [17:46 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Eh? No, it is not what I said in my testimony... But I will stand behind it!"
  294. [17:46 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Y-Yeah. According to your Testimony, Sonia, you claim to have passed out. N-Not been 'knocked cold.'
  295. [17:47 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "Are you trying to insinuate that I'm lying?"
  296. [17:47 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "How strange, for someone to use a term like 'knocked cold' without knowing the reason they 'passed out.'"
  297. [17:47 PM]*Monokuma stirs the honey pot. Like one stirs a beehive.
  298. [17:47 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: "Why don't we move past this and think of what happened if we are to believe Sonia's testimomy?"
  299. [17:48 PM]Monokuma: (testimomy.)
  300. [17:48 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: (I will gut you.)
  301. [17:48 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind i want my testimommy))
  302. [17:48 PM]Monokuma: (Violence against the headmaster!)
  303. [17:48 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "I do know the reason I was knocked out! I just... did not speak truthfully on behalf of betraying a friend."
  304. [17:48 PM]Super Level Chihiro: But isn't it important to find out if Sonia's Testimony is truly to be believed or not?
  305. [17:48 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Yes, but it's also important to think of every possibility.
  306. [17:49 PM]*Super Level Chihiro gasps.
  307. [17:49 PM]Super Level Chihiro: So... you did lie, then, Sonia....
  308. [17:49 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Go ahead, then. We're waiting."
  309. [17:49 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "There's no way Sonny faked it! Jeez, you'd think I'm the only one thinking in this place."
  310. [17:50 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Yes, I... I am afraid I did. But I give my royal promise, I did not harm any person!"
  311. [17:50 PM]Byakuya Togami: "Why did you lie then? What are you hiding from us?"
  312. [17:50 PM]Mondo Oowada: "Why the hell would you lie about somethin' like this?!"
  313. [17:50 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg crosses her arms. She's not going to repeat herself.
  314. [17:51 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Sakura-san... She... She hit me!"
  315. [17:51 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko closes her eyes. "Sonia mentions seeing Sakura's back before passing out. Someone other than Sakura must have done something to sprr this."
  316. [17:51 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Spur.* Fuck me. )
  317. [17:51 PM]*Monokuma brought the honey to its teeth. Didn't even notice that that testimony was actually worded this way. Originally, it was to say that Sonia was knocked out by Sakura. But not because she hit Sonia, because Sonia crept up behind her and Sakura reacted.
  318. [17:51 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Gahahahahahah! ... Wait, huh?"
  319. [17:51 PM]Super Level Chihiro: What?!
  320. [17:52 PM]*Monokuma Confusion because of the Monokuma. So in a way, Sakura did it hit Sonia. It was to be written on the ammo itself, though.
  321. [17:52 PM]*Monokuma all this is in /me, you guys can't hear bear voice.
  322. [17:52 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "I was hearing much violence in the kitchen. I wanted to see what it was."
  323. [17:53 PM]Monokuma: Violence in the kitchen? [What could've done violence in the kitchen?]
  324. [17:53 PM]*Monokuma just starts up another Nonstop debate.
  325. [17:53 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "When I approached the kitchen door... She ran out and hit me!"
  326. [17:54 PM]*Monokuma (this again.) [youtube.com]
  327. [17:54 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Huh? Wait... where did she hit you, Sonia?
  328. [17:54 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Fat chance! She's a hulk! Wouldn't you have a bruise?"
  329. [17:54 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko will smack someone in control of Monokuma for looking over this mistake later. )
  330. [17:55 PM]*Monokuma wishes it'd have been playing.)
  331. [17:56 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "But I do! It is underneath my hair!"
  332. [17:57 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: *"But I do! It is underneath my hair!"
  333. [17:57 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "...Underneath your hair? You [b][color=yellow]wearing a wig[/color][b] or something?"
  334. [17:57 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (FFFFF)
  335. [17:57 PM]Monokuma: (Bold inside the color.)
  336. [17:57 PM]Monokuma: (Also you gotta close it.)
  337. [17:57 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "...Underneath your hair? You wearing a wig or something?"
  338. [17:58 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: But Sonia... you said you saw her back right before "passing out," so I doubt she ran out and hit you like you think.
  339. [17:58 PM]*Monokuma pointed at Hiyoko. "Right, she did say that. Could Sakura have run from inside the kitchen anyway?"
  340. [17:58 PM]*Monokuma actually meant to put that in yellow.
  341. [17:58 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "No, no, nothing like that, Leon-san... It is hidden by my bangs."
  342. [17:59 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: Perhaps we should shave her head.
  343. [17:59 PM]*Monokuma pointed at Hiyoko. "Right, she did say that. Could Sakura have run from inside the kitchen anyway?"
  344. [17:59 PM]*Bloodstain Fever I'm game! Snip snip!
  345. [17:59 PM]*Monokuma by the way, I am now allowing doubles to do chatter as to what their character would say.)
  346. [18:00 PM]Mondo Oowada: I'd say she was pushed out, but I doubt there's anything strong enough to push her around.
  347. [18:00 PM]Monokuma: (Maybe the players are too busy thinking to make up chatter, so I could be doing chatter in Celestia's stead, while one Chihiro could be doing the same for the Chihiro player too.)
  348. [18:00 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Impossible. Hifumi's body was in the way."
  349. [18:01 PM]*Monokuma slammed its fist... paw... down onto the throne a bit, making a creak sound. "Yes! Hifumi's body was in the way... too fat... upupupu..."
  350. [18:02 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: Sakura must have directly hit Sonia to make her pass out though, right? How weak otherwise.
  351. [18:02 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "So they died before Oogami, right?"
  352. [18:02 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: "So then... Sakura tripped on Yamada's body?"
  353. [18:04 PM]*Monokuma wow they're all thinking hard.)
  354. [18:04 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "I do not recall such a thing. There is no way she could have slipped and hit my forehead!"
  355. [18:05 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Besides, Sonia saw Sakura's back.
  356. [18:05 PM]*Monokuma clapped its paws. "But what about the violence in the kitchen? You guys kinda went off track now..." The bear did recall the correction brought to the Ammo to specify that Sonia testified Sakura to have reacted to her approaching.
  357. [18:06 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( What's the corrected form of the ammo? )
  358. [18:06 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Just for the sake of not going over this again. )
  359. [18:07 PM]Monokuma: [Sonia's Testimony]
  360. "We met up during the night to make friends and support each other until morning, right when curfew was announced! We chose the cafeteria to remain in a closed area to forbid anybody leaving early. I didn't kill anybody, but I think I passed out at some point... The last thing I remember is Sakura's back, when she reacted and hit me by accident maybe, then I woke up on the table next to Sakura's body..."
  361. [18:07 PM]Monokuma: (Actually, scratch that, moment.)
  362. [18:07 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Maybe... There as someone behind me as well?"
  363. [18:08 PM]You either mistyped your command, or it doesn't work here.
  364. [18:08 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind *was))
  365. [18:08 PM]Monokuma: [Sonia's Testimony]
  366. "We met up during the night to make friends and support each other until morning, right when curfew was announced! We chose the cafeteria to remain in a closed area to forbid anybody leaving early. I didn't kill anybody, but I think I passed out at some point... The last thing I remember is Sakura's back after she went over to the kitchen's entrance to check on sounds, then I got hit by accident when Sakura reacted, then I woke up on the table next to Sakura's body..."
  368. [18:09 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "We've already discussed extensively how there could be no one else in the cafeteria."
  369. [18:09 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: So if Yamada was blocking the entrance at the time... that means that Sakura and Yasuhiro were the only ones in there, right?
  370. [18:10 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: How do you even have a body so fat as to clog the entire entrance? Sheesh, he should've trained a bit.
  371. [18:10 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "Wait a sec. If Yamada was blockin' the entrance, shouldn't the killer have been there too?"
  372. [18:11 PM]Byakuya Togami: "You just realized that?"
  373. [18:11 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( I can't help but notice that the current line of discussion doesn't work with her updated testimony. )
  374. [18:11 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "They're the ones sayin' nobody else could have been in there."
  375. [18:11 PM]*Monokuma made it clear Sakura did not go in the kitchen because it wasn't obvious enough.)
  376. [18:11 PM]Super Level Chihiro: So... maybe Sayaka backed up and slammed against Sonia, knocking her out? It would explain why the her back was the last thing she saw....
  377. [18:11 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Sakura* )
  378. [18:12 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (Oi vey, you are right. My bad.)
  379. [18:12 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( Do you really thing I'm that heavy? ._. )
  380. [18:12 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (Yes.)
  381. [18:12 PM]*Monokuma those should be chatters.)
  382. [18:12 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( (Yes, I'm absolutely here, I'm just having trouble keeping up is all.) )
  383. [18:12 PM]*Monokuma for funny.)
  384. [18:12 PM]*Bloodstain Fever S a m e]]
  385. [18:12 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: Hit the gym, fatty.
  386. [18:12 PM]Byakuya Togami: I'm lost too. ]]
  387. [18:12 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (I have a few things im just thinking on how to word them.)
  389. [18:13 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Hahah!
  390. [18:13 PM]*Monokuma brings the attention back to the matter at hand then. "[What happened inside the Kitchen?]"
  391. [18:13 PM]Byakuya Togami: I'm like "...Maybe I should play a stupider character." ]]
  392. [18:13 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "There must have been [color=yellow][b]a struggle[/b][/color!]"
  393. [18:13 PM]*Monokuma I didn't think I made a murder so hard, sorry!)
  394. [18:13 PM]Bloodstain Fever: [[Pfff no you are all perf uvu*]]
  395. [18:13 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: * "There must have been a struggle!"
  396. [18:14 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((this is fun! just gonna take us a while for us to wrap our dumb heads around it))
  397. [18:14 PM]Super Level Chihiro: But was there any indication of there being one in the kitchen?
  398. [18:14 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "The the room's state was kinda banged up."
  399. [18:14 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "There most certainly was! Check the state of the room!"
  400. [18:15 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((jinx))
  401. [18:15 PM]Byakuya Togami: "The struggle between Yasuhiro and Hifumi, of course."
  402. [18:15 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: (( It's easier when you can just settle on a plausible idea after awhile without having to first get rid of every other idea. Authors have it easy. ))
  403. [18:15 PM]Super Level Chihiro: A-Ah, I see. I'm sorry....
  404. [18:15 PM]*Monokuma doesn't even have to point out that it's right. Also, only Leon's count, as it was the first presented and it was right.)
  405. [18:15 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: "I don't think there will be really any big signs struggles in a knife fight if that is what it was."
  406. [18:16 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "Then perhaps there was no struggle?"
  407. [18:16 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Something must have caused the room to be in that state."
  408. [18:16 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Kiyotaka-san, are you saying that it was only set up to look like one? How strange!"
  409. [18:17 PM]Mondo Oowada: What would Hifumi and Yasuhiro even have to fight over?
  410. [18:17 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: Porn mags?
  411. [18:17 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Probably something idiotic."
  412. [18:17 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: Maybe they just disagreed... or something. Weren't they gathered together to make friends? How silly that they bickered.
  413. [18:18 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Like eachother!
  414. [18:18 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Aah! Focus, everyone!"
  415. [18:19 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "If Hifumi-san and Yasuhiro-san were in the kitchen, then how did both of them die in that room?"
  416. [18:19 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (Just checking I can jump in here or is it only chattery things? NO yellow and such?)
  417. [18:19 PM]Monokuma: (Only chatter.)
  418. [18:20 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((yeah, you can stick with purple chatter))
  419. [18:20 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Perhaps they killed each other? What timing that would take."
  420. [18:21 PM]*Sayaka_Maizono touches her lower lip thoughtfully. "I kind of recall the knives being sunken at different levels... What does that mean?"
  421. [18:22 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: Aliens
  422. [18:22 PM]*Monokuma calls up an Epiphany Anagram following that Fact of Sayaka's. So, will need to provide a [Tutorial] for this.
  423. [18:22 PM]Byakuya Togami: "Obviously because one of them is far more larger than the other."
  424. [18:23 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: Oh, good! A tutorial! This should prove to be highly educational!
  425. [18:23 PM]*Monokuma Basically, each player in alphabetical order on the list will do /roll 1d26 and whatever the number is corresponds to a letter. The anagram's state will be updated each time the right letter is added. If you add the wrong letter, you will lose a heart. If nobody adds a letter after 12 rolls have been made, as there's 12 players, a new roll shall be made.
  426. [18:23 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko Is there anyone else who could hit Sakura against a wall with such strength other than ?
  427. [18:23 PM]Super Level Chihiro: I usually just skip tutorials myself....
  428. [18:23 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko Wow, really. My whole word got eaten.)
  429. [18:23 PM]*Monokuma will post the Anagram first.
  430. [18:24 PM]*Monokuma a third of the letters +1 if uneven will always be given out right at the start.
  431. [18:24 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: (Does it have to be in order? Like letter 1, 2, 3 etc)
  432. [18:24 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko Herself *
  433. [18:24 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: But... How will you know how to play the game without a helpful instructor?
  434. [18:24 PM]*Monokuma 1 = A, 2 = B.
  435. [18:24 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: Tutorials are for nerds.
  436. [18:24 PM]*Monokuma if you choose to use your letter, you must simply speak it out.
  437. [18:25 PM]Mondo Oowada: A real man just jumps in and figures it out as he goes along!
  438. [18:25 PM]*Monokuma You may use a Focus star for your roll, diminishing it from 26 to 13; each number will then correspond to two letters, and not just one. This system of two letters is based upon A - M being 1-13 and then N - Z being the next 1-13. By rolling 1, you would get the choice between A and N, giving you twice as much as many chances to find the one letter you think goes next.
  439. [18:25 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( You might have to give us the list order, it's split up for those who don't have everyone on friends or bookmarked *>_>* )
  440. [18:25 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Y-Yeah!
  441. [18:26 PM]Monokuma: (The list order is Bloodstain, Byakuya, Celestia, Ishimaru, Kirigiri, Mondo, Saionji, Sayaka, SHSL, Sonia and Super.)
  442. [18:26 PM]*Monokuma well we're actually 11, because Makoto vanished even if he's "here".
  443. [18:26 PM]*Monokuma will post the Anagram now.
  444. [18:26 PM]Sugar Sucre disconnected.
  445. [18:26 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: Oh... You are all so brave with your electronic games. I think there should be more games for princesses!
  446. [18:26 PM]Monokuma: M _ _ _ a _
  447. [18:27 PM]*Monokuma you may roll.
  448. [18:27 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: I think I've heard of that.. Princess Maker..?
  449. [18:27 PM]*Monokuma you can roll 1d13 right away if you choose to spend a Focus star for it, I'll see if you've updated your count.
  450. [18:27 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d26: 25
  451. [18:28 PM]*Monokuma made this system so it would roll by fast so you have many letters to choose from quickly, so please pay attention and roll as soon as the previous person did it.
  452. [18:28 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: T-there is?? How wonderful!
  453. [18:29 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Byakuya's next. )
  454. [18:29 PM]*Monokuma to this effect, please prepare /roll 1d26 or /roll 1d13 asap.)
  455. [18:29 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d26: 21
  456. [18:30 PM]Byakuya Togami: Sorry about that. ]]
  457. [18:30 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg rolls 1d26: 14
  458. [18:30 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka rolls 1d26: 18
  459. [18:30 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko rolls 1d13: 11
  460. [18:30 PM]Byakuya Togami is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E]
  461. [18:31 PM]Mondo Oowada rolls 1d26: 20
  462. [18:31 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: (Byakuya, you didn't roll 1d13, unless you're gonna roll 1d13 next turn.)
  463. [18:31 PM]Saionji Hiyoko rolls 1d26: 20
  464. [18:31 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: (Just update it before rolling, just to make sure I don't get mixed up.)
  465. [18:31 PM]Sayaka_Maizono rolls 1d26: 1
  466. [18:31 PM]Byakuya Togami: Eh? Sorry, this system is a bit confusing for me. ]]
  467. [18:32 PM]SHSL Baseball Player rolls 1d26: 18
  468. [18:32 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind you only use a star if you're rolling 1d13))
  469. [18:32 PM]Sonia-Nevermind rolls 1d26: 21
  470. [18:32 PM]Super Level Chihiro rolls 1d13: 9
  471. [18:32 PM]Byakuya Togami: Oh. ]]
  472. [18:32 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: okay, what letters do we have?))
  473. [18:32 PM]Byakuya Togami is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E]
  474. [18:32 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( NUMBER ONE. )
  475. [18:32 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( <- )
  476. [18:32 PM]Monokuma: (Using a Focus star lets you roll 1d13 instead, with the number corresponding to 2 letters instead of 1.)
  477. [18:32 PM]Monokuma: (If you don't know your letter, just count it on your fingers or something, Upupupu.)
  478. [18:33 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Y, U, N, R, K, T, A, I--]]
  479. [18:33 PM]*Bloodstain Fever I think--]]
  480. [18:33 PM]*Monokuma if nobody has any letter, Bloodstain Fever can roll again right away. When you roll again, you lose your previous letter's choice, by the way.)
  481. [18:33 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: U!
  482. [18:33 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: A..!?
  483. [18:33 PM]Monokuma: M u _ _ a _
  484. [18:33 PM]Byakuya Togami: Thank you for doing the work for your white knight, Genocider. ]]
  485. [18:33 PM]Byakuya Togami: U.
  486. [18:33 PM]*Monokuma won't bop Sayaka because a right letter was spoken first.)
  487. [18:33 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (Mulan...?)
  488. [18:34 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Squeal!
  490. [18:34 PM]*Monokuma Go ahead and roll now, it's second round.
  491. [18:34 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d26: 26
  492. [18:34 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d26: 13
  493. [18:34 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg rolls 1d26: 5
  494. [18:34 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka rolls 1d26: 3
  495. [18:35 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko rolls 1d13: 10
  496. [18:35 PM]Mondo Oowada rolls 1d26: 12
  497. [18:35 PM]Saionji Hiyoko rolls 1d26: 14
  498. [18:35 PM]Sayaka_Maizono rolls 1d26: 10
  499. [18:35 PM]SHSL Baseball Player rolls 1d26: 2
  500. [18:35 PM]Sonia-Nevermind rolls 1d26: 16
  501. [18:35 PM]Super Level Chihiro rolls 1d26: 6
  502. [18:35 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: P?
  503. [18:35 PM]*Monokuma bops Sonia's hearts.
  504. [18:35 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: C.
  505. [18:35 PM]*Monokuma go ahead, roll again people.
  506. [18:36 PM]*Monokuma bops Kiyotaka.
  507. [18:36 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: Oh do we only get one- :c
  508. [18:36 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka is now Online. [ %u2665 %u2665 %u2665 %u2665 | | %u272E %u272E %u272E %u272E %u272E]
  509. [18:36 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: you're a heartbreaker, dream maker, love taker don't you mess around with me))
  510. [18:36 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d13: 13
  511. [18:36 PM]*Monokuma you don't have to use your letter if you don't think it's that, just to say.)
  512. [18:36 PM]Bloodstain Fever is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E]
  513. [18:36 PM]*Monokuma obviously.)
  514. [18:36 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d26: 21
  515. [18:36 PM]*Monokuma you get as many chances as you have hearts left.)
  516. [18:36 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( We're rolling a third time? )
  517. [18:37 PM]Monokuma: It's still M u _ _ a _ by the way.
  518. [18:37 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: are we only allowed one guess per round? i will try not to throw out everything i've got, in that case))
  519. [18:37 PM]*Monokuma No, you can guess all the times you want. Of course, if you guess wrongly you will lose a heart.)
  520. [18:37 PM]*Monokuma yes, Celestia. I've said so, if it gets to Super, Bloodstain may roll again, but as soon as you roll again you lose your previous letter.)
  521. [18:37 PM]*Monokuma it's a continuous cycle until someone says the right letter.
  522. [18:38 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( I'm confused as to why I didn't get a chance to answer that round. )
  523. [18:38 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: T.
  524. [18:38 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg rolls 1d26: 10
  525. [18:38 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka rolls 1d26: 16
  526. [18:38 PM]Monokuma: (Your letter isn't T, Kyouko, it's W.)
  527. [18:38 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: I rolled a 1d13.)
  528. [18:38 PM]Monokuma: (it's W.)
  529. [18:38 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: Is anyone quite sure what the word is?
  530. [18:38 PM]Monokuma: (It's the 23th letter.)
  531. [18:39 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: I rolled a 10. Which is J & T)
  532. [18:39 PM]Monokuma: (It's J and W.)
  533. [18:39 PM]Bloodstain Fever: Y?
  534. [18:39 PM]Monokuma: (10th and 23rd.)
  535. [18:39 PM]*Monokuma bops Syo's hearts.
  536. [18:39 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko rolls 1d26: 2
  537. [18:39 PM]*Bloodstain Fever y this
  538. [18:39 PM]Mondo Oowada rolls 1d26: 17
  539. [18:39 PM]Bloodstain Fever is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E]
  540. [18:39 PM]Saionji Hiyoko rolls 1d26: 7
  541. [18:39 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: S-Syo! Nooooooo!
  542. [18:40 PM]*FujisakiChihiro nods. I do bel-believe I do.
  543. [18:40 PM]Byakuya Togami: Don't bother.
  544. [18:40 PM]Lenwe connected.
  545. [18:40 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: What do you think, Chihiro-san?
  546. [18:40 PM]Sayaka_Maizono rolls 1d26: 19
  547. [18:40 PM]SHSL Baseball Player rolls 1d26: 13
  548. [18:40 PM]Sonia-Nevermind rolls 1d26: 18
  549. [18:40 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: G?
  550. [18:40 PM]*Super Level Chihiro roll 1d26
  551. [18:40 PM]*Monokuma bops Hiyoko's hearts.
  552. [18:40 PM]FujisakiChihiro: Mutual.
  553. [18:40 PM]Super Level Chihiro rolls 1d26: 1
  554. [18:41 PM]Saionji Hiyoko is now Busy. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E]
  555. [18:41 PM]FujisakiChihiro: [color=purple] Based on letters and.. and the provided ammo information. That would be my.. guess.
  556. [18:41 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: Ah, clever! Whoever rolls a 20 should use it post-haste!
  557. [18:41 PM]*Monokuma never really let chatter exist in Epiphany Anagrams, but will let it slide this time.)
  558. [18:41 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (Im not even really here and I fail)
  559. [18:41 PM]*Bloodstain Fever You've got my mutual agreeance! Sounds aces, Chia pet!
  560. [18:41 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (Oh.. sorry.)
  561. [18:41 PM]*Bloodstain Fever fanewdfkjs oop]]
  562. [18:42 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((we are all chatting within one another's minds))
  563. [18:42 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((while letters fly around in space))
  564. [18:42 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko is harnessing Sayaka's ESP ability.)
  565. [18:42 PM]*Monokuma may allow chatter in the future. If Bloodstain can roll, for one.)
  566. [18:42 PM]*Bloodstain Fever oH OOPS--]]
  567. [18:42 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d26: 24
  568. [18:42 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d13: 11
  569. [18:42 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Without chatter it's going to take a lot longer for the round to end after someone has already figured it out...)
  570. [18:42 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg rolls 1d26: 23
  571. [18:43 PM]Byakuya Togami is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E]
  572. [18:43 PM]*Monokuma figured that people would eventually get enough chances at the letter with ~12 going at it, especially.)
  573. [18:43 PM]*Monokuma might fix the system to allow a Focus star to be used to steal someone else's letter.)
  574. [18:43 PM]Byakuya Togami: I am now thinking of taking on Hagakure because I'm the dumbest Togami in the entire world. ]]
  575. [18:43 PM]*Monokuma in case you get the number you want, but oops, it's someone else who got it.)
  576. [18:44 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka rolls 1d26: 1
  577. [18:44 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko rolls 1d26: 9
  578. [18:44 PM]*Monokuma shh, Byakuya. Play whoever you want.)
  579. [18:44 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((that sounds good, since there's still only a 1/13 chance of getting the right letter, even if you know what it is))
  580. [18:44 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Yes, but if only one person has figured it out, the other rolls won't speed it up. )
  581. [18:44 PM]Mondo Oowada rolls 1d26: 3
  582. [18:44 PM]Saionji Hiyoko rolls 1d26: 6
  583. [18:44 PM]*Monokuma I'm now allowing someone to spend a Focus star to steal someone else's letter. I figure it could speed up the process if someone figured out the word and want to try a hand at it.)
  584. [18:45 PM]Sayaka_Maizono rolls 1d26: 26
  585. [18:45 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind crosses her fingers. Still no twenties yet!
  586. [18:45 PM]SHSL Baseball Player rolls 1d26: 9
  587. [18:45 PM]Sonia-Nevermind rolls 1d26: 26
  588. [18:45 PM]Super Level Chihiro rolls 1d26: 9
  589. [18:45 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d26: 2
  590. [18:45 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind NONSTOP DIEROLLS))
  591. [18:45 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d26: 26
  592. [18:45 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: roll 1d26
  593. [18:45 PM]*Monokuma why so many 26s asdf)
  594. [18:45 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg rolls 1d26: 4
  595. [18:45 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka rolls 1d26: 21
  596. [18:45 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind because we're shameless star hoarders))
  597. [18:46 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: (FOR REAL?)
  598. [18:46 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind also no one has a twenty otherwise i would've used it already B[ ))
  599. [18:46 PM]*Super Level Chihiro laughs in despair!))
  600. [18:46 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko rolls 1d26: 20
  601. [18:46 PM]Byakuya Togami: -- ]]
  602. [18:46 PM]Byakuya Togami: timing ]]
  603. [18:46 PM]*Monokuma might allow someone to use a Focus star in order to move their number up or down one, instead of making the roll be 1d13. Will do that right away, actually.)
  604. [18:46 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: T. noww
  605. [18:46 PM]Dalinea connected.
  606. [18:46 PM]Monokuma: M u t _ a _
  607. [18:46 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind YES. HIGH FIVE.
  608. [18:46 PM]Mondo Oowada rolls 1d26: 9
  609. [18:46 PM]Saionji Hiyoko rolls 1d26: 4
  610. [18:47 PM]Sayaka_Maizono rolls 1d26: 11
  611. [18:47 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Oh-- can I still teal Ishimaru's letter--]]
  612. [18:47 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko doesn't see why you don't have 13 split instead of going from N+ for your second roll after wasting a star. Considering 26 letters in alphabet.)
  613. [18:47 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: Can I put in the U?
  614. [18:47 PM]Byakuya Togami: The U is already there. ]]
  615. [18:47 PM]SHSL Baseball Player rolls 1d26: 23
  616. [18:47 PM]*Bloodstain Fever /lame/ >8[ ]]
  617. [18:47 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: there is a second place for it!))
  618. [18:47 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( There are 2 Us in MUTUAL. )
  619. [18:48 PM]Byakuya Togami: oh ]]
  620. [18:48 PM]Byakuya Togami: right ]]
  621. [18:48 PM]Monokuma: (Wait, I'm gonna speak up.)
  622. [18:48 PM]Monokuma: (When the Anagram is updated, normally the roll begins at Bloodstain again.)
  623. [18:48 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko disregard, I'm stupid.)
  624. [18:48 PM]Monokuma: (All rolls before that are voided. Just saying.)
  625. [18:48 PM]Lenwe disconnected.
  626. [18:49 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Ah. :9]]
  627. [18:49 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: you arbitrary bumblebutt >B[ ROLL 'EM))
  628. [18:49 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: oh wait))
  629. [18:49 PM]Sonia-Nevermind rolls 1d26: 16
  630. [18:49 PM]*Super Level Chihiro sighs. Always did have trouble with these anagrams! ;~;))
  631. [18:49 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( "Wheel of Fortune"--that was the name of that show. )
  632. [18:49 PM]Monokuma: (Before the update that is.)
  633. [18:49 PM]Super Level Chihiro rolls 1d26: 10
  634. [18:49 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d26: 15
  635. [18:50 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d13: 4
  636. [18:50 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg rolls 1d26: 3
  637. [18:50 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka rolls 1d26: 25
  638. [18:50 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko rolls 1d26: 22
  639. [18:50 PM]Mondo Oowada rolls 1d26: 12
  640. [18:50 PM]Monokuma: (Remember, you may use a focus star to move up or down a letter, and to swipe someone else's number (but not move up or down their number))
  641. [18:50 PM]Saionji Hiyoko rolls 1d26: 16
  642. [18:50 PM]Monokuma: (You also don't need to tell me, just use a Star if you do so, and do it.)
  643. [18:51 PM]Sayaka_Maizono rolls 1d26: 11
  644. [18:51 PM]SHSL Baseball Player rolls 1d26: 26
  645. [18:51 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind kirigiri, move yours down one FOR GREAT JUSTICE))
  646. [18:51 PM]Sonia-Nevermind rolls 1d26: 26
  647. [18:51 PM]Byakuya Togami: May I steal Mondo's number? ]]
  648. [18:51 PM]Super Level Chihiro rolls 1d26: 7
  649. [18:51 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Do we need to fill them in order? )
  650. [18:51 PM]Monokuma: (Yes.)
  651. [18:51 PM]Byakuya Togami: L.
  652. [18:51 PM]Monokuma: (I meant for Celestia.)
  653. [18:51 PM]Byakuya Togami: Shit. ]]
  654. [18:52 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: (M-u-t-l?)
  655. [18:52 PM]Bloodstain Fever: [[Hahah, I was pretty confused about that too--]]
  656. [18:52 PM]Mondo Oowada: Good thing I didn't go for it.)
  657. [18:52 PM]Byakuya Togami: Oh. Fuck! ]]
  658. [18:52 PM]Monokuma: (I'll not remove a heart now, since it's a mistake made by misunderstanding. I think I did list it in the rules of the anagram though. On my profile.)
  659. [18:52 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (I was in the beginning as well.)
  660. [18:52 PM]Byakuya Togami: welp ]]
  661. [18:52 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (This makes good tea sipping entertainment.)
  662. [18:53 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d26: 24
  663. [18:53 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko is going down to use Us.
  664. [18:53 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko U.
  665. [18:53 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( I didn't see it on your profile, which is why I asked. )
  666. [18:53 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d26: 11
  667. [18:53 PM]Monokuma: M u t u a _
  668. [18:53 PM]Monokuma: (I'll fix that info after the trial by the way.)
  669. [18:54 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind GO OOWADA))
  670. [18:54 PM]Monokuma: (Totally forgot this. [youtube.com])
  671. [18:54 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Can we steal a letter and increase or decrease the number for the price of 2 stars? )
  672. [18:54 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Up one, Togami. )
  673. [18:54 PM]*Monokuma no Sonia, that roll was WIPED. All previous rolls are WIPED when I update it. I said so.)
  674. [18:54 PM]Monokuma: (No Kyouko, I also said you can't do both earlier.)
  675. [18:54 PM]Byakuya Togami: TWELVE. B[ ]]
  676. [18:55 PM]Monokuma: (I'd also need to heavily adjust the skills after this trial is done too.)
  677. [18:55 PM]Monokuma: (What's 12?)
  678. [18:55 PM]Byakuya Togami: L. ]]
  679. [18:55 PM]Monokuma: M u t u a l
  680. [18:55 PM]*Monokuma bingo
  681. [18:55 PM]*Monokuma also you used a star
  682. [18:55 PM]Byakuya Togami is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E]
  683. [18:55 PM]*Monokuma brings it back to a normal discussion.
  684. [18:56 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "Mutual...masturbation?"
  685. [18:56 PM]Super Level Chihiro: N-No need to be vulgar!
  686. [18:56 PM]*Byakuya Togami glares at Leon. "Are you really that stupid?"
  687. [18:56 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: What are you, an imbecile?!
  688. [18:56 PM]*Celestia Rudenberk just had to. Even if chatter isn't allowed in normal debates.
  689. [18:56 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "That's against the rules!"
  690. [18:56 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Mutual... suicide?
  691. [18:57 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Mutual murder, obviously."
  692. [18:57 PM]Super Level Chihiro: H-Huh? Murder?
  693. [18:57 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Who could possibly murder Sakura?
  694. [18:57 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( I've lost scrollback on where exactly we were. )
  695. [18:57 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: I can't think either of those three have the strength for it.
  696. [18:57 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "That's what we've been trying to figure out!"
  697. [18:57 PM]Byakuya Togami: "Which means, obviously Hagakure or Yamada would've murdered Sakura."
  698. [18:57 PM]*Monokuma is verily tempted to pull up another anagram, because one was actually planned and Mutual wasn't...
  699. [18:57 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "What if she died on accident?"
  700. [18:57 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Are we certain Sakura played a part in this... mutual killing?"
  701. [18:58 PM]*Monokuma and it has to do with the subject now...
  702. [18:58 PM]*Monokuma will leave it there for now, and may later. But do continue. The bear is pleased.
  703. [18:58 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((i think one is enough for now because HOO BOY, that was a whole lot of die rollin'))
  704. [18:58 PM]Super Level Chihiro: According to Sonia's Testimony, she was just going to go investigate the noises in the kitchen, right?
  705. [18:58 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Didn't I say this earlier? That if Sakura wasn't in the kitchen during the fight, it must have been that the two of them killed each other with those knives."
  706. [18:59 PM]Byakuya Togami: "I don't think that's the case, Celes."
  708. [18:59 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (Keep at it guys! I think you are all getting close!)
  709. [18:59 PM]*Monokuma smashes AE.)
  710. [19:00 PM]*Bloodstain Fever laUGHS]]
  711. [19:00 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Sakura wouldn't have needed a knife to kill either of them, would she?"
  712. [19:00 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "Isn't using your bare hands kinda messy?"
  713. [19:00 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: "Does that mean something was set up to kill them both? Or that it really was..."
  714. [19:00 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Could they have agreed to attack and kill Sakura, then one of them turn on each other?
  715. [19:00 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Isn't using a knife just as obvious?
  716. [19:01 PM]Byakuya Togami: "...Perhaps so. But, I don't see how they could've killed each other at the same time."
  717. [19:01 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "I am sure we would have seen something on her body if she indeed used her hands to... to kill."
  718. [19:01 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "Sakura didn't suffer from a stab wound, however."
  719. [19:01 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Why would they agree to work together, when only can graduate?"
  720. [19:01 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( *only one )
  721. [19:02 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Hmm... Sonia, are you sure there is nothing else you remember? At all?
  722. [19:02 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Even if that's the case, Cheehee, how'd the backstabber get backstabbed?"
  723. [19:03 PM]Byakuya Togami: "That was a terrible pun. Go do a few push-ups and think about what you just said."
  724. [19:03 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "The wounds were all from the front, lest we be distracted by that unfortunate wording."
  725. [19:03 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Most positive, Chihiro-san! There was nothing strange until I heard a ruckus in the kitchen!"
  726. [19:04 PM]Mondo Oowada: "Hey, about the table Sonia was on... what d'ya think moved it?"
  727. [19:04 PM]Monokuma: Upupupu...
  728. [19:04 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Someone must have set up the table for Sonia.
  729. [19:04 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Wasn't it moved while they were all together? Well, Sonia should know."
  730. [19:05 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: I can't imagine one of the stabbed victims moved it for her.
  731. [19:05 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "Perhaps Oogami did it?"
  732. [19:05 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "If she really did get knocked out right then and there, someone must've moved her on the table! I smell shenanigans!"
  733. [19:05 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: "Well, the tables are pretty large... Only one person could've moved it by themselves."
  734. [19:05 PM]Super Level Chihiro: You mean Sakura?
  735. [19:05 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg would probably be using "Oogami" if she didn't keep forgetting surnames. ))
  736. [19:06 PM]Byakuya Togami: "So, Sakura moved the table for Sonia?"
  737. [19:06 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: So, you think Sakura knocked out Sonia and then moved out a table to set her down on later?
  738. [19:06 PM]Super Level Chihiro: But why would she do that?
  739. [19:06 PM]Byakuya Togami: "It was an accident after all, she probably was guilty of punching her and sat her somewhere safe away from the two."
  740. [19:06 PM]Mondo Oowada: If that's true, that'd make Oogami hittin' her seem like more of an accident.
  741. [19:07 PM]Byakuya Togami: "Then, she went back to the fight and that's where all the killings happened."
  742. [19:08 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "But... If Yamada and Hagakure were dead, and I was unconscious... Then what time was Sakura-san killed?"
  743. [19:08 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Something doesn't feel right. I don't know much about this bedside manner stuff, but if you're gonna move someone somewhere to rest, you don't et 'em down in the middle of a battlefield!"
  744. [19:08 PM]*Bloodstain Fever *Set 'em--]]
  745. [19:08 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Y-Yeah, I agree.
  746. [19:08 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Since the doors were locked, the cafeteria is as far from the battlefield as she could be."
  747. [19:08 PM]Super Level Chihiro: If there was a conflict occurring, she would not be moving tables or setting her body anywhere safe.
  749. [19:09 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Sakura died at about...2 to 3 am just like everyone else according to the Monokuma File.
  750. [19:09 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: "If she reacted like that, though... maybe she was already under attack when she bumped into Sonia? She may be big and tough, but Sakura seemed to be very in control."
  751. [19:09 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Maybe... she thought the fight was over!"
  752. [19:09 PM]*Monokuma shook a paw. "All bodies were dead from 2 to 3 AM."
  753. [19:09 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Oh, I am clear on that, Kyouko-san. I am just wondering when she would have died in that time."
  754. [19:10 PM]Super Level Chihiro: There's an hour there which anyone one of them could have died....
  755. [19:10 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Perhaps she died sometime after being wounded."
  756. [19:10 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: I assume after.
  757. [19:10 PM]Byakuya Togami: "I guess I'll have to repeat myself. It does seem like Sakura moved Sonia somewhere safe after she was knocked out cold. Then went back to the action."
  758. [19:10 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Maybe the 'action' was already done.
  759. [19:10 PM]Monokuma: Alright, let's do this again, then! [How did Sakura Oogami die?]
  760. [19:11 PM]*Monokuma pulls up a Nonstop debate out of its ass.
  761. [19:11 PM]Monokuma: This [youtuberepeater.com]
  762. [19:11 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "We know she was hit by a blunt weapon!"
  763. [19:11 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Because of the position of her body, we can assume that Oogami did not die instantly."
  764. [19:12 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko "Sakura's Body shows that her face was entirely smashed in against the wall of the cafeteria."
  765. [19:12 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (Darn! Beat me to it!)
  766. [19:12 PM]*Monokuma what does that counter, Kyouko? Which Fact do you put that to?)
  767. [19:12 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Wait, I'm confused looking at the ammo again. )
  768. [19:12 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko Someone acusing a blunt weapon being used.
  769. [19:13 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( I think this was asked earlier but I don't remember an answer. "She was found sitting against it." It being the wall. Does this mean she was facing away? )
  770. [19:13 PM]*Monokuma waved a paw. "But how do you explain a wound practically bashing the entire head in if it wasn't a blunt weapon?"
  771. [19:13 PM]*Monokuma bops the hearts.
  772. [19:13 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "I do not believe entered the kitchen? So there is that..."
  773. [19:13 PM]*Monokuma and yes, she was sitting against it. How do you sit against a wall?
  774. [19:13 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind *she ever entered
  775. [19:14 PM]Byakuya Togami: "How in the world could they have pushed Sakura against the wall like that with [b][color=yellow]no signs of struggle in the cafeteria?[/b][/color]"
  776. [19:14 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( But it also says "her face has been smashed in against the wall." )
  777. [19:14 PM]Byakuya Togami: Ouch. ]]
  778. [19:14 PM]Monokuma: (She is facing away from the wall, but her face is pretty much flattened against it.)
  779. [19:14 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( That "against the wall" bit seems contradictory. )
  780. [19:14 PM]Monokuma: (Like, the back of her head against it.)
  781. [19:15 PM]Monokuma: (So hard she's pretty much a pancake of blood and whatnot.)
  782. [19:15 PM]Monokuma: (It's pretty gruesome.)
  783. [19:15 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "We may have found no signs of struggle there, but perhaps she was undone in one, clean blow!"
  784. [19:15 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: It is just like my police shows!
  785. [19:16 PM]The Burned Man connected.
  786. [19:16 PM]Byakuya Togami: "Are you assuming Hagakure or Yamada smashed her head against the wall?"
  787. [19:16 PM]*Monokuma stirs up its glass of wine.
  788. [19:16 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "She's huge! I'm telling you, there's just no fuckin' way anyone else could move her!"
  789. [19:16 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "They're both far too weak for that, right?"
  790. [19:16 PM]Byakuya Togami: I'd imagine so.
  791. [19:17 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: "Maybe they used something in the room?"
  792. [19:17 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg honestly can't remember what the stuff in the room looked like. ))
  793. [19:17 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Yes! A weapon such as the frying pans!"
  794. [19:17 PM]*Monokuma isn't gonna make people remember what the inside of a room looks like.
  795. [19:17 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: *the frying pans!"
  796. [19:17 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "Somethin' in the room...Like a table?"
  797. [19:18 PM]*Monokuma bops Leon's hearts. "The table was moved, but not that hard, upupupu..."
  798. [19:18 PM]Super Level Chihiro: But that table is heavy....
  799. [19:18 PM]Dalinea disconnected.
  800. [19:19 PM]Byakuya Togami: I doubt Hagakure and Yamada could lift such a heavy object.
  801. [19:19 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "The table was not moved until after I went cold. It only makes sense!"
  802. [19:19 PM]Super Level Chihiro: So... I think it's safe to say the table is not a murder weapon here.
  803. [19:20 PM]Dalinea connected.
  804. [19:20 PM]Byakuya Togami: "Without a doubt, the only weapon that could knock Sakura out clean is the frying pan."
  805. [19:20 PM]Lenwe connected.
  806. [19:21 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Someone must have moved the table. And the only one who could do that is Oogami herself. Likewise, only she could have moved herself to where she sat."
  807. [19:21 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Hmm... On a side note, is it possible for the cafeteria doors to be lockpicked?"
  808. [19:21 PM]*Monokuma will make a note of something because otherwise things will never move ahead on their own. There's no water after curfew, just making all of you remember.)
  809. [19:21 PM]*Monokuma and that is a gift of a hint.)
  810. [19:21 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( I actually thought that was only for showers. )
  811. [19:22 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Well then. )
  812. [19:22 PM]*Monokuma hi Makoto you missed about 95% of the trial)
  813. [19:22 PM]Makoto Naegi: Sorry! I just got back home. >_< )
  814. [19:22 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((welcome back! i'll send you the lowdown))
  815. [19:23 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Wait... then none of the frying pans could be the murder weapon because of The School Rules!
  816. [19:24 PM]*Monokuma demands Chihiro to explain, while it slowly slipped off the throne due to inattention, and inadvertently landing on the ground with its butt; being a robotic bear, the resounding clank was heard through the whole room before it clambered back up the seat. "Oh boy, so embarrassing for a bear to fall."
  817. [19:24 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Which rule do you mean, Chihiro-san?"
  818. [19:25 PM]Super Level Chihiro: W-Well... no water flows after curfew, right? For that reason alone, if one of the pans had been used, then one of them would most certainly be bloody, right?
  819. [19:25 PM]Monokuma: Upupupu...
  820. [19:25 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( The water thing isn't specifically mentioned in the rules, I'll note. )
  821. [19:26 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Oh! I hadn't realized that. If that is indeed the case, then what could be Sakura's murder weapon?"
  822. [19:27 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (Well, it would be safe to assume, yes? After all, why cut water off just for showers and not everywhere else?)
  823. [19:27 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (Though admittedly, it isn't explicitly stated.)
  824. [19:27 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( The reason the water is cut off isn't mentioned, either. )
  825. [19:27 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "It's not as if we found a bloodstain anywhere else."
  826. [19:28 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Nothing else had blood on 'em, right? Nothing but the bodies!"
  827. [19:29 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "If we suppose that it didn't leave a bloodstain, then we'll go nowhere."
  828. [19:30 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Perhaps the killer slammed her against the wall with great force! Wham! Wham!"
  829. [19:31 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: "Maybe... the bloody weapon was hidden somewhere?"
  830. [19:31 PM]Super Level Chihiro: This may sound really wild, but... could someone have used their b-body to crush Sakura's face?
  831. [19:31 PM]*Monokuma will have to pull out the anagram sooooooon.
  832. [19:32 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Get real! The only weapon that could've been used was the Frying Pans, right? That means it has to be something in the room!"
  833. [19:32 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (Then its my time to shine again! -Smile-)
  834. [19:32 PM]*Monokuma this one is gonna go by faster though, despite having more letters.
  835. [19:32 PM]*Monokuma no chihiro stahp
  836. [19:32 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "This is not the first time you have proposed such a theory, Hiyoko. You were not hiding, were you?"
  837. [19:32 PM]*Monokuma bops Syo. They couldn't have been cleaned.
  838. [19:32 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind syo could've cleaned it))
  839. [19:32 PM]*Bloodstain Fever in response to Hiyoko oop]]
  840. [19:32 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind WITH HER TONGUE))
  841. [19:33 PM]*Monokuma has presented every single thing you need to know how Sakura died, by the way.
  842. [19:33 PM]*Bloodstain Fever >:y~~~~
  843. [19:33 PM]Mondo Oowada: "You'd need a pretty large body to do something like that, though..."
  844. [19:33 PM]*Monokuma you lost a heart, Syo. Just sayin'.
  845. [19:33 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Oh-- oop, sorry]]
  846. [19:33 PM]Bloodstain Fever is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E%u272E]
  847. [19:34 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "Hifumi's body is quite large!"
  848. [19:34 PM]*Monokuma bops Kiyotaka's hearts. "But the body was more or less blocking the entrance, how could it have moved?"
  849. [19:34 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka is now Online. [ %u2665 %u2665 %u2665 | | %u272E %u272E %u272E %u272E %u272E]
  850. [19:34 PM]*Monokuma okay so we're going in circles time to pull out the anagram
  851. [19:35 PM]*Monokuma by the way after the anagram it's almost gonna be Climax Logic time
  852. [19:35 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (Uh-oh!)
  853. [19:35 PM]*Monokuma so here's the start of the anagram
  854. [19:35 PM]Monokuma: _ u n _ _ h _ _ _ t
  855. [19:35 PM]*Monokuma let's do it that the order of letters doesn't matter. If you have one, use it, and tell where you want it to go to.
  856. [19:36 PM]Monokuma: Anagrams [youtube.com]
  857. [19:36 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((bloodstain fever, LET'S GET THE BALL ROLLIN'))
  858. [19:36 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d26: 4
  859. [19:36 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d26: 4
  860. [19:36 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg rolls 1d26: 5
  861. [19:36 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka rolls 1d26: 8
  862. [19:36 PM]*Monokuma ahh, ahh, Syo rolled the same number as her White Knight
  863. [19:37 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind IT MUST BE FATE))
  864. [19:37 PM]*Bloodstain Fever The dice know we are one in the same! It is fate!
  865. [19:37 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko rolls 1d26: 24
  866. [19:37 PM]*Byakuya Togami ...glares. Monokuma totally did that on purpose.
  867. [19:37 PM]Mondo Oowada rolls 1d26: 16
  868. [19:37 PM]Saionji Hiyoko rolls 1d26: 20
  869. [19:37 PM]*Monokuma also I forbid anybody from leaking a word this time.
  870. [19:37 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (I will stay quiet this time if I figure it out. No more help from the nice AI.)
  871. [19:37 PM]*Monokuma you're chihiro not an AI)
  872. [19:38 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind sayaka, are you there?))
  873. [19:38 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( Gah sorry!)
  874. [19:38 PM]*Super Level Chihiro really needs to get around finishing up that programming. And soon!))
  875. [19:38 PM]Sayaka_Maizono rolls 1d26: 24
  876. [19:38 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: /roll 1d26
  877. [19:38 PM]*Monokuma wow Leon
  878. [19:38 PM]*SHSL Baseball Player what did I do
  879. [19:38 PM]*Monokuma do it again
  880. [19:38 PM]SHSL Baseball Player rolls 1d26: 5
  881. [19:38 PM]Sonia-Nevermind rolls 1d26: 24
  882. [19:39 PM]Super Level Chihiro rolls 1d26: 24
  883. [19:39 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Hahahah]]
  884. [19:39 PM]*Bloodstain Fever haHAHAHAH]]
  885. [19:39 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (HAX!!!)
  886. [19:39 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind next week on 24))
  887. [19:39 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d26: 1
  888. [19:39 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d26: 3
  889. [19:39 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg rolls 1d26: 15
  890. [19:39 PM]Monokuma: _ u n _ _ h _ _ _ t (Just to repost the Anagram.)
  891. [19:39 PM]Byakuya Togami: C.
  892. [19:40 PM]*Monokuma where?
  893. [19:40 PM]Byakuya Togami: Err...front?
  894. [19:40 PM]*Monokuma the first one?
  895. [19:40 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( I think we should change a rule to allow people to still guess their letter after someone else guesses. )
  896. [19:40 PM]Sage connected.
  897. [19:40 PM]Byakuya Togami: Yeah.
  898. [19:40 PM]*Monokuma -1 heart
  899. [19:40 PM]*Byakuya Togami waves goodbye to his heart.
  900. [19:40 PM]*Monokuma is already making it so you can put a letter wherever you want.
  901. [19:40 PM]Byakuya Togami is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E]
  902. [19:40 PM]Byakuya Togami is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E]
  903. [19:40 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Yes but this isn't to make it easier, just less annoying. )
  904. [19:40 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind don't worry syo, he has four more you can possess))
  905. [19:41 PM]*Bloodstain Fever will give you one of hers! <3!!!
  906. [19:41 PM]Byakuya Togami: That was my first heart. ]]
  907. [19:41 PM]*Monokuma no worries Celestia, I'll arrange it.
  908. [19:41 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Anyway, I think that means we're back to bloodstain. )
  909. [19:41 PM]*Monokuma just want to stick to it as much as I can just to make sure I test the main idea. Anagrams and MTBs are the touchiest mechanics.)
  910. [19:41 PM]Jaspersprite connected.
  911. [19:41 PM]*Monokuma no, no new letter was updated
  912. [19:41 PM]*Monokuma it's Ishimaru
  913. [19:42 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d26: 13
  914. [19:42 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Oh, then I'm guessing. P. First slot. )
  915. [19:42 PM]Monokuma: P u n _ _ h _ _ _ t
  916. [19:42 PM]*Super Level Chihiro oh my gosh... I think I know it!!!))
  917. [19:43 PM]Monokuma: (you quiet, you get your letters in)
  918. [19:43 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (Y-Yes, of course!)
  919. [19:43 PM]Byakuya Togami: Damn, Celes still at 5 hearts. Syo, give me a heart.
  920. [19:43 PM]Monokuma: Next is Byakuya.
  921. [19:43 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d26: 19
  922. [19:43 PM]*Bloodstain Fever <3 <3 <3
  923. [19:43 PM]*Monokuma will remove the need to return to the first one to roll after each time the anagram is updated.
  924. [19:44 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg rolls 1d26: 13
  925. [19:44 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka rolls 1d26: 16
  926. [19:44 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: M. Third blank.
  927. [19:44 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (We can expend one star to steal a letter, yes?)
  928. [19:44 PM]Monokuma: P u n _ _ h m _ _ t
  929. [19:44 PM]Monokuma: (Yes.)
  930. [19:45 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: (Also Celes that cost a star.)
  931. [19:45 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: P... U... N? Oh, it must be a pun! I guess it is Punsylvania! Heeheehee!
  932. [19:45 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: (Wait no, I suck.)
  933. [19:45 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko rolls 1d26: 24
  934. [19:45 PM]Byakuya Togami: I got one.
  935. [19:45 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Then I steal Togami's letter and put an 'S' in the fifth slot!
  936. [19:45 PM]Mondo Oowada rolls 1d26: 20
  937. [19:45 PM]Byakuya Togami: S-
  938. [19:45 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg fufufu. )
  939. [19:45 PM]Byakuya Togami: wow
  940. [19:45 PM]Byakuya Togami: Not cool man.
  941. [19:45 PM]Saionji Hiyoko rolls 1d26: 1
  942. [19:45 PM]Sayaka_Maizono rolls 1d26: 1
  943. [19:45 PM]*Monokuma Chihiro's wrong anyway.
  944. [19:45 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Nobody steals my man's letter! I'll cut you to ribbons!
  945. [19:46 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: don't worry togami i have an S for you))
  946. [19:46 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: $))
  947. [19:46 PM]Byakuya Togami: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ]]
  948. [19:46 PM]SHSL Baseball Player rolls 1d26: 20
  949. [19:46 PM]*Monokuma where do you put it, Byakuya?
  950. [19:46 PM]Sonia-Nevermind rolls 1d26: 26
  951. [19:46 PM]Byakuya Togami: Left of the H
  952. [19:46 PM]Monokuma: (Chihiro loses a heart, by the way. And a star for stealing the letter. That gotta heart a lot.)
  953. [19:46 PM]Monokuma: P u n _ s h m _ _ t
  954. [19:47 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((don't be cruel, he's just star-ting out))
  955. [19:47 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg headtilt. )
  956. [19:47 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (But that's what I meant.... ;~;)
  957. [19:47 PM]Monokuma: (You said fifth?)
  958. [19:47 PM]*Bloodstain Fever figures it out! After /forever/--]]
  959. [19:47 PM]Monokuma: (Oh, the fifth letter slot.)
  960. [19:47 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (As in the 'fifth' place of the letter.)
  961. [19:47 PM]Monokuma: (Just say which letter it's next to to avoid confusion from now on, everyone.)
  962. [19:47 PM]Monokuma: (Keep rolling.)
  963. [19:48 PM]Byakuya Togami: It's Maizono's turn I think. ]]
  964. [19:48 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (My words were a bit jumbled, though, so I will take a penalty for it all the same.)
  965. [19:48 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: nope! on you, chihiro))
  966. [19:48 PM]Monokuma: (Nope, it's Chihiro.)
  967. [19:48 PM]Super Level Chihiro rolls 1d26: 12
  968. [19:48 PM]Monokuma: (You weren't wrong, you don't take a penalty.)
  969. [19:48 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d26: 20
  970. [19:48 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d26: 8
  971. [19:48 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (Understood!)
  972. [19:48 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg rolls 1d26: 21
  973. [19:49 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka rolls 1d26: 23
  974. [19:49 PM]Sage is now Busy. [reformattin'.]
  976. [19:49 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko rolls 1d26: 17
  977. [19:49 PM]Mondo Oowada rolls 1d26: 12
  978. [19:50 PM]Saionji Hiyoko rolls 1d26: 17
  979. [19:50 PM]Sayaka_Maizono rolls 1d26: 18
  980. [19:50 PM]SHSL Baseball Player rolls 1d26: 22
  981. [19:50 PM]Byakuya Togami requested to be your friend.
  982. [19:50 PM]Sonia-Nevermind rolls 1d26: 13
  983. [19:50 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU. BUT I'M FEELIN 22~)
  984. [19:50 PM]Byakuya Togami was added to your friends list.
  985. [19:50 PM]Super Level Chihiro rolls 1d26: 22
  986. [19:50 PM]Bloodstain Fever rolls 1d26: 6
  987. [19:50 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko Bad. No Taylor Swift right now.)
  988. [19:51 PM]Monokuma: (Wow Leon stop that you're gonna be luckier than Celes)
  989. [19:51 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (If not now, when)
  990. [19:51 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: P u n _ s h m _ _ t <-- reposting for reference
  991. [19:51 PM]Monokuma: (You said 22 and Chihiro rolled 22 too)
  992. [19:51 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko after trial.)
  993. [19:51 PM]Byakuya Togami rolls 1d13: 1
  994. [19:51 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg rolls 1d26: 12
  995. [19:51 PM]Byakuya Togami is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E]
  996. [19:51 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (I'll prepare We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together)
  997. [19:51 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((remember y'all can push your letters up and down, if that's still a thing))
  998. [19:51 PM]Monokuma: It is still.
  999. [19:52 PM]Bloodstain Fever: [[How many stars does that cost again--]]
  1000. [19:52 PM]Monokuma: One.
  1001. [19:52 PM]Bloodstain Fever: [[Rad B] ]]
  1002. [19:52 PM]Bloodstain Fever: [[I'll use one to push my 6 to 5, if that's cool :9]]
  1003. [19:52 PM]Monokuma: (And where do you place it?)
  1004. [19:53 PM]*Bloodstain Fever And today is sponsored by the letter E! Coming up right after your favorite television series, M!
  1005. [19:53 PM]Monokuma: P u n _ s h m e _ t
  1006. [19:53 PM]Bloodstain Fever is now Online. [%u2764 %u2764 %u2764 || %u272E%u272E%u272E]
  1007. [19:54 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: Oh, what fortunate timing! I adore this program!
  1008. [19:54 PM]Monokuma: (Keep rolling you asshats)
  1009. [19:54 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka rolls 1d26: 25
  1010. [19:54 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko rolls 1d26: 20
  1011. [19:54 PM]Mondo Oowada rolls 1d26: 16
  1012. [19:55 PM]Saionji Hiyoko rolls 1d26: 14
  1013. [19:55 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: N, in between e and t)
  1014. [19:56 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (knock knock, who's there, not sayaka)
  1015. [19:56 PM]Sayaka_Maizono rolls 1d26: 12
  1016. [19:56 PM]Monokuma: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
  1017. a b c d e f g h i j_ k_ l_ m_ n_ o_ p_ q_ r_ s_ t_ u_ v_ w_ x_ y_ z
  1018. [19:56 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( Hawawaa sorry)
  1019. [19:56 PM]Monokuma: (Goddammit that almost worked)
  1020. [19:56 PM]Monokuma: (I wanted to make it simple to see them.)
  1021. [19:56 PM]Byakuya Togami: Knock Knock, who's there? Maizono? Maizono who? Maizono dead in the shower. ]]
  1022. [19:56 PM]Monokuma: P u n _ s h m e n t
  1023. [19:56 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( *Stabs Togami* )
  1024. [19:56 PM]Monokuma: (if someone puts something else than an I there, I'm gonna kick them out of the room right after that)
  1025. [19:56 PM]SHSL Baseball Player rolls 1d26: 10
  1026. [19:57 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: The word is... It is... Pastament?
  1027. [19:57 PM]Sonia-Nevermind rolls 1d26: 6
  1028. [19:57 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: (I'm using this [cryptoclub.math.uic.edu])
  1029. [19:57 PM]Super Level Chihiro rolls 1d26: 9
  1030. [19:57 PM]Super Level Chihiro: YES!!!
  1031. [19:57 PM]*Makoto Naegi drops pasta onto Sonia from the beyond )
  1032. [19:57 PM]Super Level Chihiro: I right next to the N!
  1033. [19:57 PM]Monokuma: P u n i s h m e n t
  1034. [19:57 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (arms weak naegi's spaghetti)
  1035. [19:57 PM]*Monokuma bingo you guys
  1036. [19:57 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind offers Chihiro a high five!
  1037. [19:58 PM]Byakuya Togami: twerks ]]
  1038. [19:58 PM]*Monokuma back to normal discussion.
  1039. [19:58 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (Well done!)
  1040. [19:58 PM]*Monokuma fuck you byakuya
  1041. [19:58 PM]*Super Level Chihiro claps his hands in joy! And offers a weak high five to Sonia.
  1042. [19:58 PM]Byakuya Togami: twerks for genocider ]]
  1043. [19:58 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Punishment... What could this mean?"
  1044. [19:58 PM]*Monokuma stop that, I mean it. No twerking here.)
  1045. [19:58 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Isn't it obvious?"
  1046. [19:58 PM]*Bloodstain Fever swoons to death, the murderer is Togami's hot bod]]
  1047. [19:58 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Wait... was someone killed because they broke the rules?!
  1048. [19:58 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: (All the twerking)
  1049. [19:58 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Oogami went to sleep."
  1050. [19:59 PM]*Super Level Chihiro gasps.
  1051. [19:59 PM]Byakuya Togami: "What do you mean by that?"
  1052. [19:59 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "The school rules forbid deliberately sleeping outside the rooms."
  1053. [19:59 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "'Course! How else could she get caught off guard like that? Man, what a lame, anticlimactic twist."
  1054. [20:00 PM]Super Level Chihiro: And if Sakura went to sleep deliberately in the cafeteria... oh no....
  1055. [20:00 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Personally? My money was on the murderer being that table!"
  1056. [20:00 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "There was no one else to kill Oogami but..."
  1057. [20:00 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg gestures to Monokuma.
  1058. [20:00 PM]Monokuma: Upupupupupupupupupupupu...!!
  1059. [20:00 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Oh... Oh!!! Then that means she... She saved me, in a way."
  1060. [20:00 PM]Byakuya Togami: I applaud you, Celes.
  1061. [20:01 PM]*Celestia Rudenberk why thank you. I know it's for the other Celes.)
  1062. [20:01 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Perhaps Sakura herself did it.
  1063. [20:01 PM]Super Level Chihiro: So... that clears up Sakura's death, then?
  1064. [20:01 PM]Byakuya Togami: Oh, you too admin Celes.
  1065. [20:01 PM]Byakuya Togami: * ]]
  1066. [20:01 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "And we know what killed Hagakure and Yamada, right?"
  1067. [20:01 PM]Super Level Chihiro: That's just... too horrible....
  1068. [20:01 PM]*Monokuma believes it's time to hear out some Climax Logic reasoning. Starting from the beginning.
  1069. [20:02 PM]*Monokuma time to put on the hot music oh yeah
  1070. [20:02 PM]The Burned Man is now Online.
  1071. [20:02 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "...I do not know what to think. I did not realize she had been so valiant. Please look away, I am tearing up!"
  1072. [20:02 PM]*SHSL Baseball Player starts up Taylor Swift)
  1073. [20:02 PM]Monokuma: This [youtuberepeater.com]
  1074. [20:02 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind LEON YOU'RE FIRED))
  1075. [20:02 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind actually i should be saying that to celes))
  1076. [20:02 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (FIRED FROM WHAT EXACTLY)
  1077. [20:02 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Celes also is--]]
  1078. [20:02 PM]*Bloodstain Fever fFFF]]
  1079. [20:03 PM]Monokuma: So then, how did they all get in the cafeteria?
  1080. [20:03 PM]*Monokuma focus, god.)
  1081. [20:03 PM]*Bloodstain Fever THE KNIVES
  1082. [20:03 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((hang on, let me make sure i've got climax logic down))
  1083. [20:04 PM]Monokuma: (Start from the beginning, after which, the entire climax logic will be revealed as it was written on my .txt)
  1084. [20:04 PM]Super Level Chihiro: According to Sonia's Testimony, they met up during the night to make friends and s-support each other....
  1085. [20:05 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "And this happened just as curfew was announced, so the cafeteria would not yet be locked."
  1086. [20:05 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Yes. Hifumi, Yashuhiro, Sakura and I were all in attendance at the cafeteria before the doors were locked."
  1087. [20:05 PM]Monokuma: They met up to make friends to support each other after meeting up on day one. They went to the cafeteria as they could subsist off it and stay awake with coffee and whatnot. Then, something didn't go as planned. As they were going to make themselves some food to stay up...
  1088. [20:06 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( brb )
  1089. [20:06 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Yasuhiro and Hifumi got into a disagreeable scuffle!"
  1090. [20:07 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( and back )
  1091. [20:07 PM]Sage disconnected.
  1092. [20:07 PM]Monokuma: What started out as a meeting for friendship ended with bickering. It escalated quickly, eventually leading to...
  1093. [20:07 PM]Sage connected.
  1094. [20:07 PM]Sage is now Busy. [reformattin'.]
  1095. [20:07 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "Hagakure stabbed Hifumi, right? With the biggest knife."
  1096. [20:07 PM]Monokuma: (By the way, anybody can fill in the blanks there. Just saying.)
  1097. [20:07 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "The two idiots fought, made a mess of the kitchen, and finally stabbed each other with the largest two knives."
  1098. [20:08 PM]Monokuma: Hifumi was the first to be stabbed. With the knife entirely lodged in, it was certain a great deal of force was used to bury it in. However, that force wasn't in Hifumi's body anymore, and...
  1099. [20:09 PM]Dalinea disconnected.
  1100. [20:09 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Hagakure found himself impaled upon Hifumi's knife!"
  1101. [20:10 PM]Byakuya Togami: "Resulting in the two killing each other off."
  1102. [20:10 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg actually thought Hagakure would have been stabbed first. ))
  1103. [20:10 PM]Super Level Chihiro: A mutual murder....
  1104. [20:10 PM]Monokuma: Hifumi drove his own knife into Yasuhiro's body to ensure he wouldn't make it out of a trial alive. The mutual killing done, that made quite a lot of screaming...
  1105. [20:10 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Oogami ran to the kitchen to see what the problem was."
  1106. [20:10 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Which then prompted Sakura to investigate what the sound was.
  1107. [20:11 PM]Monokuma: Upon witnessing the crime scene, Sakura stood in the entrance. She was in shock, and then...
  1108. [20:12 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "That is when I approached behind Sakura to see what she was staring at."
  1109. [20:12 PM]Byakuya Togami: And Sonia, was all of sudden knocked out cold by Sakura herself.
  1110. [20:12 PM]Monokuma: Unknowing of the scene, Sonia approached Sakura who stood on her guard purely by reflex. Unfortunately...
  1111. [20:13 PM]Super Level Chihiro: And that's when Sakura accidentally struck her, knocking out Sonia.
  1112. [20:13 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "She knocked her out like a light! Gahahahah!"
  1113. [20:13 PM]Monokuma: Sonia was knocked out cold by Sakura, without the latter meaning to. Ridden with guilt...
  1114. [20:13 PM]Super Level Chihiro: She moved the table and placed Sonia's body on it.
  1116. [20:13 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: "Sakura laid Sonia onto a table she'd moved."
  1117. [20:13 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "To at least make her comfortable. How kind."
  1118. [20:14 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Y-Yes... very kind....
  1119. [20:14 PM]Monokuma: Sakura didn't want more bloodshed to happen, so she moved the table to a secure area where it was possible to see the entire cafeteria, which she used as resting spot for Sonia until she woke up. Unfortunately, Sonia waking up didn't happen first...
  1120. [20:14 PM]*Monokuma by the way, Sakura didn't witness the two killing themselves off; she believed someone else did it, who were hidden.)
  1121. [20:14 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "Oogami fell asleep while waiting for her to recover."
  1122. [20:15 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Which is, of course, party to some egregious rule violations!"
  1123. [20:15 PM]Monokuma: That meant Sakura didn't really get coffee, or protein drinks or whatever else. Meaning, as the day had been tiring and it was even more tiring to stay up all night, she fell asleep. Yet again, unfortunately... That was against the rules, even if she didn't mean to. Being asleep is subject to...
  1124. [20:16 PM]Super Level Chihiro: P-P-Punishment.
  1125. [20:16 PM]Mondo Oowada: "So that fuckin' bear came out and..."
  1126. [20:16 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "...By death."
  1127. [20:16 PM]Monokuma: And thus, Sakura was punished accordingly as per the rules. Sonia had been spared, as being unconscious is not being asleep. The rest of the night was spent in total, eerie silence, until...
  1128. [20:17 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "It was daytime again, and Kiyotaka entered the cafeteria!"
  1129. [20:17 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "The doors were unlocked, and Kiyotaka walked in on one hell of a massacre!"
  1130. [20:17 PM]Super Level Chihiro: Y-Yeah... an awful sight....
  1131. [20:17 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Followed by Makoto and Maizono."
  1132. [20:18 PM]Monokuma: Kiyotaka witnessed the crime scene, alerting Makoto and Sayaka who had been coming to the cafeteria for the morning gathering. Time for the entire Logic to be laid out at once.
  1133. [20:18 PM]Monokuma: This [youtube.com]
  1135. [20:18 PM]Monokuma: Before the end of the first day, four people decided to go against Celestia's suggested curfew and tried to socialize through the night. They were Hifumi, Yasuhiro, Sonia and Sakura. A dispute erupted between Hifumi and Yasuhiro sometime in the night, leading to the death of both of them, almost simultaneous; knives being used for that. Sakura, concerned by the sounds that came from the kitchen, went to check, and upon seeing that, stood on her guard. Sonia approached her to ask what was going on, but Sakura reacted out of instinct in the moment of shock and knocked Sonia out without meaning to. Conscious of her mistake, she replaced the unconscious body on a table near the back wall, sitting up against it in guard, only to fall asleep due to how fatigued she really was, leading to the punishment of having her face smashed in against the wall during her sleep. Sonia was spared, as being passed out doesn't count as sleeping. The only ones who committed murder are Yasuhiro and Hifumi. The entire scene was then witnessed in the morning.
  1136. [20:19 PM]*Monokuma which means... The villains this time were Yasuhiro and Hifumi... Two villains who committed a murder each!
  1137. [20:19 PM]Super Level Chihiro: But... wait. Where does that leave us, then?
  1138. [20:20 PM]Monokuma: Upupupupu...
  1139. [20:20 PM]Monokuma: That leaves us at ballot time, of course!
  1140. [20:20 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "How do we cast a ballot with multiple murderers...?"
  1141. [20:20 PM]Monokuma: Simple, you vote!
  1142. [20:20 PM]Super Level Chihiro: But why? They are dead!
  1143. [20:20 PM]Monokuma: Can you actually bring the number of votes to be equal for both villains you guys chose?
  1144. [20:21 PM]*Monokuma upupupupupupupu...
  1145. [20:21 PM]*Super Level Chihiro clutches his head. This is insane!
  1146. [20:21 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "So there isn't a single, correct choice?"
  1147. [20:21 PM]Byakuya Togami: "How about voting separately? You take two ballots."
  1148. [20:21 PM]Monokuma: Ah, but I'm not gonna say that now! But if there's multiple villains, don't you think it'd only be fair if all of them were punished?
  1149. [20:22 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Dang, that just ain't cool. Lamest plot twist with even more lame outcomes! They're both gonna murder me next if this gets any more lame!"
  1150. [20:22 PM]Monokuma: Of course not! Not a bear of a chance. One ballot time for one Trial!
  1151. [20:22 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind stamps her foot down. "You are the villain, Monokuma! If you had not made it a rule, Sakura would still alive!"
  1152. [20:22 PM]Monokuma: Hey, she just didn't have to be afraid of a murderer that was not there! I'm just the innocent bear, upupupu...
  1153. [20:22 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "I have been wondering why you'd do something so foolish as to spend all night in the cafeteria in the first place."
  1154. [20:23 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Regardless, You did the act so...We should vote for the bear.
  1155. [20:23 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "So we have to balance our votes between the two of them?"
  1156. [20:23 PM]Monokuma: So! Without further ado, let's see if you guys can actually organize yourselves... Oh, and you can't vote for Monokuma, obviously! I did not murder anybody... I simply upheld the rules...
  1157. [20:23 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: It... It was for friendship! I had thought as long as we were here together, we would at least get to know one another...
  1158. [20:23 PM]Monokuma: Gahahahaha!
  1159. [20:23 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Isn't that still murder?
  1160. [20:24 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg sighs and shakes her head.
  1161. [20:24 PM]Monokuma: There's a very big difference between killing and murdering...
  1162. [20:24 PM]*Byakuya Togami rolls his eyes at the bear.
  1163. [20:24 PM]Monokuma: And an even bigger difference between punishment and killing!
  1164. [20:24 PM]Byakuya Togami: Just shut up and get with the vote.
  1165. [20:24 PM]The Burned Man is now Online.
  1166. [20:24 PM]Lenwe is now Online.
  1167. [20:24 PM]Super Level Chihiro: H-How? How are we to decide who to vote for?!
  1168. [20:24 PM]*Monokuma will now take votes in PMs; organize yourselves how you will in here... But do know that... if the votes are not correctly balanced... ...it's a loss!
  1169. [20:24 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Ughhh. Is this really the kind of guy you wanna be morally ripping on?"
  1170. [20:25 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: H-hang on. No one send in a vote yet! Let us decide who will send what!
  1171. [20:25 PM]*Monokuma you have ten minutes. Gahahaha!
  1172. [20:25 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "This is fuckin' retarded!"
  1173. [20:25 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( Remind me who we have here who is present but not being played. )
  1174. [20:25 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "How many of us are there? We need to decide who votes for who quickly."
  1175. [20:25 PM]*Monokuma hates wasting time. Ten minutes, not a second more.)
  1176. [20:25 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Dibs on fatty!"
  1177. [20:25 PM]Byakuya Togami: I'll vote for Hagakure.
  1178. [20:25 PM]*Monokuma by the way, Makoto is also here.)
  1179. [20:26 PM]Super Level Chihiro: I can't... I can't do this... I can't....
  1180. [20:26 PM]Byakuya Togami: I never really liked him. Heh..
  1181. [20:26 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: I'll vote for that otaku...
  1182. [20:26 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "Please, be strong, Chihiro!"
  1183. [20:26 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Please, Chihiro... It is difficult, but it is our only way to move forward."
  1184. [20:26 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "I'll cast my vote for Yamada."
  1185. [20:27 PM]Mondo Oowada: "Nothin' we can do about this... I'll take Hagakure, damnit.."
  1186. [20:27 PM]Super Level Chihiro: But... we're punishing someone who's already dead. How is that right?
  1187. [20:27 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Who said we're punishing them?
  1188. [20:27 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Aw, c'mon. It ain't like you've known 'em for very long! And for the good of everyone, Chia, you gotta go through with this."
  1189. [20:27 PM]Super Level Chihiro: We might as well be for just voting on them!
  1190. [20:27 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "And by the good of everyone, I'm talking about me and that total babe over there. So get cracking!"
  1191. [20:27 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: This is the second day.
  1192. [20:28 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "I'll vote for the hippie, I guess."
  1193. [20:28 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "I'll vote for Hagakure."
  1194. [20:28 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: That means 5 votes for Hagakure
  1195. [20:28 PM]*Monokuma tick tock tick tock.
  1196. [20:28 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Let us make sure we even out our votes correctly!"
  1197. [20:28 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: 1 vote for Yamada
  1198. [20:28 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: 2*
  1199. [20:28 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: 4*
  1200. [20:28 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: "I'll... vote for Yamada..."
  1201. [20:28 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: ...Are you okay Kirigiri
  1202. [20:28 PM]Byakuya Togami: Nice counting.
  1203. [20:28 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: I currently have three for each listed.
  1204. [20:28 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Super High School Level Drunk
  1205. [20:28 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: I love my keyboard.)
  1206. [20:28 PM]Hange Zoe disconnected.
  1207. [20:28 PM]*Super Level Chihiro says nothing else; just shakes, cries softly, and shakes his head back and forth. He... he will vote....
  1208. [20:29 PM]Mondo Oowada: "Are you gonna let somethin' happen to the rest of us over dead people? We gotta do this, no way around it."
  1209. [20:29 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko shall leave the numbers to the hall monitor.
  1210. [20:29 PM]*Monokuma hall monitor. Gahahahaha!
  1211. [20:29 PM]*Byakuya Togami IN THE HALL ]]
  1212. [20:29 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: Currently I have:
  1214. Bloodstain Fever- Hifumi
  1215. Kirigiri- Hifumi
  1216. Ishimaru- Hifumi
  1217. Oowada- Hagakure
  1218. Togami- Hagakure
  1219. Kuwata- Hagakure
  1220. [20:29 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (We cast votes by PM to Monokuma, right?)
  1221. [20:29 PM]*Makoto Naegi still needs to vote.
  1222. [20:29 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Chihiro, we must know... Who will you vote for?"
  1223. [20:29 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( I keep losing track of who is actually here. )
  1224. [20:29 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Celes mentioned Hagakure
  1225. [20:30 PM]*Ishimaru Kiyotaka notes.
  1226. [20:30 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Makoto should vote for Hifumi.
  1227. [20:30 PM]Super Level Chihiro: ... Y-Yamada....
  1228. [20:30 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "...Is there an even or odd number of people among us?"
  1229. [20:30 PM]Hange Zoe connected.
  1230. [20:30 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "Good question!"
  1231. [20:30 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: We have 5 minutes left.
  1232. [20:30 PM]Byakuya Togami: Hiyoko voted for Yamada.
  1233. [20:30 PM]*Makoto Naegi voted for Yamada.
  1234. [20:31 PM]*Monokuma 5 minutes left... Tick tock tick tock.
  1235. [20:31 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "It's six-to-four right now."
  1236. [20:31 PM]*Sayaka_Maizono voted for Yamada too.. she's an Esper, after all.
  1237. [20:31 PM]Sage is now Busy. [this character will answer all things. [albescentaeon.tumblr.com]]
  1238. [20:31 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "Hagakure needs more votes!"
  1239. [20:31 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko smacks Sayaka.
  1240. [20:31 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Let me check the list!"
  1242. Bloodstain Fever- Hifumi
  1243. Kirigiri- Hifumi
  1244. Ishimaru- Hifumi
  1245. Oowada- Hagakure
  1246. Togami- Hagakure
  1247. Kuwata- Hagakure
  1248. Chihiro - Hifumi
  1249. Celes - Hifumi
  1250. Makoto - Hifumi
  1251. Sayaka - Hifumi
  1252. Sonia - ???
  1253. [20:31 PM]Monokuma: Will your vote be right? Or will it be ohhhhh soooooo wroooong?!
  1254. [20:32 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg said Hagakure.
  1255. [20:32 PM]Byakuya Togami: Hiyoko needs to vote for Hagakure.
  1256. [20:32 PM]*Monokuma tick tock tick tock, 3 minutes.
  1257. [20:32 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko how did 2 minutes pass in one minute
  1258. [20:32 PM]*Monokuma more or less.
  1259. [20:32 PM]*Saionji Hiyoko will vote for Hagakure, then!
  1260. [20:32 PM]Byakuya Togami: What is it now?
  1261. [20:32 PM]Sage is now Busy. [this character will answer all things. [albescentaeon.tumblr.com] - And yes. Anon asks are on but for the love of Bahamut be actual questions. |:I]
  1262. [20:32 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Six Hifumi, five Hagakure! I believe that just leaves me!"
  1263. [20:33 PM]Byakuya Togami: Perfect. Let's vote then.
  1264. [20:33 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "About time! Let's get chopping! Andale, andale!"
  1265. [20:33 PM]Byakuya Togami: When you vote, speak up.
  1266. [20:34 PM]*Ishimaru Kiyotaka has voted!
  1267. [20:34 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Done and done! Whoo!"
  1268. [20:34 PM]The Burned Man is now Online.
  1269. [20:34 PM]Mondo Oowada: Done.
  1270. [20:34 PM]*Monokuma one minute... tick tock
  1271. [20:34 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Yes, done."
  1272. [20:34 PM]Byakuya Togami: Finished.
  1273. [20:34 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "I have voted!"
  1274. [20:34 PM]The Burned Man disconnected.
  1275. [20:34 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "Voted."
  1276. [20:34 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: "Did it..."
  1277. [20:34 PM]*Monokuma someone still hasn't voted yet... Upupupupu....
  1278. [20:35 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (Wait, wait! We PM to vote, right?)
  1279. [20:35 PM]*Monokuma yes
  1280. [20:35 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (Also whenever I make a post on here I mimic Leon's pose where he points to his head I blame all of you)
  1281. [20:35 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (To whom?)
  1282. [20:35 PM]*Monokuma me
  1283. [20:35 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "...Leon! I did not hear from you earlier! Oh no!!"
  1284. [20:35 PM]*Monokuma it's really close to being over and someone still hasn't voted
  1285. [20:35 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: "I'm on your list!"
  1286. [20:35 PM]*Monokuma that person should wake the heck up.~
  1287. [20:35 PM]Super Level Chihiro: I... voted?
  1288. [20:35 PM]Byakuya Togami: Maizono?
  1289. [20:35 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko already voted.
  1290. [20:36 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "...Oh. My apologies, I forgot your last name in all of the rush."
  1291. [20:36 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Don't look at me! Wouldn't want to risk my white knight's hide."
  1292. [20:36 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: .. I voted! .. You don't remember my name..?
  1293. [20:36 PM]*Monokuma you vote in PMs you butt
  1294. [20:36 PM]Byakuya Togami: Not like I would care, in the first place about your name.
  1295. [20:36 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( Oh :c )
  1296. [20:36 PM]*Monokuma will count the results... Upupupupupupupupupu...
  1297. [20:37 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( *Got confused! Other people tallied~* )
  1298. [20:37 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (Close to the wire there Sayaka.)
  1299. [20:37 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (GET IT TOGETHER FATTY)
  1300. [20:37 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "No, I know you very well, Maizono! I have seen many of your concerts on the TV!"
  1301. [20:37 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( I'm not Hifumi. )
  1302. [20:37 PM]*Monokuma rolls up the results...
  1303. [20:37 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: (I can't see much of a difference from here~)
  1304. [20:37 PM]*Monokuma did someone betray you all? Upupupupu...
  1305. [20:37 PM]*Monokuma the slot machine is running...
  1306. [20:37 PM]*Super Level Chihiro shivers uncontrollably.
  1307. [20:38 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: ( How will a slot machine show a two-way tie anyway. )
  1309. [20:38 PM]*Monokuma eventually, it lands onto Hagakura's face with a line going across it in diagonal with Hifumi's on the other half!
  1310. [20:38 PM]*Monokuma CONGRATULATIONS!
  1311. [20:38 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko will grow giant futa donger and dick whoever messes up if it happens.
  1312. [20:38 PM]*Mondo Oowada closes his eyes and exhales sharply.
  1313. [20:38 PM]Monokuma: Upupupu...
  1314. [20:38 PM]Monokuma: Gahahahaha! Yes, they were both the villains!
  1315. [20:38 PM]Monokuma: To destroy trust on the first day of school? And break a rule right after? Unforgivable!
  1316. [20:39 PM]*Super Level Chihiro sighs softly, but shakes his head. This isn't right....
  1317. [20:39 PM]Monokuma: You guys... I swear, I don't know what I'll do with you all.
  1318. [20:39 PM]Monokuma: Well, then!
  1319. [20:39 PM]Monokuma: I believe you all know what's next...
  1320. [20:39 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: Cake?
  1321. [20:39 PM]*Bloodstain Fever ... Phew. For a second there, she was pretty sure they'd be boned! Only for the briefest of moments, of course. It'd be lame to die on the second day, but after all that lamenitude...
  1322. [20:39 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind takes a deep breath out and feels like the weight of the world's been knocked off her shoulders. "I cannot believe it... Why must this be happening?"
  1323. [20:39 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: (Put that in parenthesis)
  1324. [20:39 PM]Monokuma: For our villains, punishment is to befall them!!
  1325. [20:39 PM]Lenwe is now Online.
  1326. [20:40 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "One can only guess what reason they had for fighting to the death in the first place, in a room with no escape."
  1327. [20:40 PM]*Byakuya Togami He looks away, muttering how he will kill the mastermind someday. SOMEDAAAAAY OVER THE RAAINBOWWWW
  1328. [20:40 PM]Hange Zoe disconnected.
  1329. [20:40 PM]Hange Zoe connected.
  1330. [20:40 PM]*Monokuma sat onto its throne, and pulled out a hammer, and suddenly hit the red switch in front of it!
  1331. [20:40 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Eh? H-haven't they already been punished? By one another?"
  1332. [20:40 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Idiots to the last."
  1333. [20:40 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: "W-what? But they've already been..."
  1334. [20:40 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "I never saw anyone double die before! Teach me your secrets!"
  1335. [20:41 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: So you're going through with this? Fun.
  1336. [20:41 PM]*Super Level Chihiro blinks in utter confusion. What is... happening...?
  1337. [20:41 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind syo, he's been taking lessons from hussie))
  1338. [20:41 PM]SHSL Baseball Player: (Double Die 2000)
  1339. [20:41 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: "Oh, so you can tell jokes, Kirigiri."
  1341. [20:41 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Monokuma actually runs a web comic on the side]]
  1342. [20:41 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: From time to time.
  1343. [20:42 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: (It's Togami, Togmaiii [youtube.com])
  1344. [20:43 PM]Lenwe disconnected.
  1345. [20:43 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: "Please... This is no time for joking. We have quite barely escaped with our lives!"
  1346. [20:43 PM]Byakuya Togami: my theme song Ishimaru ]]
  1347. [20:43 PM]*Monokuma pulled up [youtube.com] a rather large scene for them for everyone to gather their eyes onto. It was a gigantic blender... Coming out of the ground, surrounded by what looked like a normal classroom, with Hifumi's and Hagakure's corpses sitting onto seats. The seats suddenly sprang up, just as Monokuma came out of the black board and began spinning around! Spinning and spinning, round and round, just as the two bodies fell into the blender! The rest was easy to guess, as the blender began to spin, just as much as Monokuma was... And as it was spinning, it was shredding the two bodies! The two bodies mixed up together, now nothing but blood, destroyed bones and shredded skin, until nothing was left but a rather unpleasant... shmuck. It was only then that the bear stopped spinning, and from the front of the blender came out a tap, with a giant glass. And the contents of the blender spilled into it, to fill up the glass to the brim. Was that an eye?
  1348. [20:44 PM]*Monokuma finished it up with taping a little sign onto the glass. [Friends til the end]
  1349. [20:45 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg really doesn't have anything to say to that.
  1350. [20:45 PM]*SHSL Baseball Player thinks he's gonna puke.
  1351. [20:45 PM]*Mondo Oowada turns away from the horrid scene, then glares up at Monokuma. "You're fuckin' done for, y'know that? You can only pull this shit for so long before someone here gets a hold of you!"
  1352. [20:45 PM]*Bloodstain Fever ... "Huh."
  1353. [20:45 PM]Monokuma: Upupupu... But it's only been two days...
  1354. [20:46 PM]*Byakuya Togami says nothing, knows Genocider probably is having a blast over there.
  1355. [20:46 PM]*Super Level Chihiro beholds the gruesome sight with a look of crushing shock and terror. He turns away quickly and coughs several times, on the verge of being sick right there and now as his tears roll freely down his cheeks.
  1356. [20:46 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Is it just me? Or does capri sun sound absolutely rad right now?"
  1357. [20:46 PM]Monokuma: And you're to live your lives out in here, indefinitely! Gahahahaha!
  1358. [20:47 PM]*SHSL Baseball Player ...no that does not sound rad. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"
  1359. [20:47 PM]*Monokuma should've put This theme instead [youtuberepeater.com]
  1360. [20:48 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg to Syo, "I'll pass, thank you."
  1361. [20:48 PM]Monokuma: Whoever disrupts the peace of this academy will obviously be punished, unless they can manage to hide their crime, upupu...
  1362. [20:48 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind Left utterly breathless by the spectacle, Sonia holds her hands to her mouth and gasps, quivering with each rotation of the giant blender. Then the eye bobs to the surface, and she feels like she's about to faint. "I... I... AYYY-YAAAAA!!"
  1363. [20:49 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "Well, I'm kinda thirsty, for starters. Gahahahahahah! What, first you're all gonna rip at the bear's moral stitching, and now you're poking at mine? Get real!"
  1364. [20:49 PM]Monokuma: It will be all for the Trial, everyone go back up! I can't wait until we have another night as fun as this one...
  1365. [20:49 PM]*Monokuma sat back onto the throne, swirling a glass of wine.
  1366. [20:49 PM]*Makoto Naegi struggles to form words, or even a proper expression, after witnessing such cruelty..he pulled Sonia away from the scene.
  1367. [20:50 PM]*Byakuya Togami "Quiet." He tells Genocider.
  1368. [20:50 PM]*SHSL Baseball Player looks mortified, pale as a sheet, as he stumbles his way back to the elevator. He felt like he could puke right there.
  1369. [20:50 PM]*Monokuma actually made that execution during the Trial.)
  1370. [20:50 PM]Bloodstain Fever: "'Kay!"
  1371. [20:50 PM]*Mondo Oowada slams his hands down on his stand. "You locked us up here, and you made all of this happen. One of these days you'll fuck it up, and it'll be bear season. Remember that!"
  1372. [20:50 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind is dragged away without protest. She can't even manage to say a word.
  1373. [20:51 PM]*Celestia_Ludenberg turns to go. There's nothing more to say, here--though there's plenty of hot air to blow.
  1375. [20:51 PM]*Byakuya Togami leaves as well, not speaking at all.
  1376. [20:51 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: My estimation of 4 hours was almost spot on, that's perfect.
  1378. [20:51 PM]*Kirigiri Kyouko silently leaves.
  1379. [20:51 PM]*Sonia-Nevermind HATS OFF TO YA))
  1380. [20:51 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (I was planning on congratulating everyone for getting through it but it really does not seem like its apt right now.)
  1381. [20:51 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: I'll have to fix the anagrams to make sure they flow better and aren't too annoying.
  1382. [20:51 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: I'd say that was a bit convoluted for a first test.
  1383. [20:51 PM]*Saionji Hiyoko sinks down to her knees, panting heavily and trying her best to forget the scene in front of her. she quivers as she stands, walking back to the elevator with legs like jelly, shaking with each step.
  1384. [20:51 PM]Ishimaru Kiyotaka: "Mondo! Remember the rules." He warned, not out of respect for once, but because he didn't want to see any more gore than necessary tonight.
  1385. [20:52 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: I suggest letting people do a roll every 10~15 seconds. Turns took a while. )
  1386. [20:52 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: And yes, the first anagram didn't have an obvious flow of question to answer. That tripped me up a bit.
  1387. [20:52 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: Convoluted? I thought the case was super easy. Well, I made it, so... I suppose.
  1388. [20:52 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: Oh, yes, it did, it was about what happened in the kitchen.
  1389. [20:52 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: Although let's face it, I liked the second one more, as it was actually in my .txt
  1390. [20:52 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: Two people killing each other and another dying to Punishment.
  1391. [20:52 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Things such as no water or falling asleep should have been noted in the ammunition.
  1392. [20:53 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: Compare this to Chapter 1.
  1393. [20:53 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: How do you put that in Ammo?
  1394. [20:53 PM]*Super Level Chihiro spends several moments just sobbing until, finally, he is composed enough to just quietly make his way back to the elevator with the others, not looking at anyone else as he softly kept on crying. They did that to them... he did that to them....
  1395. [20:53 PM]*Bloodstain Fever Aw, wait for her! Man, all of this silence is murder. And she'd do anything to break it! But between the hot air blowing and the request of hre darling white knight, there's not much left for her here! With a sickly spring in her step, she's quick to follow Byakuya-- not giving paying the glass of viscera a glance.
  1396. [20:53 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: It's a school rule, so it perfectly fits in the school rules ammunition.
  1397. [20:53 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: "No water" is something that's known to all of them, for one, and "falling asleep" - how do you know that? You can't know Sakura fell asleep.
  1398. [20:53 PM]Saionji Hiyoko: (Phew, just in time! I gotta run for the night~ That was great. Nightynight everyone!)
  1399. [20:53 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: Well, yes, I assume I could've put it there.
  1400. [20:53 PM]Sayaka_Maizono: ( Sleep well! )
  1401. [20:53 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((later, hiyoko!))
  1402. [20:53 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: G'night.
  1403. [20:53 PM]Bloodstain Fever: [[Bye, Hiyoko uwu]]
  1404. [20:53 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: Night night.
  1405. [20:53 PM]*Saionji Hiyoko waves~)
  1406. [20:53 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (Later Hiyo!)
  1407. [20:53 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: And Celestia, I made the case for people who played the game; not a case easy because chapter 1's case was easy.
  1408. [20:53 PM]Kirigiri Kyouko: I realize some would be obvious because of it, though.
  1410. [20:54 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: The level of case only determines what level of the school is accessible, and how many participants are required.
  1411. [20:54 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: I admit I made one a little out of the box.
  1412. [20:54 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (I have to admit; I really did not foresee that ending. At all. ._.)
  1413. [20:54 PM]Byakuya Togami: I loved the case though. ]]
  1414. [20:54 PM]Byakuya Togami: Great job, Celes. ]]
  1415. [20:54 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: I did put in clues, though. How one knife was less sunken in than another.
  1416. [20:54 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: You have to remember that GMing a mystery is different from writing a mystery game. The game will let you progress if you figure out only a few small things and kind of stumble through.
  1417. [20:55 PM]Bloodstain Fever: [[Same! It went /seriously/ well. c8]]
  1418. [20:55 PM]FujisakiChihiro: (I actually completely forgot about Monobear being able to punish rule breakers, otherwise I think I might have been a bit closer than my guess.)
  1419. [20:55 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: They were extremely subtle, though.
  1420. [20:55 PM]Sonia-Nevermind: ((haha, i kinda feel like we were up against a brick wall until we plowed on through. either way, great case! lookin' forward to future ones))
  1421. [20:55 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: Still, it took about 4 hours anyway, and that's the time I set for a Trial usually.
  1422. [20:55 PM]Celestia_Ludenberg: A group of players can stumble about for a lot longer.
  1423. [20:55 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: It's fine. I want you to stumble a bit.
  1424. [20:55 PM]Super Level Chihiro: (This is true.)
  1425. [20:55 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: On everything I can make you stumble on.
  1426. [20:55 PM]Celestia Rudenberk: It makes the discussions better.
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