[RGRE] Shimmer Cove + guest

Jul 11th, 2020
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  1. >"Hey there, everyone! Welcome to The Shimmer Cove! Thank you all so much for coming to tonight's stream!"
  2. >You sip your coffee and watch your girlfriend go through her usual song-and-dance for the introduction.
  3. >Fluttershy, a friend you made through Sunset, stands just off frame, looking both awkward and apprehensive.
  4. >You can see her lips moving as though she's trying to psych herself up to play vidya.
  5. >"I've got something special for you gals tonight. I have a guest!"
  6. >She gestures off to the side where Fluttershy stands, frozen in place with a look of panic on her face.
  7. >You watch as Sunset, after an appropriately awkward length of time, reaches out of frame and grabs Fluttershy by the arm.
  8. >With a squeak, a yelp, and a stumble that nearly takes out your coffee table, Fluttershy gets yanked into frame.
  9. >Once she recovers, she gives a weak wave at the wrong camera.
  10. >>"H-Hi, everyone!"
  11. >Nailed it.
  12. >Sunset sits down on the couch, prompting Fluttershy to do the same.
  13. >You take a seat on the little bench you have behind the couch (which is where the secondary display monitor is, so that you can monitor the chat), and wait for the fireworks to begin.
  14. >"One of our moderators is sick tonight, so my boyfriend Anon is going to fill in and try to pick up the slack."
  15. >You wave at the camera.
  16. "Yo."
  17. >"So try to be nice, alright? You don't want to make my sleepy boyfriend sad, do you?"
  18. >Sunset gives you a quick rub on the shoulder for effect.
  19. >"Tonight, Fluttershy and I are going to be playing a PC game. And that means-"
  20. >She holds up two shitty wireless keyboards; you have the third so that you can do your job as a shitty chat-mod.
  21. >"-that we're gonna use the keyboard. Let's boot up the game and have some fun!"
  22. ---
  23. >You are Anon, and it is fifteen minutes later.
  24. >Nobody is having fun; not even the chat.
  25. >[]this is boring
  26. >[]Sellout Shimmer
  28. >[]minecraft more like dykecraft [user was banned for this post]
  30. >[]where is sock sloot
  31. >You sigh miserably and look over at your girlfriend and her friend.
  32. "Yeah, this ain't flying."
  33. >You spin around to face the couch and then lean in so that you can rest your head on the backrest from behind.
  34. "Girls? I don't think they're having a good time."
  35. >You check the chat log again, and find that a hundred or so people have left in the last half-hour.
  36. >Sunset sighs and puts down her wireless keyboard.
  37. >"I think you might be right, Anon. Minecraft just isn't as popular as it used to be."
  38. >Fluttershy puts her own keyboard down too, looking a bit uncomfortable.
  39. >>"S-Sorry for suggesting it, Sunset," she says, almost too quietly to hear, "I'm not too much into games, and... and I thought maybe people would like it."
  40. >Sunset claps Fluttershy on the shoulder and gives it a rough rub.
  41. >"Nothin' you can do, Fluttershy. We'll just try something else, alright?"
  42. ---
  43. >Sunset switches to the face cams and cuts the feed to her desktop, allowing her to poke around her computer without the chat finding out what sort of porn she likes.
  44. >"Sorry about this, gals," mutters Sunset into the mic as she clicks around her computer, "I wasn't really prepared with a backup this week. I had a few ideas, but I was saving them for later. I thought a guest appearance might carry us across the finish line, but I think I was wrong."
  45. >You lean over Sunset's shoulder as she scrolls down a list of games.
  46. >Some PC, some console and attached to an emulator.
  47. >Pikwomen?
  48. >No.
  49. >Mare-io Party?
  50. >No, you just finished paying for that new window.
  51. >Some generic hentai game where you have to unscramble a picture and uncover some shitty softcore hentai of some dude?
  52. >GOD no.
  53. >"Uh.... okay, I think I found one."
  54. >Oh, god, it had better not be the hentai one.
  55. >You swear to god; if it is, you're divorcing Sunset.
  56. >You'll marry her, and then you'll divorce her.
  57. >You'll go through the process of wooing her (despite the fact that it goes the other way around in this world) and give her a proper wooing.
  58. >You'll court her for months and months, and then you'll ask her to marry you.
  59. >With tears in her eyes, she'll say yes, and then you'll have a beautiful wedding.
  60. >And as soon as you get into the car with "JUST MARRIED" painted on the back window, you'll turn to her and demand a divorce.
  61. >"I was saving this for next week, but... what the hell; why not? How about Super Smash Sisters Melee?"
  62. >You take a quick look at your screen.
  63. "Chat says, 'fuck it'."
  64. >Sunset shrugs and starts clicking.
  65. >"Welp," she grunts, "That's good enough for me."
  66. "We are the BEST streamers ever."
  67. >The setup is janky, to say the least.
  68. >The emulator was questionable at best, and you had a hell of a time setting up the input.
  69. >You end up using two really dodgy USB controllers, because that's the only input the emulator recognizes.
  70. >You could have gotten something proper set up if you had a few hours to screw around with it, but the view counter is dropping like a stone, and the due date for your rent is getting closer and closer.
  71. >"Fuck it, alright, here we go! Smash Sisters!"
  72. ---
  73. >You are Anon, and it is about 15 minutes later.
  74. >The girls are playing their game with minimal glitches, and your view counter for tonight is steadily reaching a plateau.
  75. >But things can get better.
  76. "Hey, chat? How about I make this game a little bit more interesting?"
  77. >You lean in towards the camera and away from your screen, leaning over the back of the couch.
  78. >You wrap your arms around Fluttershy and Sunset's shoulders and pull them close.
  79. "Whoever kills the other one gets a kiss from me."
  80. >Now, you get two very different reactions out of this; three, if you count the chat.
  81. >Sunset looks very satisfied at this.
  82. >She has her usual lecherous grin on her face (but then again, where else would a grin be?), and she hunches over her controller with invigorated and redoubled determination.
  83. >Fluttershy - sweet, precious Fluttershy - looks like she's about to faint.
  84. >Her lips are moving like a fish out of water, but no words are coming out... unless you count squeaks as words.
  85. >Her face has paled alarmingly, and you've honestly become a little bit worried for her.
  86. >A glance at your screen shows that chat has EXPLODED in activity.
  88. >[]oh fuck we doing a 3way
  89. >[]wtf i love smash now???
  90. >[]fucking fake gamer boys
  92. >In the game, Sunset is WAILING on Fluttershy's character, and is about to get a ring out.
  93. >You tap Fluttershy on the shoulder, and she jerks away from you like your fingers were scalding hot.
  94. "Fluttershy? Sister, Sunset is kicking your ass."
  95. >>"What? Oh!"
  96. >Fluttershy is so shocked by this that she by the time she realizes she's about to die, it's too late to do anything.
  97. >Her character flies up into the air and smashes against the TV screen.
  98. >"Whooo!" shrieks Sunset, arms in the air, "Give it to me, baby!"
  99. >Grinning at her enthusiasm, you lean in over the couch, grab Sunset by the opposite cheek, and give her a firm -SMACK- right by the corner of her mouth.
  100. >Sunset licks her lips and sends you a smoldering look.
  101. >She goes back to her game, looking quite content.
  102. ---
  103. >Not too long later, the tables have turned.
  104. >>"Oh! Oh, my goodness!"
  105. >Fluttershy gapes in disbelief at the screen; she actually managed to kill Sunset's character.
  106. >She looks up at you, face burning crimson, looking terrified.
  107. >>"Oh, gosh. Oh, wow. Oh, jeez," she mutters, visibly shivering, "Oh, uhh... a-a-are you gonna.... k-k-k...?"
  108. >You smile sweetly at Fluttershy and decide to have mercy on her.
  109. "Here."
  110. >You reach into your back pocket and pull out a bag of Hershey's Kisses.
  111. "Take one. They're Hershey's Kisses."
  112. >A complex array of emotions flash across Fluttershy's face, ranging from relief, to disappointment, to mild hunger.
  113. >She meekly takes a chocolate from the bag, unwraps it, and pops into to her mouth.
  114. >>"Th-Thanks."
  115. >Chat, as usual, is having a field day with this.
  116. >[]CLITTEASE
  117. >[]oh fuck girls i was so scared
  119. >[]sunset x anon otp
  120. >[]That sneaky bastard.
  121. >[]wtf my bf only gets angry when I play vidya, he doesn't give me kisses or chocolate
  122. ---
  123. >You are Anon, and things are getting out of hand.
  124. >It's about 20 minutes later, and the girls have gotten... rather intense.
  125. >PSSSH!
  126. >{"Ahhh!"}
  127. >Sunset's character gets tossed off to the extreme right of the screen, and a burst of colour (and a shout) announces her demise.
  128. >Fluttershy wastes no time.
  129. >>"Kiss me!"
  130. >You gingerly hold out a Hershey Kiss out by the paper stem, and let out a squawk of alarm when Fluttershy jerks her head over to you and snatches it out of your hand with her mouth.
  131. >Her teeth barely miss your fingers, and she chews the candy; wrapper and all.
  132. "Oh, fuck."
  133. >Maybe you should try and stop this.
  134. >PSSSH!
  135. >{"Ahhh!"}
  136. >Fluttershy's character soon shares the fate of Sunset's from moments ago, having gotten beaten up quite a bit in the process of killing Sunset's dude.
  137. >"Kiss me!"
  138. >Before you can react, a hand reaches out and grabs you by the back of your head.
  139. >You're swiftly pulled into the deepest, roughest kiss you've ever had with Sunset.
  140. >Your teeth click and your noses mash together, but that doesn't slow your girlfriend down one iota.
  141. >Her tongue-work is so aggressive that it feels less like a kiss, and more like she's tongue-fucking your mouth.
  142. >You pull your head back when she lets go, and the entire lower half of your face is covered in slobber.
  143. >Despite not being a smoker (thank you, asthma), you feel like you need a cigarette after that.
  144. "F-Fuck..."
  145. >Is it getting a little warm in here, or is it just you?
  146. >You watch in alarm as Sunset's cheap controller creaks worryingly in her hands; she's clenching it so tightly that her knuckles have turned stark white.
  147. >Maybe you need to stop this.
  148. "Okay, holy shit. Girls-"
  149. >Sunset and Fluttershy's heads whip around at the same time, vicious glares mirroring each other.
  150. >"WHAT?!"
  151. >>"WHAT?!"
  152. "Fuck."
  153. >[]Hey, don't yell at Anon!
  154. >[]bitches
  155. >[]don't be mean to sock sloot
  156. >[]Y'all need to calm down
  158. >[]make anon eat the chocolate i wanna schlick to it
  159. >[]Don't yell at your fucking boyfriend, Sunset!
  160. >[]^^^^Fuck off, he's interrupting vidya!
  161. "Maybe... you two should take a bre-"
  162. >>"NO!"
  163. >"FUCK no!"
  164. >And with that, they turn back to the game.
  165. >Okay, this isn't happening.
  166. >You've seen what happens when Sunset gets this angry.
  167. "Sunny, the last time you were this angry on screen, you broke your new curved monitor."
  168. >Sunset doesn't say anything.
  169. "Come on, we're cutting it close enough as it is with rent; we can NOT afford to do that this month."
  170. >"I'll cut it close with YOU this month," she mutters, clearly not paying attention to what you're saying.
  171. >...
  172. "What does that even mean?"
  173. >Alright, fuck it.
  174. >You go back to your little mod-station, drag up your wireless keyboard, and hit alt+f4.
  175. >Immediately, the emulator closes, and the chat is treated to your girlfriend's desktop: a sexy picture you took for her.
  176. >Thankfully, an icon (labeled "Anon's Dick") is conveniently and tastefully place in front of your junk, so nobody can see your ding-dong.
  177. >The girls make angry and outraged noises, but you shut that down.
  178. "I'm going to go make you two some snacks. The both of you need to calm down before you either eat one of my fingers, or chip one of my teeth."
  179. >Or break another monitor, or ruin another cable port, or spill another drink on your computer...
  180. >You think you'll suggest Sunset schedule something more calm the next time you stream.
  181. >You haven't fallen asleep on her shoulder in ages, and god only knows you get the best sleeps of your life when you drift off listening to your girlfriend babble to the chat about whatever game she's playing.
  182. >You leave and go make some snacks for the two.
  183. >And by "make some snacks" you mean "make nachos in the microwave using Doritos and cheese, which Sunset loves; and getting a bowl full of sour-cream-and-onion chips for Fluttershy, since that's her favourite type of chip.
  184. >That girl is easy to please.
  185. ---
  186. >By the time you've gotten back, Fluttershy and Sunset are balls-deep in a conversation, doing their best to entertain chat while you're gone.
  187. >Not that you're the paradigm of comedic entertainment yourself, mind you; it's just that they really don't want to play games and eat at the same time.
  188. >Sunset did that once on-stream, and there are still gifs of her giving herself a moneyshot in the face with that bottle of Mountain Dew she shook up in her excitement last month.
  189. >Also, you found out that nacho cheese does NOT come out of whatever fabric your couch is made of.
  190. >You had to buy a throw pillow to cover up that stain, but the stain remains.
  191. >Not just on your couch, but on your heart.
  192. >A stain of shame, a reminder of your hubris.
  193. "Here you go, girls!"
  194. >You hand Sunset her plate, and she snatches it out of your hands hungrily with a quick "thanks, babe!".
  195. "Just the way you like it; legitimately disgusting."
  196. >You give Fluttershy her bowl, getting a quiet and meek "thank you" from her in response.
  197. "Enjoy, you two."
  198. >The chat entertains itself by making jokes at your expense; all in good taste, of course.
  199. >Mostly, anyway.
  200. >Well, you're reasonably certain one of the viewers who keeps yelling about you being a proper househusband whenever you get snacks for Sunset is just Rainbow Dash shitposting for fun.
  201. >...or, it's Applejack being completely serious and sincere.
  202. >It's honestly hard to tell; Poe's law and all.
  203. >Seriously, some of them call you by some faggy anime name, like "husbando-kun" whenever you do anything domestic.
  204. >It's actually kinda cute.
  205. ---
  206. >"Hey, Anon?"
  207. >You turn away from the spray of chips coming out of Sunset's mouth.
  208. "Yeah, hun?"
  209. >"Chat wants you to play while we eat. That cool with you?"
  210. >You shrug.
  211. "Yeah, sure. I haven't played this game in, like, a decade, though. Sorry if I suck, everyone."
  213. >[]It's cool, we're just glad you're being included :)
  214. >[]WHOO boy gamers are real, watch him kick everyone's ass!
  215. >[]ugh sunste is so whipped
  216. >[]He gets you snacks AND he plays vidya? wtf where are you girls getting all the good bfs?
  217. >[]SHOW BALLS PLS
  218. >[]100$ DONATION = 1 BALL
  219. >[]PLS
  220. >[]Tell him to play Starfox, Final Destination.
  221. >[]^^^^fuck you you dyke [user was banned for this post]
  223. >Basically, you dick around while the girls finish their snacks.
  224. >Fluttershy breaks out some wet wipes while she eats her bowl of chips to keep her fingers clean, while Sunset messily wipes her hands on her jeans like a neanderthal as she eats her sin against god.
  225. >You take a side-glance at your girlfriend as she barely holds back a burp.
  226. "Ah, there's the woman I fell in love with."
  227. >You grin sardonically at the camera.
  228. "Step back, chat; she's mine."
  229. >"Yeah, yeah," grouses Sunset, having finally polished off her plate, "Let's get back to business. Flutters, you ready to get your ass kicked again?"
  230. >Fluttershy places her bowl onto the ground next to the couch and nods.
  231. >>"I'm ready to have some chocolate dessert."
  232. >You can't help but grin.
  233. >While you were dicking around with the controller, you also tested your wireless keyboard.
  234. >You wanted to see if this shitty emulator would let two inputs occupy one controller channel.
  235. >And while you were directing your shitty little character around using your controller, you moved the mouse onto the screen with the keyboard's built-in touch pad.
  236. >Basically?
  237. >You can fuck with these two girls while they play.
  238. >The controllers are mapped to keyboard buttons (because this entire Smash setup was rushed and ghetto rigged), so you can press buttons and make their characters perform an action.
  239. >This promises to be an entertaining evening.
  240. ---
  241. >You are Anon.
  242. >"What the FUCK?!"
  243. >And you are a bad person.
  244. >>"Don't FUCKING jump when I don't tell you to, you shit!"
  245. >Because you are making these girls SO angry.
  246. >"Why did I drop that fucking paper fan?! Shitty Chineighs model, this is the last time I buy from chink-"
  247. "WOW!" you blurt out, hoping to keep Sunset from getting her account suspended (again), "That's a hot game right there! Golly, you two are good at this!"
  248. >You are ignored, but nobody in chat comments on Sunset's slur.
  249. >"Why the FUCK did I drop that item! Fucking son of a bitch, stop edge camping me you CUNT SLUT! WAIT WAIT WAIT NOOO-!"
  250. >PSSSH!
  251. >{"Ahhh!"}
  252. >"You FUUUUUUCK!"
  253. >Fluttershy thrusts her hand towards you, nearly smacking you in the face.
  254. >>"Kiss!"
  255. >You reach deeeeep into the bag and pull a Hershey's Kiss out, and hand it to her.
  256. >You're getting low in supply, here, and you hope to god it'll last the night.
  257. >You have no idea what Fluttershy will do when she asks for a (chocolate) kiss and cannot be given one.
  258. >But then again, this is a problem of your own making.
  259. >You could stop this.
  260. >But instead, you grin and press a button combination and switch over to another controller feed, and then you make Fluttershy's character jump off a cliff.
  261. >Instead of screaming, Fluttershy just takes a deep breath.
  262. >And calmly, very calmly, she speaks.
  263. >>"I will murder your entire family."
  264. ---
  265. >You are Anon.
  266. >The ride never ends.
  267. >It is about twenty minutes later, and the IRL shitposting continues.
  268. >"The fuck? Is one of my buttons not keyed properly? Is this some shitty mod I downloaded, and the characters just fuck off automatically whenever they feel like it?"
  269. >You hold back a giggle as Sunset drops an item instead of using it.
  270. >Fluttershy uses this opportunity to grab Sunset and walk off the edge of the map.
  271. >"Ohhh... I fucking hate Dankey Kang."
  272. >>"W-Well, I figure that maybe if you don't like me using a character the way she was intended to be used, y-you should... you know, get good."
  273. >Sunset's face doesn't even twitch.
  274. >"I will smother you in your sleep."
  275. >Fluttershy - sweet, precious Fluttershy - doesn't hesitate before she retaliates.
  276. >>"Using what, your tits? You need to have tits in the first place, Sunset."
  277. >That's a low blow; Sunset's tits are just fine.
  278. >Not everybody can have Fluttershy's amazing rack.
  279. >Sunset hunches over her controller, teeth gritting with rage as she desperately tries to live vicariously through her character as it murders the FUCK out of Fluttershy's fighter.
  280. >"You'd like it if I rubbed you face in my chest, wouldn't you?" growls Sunset.
  281. >Fluttershy scoffs, which actually takes you by surprise.
  282. >>"At least I'm not a dyke."
  283. >Holy shit, this girl is WILD when she's pissed off.
  284. >"At least I have a colt-BOYfriend!
  285. >"Oh yeah? Well I fucked your boyfriend last night."
  286. >>"That's impossible, Fluttershy. Dykes don't like cock."
  287. >You press another button, and Sunset's screech peaks the audio.
  289. >You are a bad man.
  290. >But of course, the cooler heads from Chat have noticed what's going on, and they know what you're doing.
  291. >They're trying desperately to tell the girls what's going on, but they're too busy being unfathomably angry to notice.
  293. >[]Anon's fucking with you girls!
  294. >[]keyboard keyboard anon has keybard
  295. >[]you're being played like damn fiddles!
  297. >[]Wow, Sunset, your boyfriend's a huge prick.
  298. >[]vote to boot anon
  299. >There's a crash, and you look up.
  300. >Sunset has smashed her shitty controller on the ground and is pointing an accusatory finger at Fluttershy.
  301. >Her face is bright red, and her hand is visibly trembling with rage.
  302. >"You come to my house; you play on my stream; you tell the thousands of viewers that you fucked my boyfriend - WHEN WE BOTH KNOW YOU DIDN'T - and to top it all off, you edge camp? Bitch, give me ONE good reason not to empty my fucking bag of chips down your shirt and mash gamer fuel against your big dumb tits."
  303. >You don't know if it's the chocolate or the anger, but Fluttershy has found herself a pair of balls.
  304. >, ovaries.
  305. >Because she crosses her arms, notably pushing her breasts up to rest on top of them.
  306. >>"At least I HAVE tits."
  307. >Sunset immediately scrambles up onto the couch, feet digging into the shitty cushions.
  308. >"I HAVE tits, you-"
  309. >Words fail your girlfriend as she garbles angry gibberish at Fluttershy.
  310. >At the same time, she fumbles with the bottom of her shirt, and you realize that she intends to show Fluttershy her tits.
  311. >You need to stop this now.
  312. >PSSSH
  313. >{"Ahhh!"}
  314. >Sunset's fighter glitched out after she destroyed her controller, and it destroyed Fluttershy's character much in the same way.
  315. >Inspiration hits you; kiss time!
  316. >You grab Sunset before her shirt even reaches the bottom of her tits (she never wears a bra around the house) and pull her into a (hopefully calming) kiss.
  317. >You're still sitting behind the couch, so it's a bit awkward, but Sunset practically devours your mouth.
  318. >You make out with your girlfriend for a few seconds (oh, if only you weren't on stream) and wait for her to calm down before you can tell them that you were responsible for this mess.
  319. >You regretfully pull away from Sunset and look her in the eye.
  320. "I was-"
  321. >Sunset pulls you back into a hungry kiss, her fingernails scraping the fabric of your shirt.
  322. >You pull away; be strong, Anon, you must confess and put an end to this.
  323. "I have a keyb-"
  324. >Sunset is back again, and this time she starts tugging at your shirt.
  325. "Just listen, I-"
  326. >KISSU
  327. >Sunset pulls back just enough to whisper in your ear.
  328. >"I'm going to fuck you in front of Fluttershy to establish dominance over her."
  329. >Okay, THAT would result in a lifetime ban.
  330. >To your penis's great regret, you forcibly pull away from Sunset.
  331. "I had a keyboard and I fucked with your controls!" you blurt out, eager to get the message out before Sunset can try and mount you in front of 8,500 people.
  332. >You stare at Sunset.
  333. >Sunset stares at you.
  334. >You glance at Fluttershy.
  335. >Fluttershy looks like you just slapped her right on the vagina.
  336. >You glance down at chat out of the corner of your eye.
  337. >You can't see what's being said from this far away, but you CAN see how quickly chat is scrolling.
  338. >The silence is palpable.
  339. >It's like an oppressive, tangible THING that has settled over you all and sunk into the corner of the room, smothering you like a heavy wool blanket.
  340. >And then, Fluttershy starts to laugh.
  341. >The moment is over, the silence is broken, and Sunset joins in the laughter as well.
  342. >And then, YOU are laughing.
  343. >It's a combination of the sudden departure from anger, the endorphins from the chocolate (in Fluttershy's case) and from the kisses (in your's and Sunset's case) that makes it easy to laugh at this.
  344. ---
  345. >You are Anon, and it's about 10 minutes later.
  346. >Everyone's calmed down, the game's closed, nobody is mad at you, and Sunset is about ready to head out for the night.
  347. >Fluttershy's polished off her bag of Kisses, and she's just about conked out on the couch.
  348. >"Well, everyone," starts Sunset, smiling into the camera, "Thank you all so much for coming to tonight's installment of The Shimmer Cove! And thank you to all those who donat-"
  349. >Sunset's eyes suddenly bulge out, and she waves at you without tearing her eyes away from the screen.
  350. >"Fuck ME, that's... that's... wow. Anon? Babe, look at the screen."
  351. >You prop your head onto Sunset's shoulder, and-
  352. "Fuck."
  353. >That's a lot.
  354. >That's a LOT.
  355. "We're, uh..." you mutter, feeling a little faint, "We're gonna have to start the stream early tomorrow to thank everyone who donated..."
  356. >"Yeah," replies Sunset, sounding just as faint as you, "An hour or two early."
  357. >She gulps.
  358. >"Maybe three."
  359. >She clears her throat, nudges you away, and powers through the outro.
  360. >"Anyway, thank you all! We'll do a proper acknowledgement tomorrow, because I think the three of us are all tuckered out!"
  361. >Sunset reaches out and slaps Fluttershy on the thigh, making her jerk awake with a startled squeak.
  362. >"Thank you to my friend Fluttershy - that's saveTheAnimalsCarrot123 on Twatch - for joining me tonight."
  363. >Fluttershy waves and then skitters upstairs.
  364. >Sunset wraps an arm around you and tugs you against her side, pressing a kiss onto your cheek.
  365. >"And thank you to my boyfriend Anonymous - that's the frustrating clitteast right here in my home - for nearly making Flutters and I burst a blood vessel in one of our eyeballs."
  366. >You smile cheekily and wave at the camera.
  367. "Always happy to be of service."
  368. >"I'll bet you are," Sunset mutters.
  369. >Before Sunset can lean in to turn off chat, you place your mouth right by her ear.
  370. "As soon as Fluttershy leaves," you whisper, "I'll meet you up in bed, alright? Don't worry about what Fluttershy said about your breasts, alright? You know I adore your freckles, and it's been too long since I've had the chance to play connect-the-dots with my tongue. I-"
  371. >Sunset suddenly pushes you away, looking panicked.
  372. >"A-Anon!" she squeaks, "My mic is on!"
  373. >...
  374. "Oh."
  375. >OH.
  376. >You ALWAYS fucking forget about her mic.
  377. >You take a look at the chat, and it's exploding.
  378. "Son of a bitch, I did it again."
  379. >Before Sunset can lurch forward and turn off her rig, you spot one message that inexplicably stands out to you.
  380. >[]SHOW BALLS
  381. >CLICK
  382. >BWOOOOOOoooooo...
  383. >The two of you sit in silence as her rig powers down.
  384. >The whirring noises and the high-pitched whine that's been a part of your life for the past few hours departs, leaving you in blessed silence.
  385. >You and Sunset sit there, wrapped up in each other's arms and enjoying each other's presence.
  386. >..........
  387. "Hey, Sunset?"
  388. >"Yeah, Anon?"
  389. "Remember when you'd play a bunch of chill games, and I'd fall asleep on you?"
  390. >"Yeah... that was great."
  391. "Next stream, wanna play Animal Junction for a few hours on stream? I miss doing that."
  392. >"I'd love to. Will you wear one of the shirts a fan sent us? We haven't worn those in months."
  393. "That sounds amazing. I miss how comfy this stream used to be."
  394. >"Me too. I'll make a notification the next time I'm online."
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