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I would like to know, who is making the RBE game... (anyone?

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Nov 2nd, 2012
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  3. Herberto Lopes
  4. I would like to know, who is making the RBE game... (anyone?)
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  9. Kevin Nelson I'm certainly willing to help if given a role...
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  12. Stefan Kengen It is a team primarily based in Denmark, but other people are chipping in from all over the place. Contact Nikolaj Wendt for more info.
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  15. ɐʌlıs Olnɐd no wonder if i, one day, submit something related to RBE to contests like PyWeek, CSSCGC, LudumDare, MSXDEV, HSPTV or something like - if i do that, they would be considered RBE games, wouldn't them? :D
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  18. Stefan Kengen Sure, as long as they encompass what comprises an RBE. It's more, much more, than a world without money ;)
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  21. ɐʌlıs Olnɐd :)
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  24. ɐʌlıs Olnɐd started some discussion at PyWeek forum:
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  27. Mihovil Menje Jurić can 3D Google Sketchup somehow help in design buildings or houses for RBe Game... XD hehehe i'm building my own house in that program :)
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  30. ɐʌlıs Olnɐd if Google Sketchup would run fine on Linux, or on Wine over it, i could answer you! :D - for now, i only can say that Blender really rocks there! ;)
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  33. Mihovil Menje Jurić yeaah... i saw it now in google search... i didn't use it yet... is it complicated to use?
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  36. ɐʌlıs Olnɐd it may look complicated at first, but when you realize that with only using half dozens of keys (like 'g','r','s','a','space','tab','x','y','z', numeric keypad for the views, etc.), everything becomes far more simple than you can imagine - and it is truly an amazing tool when comparing with what exists there elsewhere, and there are people really using it professionally instead of Maya or 3dMax, with very surprising results.
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  39. ɐʌlıs Olnɐd and it is updated around monthly as you find at supported on 4 different operating systems and 2 architectures - and Debian (Linux) supports it on more than 10 architectures - and there are efforts to port it to HaikuOS and ArOS as well. So, i think almost no one have an excuse for not being able to run it! :D
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  42. Mihovil Menje Jurić extraordinary!! :D
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  45. ɐʌlıs Olnɐd yes, it is, and there is plenty of tutorials available, specially from youtube! :)
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  48. Mihovil Menje Jurić youtube saved me many times XD i didn't know how to do some things in google sketchup... usually i like to learn alone without help, explore and when i stuck hehehehe... i search for help ^^ rarely... Unfortunately there is no Google SketchUp for Linux
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  51. ɐʌlıs Olnɐd I only used sketchup once in a design school where i were attending a conference while it didn't start, and i really wanted to try that - but you know, i don't use ms-windows for more than 5 years and seriously not considering using it back again... :| - (and the OSX version i have installed in other partition, that i rarely use, is too old for that...)
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  54. Herberto Lopes I use sketchup and yet, i am not very skilled :/
  55. i would like to make the T.V.P city by my won hands, sketchup i need a image so i can do it, or something else, but there is skills i don't know yet.
  56. i try 3 ds max, well, it's almost like sketchup, but not really, i can't even make the dome city in the midle of the city, i only make now 2 buidlings about T.V.P, i don't know were to start to learn better about sketchup :/
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  59. ɐʌlıs Olnɐd Mihovil Menje Jurić - i found this tutorial now - - sorry being in portuguese, but there are .blend files to analyze as well
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  62. Herberto Lopes lol, thank you but i am already portugal ^^
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  65. ɐʌlıs Olnɐd the message were an answer for a question for Mihovil (context, he was talking about Blender), but i imagine that you Herberto would enjoy this link as well! :)
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  68. Herberto Lopes oh that's ok anyway :)
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  71. Mihovil Menje Jurić Herberto Lopes i still need to learn learn many things in google sketchup specially things what i can't find on youtube... 50% of program i learned to use alone, but for example i didn't know how to make this - than i opened youtube - "how to mako Dome on google sketchup" and now.... this is basic for many things in my ideas :D ... i don't know how many hours you have spent on google sketchup but i'm surely spent 160 (or more) :D trying everything and every possibility and i don't succeed every time... just keep going and try to use your own ideas... Jacque Fresco's buildings are his own ideas and he wants that we use our own brains and upgrade his ideas... there is allready his team whose mission is to make Jacque Fresco's cities in 3D program... i think that your mission is to build your own home or building and sent specifications to them ;) - i'll try to do that when i finish project... trust me with every step you'll have new and better idea ;D on one house i changed 50 specifications and still searching perfection ;). Here in Croatia on Coast called Dalmacija we can't build circular cities, so we need different idea and vision of city
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